WHO'S THE BEST GOLFER? Serious 6-Hole Match | Peter Finch vs Matt Fryer
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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Super Serious Golf! Let me know who you want to see play on the channel?

    • exl85

      Florian Raggl

    • 032theo

      jimmy bullard

    • Sim Pedros
      Sim Pedros

      Assl golf and badgolf

    • David Macholecki
      David Macholecki

      Definitely Mr Rick sheils

    • TheShaunsc

      Golf Sidekick, Shiels, Fore Left & Good Good (Tig & skinny guy).

  • Mark Buchanan
    Mark Buchanan

    4 hole challenge rip off

  • Jace Erickson
    Jace Erickson

    Marques Brownlee

  • Robbie Smith
    Robbie Smith

    The 9th is easily a birdie hole we will both par it! Matt “hold my beer” tasty double and Pete with a bogey 🤣 it was like watching myself

  • Clint Badowski
    Clint Badowski

    Love the sirius black reference! More great content. Keep it coming

  • Kari Tuominen
    Kari Tuominen

    So, the lessons payed off?

  • Pg Lavengood
    Pg Lavengood

    Get some lessons, from a pro.!

  • Tigerfish 66
    Tigerfish 66

    sorry peter normally love you and rick, this was a bit boring......

  • The Colorado Shrink
    The Colorado Shrink

    Why 6 holes??

  • Jason Bush
    Jason Bush

    Turn down the beige 😂😂😂

  • michael brooks
    michael brooks

    Its like a putting masterclass,balls refusing to go in the holes as though it wasn't part of the game

  • Michael Heap
    Michael Heap

    Crickey you took some time over that last putt. Must have mattered! 😂

  • Neil Bentham
    Neil Bentham

    I only get serious after the 6th hole

  • Mark Childerley
    Mark Childerley

    Call yourselves golf pros 😂😂

  • CJ h
    CJ h

    😂😂 is this serious golf?

  • Bradley Phelps
    Bradley Phelps

    Let's get a new putter, Pete

  • Randy Boyd
    Randy Boyd

    Does friendship affect desire to win ?

  • MrKydaman

    No offence Pete, but I'd put the money on Matt every time.

  • David Hickey
    David Hickey

    whats the wrist wrap for?

  • Ethan Michaelis
    Ethan Michaelis

    I think the winner of this match will either be Peter Finch or Matt Fryer. None of the other competitors have what it takes

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse

    Could Matt please enlighten me, I’m aware of a baffie, a niblick and even a mashie niblick, what’s a baffie niblick? 🤪

  • John Peters
    John Peters

    Just when I thought Pete’s videos couldn’t get any better we get a cheeky Harry Potter reference in 🤣

  • Etienne Janse van Rensburg
    Etienne Janse van Rensburg

    Since when is Peter an ORGAIN sponsored athlete?

  • Craig Evans
    Craig Evans

    Quality video Pete, however I feel that putter isn’t doing you justice right now

  • Lewis Parker
    Lewis Parker

    Can’t watch without the ball tracker thing that Rick shiels has on his videos

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson

    Just not the same as a match against Rick.

  • Gee “MB” Wizz
    Gee “MB” Wizz

    Coupla private skool lads avin a laff init......... Small town divots,hobbits? For a sec I thought I was watching the Benny Hill Show

  • Andy Fenwick
    Andy Fenwick

    Golfing version of the chuckle brother's 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tim Chamberlain
    Tim Chamberlain

    It looked like Pete was smashing his putts from distance but they ended up checking up a lot better than I thought they would on initial contact.

  • Corek BleedingHollow
    Corek BleedingHollow

    6 holes? Why not 18 holes?

  • Dan Peacock
    Dan Peacock

    "Serious Golf".... with the two of you, nothing is serious and we, frankly, are grateful for that. Always entertaining even with "beige par golf".

  • Bill Westrick
    Bill Westrick

    Did you have some plain vanilla ice cream after this match?

  • Sean Mcdonagh
    Sean Mcdonagh

    Must be the 6th video I’ve seen it in but still can’t get over the size of that putting grip!! Absolute monstrosity!

  • Thomas Marshall
    Thomas Marshall

    You say your from the rough, well I grew up in the rough.

  • Daniel Willems
    Daniel Willems

    This is SVsoft golf. It is mandated that you must hit driver if the hole isn’t reachable in one. Must be damn serious too break that rule.

  • Charles Lerche
    Charles Lerche

    Sirius golf? :-)

  • Elias Axelsson
    Elias Axelsson

    What shottracer are you using? I see you'r using ur phone, is it an app? or what is it?

  • Fifty Libros
    Fifty Libros

    I love these Mano a Manos with Pete and Matt. More, please!

  • Samuel Shaw
    Samuel Shaw


  • Gus Canam Outlander 1000
    Gus Canam Outlander 1000

    Why is Rick Shiels no longer playing with you? Is it he became too famous? I would love to see again videos of the three of you together!

  • Kuma Meyer
    Kuma Meyer

    Fine round. Tiny positive criticism Pete, camera work was a bit shoddy compared to usual. The positioning's in the wrong places (e.g. 9.08 tree is blocking half the frame ... should've stood on the other side?), shaky/bouncing/moving which makes it dizzying at times, looking around for the ball after a shot (5.30), some shots can't see the ball on the green because the camera was below the green (6.48) ... details. Bit of camera shot planning and steadying tool would bring it to another level, already has content

  • Christopher Davies
    Christopher Davies

    Really hoping to see Pete vs Rick in this serious 6-hole match series!

  • Peter Ryan
    Peter Ryan

    6:15 that was definitely a 54 degree wedge Pete!

  • Ian Ward
    Ian Ward

    Nice one guys! Remember that a bad day on the course is better than a good day in the office 😃🏌️‍♂️

  • SSThunDerHawK

    Pete. I love you buddy... But I'm rooting for matt. Im sorry mate. Kisses from canada

  • Matthew Osman
    Matthew Osman

    I love super serious golf 😂, from now on can all lip outs be called The Fryer…!! Great content guys!

  • Neil Gardner
    Neil Gardner

    Bad shot and club throw Mr Frier

  • Darren Australia
    Darren Australia

    James Robinson, Alex Elliot, Bella Angel

  • Warren MacLean
    Warren MacLean

    How is Matt supposed to keep up with Peter Finchambeau?

  • Tyron Ngeru
    Tyron Ngeru

    I would love ti see a full comp between u Matt an Rick. A full 4day 72 hole challenge

    • guy Rawson
      guy Rawson

      With it being 4 courses in 4 days, playing your home courses within that. A course can only be played once. £5 to charity for every bogey, per player

  • Johnny Smith
    Johnny Smith

    Man that’s 18 min I’ll never get back. Slightly vanilla.

    • Sim Pedros
      Sim Pedros

      You will never get any time back. That’s how life and ageing works

  • Dark Shark
    Dark Shark

    Idk but the way he says that badger line is so awesome. It had me laughing out loud

  • Brian Murray
    Brian Murray

    We already know it's "the hulk Fryer" congrats on Pete pulling it out or shame on Matt doubling it away 😂

  • Christopher Siegert
    Christopher Siegert

    Just feels like this channel could use a little Mark Crossfield you know?

  • Jake Sexton
    Jake Sexton

    We all want to see Micah, Garrett, and Grant from goodgood vs. Peter, Rick, and Matt!

  • Casey Siefert
    Casey Siefert

    Matt: A sensational bogey finish That Green: Not today Matt 🤣

  • John Howren
    John Howren

    Pete vs Garrett or tig

  • andrewo24

    Fun vid. Great audio considering how windy it was!

  • KevinDrury


  • slytown

    Need more long-form vlogs with Matt. He still has my favorite trash talk in golf. If someone hits a bad tee shot, say "Well out, mate."

  • russell ord
    russell ord

    What putter are you using Pete?

  • David Kearney
    David Kearney

    Pete to win by 2 holes

  • Shane Plaskett
    Shane Plaskett

    i thought you guys were supposed to be good

  • Shannon Walker
    Shannon Walker

    How come you and Rick don’t play together anymore

  • Jeremy Goff
    Jeremy Goff

    Fryer reminds me of myself. Our best is just not good enough. The last putt was brutal.


    SERIOUSly guys? Love the HP reference. Keep up the great work Peter. Your videos have helped me so much over the last 6 months to improve my game

  • Cowboy Surfer
    Cowboy Surfer

    BMF Belt = B(British)MF Tournament with Crossfield, Finch, Fryer, Shiels, who's the real YT champion golfers of 2021

  • Cerberus

    But all seriousness i always have to vote for the GOAT Pete the Bomb Finch

  • Cerberus

    Love how its whos the best golfer and uses matt as the thumbnail

  • Charles McDonald
    Charles McDonald

    Thank you guys! Really enjoyed the video.

  • François Desmoulins-Lebeault
    François Desmoulins-Lebeault

    Hum... Serious golf between these two? I haven't watched yet but that couldn't have lasted more than one hole, that "seriousness" as I'm sure jokes and quips where cracked very very soon and then it all went circus-golf instead of "serious golf" (at least as most of us understand it).

  • Bas Bakker
    Bas Bakker

    Boring indeed 😜

  • Sean Chambers
    Sean Chambers

    Mr. Pete Finch, Gary Martin has looked pretty good. He may be a challenge.

  • Bri Naylor
    Bri Naylor

    Really enjoyed the video but if I'm behind you on a golf course I'm raging 😂😂😂

  • Sean Chambers
    Sean Chambers

    I would love for some of you golf guys to bring on some of the Golf Mates. Rick, Matt, Peter and James Robinson should showcase Old Man Pat. 80 year old guy can still get it.

  • Freddie Shields
    Freddie Shields

    Are you doing any content with Rick soon Pete?

  • Cammy Bogle
    Cammy Bogle

    That was a very serious vid that

  • Justen Graul
    Justen Graul

    A Peter v. Matt match is EXACTLY what I needed on my Monday!


      What country do you live in?

  • Russell Ward
    Russell Ward

    Great to watch, and not boring at all. Keen to see more of these.

  • Cole

    golf am I right

  • Jeff Suess
    Jeff Suess

    "You could build a small town in there!" nice!! Great video guys.

  • Jacob Gallaugher
    Jacob Gallaugher

    I audibly gasped at Matt's last putt lol

  • Landcarp

    My favourite SVsoft pairing.

  • Timothy Bevis
    Timothy Bevis

    More more more. If that was serious...... Good stuff guys. Thanks

  • Matt Najewicz
    Matt Najewicz

    Play for money next time!

  • Steve jackson
    Steve jackson

    High pitched Matt made me laugh 😂

  • Travis

    Love the content and good luck in all future events!!!!!

  • Valdemar Sandström
    Valdemar Sandström

    Mat with the INSANE putter flip

  • Zachary Engel
    Zachary Engel

    has to matt

  • d finn
    d finn

    Get the LAB back in the bag Pete , not seen you hole a putt with that thing!!

  • Tiger Woodard
    Tiger Woodard

    3:31 language Mr Finch, great video, god bless you sir

  • Robert Graham
    Robert Graham

    Peter the machine finch will be victorious

  • Movitz Sturk
    Movitz Sturk

    Serious golfer Pete, sounded like a jealous child when his pitch stopped short. ”Yours just took off”😂😂😂

  • Tony Burke
    Tony Burke

    Really enjoy watching the two of you, always good fun

  • Joe Howie
    Joe Howie

    Great video. Footjoy top is lovely

  • E.Bull


  • Blah blah Blaherson
    Blah blah Blaherson

    How come there are no houses lining the fairways, drunk idiots flying around In gas golf carts, and lines at the tee box for every hole. Golf in England is weird

    • geddstock

      It’s called “the civilised world”.

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith

    pete matt and rick need a top gear style tv show

  • Chris McDonald
    Chris McDonald

    Isn't golf supposed to be 18 holes?

  • Flying Dutchman
    Flying Dutchman

    Hey guys, i was allways thought that you aren`t allowed to do a practise-swing ON the tee, but to the side of the tee. Are the rules in the UK different?