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  • joemrp05

    Based off that match, you need to start talking through your putts out loud

  • Cs_noob

    Peter you have not seen me chip! Challenge accepted

  • Frank Wiebe
    Frank Wiebe

    New golf clubs always fix the problems!! You can't change my mind Pete! Lol

  • Ryan Dougherty
    Ryan Dougherty

    Does this mean the podcast is coming back?

  • Nigel Day
    Nigel Day

    You will put it in the bag , you just can’t help yourself Pete 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis

    That's a chipper not a wedge 😜

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis

    That's a chipper not a wedge 😜

  • Steve Parker
    Steve Parker

    Hold my beer Peter Finch !!! Duffs and blades coming at you 😆

  • Serenity in silence
    Serenity in silence

    I could still fat it

  • Michael Reilly
    Michael Reilly

    Holy guacamole Batman! I can't even look at that piece of crap club! Do people actually buy that kind of stuff?

  • BlueShift Media
    BlueShift Media

    Watch me

  • jarred friars
    jarred friars

    How many times can Pete say pyramid

  • Justin Blevins
    Justin Blevins

    Bet ya could Toe-Shank the hell out of it.

  • Robert Lew
    Robert Lew

    DAVID I MISS YOU AND I LOVE YOU HOPE YOU SEE THIS also great content love the channel xo

  • Liam McBride
    Liam McBride

    How does the new stuff compare to 10years old? Like the 910D2 titleist drivers?

  • Rosscoe McNeill
    Rosscoe McNeill

    Could only last 2 mins into this video. If you were chocolate you would eat yourself. Embarrassing. Wont be watching another.

  • J

    It’s like someone who doesn’t really know about golf had to describe to scientists how to make a golf club

  • james jones
    james jones

    Hey Pete, Have you tried soft stepping a 3 wood head in a driver-length shaft?

  • SoCal Golf
    SoCal Golf

    youngster needs some looser pants.

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson

    if you can hit a wedge, it will always be better. If you struggle with wedges, this can give you a fighting chance.

  • Robin Yap
    Robin Yap

    If you not returning it, give it a new home!

  • james mcquade
    james mcquade

    Pete, just a thought. Whilst your recovering from your wrist injury why not focus on your putting? It'd probably put less stress on the wrist and would give you and your fans a chance to focus on improving your/our putting

  • Jean Trudeau
    Jean Trudeau

    Most innovative technology in putter,my D.F. 2.1 at 75 degree lie angle is very simple to use,wish they come up with a set of irons in the near futur.

  • Gary Turpie
    Gary Turpie

    Considering that I can duff and thin all my wedges, I'm sure that I could do that with that wedge 😂

  • jetdr

    For a High Handicap player! Sure this would probably help. Very much so out of sand or a tight lie.

  • Russell Thorburn
    Russell Thorburn

    My takeaway from the video is that it's quite a good performing club but it's just too expensive. I don't really care about the looks.

  • Don C
    Don C

    Pete-great content. Do you have any swing thoughts over the ball? Or, do you just pick a spot and hit?

  • T S
    T S

    Horrendous music had to stop watching 27 secs in

  • Peter Deasy
    Peter Deasy

    Can’t duff it - hold my coffee 🤣🤣

  • Brew

    When I was ten years old, my parents took me to Disney world. I cried the whole time. I was not able to comprehend the beauty that was before me. I just wanted… to go home. This is what the Pyramid will do for you.

  • Truth Venum
    Truth Venum

    Hit that subscribe button for me to BS you about all sorts of BS surrounding golf.

  • Thomas Brereton
    Thomas Brereton

    You underestimate my powers!!! (to fat it)

  • JJ

    Finch: "You cannot duff this wedge". Me: Hold my chai latte!

  • David Mehigan
    David Mehigan

    Type of hard hitting content you’d normally get from Rick. Glad we are staying away from the click bait

  • Andy hodgson
    Andy hodgson

    If they'd put more bounce in the sole AND added rails would that make it even more chunk proof?. I wonder why they didn't design it like that?. Or would that not work?.

  • Luke

    Judging by your title you’ve never seen me play

  • Jerald Vickery
    Jerald Vickery

    I could fat it, thin it, top it, straight up "Duff It" they don't make a fool proof club for me!! 18 HC'er

  • Chase Watkins
    Chase Watkins

    That putt would’ve gone in if stick was out.

  • Brian Roussel
    Brian Roussel

    Grain does not affect line. It affects speed of the putt. Into the grain will be slower and the ball will tend to bounce (it even makes a noise as it skips over the grass), with the grain it will be faster and smoother. Where the break does get affected here though is the speed of the putt. The amount of break you need to play will change based on how much the speed of the putt has changed. The way you check grain is to look closely at the cup. There is going to be a side that looks rough and dirty, and a side that will be smooth and even. The grass is laying in a certain direction when the cup gets cut. The rough and dirty side is where the roots got ripped up when the cup cutter came down. The smooth and even side is where the ends of the blades of grass essentially got a haircut. When you look at the cup from the rough side, you are opposite of the side that got the haircut. The grass is growing towards you and you are against the grain. When you are looking at the cup from the smooth side, the grass is growing away from you and the ball will roll smoother and faster because the grass is essentially laying down towards the hole. All of this is negligible when the grain is growing perpendicular to your line. The leaning grass cannot make the ball defy gravity. Grain cannot make the ball break, it can only affect the speed of a putt. To sum this all up, when you are playing on grainy greens you need to learn 3 different green speeds to effectively read how much a putt will break. You need to know the speed of putts with the grain, against the grain, and across (perpendicular to) the grain. Adjusting how much a putt will break based on the speed is an art form though. You will only pick this up through diligent practice. Also, grain affects chipping as well. The chips into the grain will tend to bite faster. Chips with the grain will tend to roll out a bit more and be harder to stop. Chips perpendicular to the grain will be neutral and behave like you're playing on bent grass. I hope you learned something about green reading! Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

    • Brian Roussel
      Brian Roussel

      Also, keep your head up! I am a similar caliber player as you and I recently shot an 85 in a tournament as well. In the practice round I shot even par and was mad about it.

  • Garrett Carlson
    Garrett Carlson

    Peter! Keep it up! Also nice Seahawks shirt! Glad to see your a Hawks fan!

  • Dan Burch
    Dan Burch

    Challenge accepted!

  • C Lo
    C Lo

    I am sure that I could find a way 😄

  • Sp!cyman

    You should’ve pixelated it out 🤢

  • Ornby1

    Who ever constructed this purile intro music really should give up and find something they are good at …it was unforgivably awful .

  • Johny the BFG
    Johny the BFG

    Someone looked at that club and thought yes that looks good I'm going home.... .that day was definitely a Friday

  • Alex Wade
    Alex Wade

    Love club reviews. I cannot wait to be able to afford some Vokeys one day - not into the gimmicky stuff Great walk away at the end!

  • josh le marquand
    josh le marquand

    ‘Unlocked the power of the pyramid, with sabre’

  • Krawczak

    I send stuff back because I’m a broke college kid who likes a very expensive sport…. Golf

  • Colin I
    Colin I

    I agree we already know this but Seriously, if you are going to drop $120 on a wedge cos you can't hit the one you have then get $120 worth of lessons. I am a high handicapper but clubs like this have me facepalm.

  • Ryan Schultz
    Ryan Schultz

    Sometimes Rick looks more like a 10 handicapper, than a teaching pro...

  • sean8896

    Anyone else fast forward that music at the start?

  • BLNR

    Cool Polo

  • bng0072

    I know Pyramid for making awful bowling equipment.

  • Anders Olofsson
    Anders Olofsson

    I will say as I usally say All these spec clubs are a waste of money Pick a wedge and just play it and learn how to use it. And you will have more fun with it. When it feels good start using more wedges and so on.

  • Oliver Schlienger
    Oliver Schlienger

    Thank you for saving my money so it can go all to you, GENIUS


    Tiger's training program sounds like average Joe's vacation.

  • bobbycrim

    ...kinda worked, lol.

  • Stuart Meechan
    Stuart Meechan

    Sounds like a challenge the unduffable wedge. Is it legal for tournament use?

  • MunchMyDong

    The voice crack at 06:48 😂😂

  • Haki

    Sounds worse than a square headed driver

  • Matthew Osman
    Matthew Osman

    Quite simply the ugliest club alive. I would rather duff chips then pull that monstrosity out of my bag.

  • philip Tomlin
    philip Tomlin

    I hate to say it. But you’re simply just not good enough

  • Steve Livett
    Steve Livett

    I sent all of your golf instructional video's back 😊😊😊

  • Max Philpott
    Max Philpott

    When will people learn to just look at SVsoft or get a lesson

  • Kreative Sparks Photography
    Kreative Sparks Photography

    That might be the fugliest club I’ve seen this year. That intro carnival music suites the shit show of a looking wedge lol

  • Rhod

    Don't be so hard on yourself. The majority of the field have been at this day in day out for years. You have not been, as you are a teaching professional and content creator. If I was a PGA pro like yourself, I would be trying every year regardless of how prepared I felt. All you need is a good run of form and health and who knows what could happen next year.

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith

    Pete we all love you. Wish you a Speedy recovery and i know you'll be back, just a matter of time. Keep doing what you're doing mate.

  • Hassan Saqib
    Hassan Saqib


  • Craig Brown
    Craig Brown

    Great video but please change the music.... Ears are bleeding 🙄🤣

  • Frank Poulin
    Frank Poulin

    Dunno if I could fat it, but I'll bet you millions that I can thin it without even trying...

  • Garry Martin
    Garry Martin

    Liar....its definitely the clubs. My technique is impeccable 👌 😆🤣. Now then....$119 you say? 💰

  • Cur Etiam Hic Es
    Cur Etiam Hic Es

    Give it to my golfing buddy Mel. Guaranteed to duff it!

  • Charles Mcallister Rogers
    Charles Mcallister Rogers

    no just go back to your natural swing which was sooooomuch better. your swing 5 years ago was smooth and silky now it looks mechanical and clumsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur a good player ur listening to morons thou

  • jporter504 Porter
    jporter504 Porter

    "You cannot duff this wedge".... Challenge accepted! I can duff any club including my putter. 😁Actually Simon Smith would say if you want to know if the wedge can be duffed, try hitting a left handed one. This would take your athleticism out of it.

  • Charles Mcallister Rogers
    Charles Mcallister Rogers

    told you so your coach whitiker is a fraud and useless

  • Ryan Andrews
    Ryan Andrews

    Keep the faith're great at what you do 🎥🏌‍♂️My son Elliott reminded me recently he owes you a lunch from Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club a few years back! He still remembers playing a few holes with you and Amelia...he wants a rematch by the way 🤣⛳

  • boertchica

    I can dig my fairway woods an inch into the ground. I can duff anything on earth.

  • Tim Mitchell
    Tim Mitchell

    I think it is just a typical"pyramid" scheme. Love all your videos including ones testing the weird clubs. Would love sometime to send you a sleeve of Maxfli Tour x golf balls to try out from Dicks and would like to find out how to send them to you. Thanks and as always keep up the great work.

  • A W
    A W

    I would still thin it through the green

  • Paul Watson
    Paul Watson

    Peter, who is choosing your music ?? Are you trying to put people off watching ?? It’s awful !! Worse than an 80’S porn soundtrack, well that’s what’s my best mate tells me 😁. Please rectify urgently as the video content is great !!