The Four Club Challenge! These Irons SHOCKED Me | 9 Hole Course Vlog at Dumbarnie Links
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  • bagdiil

    The oil rigs really destroys the view...

  • Matt Coffey
    Matt Coffey

    I have a set of Apex 19 Pro and I strike the ball as well as Pete about once every 25 shots but I absolutely love them. Even for a solid 10 indexer like me they feel amazing and offer incredible forgiveness. The smaller (than I'm used to) profile has really helped to focus my strike. Would absolutely love to try the 21 Pros and that X Forged utility.

  • Robert Kirk
    Robert Kirk

    That stinger off the 2nd 👏👏. I'm playing dumbarnie next April with the nhs any tips. I'm currently using my ping i3 what new clubs are there that would be similar. Thanks and keep up the good content 👌

  • Stephen T
    Stephen T

    Agree with your verdict. The club head is chunky and can see the back. Coming from a Callaway drivers and woods user since the 80's till the present models.

  • Stephen McGillivray
    Stephen McGillivray

    You call that a run. It looked like you needed a loo break. LOL. I tend to agree with you with the Callaway irons there is an offset that is off-putting, only ever so slight, but just enough to put you off your game.

  • Old Ben
    Old Ben

    Playing with four clubs is always more fun

  • Old Ben
    Old Ben

    peter we need you in an open...just freaking do it

  • ed f
    ed f

    Awesome…..driving iron comment in the bag…lol

  • S4NG -ST3R
    S4NG -ST3R

    Ive been looking at these irons for weeks now (currently play with nike vr pro combo 6+ years) i play off 7 and just want that extra lift. Just crazy prices, F**kin Golf 🤣

  • Matt Aamold
    Matt Aamold

    Why...Why didn't my ancestors stay in the UK so I could visit all the great courses with ease.

  • Stu Dunn
    Stu Dunn

    "I've missed the green, we'll ignore that" is basically my life long mantra

  • Michael B
    Michael B

    FFS Pete stop changing clubs all the time😉

  • Richard Cunningham
    Richard Cunningham

    Loving the Scottish content. Stunning courses. That young lad at Carnoustie had a pure swing. One to follow.

  • Lee Popham-Lithgow
    Lee Popham-Lithgow

    I never understand why manufacturers don't give you an option of offset or no offset as personally I hate offset clubs

  • Nick

    The courses in Europe are so wide open! Here, near Washington D.C., on the eastern coast of the U.S., our courses are very tight, technical and tree-lined; when it does open up there's usually a huge pond there lol

  • Michael Slade
    Michael Slade

    Morning Pete! Just wanted to say keep your head up after this weekend & thanks for all your content!

  • Rob Biles
    Rob Biles

    Arse end sticks out. Looked in the mirror lately Pete. 🤣🤣🤣 Margo Robbie, now I could watch her in the mirror all day. 😍

  • Paul G
    Paul G

    That “I love golf , I love you guys, I love life” attitude is was you need to take with you for Open qualifying. Channel the love Pete, channel the love! ❤️ 🏌🏻‍♂️ ⛳️

  • Michael Kellett
    Michael Kellett

    Peter Finch the new Ernie Wise ....................short fat hairy legs !!!!! So much better than Rick Shields

  • C E
    C E

    I have bought These Irons this year and i Just love them the distance is amzing and the control too👍🏻

  • Blah blah Blaherson
    Blah blah Blaherson

    Holy s**t that golf course

  • NitroMonkey

    So happy you actually hit these irons! I have them in 4-PW and they are phenominal!

  • Thom Bendtsen
    Thom Bendtsen

    Stop recording and I’ll shut up. (I doubt it)

  • ToolforOffice

    That golf course view from above looks like my 15 year old face

  • Fiftys '
    Fiftys '

    Pete you really hada come to the north of Ireland an play ardglass

  • Cr K
    Cr K

    The problem is, Margot Robbie is undoubtedly perfect

  • Benjamin Toups
    Benjamin Toups

    There more like p770s not p790s

  • Benjamin Toups
    Benjamin Toups

    Love these. They’re in my bag for sure

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude

    You’ve been a pro for how long? How can a club “shock” you at this point?

  • Andrew Boak
    Andrew Boak

    Nice vid!! I’m a big muscle back fan!! Still rockin my Mizuno MP 57’s…. Just can’t replace them yet!! Btw, would love to know the name of the music track in your montage!! A big fan of sweet beats my friend

  • matt miller
    matt miller

    Pete’s been liftin

  • goeatbox1

    Hey Peter, I’ve recently went down the ball rabbit hole. Bridgestone has me confused… I would love a video reviewing what happens when you play a ball rated for a slower swing speed and faster swing speed with an incorrectly matched swing speed. I have yet to find anyone talking about that. I’ve been playing the Vice pro plus but recently picked up the vice pro soft and I find it to play fine. Is swing speed really relevant to ball choice or is it generally marketing

    • goeatbox1

      I noticed one thing with the softer ball, it prefers to go straighter. I had a tougher time putting a draw or fade on it. I’m curious to see if it’s over compressing r something like that. I didn’t notice any loss of yardage though.

  • scott kennedy
    scott kennedy

    Why have you gone all pantomime Pete in your recent videos Pete? Love watching your videos but have muted them of recent times!!

  • John Parker
    John Parker

    I tried them when I got fit. Absolutely hated the feel. I hit one shot and handed it back to the fitter. I don’t know what it was, but if I’m gonna get a set of “players” irons, I want it to feel right. Landed on a set of ZX7’s and I can’t wait for them to arrive

  • Chris Higham
    Chris Higham

    Mike McCormack 78 Finchy Styder 79

  • Georgie Konrad
    Georgie Konrad

    The wistful part exclusively multiply because stocking subjectively beg within a marked chest. ludicrous, shallow radiator

  • GoPro_vids

    Love the videos! but pls get a better camera, the quality is not A1

  • Dec White
    Dec White

    Are these rambos irons he won the us open with peter?

  • Kreative Sparks Photography
    Kreative Sparks Photography

    Something is going on with your SVsoft channel @pete finch. I have my notifications turned on for your videos and a few others and yours is the only one not showing up in notifications. Good luck on qualifying, sir

  • mike aylen
    mike aylen

    Contrast! Thanks Pete. I have been watching your vids for over five years and suddenly your outside production videos have gone dark...checked on various screens.

  • mariocastillo813

    How are you liking that putter grip?

  • Doug Albee
    Doug Albee

    If you liked these you’d really like the apex tcb….

  • Kennion Johnson
    Kennion Johnson

    been watching your vids for a while now and find them interesting. You seem to have a stock shot a slight pull left (are you working on that>?)

  • Dan

    These recent videos have been excellent

  • Adam Glen
    Adam Glen

    Be sure to visit Anstruthers whilst you're there for the best fish supper you'll ever have 👌

  • David M
    David M

    You laid up? On SVsoft, you laid up? 😳

  • Joe Mariani
    Joe Mariani

    Are you using an armlock putter but holding it high up the shaft?

  • Steen Winther
    Steen Winther

    What a fantastic looking course :-D

  • Chris Birch
    Chris Birch

    My set of these just arrived. Geeeez they go well

  • Ross McGill
    Ross McGill

    I just changed to these irons 2 weeks ago from my mizuno mp20 mmc's and I find my distance control even with mishits is so much better 🙌

  • B Quick
    B Quick

    Peter. Try the Ping Tyne C Putter. It's the best putter I've seen since the original Odyssey White Hot #7. Just saying... You'll push and pull less putts than you ever have. It's brilliant.

  • Tim Mitchell
    Tim Mitchell

    Just started video. 1 over with 4 irons/putter would be a fair score with your capabilities.

  • Peter Ryan
    Peter Ryan

    Hitting the pin is crap!

  • GoldGunsandGolf

    I have these and they are the BEST IRONS BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steven Trikilis
    Steven Trikilis

    Get the TCB , Ull thank me later

  • Kimchicracker

    Rrrrrrr..I love golf!...Rrrrrrrr..I love life! 😂

  • TheBigEasy

    Well I'm glad you finally came to your senses at the end there Mr. Finch. I know shinny objects distract you but.....Mizuno baby!

  • John Conner
    John Conner

    These were on the short list when I got fitted just prior to the season. I wound up going with PXG, but these felt great, as did the Mizuno 921's. But PXG won the day, just felt smoother, and PXG wasn't having the same issue with shaft availability as some others so the time to purchase, to build, to actually receiving them was pretty good.

  • FunkyUnky69

    Miura’s to replace the Mizuno’s? 🤔

  • Daniel Bettess
    Daniel Bettess

    Love watching your swing Pete

  • Erick Bauer
    Erick Bauer


  • rifles 35 life
    rifles 35 life

    Dont know if you can get the apex tcb but that wouldn’t have as much offset and still wouldnt be a full blade. Also dont know if youve tried the apex mb blade but i have them and love them

  • Andrew Cuz
    Andrew Cuz

    Whats the wrist support hes got on? my dads got a bad wrist curious as to what Peter is using.

  • Nigel Day
    Nigel Day

    We love you Pete ….

  • Adrian Cox - The Sant Jordi Golf Society
    Adrian Cox - The Sant Jordi Golf Society

    Lofts are too strong.

  • chad z
    chad z

    Margo Robbie is perfect

  • Adrian Cox - The Sant Jordi Golf Society
    Adrian Cox - The Sant Jordi Golf Society

    Wilson Staff Tour Blades FG17 from 1976 are the best blades ever forged. Everything else are copies.

  • Bernard A
    Bernard A

    P790=Apex P770=Apex Pro P7MC=X Forged CB P7MB=Apex MB

  • Mason Kellum
    Mason Kellum

    Just got a custom fitting yesterday and the Apex Pros performed the best for me by far (beat mizuno, miura, titleist). Can’t wait for them to be here

  • François Desmoulins-Lebeault
    François Desmoulins-Lebeault

    Callaways have always had too much offset. And they keep on doing that. For that reason there never was a Callaway iron in my bag. And there won't be if they keep on doing that (which doesn't even really "help" slicers anyway, and just looks bad).

  • Sammy Jankiss
    Sammy Jankiss

    Imagine being good enough to say: it’s a great club but it has a bit too much offset for me.” When describing a pro or players model iron…

  • Nicholas Orsa
    Nicholas Orsa

    What the hell makes Margo Robbie not perfect?!

    • Downfan79 lordcoffeedeathmetal
      Downfan79 lordcoffeedeathmetal


  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson

    I play the apex combo set 5-7 apex 21 cavity back then 8-pw in those blades you should test that set out

  • Freddyboyfaeirvine

    Thoughts on Dumbarnie Pete? Played it a couple of months ago and like you I thought the fairways were like greens of any other course

  • TheMookyj

    New thing on the bucket list- play a round with Peter Finch !

  • michael barber
    michael barber

    great looking irons peter get them in the bag

  • Gerber

    that course looks amazing

  • ledoz

    You never review or tested the Ping i500! Even though they are from 2018, i would give them a try!

  • Carl Harrison
    Carl Harrison

    Hands down the best course iv played. Unbelievably good

  • Brayden Irish Golf
    Brayden Irish Golf

    FINALLY A REVIEW ON MY IRONS, I love my new apex pros!!!!

  • mrhoarenick

    I put these in my bag a couple of weeks ago. They replaced a mixed set of MP20’s 4-6 HMB 7-PW MB. Love the look of them at address

  • Simon Andrews
    Simon Andrews

    Just swapped to apex pro’s a little strong in loft Makes you think your better than you are, but feel of a shot can’t beat them

  • Mike Liu
    Mike Liu

    Lol, comparing golf clubs with Margot Robbie

  • Andy Beel
    Andy Beel

    Worth looking at the TCB’s ? 🤷‍♂️

  • Golfing Young15
    Golfing Young15

    I tried these irons and they were really nice! The distance control on them and dispersion were fantastic!

  • gtcho22

    So my takeaway is that Peter just said no to Margot Robbie

  • Eric Schmidt
    Eric Schmidt

    COVID rules that’s an Eagle

  • BorntoBirdie

    Margot Robbie, not perfect! I have lost all respect for you Mr Finch 🤣

  • Vonik

    Oh yes same Pete😎😍 4:28

  • Gary Brumley
    Gary Brumley

    ‘When you hit the pin, that’s good’ Peter Finch, c. 2021 I totally agree with you, Pete. Do not settle when choosing your irons. They have to look and feel right for you or, IMO, you won’t play well.

  • Josh Bell
    Josh Bell

    i’ve been gaming the apex pros now for about 3 months and i’m absolutely in love with them. also i may be wrong in saying this but if the offset is the problem just get them bent a degree weak and that would take a bit of the offset away.

  • Benjamin Gardea
    Benjamin Gardea

    😂😂🤣 Pete calls out Margo Robbie for not being perfect.

  • Per Bäckman Löf
    Per Bäckman Löf

    Bend them one or two degrees weak to remove the offset (and make the lofts more traditional)?

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    Nice looking clubs especially that driving iron though I could never use one to any good effect. I dont play links courses as I've never really seen the attraction to some extent BUT after this vlog and as Dunbarmie is just along the coast I may just just change my mind. Cheers

  • Leigh Stait
    Leigh Stait

    Hahaha don't like the arse end hanging out...

  • JMT Golf
    JMT Golf

    I just can't find anything to replace my srixon z forged...I dropped my mp20s for them

  • Henry Frankland
    Henry Frankland

    Pete can we get the honest response on why no more videos with Rick ?

  • Paul S
    Paul S

    Weird, I thought this was a golf video, not a basketball one. 12:15

  • The Idle Mouse
    The Idle Mouse

    Hey Pete! I don’t understand it when u say about putting clubs in your bag with your rocking mp20s it boggles my mind

  • Drew Takahashi
    Drew Takahashi

    Awesome work Peter - may I ask what type of wrist brace you are using these days? Good luck on the Open Qualifying