The Best Forged Iron? Hideki’s Masters Winning Srixon Blades!
I try Hideki’s Masters Winning Srixon Z-Forged Irons!

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  • TGO 88
    TGO 88

    Great video. Srixon Z-Blade iron is on our Top 5 Golf Blade iron...... noted as the most forgiving blade in 2021.....

  • David Terrie
    David Terrie

    Duck, as you hit over the geese.

  • Diogenes' Lantern
    Diogenes' Lantern

    Sexy AF blades. Can't wait to buy a secondhand set in 10 years lol

  • drew cameron
    drew cameron

    Nice little beavers 😂😂 gotta love you Pete

  • Phil Matthews
    Phil Matthews

    Sorry Peter, I forgot to 'thumbs up' before you putted on the last, after you'd putted on the last, that's why the putt didn't go in, my bad.

  • Andy Mincer
    Andy Mincer

    I almost remembered to bring my putter? Yuk yuk.

  • Rishi Sappidi
    Rishi Sappidi

    This man went one over with nothing but a set of irons, and im out here shooting 50 on 9 holes with a full set of clubs. Really makes me realize how bad i am lmao, great review tho pete

  • Eric Donnell
    Eric Donnell

    Just picked up a 3-PW set of Z Forged irons for $400 and I looked for them after watching this video. Cheers.

  • Alex Lashley golf
    Alex Lashley golf

    Did you say zed instead of z. Must be British thing

  • Christopher Parkin
    Christopher Parkin

    Pete, try miura irons there money but omg there like butter

  • Mike Elmer
    Mike Elmer

    I miss you and Rick doing content together BUT....your channel and content has improved greatly this past year and I really enjoy watching.

  • Austin Tipton
    Austin Tipton

    Your expressions are pure gold Pete. Lol love this Channel!! Love to smile when im watching golf!

  • Brady Sylvester
    Brady Sylvester

    good onya pete

  • Max Caysey
    Max Caysey

    Too much offset for me!

  • Rudiger Simpson
    Rudiger Simpson

    Funny thing is Justin Rose actually does use a Srixon driving iron

  • Madrigalen

    Bought z forged September 2019, love them. ⛳

  • Don Wongjohnson
    Don Wongjohnson

    Nothing beats a Srixon turf interaction

  • Dave Shannon
    Dave Shannon

    They look amazing irons, no need for you to change from your mizuno irons though, they've served you well recently so if it's not broke then don't fix it??!! 👍🏻👌🏻

  • kher33

    Pete really knows how to flatter a golf club.

  • Ranger 24
    Ranger 24

    Left that big boat-handled putter at home? 😁

  • TattooGuy96

    i got fitted for this new srixon driving iron, its look better then my srixon zu45 driving iron, but the forgiveness is suuuuper low on the new iron. atleast for me. they went "players iron" with this new one rather then a better club ima.

  • michael smith
    michael smith

    I would ove to see you try out the many JDM clubs, i switched recently to a brand called NexGen, because im old and needed lighter clubs and the fact there is no way on this planet, i can afford a new set from the major makers. I swapped my old RAC Forged for these clubs, and i dont regret it, please look at more JDM, and i dont mean srixon or mizuno honma or XXIO, but the stuff sold in the shops there.

  • Som Guy
    Som Guy

    New irons - old irons - same irons. In 1975 I loved my brand new TNT forged irons, basically identical to all of todays forged irons. They still couldn't make a scratch golfer of me, perhaps if I'd waited for the graphite revolution? Nope, I realized there're better ways to spend my time and bought a mountain bike. I've never finished a ride feeling pissed off. Same for skiing.

  • Brock Wells
    Brock Wells

    Ditched my driver last round and used my Srixon 2iron off the tee. Lowest round of my life came from that decision.

  • majorsmythe1

    Hideki used irons with the piece cut out on the sole near the heel ( ZX7 have them ) . Unfortunately Srixon did not make those in their retail version. Many think this improves turf interaction. Very good irons, but not the exact version Hideki used.

  • Chris Nash
    Chris Nash

    So, driving iron in the bag then? Just got mine a few days before the vid and my word was I not disappointed.

  • Jfb 0264
    Jfb 0264

    If I was Rick Shiels I'd want your swing ..

  • Mathew Johnson
    Mathew Johnson

    Your a awesome golfer Pete good luck in the quest for the open 🙏

  • Arno Kamphuis
    Arno Kamphuis

    Right over the geese.... and duck..... 🤣

  • Hejsan Dudär
    Hejsan Dudär

    Peter is such a legend isn`t he

  • Ffd177 Ffd177
    Ffd177 Ffd177


  • Glenn Smith
    Glenn Smith

    I have had the Z Forged in my bag for a while now and absolutely love them and got my handicap down 3 shots since they went in 👍

  • Håkan Hörjel
    Håkan Hörjel

    Why you guys make it so hard? Nice looking irons, for shure, for the best players in the world. You not. Look elsewere, play whats fit you. 👍

  • Rick B
    Rick B

    VERY quickly approaching 400k subs!! Congrats!! How are you going to celebrate it?

  • NewyGolfKid84


  • The Golf Supply
    The Golf Supply

    We need to get Finchy on our channel to help with our “break the course record” series! Finchy - hit us up. We know your dialled in recently with these hole in ones and competition wins 🔥😂

  • Mr_ Cart
    Mr_ Cart

    Srixon are so underrated!

  • Travtube golf vlogs
    Travtube golf vlogs

    I was fitted to these irons and are pure!

  • Ross Lillebo
    Ross Lillebo

    Bout fu%$ing time. LOL. Srix is the bees knees. I am testing the driving iron rn and it's incredible.

  • Blake Gracia
    Blake Gracia

    Hideki won the Masters not his fucking Irons. If he used Cleveland Gunmetal TA1 Blade I'm sure he would've won just the same. You people kill me man...

  • treadmenot

    What has been most winning irons. Forged or non forged. Then break what wins where down under what level of play

  • A See
    A See

    One over Finch a new series in the making

  • Pete Sarosy
    Pete Sarosy

    Love the walk-off at the end. I had faith in the ending birdie. Then you pulled it. Straight up walk off... no comments. Love the content mate.

  • J T
    J T

    You may love a zx7/zx forged combo. I think the zx7’s have a better feel then the mmc’s.

  • J T
    J T

    I just got the zx7’s and love them! They feel like a soft hammer!

  • M H
    M H

    As someone who's trying to learn... What would be a non-"muscle back design" for a blade?

  • joseph frigo
    joseph frigo

    My biggest regret is selling these : (

  • Rod Conner
    Rod Conner

    Boy, that was a comparison. The shots as directly compared to the MP20s. Thought how ya wanted to play it, you seen it (mind's eye) ... and then ya hit it!!! --- Notice, not questioning ability (on camera anyway!) ... no --- what if's! Worry of how it's gonna look!?! The "Mind Set" ... the focus of intent! No beating yourself up on a shot that is over with ----- the approach to the game! Yep, the Srixzon's were more clicky and not as soft sounding, even less turf intrusion. Didn't see the spin numbers; similar no doubt. But ........ the Mizunos, they are "comfort" for you --- and you speak of them with a passion! Just Sayin' Peter, huh? :)

  • Aidan Colclough
    Aidan Colclough

    stick that driving iron in the bag!!!

  • Cammy Bogle
    Cammy Bogle

    Dog whisperer

  • John Clark
    John Clark

    Not easy making par at hole 1 Reddish Vale.. if you are in the Stockprt area give it a try you will not be disappointed.

  • Kevin Scott
    Kevin Scott

    Pete! The Swing is looken good! Slam this Srixon in the bag! Be different!

  • Ollie Fensom- Gobel
    Ollie Fensom- Gobel

    Can you do a vid on what you have around in your studio? Such good content keep it up!

  • Sam Clulow
    Sam Clulow

    Super review PF, I play the MP20’s, not looking to change but if I did!! Wow.. these would be right up there…. Top bombing 👍

  • Norman Lang
    Norman Lang

    I'm always amazed at how slow the greens you play, tend to be. My local muni routinely stimps at least 1.5 times faster.

  • Austin Meehan
    Austin Meehan

    Nice to see Srixon getting some love on the channel!

  • Ruan Goosen
    Ruan Goosen

    I will take the clubs if you are not gonna use it?!

  • amb squared
    amb squared

    7:43 Have you been taking lessons from Charles Barkley?

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Good players can play with any stick

  • Fish Gaming
    Fish Gaming

    I'm glad Hideki won so these clubs get reviewed actually! I think they are also great clubs. They remind me of Wilson where they don't try to charge an arm and a leg on advertising but they are just as good.

  • Jacob McCain
    Jacob McCain

    I played these in 6-PW with a Z785 5 iron last year. Some of the best I've hit.

  • fish destroyer fish destroyer
    fish destroyer fish destroyer

    Man for not having a putter you putted pretty good

  • James Carroll
    James Carroll

    Peter finch. Gold standard is Mizuno??? My friend there is another little Japanese company that has been the premier in forged irons, Miura. Still love ya!

  • Barrie Tumbridge
    Barrie Tumbridge

    You should forget your putter more often 😂I think your iron game was excellent, maybe the short game failed you a little.

  • Max Albrecht
    Max Albrecht

    @Peter, what kind of App are you using to get that pro tracer type visual while you are recording?

  • Ryan Eccker
    Ryan Eccker

    hey Pete, you’re pretty good at golf! do you play kind of often?

  • Mark Brookes
    Mark Brookes

    Why you wearing a wrist strap ? Anybody

  • David Tomsett
    David Tomsett

    Love your shotgasms Pete

  • David Tomsett
    David Tomsett

    Should have pitched that first green side shot; it got caught up in the fringe

  • Derek Smenyak
    Derek Smenyak

    Bout time you SVsoftrs come to the dark side of Srixon clubs lol

  • Brandon Brooks
    Brandon Brooks

    😂😂 Quality, wish you had a putter thou.

  • Mark Homewood
    Mark Homewood

    Good stuff dude

  • Daehoun An
    Daehoun An

    Lovely. I have 18 deg

  • Tim C
    Tim C

    Would love to see a putt off between the Mizuno M-Craft putter and the Srixon Z-forged wedge! 🤣🤣😂😅

  • Mike Hoffman
    Mike Hoffman

    I don't understand simulators. I am confused on the yardage. 182 on the course, 6 iron = well short, 155 on course, 7 iron. In studio, 168... 8 iron. I'm just really confused. It must be extremely difficult in having different yardages on the sim than the course? Love the content

  • james dutschke
    james dutschke


  • Greg Sharp
    Greg Sharp

    😂 He said beaver...

  • Connor-Rage

    Clubs look so clean! I actually just started playing with the Z-Star ball Matsuyama used and it’s 🔥 Performs just as well as a TP5x or a ProV1X and great feel for all clubs. Much like you, Finchie, I’d be very hard-pressed to move away from my Mizuno blades. I’ve had the same set since 2005 and they still perform brilliantly. Granted, the grooves are pretty beaten at this point

  • Geoffrey Dummett
    Geoffrey Dummett

    I've been using Srixon Z745's for quite some time, best iron's I have ever used, looking forward to upgrading to hybrid Z5 & Z7 set in the near future!

  • Martin Hansen
    Martin Hansen

    Quality video Peter!

  • mgibuk

    I love what srixon are doing all round at the minute.

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    Walloped. Great vid. Thanks!

  • Toby Richardson
    Toby Richardson

    Great stuff! I just bought the ZX yesterday so keen to get it out there and do a Finchy straight down the hey diddle diddle.

  • Phillip White
    Phillip White

    Wish i was good enough to use them

  • Lewis Rooke
    Lewis Rooke

    Pete putts better with a wedge than I do with my putter 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Mark Rigney
    Mark Rigney

    Please try the ZX7s!!!

  • Golf Life Australia
    Golf Life Australia

    I’d forget the Mizuno putter as well to be fair lol 😂

  • Josh Beal
    Josh Beal

    First time i've ever heard a divot being referred to as a big fat badger..

  • Kevo Channer
    Kevo Channer

    I also prefer beavers that pop out😳

  • 727sky

    Been Playing the Srixon 765s for 3+ years and have found nothing better for feel and control

  • Stealth_Viper2

    great video with some beautiful irons!!!

  • Brian L'Henaff
    Brian L'Henaff

    I got fit into ZX7s this year. Tried Mp20 MMC as well. It was a coin flip, literally. The price difference on the Srixon ZX7s was the tipping point. Can't believe how great the turf interaction is with the Srixons. Don't think you can go wrong with clubs from either company. Great review, look forward to the ZX7 review.

  • FC Rademan
    FC Rademan

    probably your best video yet, keep it up!

  • Matt Aamold
    Matt Aamold

    I think your putter was putting a bit too much spin/stopping power on the ball for you.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith

    Rounder edges = aerodynamic Sharper edges = drag

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith

    "Big Fat Badgers flopping down" Peter Finch - May 16, 2021

  • EdReed20DB

    Make a full turn with this 1 simple trick: have 64 vertebrae! Srixon has always made great irons and balls, but now they're breaking though with their drivers, woods, and hybrids too. That ZX driving iron is also the cleanest on the market. Koepka putting ZX7s in the bag and then winning shortly after is quite the stamp of approval

  • Hrim Dani
    Hrim Dani

    The irons Hideki Matsuyama played were Z- Forged but without VT- Sole

  • 0chishiki8

    The turf interaction is due to the sole grind. Titleist T100 irons also created a sole grind that is very comparable-- just great!

  • coolbutts89

    Anyone else really upset Peter putts as well as they do with damn irons?