What Can I Score Using ONLY a ONE IRON?? (One Club Challenge)
In this One Club Challenge, I see what I can score using just a one iron! Thanks to Anstruther Golf Club for having us down, and to see how I performed on the par-3 5th using ALL my clubs check out my latest short: svsoft.info/award/a3ucfIeaqLa4p4E/video.html

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone, I love Scotland, I really really do 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💜 and 1 irons, I love those as well ❤️

    • Here Now
      Here Now

      @peter flannigan I had fish n chips there last week - was lovely!

    • peter flannigan
      peter flannigan

      But did you visit the best fish and chips shop in the country?? Always Well worth the hours drive for me to get one

    • Ruthless

      Welcome back to Scotland Pete :)

    • Mike Howson
      Mike Howson

      When you coming to New Zealand....some truly spectacular courses down here....and bonus....visit during your winter when it's glorious here....

    • Brad Scott
      Brad Scott

      And love dogs!!!🐕🐕🐕 PS... That Butter Knife is an incredible putter! PSS... When is your dog going to make appearances on the channel????

  • Magnus Brodd
    Magnus Brodd

    No way I would have made an eight on that hole with a one iron…😉🤪😂☀️🏌🏻❤️

  • Russell Gilder
    Russell Gilder

    We gotta work on the white balance in the newest videos guys.

  • Diogenes' Lantern
    Diogenes' Lantern

    MP33s are such beautiful blades

  • Geofferlyhills

    Daaaaamn what a course!!!

  • Toby Richardson
    Toby Richardson

    Crikey what a beautiful place. What was all that chopping around in the foreground!?

  • HillbillyJedi88

    Thank you Pete for reassuring us no one needs a 1 iron in the bag! Beautiful course and hope to see it in person some day.

  • Daniel

    why are you bringing the bag if you are playing one club only?

  • gerrymillar46

    hope you went into town for the best fish and chips after

  • ravindra

    whats the music at 0:47 called

  • William

    And I can’t even hit my 5 iron

  • Neil Mckie
    Neil Mckie

    Love that par three, if they tuck the flag on the right it almost is a dogleg par 3. My dad used to play it by going up the previous hole's fairway and then chipping down to the green 🤣

  • Jonathan DeJong
    Jonathan DeJong

    You should do this challenge again. But with a PUTTER!

  • Nathan Duong
    Nathan Duong

    Well if it makes you feel any better Pete, at least you have to play with only one club with the wind howling to play as bad as I do 😂

  • Garret Rukes
    Garret Rukes

    Honestly just looks like a normal round of golf for me with a full set of clubs

  • Norman Cux Golf n' Stuff
    Norman Cux Golf n' Stuff

    What a beautiful location and course! And what a self punishing challenge!!! I ask myself, why do you still have your trolley around when you use only one one iron? :)

  • Dylan Patton
    Dylan Patton

    Scottish golf really hits different doesn't it. I'm a spoiled Californian but boy oh boy, bucket list of golf for sure.

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis

    Why did you bring your bag of clubs if you are only using a 1 iron?

  • Colorado Quattro
    Colorado Quattro

    Why?! You're on this incredible course... Would much rather see you really give it a go than a circus routine... Typing this as you holed out on 1. Will I change my mind?

    • Colorado Quattro
      Colorado Quattro

      The clown horn seems fitting....

  • Jack Vliet
    Jack Vliet


  • Si Jones
    Si Jones

    Wtf did I just watch? 😂😂😂 And I mean this as a compliment. Gave me quite a laugh, even if that may not have been the original intent! 😂😂😂👌🏻🙏🏻

  • Gregor Davidson
    Gregor Davidson

    Fantastic to see Anster golf course. Spent many a happy school hols on the course. Used to go on holiday to Anstruther with the family and stayed in the caravan park. Great memories. Thanks Pete

  • Marc Higgins
    Marc Higgins

    My take away ,keep 14 clubs in my bag 😂😂😂 great entertainment , what a view , I only go up to five iron due to a lack of skills, well done Pete

  • Craig McEwan
    Craig McEwan

    That thing is so small and sharp, you could shave with it

  • Jason Lander
    Jason Lander

    Wow Pete that's majestic . Lucky man

  • Brinkley Studios
    Brinkley Studios

    ohhhhh peter peter peter

  • Neil Taylor
    Neil Taylor

    What a course that looked that's my dream to go up to Scotland & play few of the courses around the coast. Going start saving try make it up next year 🏌️‍♂️⛳

  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall

    Gorgeous course

  • David Edenton
    David Edenton

    Beautiful landscape and a Willy Wonka quote, what's not to love?!

  • Matthew Stephenson
    Matthew Stephenson

    I always seem to take where I live for granted!

  • hotbeer josh
    hotbeer josh

    LOL 245 Par 3. My furthest drive ever is barely 250.

  • Chris Jeffers
    Chris Jeffers

    kindof a waste a great opportunity to play a great course, normally for me

  • Jamie Henshaw
    Jamie Henshaw

    Anstruther chippy is so good! Did you go Pete?

  • Craig

    Please tell me you went up to Anstruther chippy for your post round meal. Best chippy in the UK!!

  • Donavan Ellis
    Donavan Ellis

    Why are you pushing your entire bag 🤣

  • William Kraus
    William Kraus

    Love it! Beautiful course!

  • Kevin Kelsey
    Kevin Kelsey

    Why did you take your cart?

  • Isaac Martin golf
    Isaac Martin golf

    Good luck in tournament in Scotland! I can see your live score right now you are +4 oh and yeah peter is doing a tourney in Scotland Peter say hi to Adam glass for me (my golf coach)

  • Mike Alessi
    Mike Alessi

    Very nice drone work and shots...well done mate...cheers..

  • Barry Badeve
    Barry Badeve

    I’ve just bought a set of MP-33’s. Absolutely gorgeous set of sticks. Can’t hit them for shit, but bloody hell they look good in the bag!!!

  • Jamie Drys
    Jamie Drys


  • Jackson Hurst
    Jackson Hurst

    Hardest club in golf!

  • Bob Levittan
    Bob Levittan

    One iron is the wrong club for a 1 club challenge. I'd pick...a 7 iron?

  • Connor

    I thought for a split second he was about to call the lady behind the green an elephant!

  • mike aylen
    mike aylen

    Beautiful! But...contrast, contrast, contrast, camera man!

  • Jonothan Potter
    Jonothan Potter

    This is so funny!!!!!

  • john brown
    john brown

    peter peter peter, this shows how much hand skill you have ooooooooooooopppppps. modern day player. learn it peter you will get so much more out of the game, to try and master the short game is what makes the game of GOLF.....

  • Tom Lewis
    Tom Lewis

    ‘The elephant’ *point towards woman behind the green* 7:45

  • Jon Elburn
    Jon Elburn

    Stunning course

  • Norman Smith
    Norman Smith

    Cart bag and trolley for one club ?

  • Jon Rowell
    Jon Rowell

    Great course Pete, love you to get up to Inverness to do Nairn, Castle Stuart and Royal Dornoch. I'm up there next week, four round in three days, should be fun.

  • William Wooldridge
    William Wooldridge


  • Peter Lowe
    Peter Lowe

    Give the people what they want to see - Pete Finch with 1 club only vs a fan with a high handicap

  • Fred Stewart
    Fred Stewart

    Butter Knife!

  • Roland Clack
    Roland Clack

    This how I play with all 14 clubs 😂

  • Robert Duncan
    Robert Duncan


  • Liam Scott
    Liam Scott

    Not sure I agree with the “covid rules” by placing the ball 6 inches in the bunker. The ball wasn’t sat in an old footprint, it was in a raked area so there wasn’t really any reason to move the ball? I see a lot of people abusing this during weekly medals because they don’t want to play the bunker as it lies. I could understand if they were in a footprint or something because the players in front weren’t able to rake or smooth it out.

  • Liam Scott
    Liam Scott

    Not sure I agree with the “covid rules” by placing the ball 6 inches in the bunker. The ball wasn’t sat in an old footprint, it was in a raked area so there wasn’t really any reason to move the ball? I see a lot of people abusing this during weekly medals because they don’t want to play the bunker as it lies. I could understand if they were in a footprint or something because the players in front weren’t able to rake or smooth it out.

  • SilverfoxThe

    That’s why you should putt with the flag out (on links courses)?

  • St Ke
    St Ke

    Never up, never in 😂

  • Matt Aamold
    Matt Aamold

    If you love dogs..."And if you play golf you're my friend" - Harvey Penick.

  • Anders Rehn
    Anders Rehn

    I miss the good old days when you played matches with Rick, Matt and Andy. For all of you, that was the reason I watched your channels. Now, you are all alone doing your well-produced, but oh-so un-inspiring tip-videos that have already been done by Me and My Golf five times over (yes, I unsubscribed to them because they churn out the same K-bomb video over and over). Instead, you left the field wide open for channels like Good-Good to step in and absolutely soak up the entire audience. You see the same with Crossfield who lost his audience when he stopped playing with his crew. I mean... 4 holes playing with one club. What is that? What happened to the Quest series? Now that you finally have your hole in one, you can let go of your obsession and start with the proper training vids. Don't over think it. Just go and do it!

  • tala busick
    tala busick

    This looks like my game with a full set of clubs.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    yeah...... lets not do that again, well done though

  • Steven Moon Golfing Canberra
    Steven Moon Golfing Canberra

    Peter i have a par 3 that puts that to shame .... Narooma Golf course N.S.W Australia 3 hole par 3 absolutely amazing

  • Carl Mills
    Carl Mills

    More of the lab swimming please pete

  • Bronald


  • Scott Butler
    Scott Butler

    I think Castle Town at IOM par 3 is nicer . But best Views in the World are on any Hawaiian Golf Course

  • Jacob Pitre
    Jacob Pitre

    Buy me a 1 iron

  • Daniel Foy
    Daniel Foy

    Scotland is quite possibly the most beautiful place in the world. I have family in the highlands and I cannot wait to get back someday soon. Good luck with the butterknives, Pete!

  • Mark Nicholson
    Mark Nicholson

    Fantastic view of the Bass rock, and beside it North Berwick golf club, Muirfield and Gullane behind you. Links golf at its finest.

  • Norris Novs
    Norris Novs

    2021 golfbidder challenge????

  • David Chamberlain
    David Chamberlain

    Did you say that 1st shot was a stinger or a stinker?

  • peter saika
    peter saika

    I love my 1 irons, a set isn't complete without one.

  • Jay Jay Morin
    Jay Jay Morin

    What a course! Love you Pete!!

  • Harold Durkee
    Harold Durkee

    I would like to see another 1iron challenge in the future.

  • Gary Keck
    Gary Keck

    Stunning course

  • Todd Savren-McCormick
    Todd Savren-McCormick

    This feels like my game. ON A GOOD DAY!!

  • Scott Mullins
    Scott Mullins

    Looks absolutely amazing

  • David Halliday
    David Halliday

    Peter Finch gets a Snow Man !!! I get one or two every round welcome to the club.

  • 100%treefrog

    this was really fun! I wanna see another 1 iron video, maybe competing with someone?

  • H3Y YO B_ITCH _
    H3Y YO B_ITCH _

    I’d just like to say how depressing this is that you still score better than me with a 1 iron an I have a full bag🥺

  • Thom Stackhouse
    Thom Stackhouse

    Played this course on their open day a couple of years back and have to say I loved it! Such a great links challenge and doesn't suffer for being a 9 hole at all. The hole up the hill (7th) can be brutal if you don't reach the top 🤣🤣🤣

  • beatlesfan1963

    I really enjoyed you self loathing with the hearty chuckle at the end. Reminded me of, well, me. Sometimes, you have to laugh at yourself.

  • garrick covell
    garrick covell

    the genuine laugh of just pure comedy after that putt on the par 3.

  • Kenneth Sponic
    Kenneth Sponic

    Guessing 1 over before watching video

  • Andre Lavergne
    Andre Lavergne

    Wow Peter what a view it's amazing

  • ChiliHotKey

    that course looked very much like Stonehaven golf club (from memory atleast) that i played as a teen on vaction some 28 years ago, was a gorgeous course with a god awful layout.

  • C. Mitchell
    C. Mitchell

    Do most courses in Scotland show distances in yards? Maybe a dumb question, but I have never played outside of North America.

  • MrKydaman

    Just started the video, but I'm hoping you find yourself in a bunker. Edit: I got my wish. Didn't want to see you suffer, but I know you enjoy a challenge. 😉

  • atomant830

    The classic one iron, the club with a head so small there was no room to install forgiveness, so it was left out. Great video Mr Finch.

  • Sean Tracy
    Sean Tracy

    Golf Mates today was as lame as a stunted donkey. Glad to see I can get a far superior UK golf fix here today. Idyllic setting.

  • David Oakes
    David Oakes

    whats the loft on that thing? 15 degrees? 15 old school, high CG, Low MOI, Scalpel not butter knife, degrees of loft. the only thing i'd shoot with that is other golfers, thats if I didn't hit it thin resulting in catastrophic bone disintegration up to my elbows.

  • Brandon Reiber
    Brandon Reiber

    I was annoyed for a second cause I thought you weren’t gonna show us the dog lol. Glad you did. Beautiful course

  • Evan Kolar
    Evan Kolar

    One iron back in the bag!!!

  • luckyphil59

    Idea for next video. Short game lesson with looooooong irons

  • brubeck67

    Love that, well played! 😂

  • Hugh Arrdum
    Hugh Arrdum

    This is how I play with a full bag of clubs lol

  • James Pattison
    James Pattison

    Been visiting Anster and playing the course since I was a kid and this course has always remained one of my favourite golf courses I've ever played. The town itself is probably my favourite place in the world outside my home town. Beautiful place and the course, while not long is so much fun, clearly it's beautiful and just really enjoyable. I'll be making my annual pilgrimage to Anster in three weeks time and I cannot wait to get back out on the course, particularly after seeing this video with the course looking stunning and in such fantastic condition. So many amazing courses in the area as well all the way along from Leven, Lundin, through to Crail and round to St Andrews. Great little clubhouse as well, great food, warm welcome. The rockies restaurant next door is really good as well and obviously the best chippy in the world is just up the road. What more could you want?

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis

    I think the best thing about the golf courses in Scotland, is the lack of trees. Down here in Queensland, the sound track to a round of golf often has the crack of ball on timber echoing across the landscape...