I FINALLY chose my putter (...and it's DEFINITELY NOT what I expected!)
00:00 - Intro
02:38 - First Round (Putting Under Pressure)
10:53 - Second Round (Performance)
14:25 - Final (Head-to-Head)

My search for the best putter in golf is at an end as I finally decide on the right club for my game!

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    HEY EVERYONE! Thanks for watching and being lovely people ❤️

    • Mac Mottola
      Mac Mottola

      Your arms look way to big for the shirt

    • mark voto
      mark voto

      you should check out the David Whitlam hammer III 036006f.netsolhost.com/whitlam-wp/silver-hummer-iii/ I got one used from a Golf store in Florida for $40 couldn't believe it they didn't know what it was. softest putter I have used

    • Sebastian Martin
      Sebastian Martin

      "Thanks for watching and join us again next week when I've changed my mind!"

    • Brycen S Golf
      Brycen S Golf

      Mizuno really dude those half those puts where dog $hit. Tbh an 18 hole match would have been better off to decide a year long putter just my opinion thoo. ⭐️ 🙌EvnRoll FTW🙌 ⭐️ good luck on the course Pete regret might creep in ;)

    • mitch campbell
      mitch campbell

      Looking for information on your putting green material! Thanks

  • John J
    John J

    Great content usually. Unfortunately bought off on your LAB putter review from months ago, where you talked it up so highly. Didn’t last in your bag for long I guess, mine either. Expensive mistake

  • turbo chipmunk
    turbo chipmunk

    i really wanted the er5 to win...

  • Gaz The Gamer
    Gaz The Gamer

    No Taylormade Spiders......Absolutely shocking!

  • P.L.R Moto
    P.L.R Moto

    100% pointless video. Nothing to do with the putters and all to do with your putting stroke. Every putter you eliminated was due to how fast you hit the ball.

  • Stuart Livermore
    Stuart Livermore

    If you ran this all back I can almost guarantee you'd get different results. It's very arbitrary and subjective....

  • Steffen Rønning (alca)
    Steffen Rønning (alca)

    When seeing the Mizuno putter, I understood instantly what the title meant. Knowing that the Mizuno putters are very underrated after seeing some reviews, and also owning an M-Craft 1, I know they are really worth gaming.

  • _ DEVIN_
    _ DEVIN_

    I'll never give up my Evnroll,,, now I've had to put it in time out occasionally but it always comes back strong!

  • William Monteith
    William Monteith

    I have a better relationship with my putter than I do with my girlfriend. Is that a problem?

  • Tim Houston
    Tim Houston

    Skipped right to the end you picked Mizuno. Right on. I had no idea what to expect.

  • Joe Perdiguerra
    Joe Perdiguerra

    Any chance you want to give me that evnroll midlock putter? Really would appreciate it 😂😂

  • Allan Sørensen
    Allan Sørensen

    Hey Pete :) Thx for the video and always great content. Would you mind sharing the specs of the Mizuno putter. The grip size and length of the putter. Maybe I missed the info - in that case sorry :) I would like to try that combo out :) All the best. Allan

  • G Mac
    G Mac

    The best putters in the world! Jordan speith has to be in the mix

  • Dave Fawkes
    Dave Fawkes

    Fun video again Pete. Disappointed you bombed the lab out on looks n feel, as even if it got 10 out of 10 for the actual putting test, it would have been discounted. Thought I’ve never seen you putt so well when you were using it in Dubai and other location shoots. Good luck with the Mizuno tho, still a lovely putter & won’t get the weird looks 😜


    The question I was waiting to be answered: Is Manchester Red or Blue?

  • Mac Mottola
    Mac Mottola

    Why do your arms looks way to big for your shiret

  • vincenzo comments
    vincenzo comments

    I love my Mizuno Mcraft mallet.

  • El Rey David
    El Rey David

    Great video Peter! But after you made such a convincing video about the LAB putter a few months back I'm surprised you would use anything else! I guess it wasn't as great as you initially made it out to be... Now I'm glad I didn't buy one after all! Cheers!

  • Titilayo

    Kirkland signature vs Scotty Cameron would’ve been amazing.

  • hudsmack

    Why do you hate Odyssey putters though?

  • Jeremiah Jackson
    Jeremiah Jackson

    Figured you would go with the LAB

  • Vee Tek
    Vee Tek

    Um…somebody been pumping iron or did Peter eat Peter?

  • Paul McGee
    Paul McGee

    Next week, why I replaced the Mizuno

  • Steve P
    Steve P

    Was sad to see you pull the scotty. Mizuno is awesome though too.

  • Ryan Maddison
    Ryan Maddison

    Happy to take any of the losers. Class video again

  • monkeyfacesenior

    And then he won a tournament and got a hole in one........ coincidence????

  • max vilikei
    max vilikei

    First 2 minutes are absurd

  • Paul humphreys
    Paul humphreys


  • Michael Demeule
    Michael Demeule

    ...and played on a real green. Just a promo video. No real test. Lame.

  • Michael Demeule
    Michael Demeule

    The grip size should be standard....

  • nv00021

    That was one of the most entertaining things you have done.... and also.... my Grandmum can put better than you! Love the content Pete!

  • Quacky Duck
    Quacky Duck

    I have lots of putters. Most seem to work for about two weeks? Why is that. Some have feel... ie distance. Some line up well, or easier. Never the tween. Well except the one I've always had and always fall back on. My original Ping B60. Still the best putter made for mine

  • SmokyFrosty

    12:09 did someone just let out a howling trump?!

  • Daniel Hayden
    Daniel Hayden

    Fun idea for video Pete. I’m sure many of us have done something similar. Really enjoy your content. All the best.

  • Gydez

    My heart broke when the Scotty was eliminated 😞

  • Fred Frank
    Fred Frank

    Send the other putters to me. Thank you.

  • Wilson Gaschler
    Wilson Gaschler

    Cleveland Huntington Beach Premier!

  • Don Wongjohnson
    Don Wongjohnson

    Evnroll is an amazing putter. My spider will never leave my bag though

  • Alan Taylor
    Alan Taylor

    which putter feels like the heaviest to swing??

  • NovaFantom

    I've been eyeing one of the Mizuno M Craft's for a while, and this video sealed the deal for me.

  • Joaco Garcia
    Joaco Garcia

    When you are putting on the green using one putter after the other, the second one will always have the advantage because you already have the feel for the distance and the break. That is not an equal opportunity contest.

  • Trevor Asel
    Trevor Asel

    The silent reactions during the 9 hole final had me dying

  • Tomy Alfieri
    Tomy Alfieri

    it's me? or he hates that mizuno won? HAAHAHAHAHAH

  • Tim C
    Tim C

    One of my favorite videos! Did I miss the length of the ultimate winner?

  • alien Person
    alien Person

    the greatest mystery is more like what is rory’s putter


    I'm willing to bet high dollar that you would have come out on top with the Lab Golf during the nine hole putt off.

  • beaney56

    I use a jumbo putter grip the same way. I like to feel like the backs of my hands are facing my junk.

  • Grant Mather
    Grant Mather

    I hope this putter stays in the bag Pete???? I was voting for Evnroll. Love your videos. Would love to see more of you and Rick toegther

  • beaney56

    I absolutely LOVE this idea. A putter knockout competition.

  • David Domanick
    David Domanick

    Careful with the odyseey"ripped off" spyder comment. My understanding is Toulon designed the spyder, so not sure if ripped off is correct....goes without saying anser style putters exist in every reputable putter company offering and never heard "ripped off" as the description

  • Keith Skadan
    Keith Skadan

    Hey Peter, I’ve noticed in previousvideos you used a pencil type grip on the LAB putter and you used a reverse grip in this video. Has your preference changed or are you trying to keep the same grip for all putters? The last time you did a putting grip video was 4 years ago. Any new opinions or variations on putting grips?

  • Matty V
    Matty V

    Someone just had one of those hockey stick putters at a scramble format golf outing I played in last weekend. The exact same one you have in the vid by the looks of it.

  • del dillingham
    del dillingham

    What about the Pyramid putter - a lot of hype about it. How about doing an evaluation

  • Bob Mcgee
    Bob Mcgee

    why not use a Robot ? you !cannot give the consistency ...to be a fair judge.. you don't use any data ...so its not a viable test.. Players need to know the data..before they spend good money..

  • thomo74

    No Bettinardi?

  • David Schmider
    David Schmider

    Wonderful original idea content Pete! Safely top of my SVsoft favourite leader board! 😉

  • Dakota Livezey
    Dakota Livezey

    Why do t you do the same thing but so around 10 shots each and take what one makes the most out of 10

  • quickcut24

    The verdict is in and Scotty Camerons are OVERRATED. So much pointless hype for such a MEDIOCRE product!

  • Kyle McKinney
    Kyle McKinney

    I have a Evnroll ER5 and absolutely love the look, feel, and weight of it! Too bad it didn’t win.

  • AmericanPatriot14

    wow.....I guess this is what the world is coming to. a youtube vid on a putter. May you forever putt in peace. waw...waw....waw.........

  • FalKo 23
    FalKo 23


  • MB

    Looks like Reddish vale GC. the 18th is rather steep 🤣

  • Dane Shaffer
    Dane Shaffer

    It’s like taking chipping lessons from Ricky. PSH

  • Nigel Freeman
    Nigel Freeman

    LAB putter is superb

  • Håkan Hörjel
    Håkan Hörjel

    And the best puttergrip won!

  • Tony Moss
    Tony Moss

    Well you did let the Mizuno go 2nd 6/9 putts so it had the advantage🤔 That said, fun session, muzzy looks a great putter. I hope it serves you well sir 👍

  • Tom V
    Tom V

    Your line reading on the Head to Head is a farce.... :-) :-)

  • ASI Automotive Recruitment
    ASI Automotive Recruitment

    The Mizuno went second every time, definite advantage

  • James Kim
    James Kim

    Hey Peter does the Mizuno putter head feel light because of the jumbomax grip?

  • markjaycox

    Appreciate the Top Gear "And on that Bombshell" outro

  • Darcy Hourd
    Darcy Hourd

    Fantastic assessment Finchy - I think the next time you should include Matt and Rick and make this the world series of putts!

  • Darren Byrne
    Darren Byrne

    I'll give him a month and he'll have a new putter...... it's the Indian not the arrow

  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'Brien

    Video title at least proved one thing...Peter Finch is definately not h

  • stuart rawlings
    stuart rawlings

    you look gutted

  • Matthew Swanson
    Matthew Swanson

    15:34 - All Sqaure, lol. I know, I know, it's a TYPO, but it still made me laugh out loud. Not as much as the thumbs-up at 15:06, but still. Love the content, Pete, and excited to see what you do with the M-Craft this season!

    • Matthew Swanson
      Matthew Swanson

      oh my god - "All Sqaure" at 15:47, too - now I'm just worried for your editor. PETE'S EDITOR: ARE YOU OKAY? CAN YOU SMELL BURNT TOAST?!?

  • TheDekysar

    The suspense was off the chain!! 🏌🏼‍♂️⛳️

  • Nic Brule
    Nic Brule

    Good day, all the way from Canada today, Have you ever heard of Powerbilt TPX XT6 and the 1.0 They are from Sport Chek. Could u do a review on these possibly..? Most appreciated.. Keep up the great videos.

  • Peter Choma
    Peter Choma

    Still like my Scotty T22 Fastback

  • Ken Gugala
    Ken Gugala

    How is there no spider included?

  • P lastr002
    P lastr002

    The biggest problem with this method that I see is you always are going to be choosing whatever putter goes second, since you are correcting your error from your previous putt that you missed. Pretty much every putt that went in was the second putter used.

  • singleta

    So the Ping got eliminated on the first putt because of user error that none of the putters would have holed?

  • TheFeige

    Not Taylormade putters? Shame on you

  • Deuce

    ER2V on their website shows no black option -- where can you find the model tested here?

  • Hebby_K

    PETE GETTING SOME BULK!!!!!! in a great way!!!!

  • Lukas van Staden
    Lukas van Staden

    Testing putters in a knockout like this seems like a big waste. It's also a bit harsh. On the upside, I really enjoyed the video. Your content is always great. The Megamind however, is not great. It has to be the ugliest putter I've ever seen.

  • joakim Andersson
    joakim Andersson

    I can't believe you were so rude to Slapstick. What did it ever do to you?

  • Matthew Gordon golf
    Matthew Gordon golf

    Watching Peter do the putter super league has made my Saturday night hahaha lol

  • Gavin Thomas
    Gavin Thomas

    I see you have changed grips again mate and gone away from Jim Carey's 'the claw'

  • Nicolas Yeandle
    Nicolas Yeandle

    I’m not sure your editor knows how to write square (he wrote sqaure)

  • Keith Hodson
    Keith Hodson

    Not sure if early stages was a fair test eliminating a putter on a poor putt by putter Surprised more second putts did not drop on final test once you seen speed and break, Shame no comp for runner up putter

  • Tyler Haas
    Tyler Haas

    No Kirkland KS1 putter? I'm disappointed.

  • David Zitterbart
    David Zitterbart

    I was expecting some Robert Duvall commentary towards the end of that video 🤣🤣

  • David Keenan
    David Keenan

    Pete……. !!! You talk too much about nothing! Normally I will listen to your opinion about clubs, but you miss the point 100% of the time because you focus on you. We aren’t professionals, we don’t have $30,000 worth of equipment to help us measure how bad we are. Your views would be far higher if you understood average golfers and involved us along the way.

  • whogg0521

    Man, I am tired for you

  • Søren Frisk Mortensen
    Søren Frisk Mortensen

    Pete Pete Pete.. You will never get a long lasting relationship with something you feel like you are settling for, just because it won on that single day. Put the Scotty in the bag because that is the look you fancy the most and learn to love it despite it will let you down once in a while. That jumbo grip on the mizuno looks silly, it will not stay in the bag for long..

  • Aaron consaul
    Aaron consaul

    Wow! I'm stunned!

  • Quality Check
    Quality Check

    Maybe your get the putter that should win … because you want it to win …

  • Kris

    I'm yet to hear a bad review about Mizuno. Just goes to show how quality their golf equipment is.

  • tim cote
    tim cote

    hey pete great video as usual. be thankful to be putting at all. i live in ontario canada the only place in the world that golf courses have been shut down due to covid.

  • Edward Gibstein
    Edward Gibstein

    Very funny Peter and I have an Evnroll but not one of the models u tested. Maybe I would like the slant neck. Cheers