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  • Ryan F
    Ryan F

    Rubens dry humour is quality! 👏🏻😂 The preview of England vs Scotland tonight, however unlike this I think that will go England’s way! Top man Pete! 👍🏻

  • SC Crash
    SC Crash

    "Get in the hole Tiger!" bahahahaha

  • Dram Alert
    Dram Alert

    love your editing! and how you manage to film and play golf! haha Also do you book out all the whole course??

  • Emmjay

    Beautiful course. But, the lack of trees and vertical obstacles is quite different than the courses I'm used to.

  • Lorenz Harnacke
    Lorenz Harnacke

    I really enjoyed that one, Pete! Great stuff

  • Bakker Richard
    Bakker Richard

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      Coman Danzel

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    • Andre George
      Andre George

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    • Andre George
      Andre George

      @Stephen Cury 1~{320}{318}{3869}

  • Nathan Duong
    Nathan Duong

    Well if it makes you feel any better Pete, at least you have to play with only one club with the wind howling to play as bad as I do 😂

  • Bow Tie Teacher
    Bow Tie Teacher

    England vs Scotland Pete!

  • Garret Rukes
    Garret Rukes

    Honestly just looks like a normal round of golf for me with a full set of clubs

  • Terrance Parsons
    Terrance Parsons

    3 is the worst number of pals to do anything together, because 2 will always gang up on the other one. But these 3 are more like a bunch of cats, all looking out for themselves. The dynamic between these 3 is, er, dynamic! Love all the videos with these 3. Two words battle golf!

  • Troy Chadwick
    Troy Chadwick

    Ruben is an A+ shit talker lol I love it

  • Josh P
    Josh P

    What is pete's handicap?

  • Keagan Webster
    Keagan Webster

    love the english humor when you stuffed it and he said “not bad” hahah

  • David Hickey
    David Hickey

    holy tight pants

  • Kevan

    17:53 Auburn eh? We've got some nice courses for ya here in 'Bama.

  • Jay Byrne
    Jay Byrne

    Top match! That boys got some patter about him too 🤣🤣🤣

  • Recoil Rob
    Recoil Rob

    Ah....Match Play the way Golf is supposed to be played. Mano-et-Mano. We played High School Golf Team match play which was just could blow up on one hole but only cost you that hole and not the entire match like with stroke play. And I got to beat a guy from 8 down with 9 to play....for the Sectional Championship. It was epic...but couldn't have been had we been playing stroke play which is evil and against the Golf Gods.

  • ccodysae337

    Thats awesome that he is coming to Auburn!!! Thats my school and he is going to love it. I will look him up once he gets here and show him what's up! Good luck mate and bring us a national title!!! War Damn Eagle.

  • Zax Drums and Golf
    Zax Drums and Golf

    I gave a thumbs up right before you even said anything!! I know this is going to be awesome!!

  • steve woolf
    steve woolf

    I really enjoy watching the ladies golf I agree moving the majors around gives everybody a chance to watch

  • Jan-Willem Rensman
    Jan-Willem Rensman

    Thanks Pete, I needed this. You just solved my thinning/fatting problem with the down swing sequence at 5:20 "first let the arms fall, then body rotation". Gold nugget.

  • carson lund
    carson lund

    Great video Peter! I felt that last putt. My soul is still sad.

  • chombiewan

    Great Vid, are you using a new camera to record? never noticed the clicking (button tapping) before when the zoom changes

  • Matthew Benger
    Matthew Benger

    Ruben is an absolute classic 🤣🤣 great humor and great golf! Can’t wait to see more of him in the future

  • Andrew Gillie
    Andrew Gillie

    More with Ruben, funny lad and the banter was gold

  • drew cameron
    drew cameron

    Nice little beavers 😂😂 gotta love you Pete

  • Trackster 144
    Trackster 144

    You either need new mics or the ones you have setting up properly. Could hardly hear anything except camera guy.

  • Bradley Hill
    Bradley Hill

    Great video, when is back 9 video out ?

  • Fransico Milla
    Fransico Milla

    Please get rid of that putter. It is pure garbage

  • Mitch Jones
    Mitch Jones

    Has Pete already ditched the mizuno putter for an odyssey or just using an odyssey putter cover?

  • Eamonn C
    Eamonn C

    Fair play to the kid! Great banter, hopefully he does well over in the states!

  • G BC
    G BC

    That bunker shot was sick!..good banter too..enjoyed it Pete👍🇬🇧⛳️🏌🏼‍♂️

  • Charles Edison
    Charles Edison

    Pete - can you explain the exaggerated movements in your practice swings and what they help you to achieve in your swing? Thanks mate

  • Ekman78

    What about the Odyssey headcover for the new putter, embarresed? :-)

  • kavit nathwani
    kavit nathwani

    that bunker shot...mind blowing

  • Jonathan Copeland
    Jonathan Copeland

    Superb video Peter, great banter with Ruben - Could be a cracking player!

  • Norman Cux Golf n' Stuff
    Norman Cux Golf n' Stuff

    What a beautiful location and course! And what a self punishing challenge!!! I ask myself, why do you still have your trolley around when you use only one one iron? :)

  • Timothy Bevis
    Timothy Bevis

    Very nice kid. Hope all goes well for him. Good round. Thanks guys

  • Scott Barham
    Scott Barham

    Crazy to think Rubens coming to my course next week to play championship 😂🙌

  • Paddy Flood
    Paddy Flood

    Love the videos Peter, but you need to get a better camera it goes very dark when the camera is directed at people for example your shot tracer is perfect nice and bright 👍🏻

  • Stewart Smith
    Stewart Smith

    Great to watch some good golf, and Pete too of course... 😉😉😉😉

  • Valdemar Gustafsso
    Valdemar Gustafsso

    I was laughing thorugh the entire video, jesus chrit! Love that you are acting like a child with him and teasing him at every hole haha! Also you can tell you have been working hard! You look stronger!

  • craig riley
    craig riley

    Best video you've ever made what a great game proper banter on the course as it should be and some class golf in there aswell!!

  • Daniel Simpson
    Daniel Simpson

    You don’t need to play the bagpipes on your videos every time you come to Scotland 👎👎

  • RickG GRick
    RickG GRick

    Great video - spectacular looking course - engaging match. I wonder whether there wasn't an opportunity to ask Ruben some more questions early on, so we could learn a bit more about this rising star.

  • Bigsexy Cheese Fart
    Bigsexy Cheese Fart

    When he walked up and shook your hand as soon as the ball stopped moving. What an absolute hero 🤣

  • jo handershmut
    jo handershmut

    Great banta

  • Daniel Foy
    Daniel Foy

    As a representative of the Americans of some mixed Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh (possibly. Still waiting on my 23 and me results, and who could begin to know these things) heritage; we are happy to host this young man for his college years. Although I've never been close to Alabama, and live about 12 States Northeast, we are happy to have a kid of this caliber playing golf down there. Lol sorry, I'm feeling goofy tonight.🤣 But honestly the sky is the limit for this young man. Best of luck to him as a Tiger (I think that's Auburn's thing), and all that comes after it. Great video, Pete!👏

  • travis sather
    travis sather

    Looked like a fun round!!

  • Craig Brown
    Craig Brown

    True Scottish. Just a draft and it's blowing a hoolie

  • Kim Nielsen-Kolding
    Kim Nielsen-Kolding

    Went to a Ping demo yesterday and tried the g425 5 and 7 wood. They are just fabulous and very consistent, I will certainly put them in my bag, much easier to hit than a 3 or 4 hybrid

  • Interested Bystander
    Interested Bystander

    "There's a word for that, and that's called class." - Reuben Lindsay

  • Ulrich Bohmer
    Ulrich Bohmer

    That's hardly in a divot. So funny!!

  • Jacob Plunkett
    Jacob Plunkett

    Can’t be elite junior golf I’m not playing

  • Lucas Zanichelli Von Jenisch
    Lucas Zanichelli Von Jenisch

    It's MINUS 5 now Finchy !

  • Steve Green
    Steve Green

    You and Rick are both playing well right now, you probably edging it on stroke play, but I would love to see you match play again. I imagine it would break some golfing view records.

  • Aaron Watkins
    Aaron Watkins

    Good vid,more like these👍🏾

  • kerry venmore
    kerry venmore

    putting dear Peter

  • Sam Pilcher
    Sam Pilcher

    I think it would be good to see one with using the shafts they come with, most average golfers aren’t going to be re shafting clubs

  • George Gonczarek
    George Gonczarek

    so can u tell me who produces the driver head and shaft and who puts the club together. what is the the real cost production price

  • Jack Felts
    Jack Felts

    Toughest course in the world (excluding about 7 American courses)

  • Das Whitewulf
    Das Whitewulf

    can someone tell me what this shimmy hes got is for

  • jeff bates
    jeff bates

    Pete great video

  • wadesworld

    War Eagle Ruben! Auburn's a great school with a strong golf program and lots and lots of gorgeous coeds. You should have a great experience.

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    Lot of people love that ping 410..but that thing is ugly to me..I don't no if I could play it

  • Dylan Patton
    Dylan Patton

    Scottish golf really hits different doesn't it. I'm a spoiled Californian but boy oh boy, bucket list of golf for sure.

  • Mike Half
    Mike Half

    Nice Pete 👌

  • Joseph Norton
    Joseph Norton

    Awesome game. Was really fun to watch.

  • Bob c
    Bob c

    Thats a capital F - short by a normal inch for all square. So you are now Peter F, no inch

  • Will Harris
    Will Harris

    Finchy doesn’t give himself enough credit tough course def better than a scratch player

  • J T
    J T

    Love seeing the Finchy fade with the driver back in full affect!

  • Kristoffer Kvien
    Kristoffer Kvien

    You were definitely thinking of a few words that u just couldn’t say

  • JBD_ KillerYT
    JBD_ KillerYT

    Rory McIlroy Peter Finch and Rick Shiels in my opinion would win the whole thing lol

  • MrKarju8

    What a nice young lad.

  • Anthony Hall
    Anthony Hall

    can someone tell me the wrist brace Peter has? I have issues with my lead wrist and feel it would be mighty helpful pain wise. ty.

  • matt helton
    matt helton

    I hadn't noticed your subscriber count in a while. Last time I noticed, you were closing in on 200k. So glad this channel is getting the attention it deserves

  • Tatiana Maria
    Tatiana Maria

    Can cameraman (editor) help w the contrast...can hardly see 👀

  • Alan Quick
    Alan Quick

    Peter, great sand save on the 8th rattling the stick!

  • Joey Zorn
    Joey Zorn

    Ruben has a great personality for SVsoft!