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  • MusicalBoarder

    No. The hardest hole is some hole in S. Africa with an african cobtinent shaped green. You shoot from a mountain that you have to be helicoptered up to.

  • Nigel H
    Nigel H


  • Jameis Winston
    Jameis Winston

    I can slice a drive 250 🤣

  • Sean Nelson
    Sean Nelson

    Except he didn't take out the pin so when his ball hit it when going in the hole its a penalty stroke lol

    • Jarrett McDonald
      Jarrett McDonald

      Umm, did you pay attention to the 2019 rules changes

  • James Pattison
    James Pattison

    Played it countless times, managed par once I think which consisted of a perfect driver aimed about 50 yards left of the green into something like a 45mph crosswind, ended up just off the left edge of the green and two putts from there. Easy really😂. Most locals will tell you to hit the fairway, chip on and be happy to get away with a 4. Easily among the hardest holes in golf, would love to see some tour pros take it on, would be interesting to see their approach seen as they've probably got the length to hit an iron if it's not too windy.

  • EAMitch

    I've played a 195 yard par 3 with a tiny green and almost no runoff surrounded by 30 yards of pond on all sides. I think I'd rather play that par 3 you just showed any day.

  • Corey Arden
    Corey Arden

    The 19th hole on that course in africa pay $1m for a hole in one so id say no its not the hardest hole in golf

  • Michael Cresswell
    Michael Cresswell

    There’s a par 3 called the hole of Africa or something where if anyone gets a hole in one they get 1 million

    • Kyle Barker
      Kyle Barker

      Yes, you have to catch a helicopter to the tee box. 😯😆

  • Jack Casler
    Jack Casler

    He has gained some weight the past couple years

  • DJ's Half marathons
    DJ's Half marathons

    We have a 237yard par 3 on my home course which is at sea level. It's slightly downhill by around 6 yards.... A 4 iron cant stay on this green during summer because it's so hard

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    16th at Cypress might be a contender.

  • Norris Novs
    Norris Novs

    2021 golfbidder challenge?

  • Brant Brice
    Brant Brice

    Bogey? Wanker, thought you had mad skills? Only a 245 yard dogleg right, 45 degree sloping fairway into the ocean, rock face can't miss too far right...or left, probably not too windy, unattractive landscape, wish I could play that hole, simple par 3! Go American flat golf courses! #wouldlovetoplaythatcourse but not with the likes of you who can only get a Bogey. Jeez.

  • Dave Karnowski
    Dave Karnowski

    The hardest hole in golf is the par 3 I'm teed up on at the time of asking.

    • Dan Conti
      Dan Conti

      I've played that hole too...'re not wrong

  • Bas Bakker
    Bas Bakker

    Not bad, not bad 🙃😀

  • Matt Caudell
    Matt Caudell

    Number 18 at my local course could give this a run for its money. Nothing but water in front of the tee box. 215 to carry the water to a long skinny green. It can play as far as 245. There is OB 15 yards left of the green and nothing but water 15 yards right of the green.

  • Colin James Buzzard
    Colin James Buzzard

    Played it years ago simple 5 wood in to 8feet what's all the fuss .ok brother I didn't tell finchy about the two ball in the Atlantic Ocean

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    Great vlog Peter - and yes the best bogey ever! Cheers

  • alex dunn
    alex dunn

    i got a 2 there 4 weeks ago !!!

  • Geoffrey Reid
    Geoffrey Reid

    Brilliant hole but just one of a host of unforgettable par 3s to be found on Scotland's unheralded 'wee' courses. The 12th at Hopeman (The Prieshach) and 13th at Royal Tarlair (The Clivet) are worth the green fees alone.


    I'm hoping from this short there's a video coming from this majestic course Pete.

  • Uranium Atom
    Uranium Atom

    There was a hole I played recently similar situation except instead of ocean it was a ravine with a river through it and on the right a steep embankment with more trees. And the green was protected by two massive willows left and right and super narrow gap to actually get it on the green. I was overjoyed with a 4 there.

  • gingerduff productions
    gingerduff productions

    No.... No it isn't

  • Boone Docker
    Boone Docker

    Seems like a hole for a 50 yard slice. I have that one in the bag.

  • Jasper Klimbie
    Jasper Klimbie

    Are there rules that determine how long a par 3 can be? I don't even carry a club that will get me to 255 yds with any certainty. Driver is around that on a good day with roll....

  • wayne turner
    wayne turner

    Hope you enjoyed your chips Saturday night o and keep up the good work

  • Izzyboss

    Beach???? You Pom’s will call anything near the coast a beach.....😂🇦🇺

  • Jack Powell
    Jack Powell

    Pete you're a ledge mate

  • Brett Miller
    Brett Miller

    Really enjoying these short little clips. Keep it up!

  • Eric Hurtado
    Eric Hurtado

    The highs and lows of golf immortalized in less than a minute on a single hole… perfect

  • Mark Bailey
    Mark Bailey

    Sooooo lucky Pete that was like Darren Clarke would of been amazing if you would of pard it Pete ⛳🏌️‍♂️👍

  • Kreative Sparks Photography
    Kreative Sparks Photography

    Congrats on your recent tournament W and Ace. Keep up the great work and content, Finchey

  • Derik Drinkle
    Derik Drinkle

    Lucky bounce 🙂

  • spookyandie

    Played it, love it!!!

  • Mark Nicholson
    Mark Nicholson

    Ainster . Great golf and great fish n chips

  • Joey Voelker
    Joey Voelker

    Kicked back into the fairway.... and its in tall grass?

  • jackblackbourn magic
    jackblackbourn magic

    I’d stand more chance getting a hole at one at night on a tricky par 3 using a new titleist iron...

  • KC Crow
    KC Crow

    That ocean rock deserves a hand written thank you note and a small box of expensive chocolates.

  • Michael Guthrie
    Michael Guthrie

    Such an underrated 9 hole course. Only 5 mins along the road from myself. A member of leven links if you want a game let me know 🏌🏻‍♂️

  • Ryan Keay
    Ryan Keay

    Yes, yes it is

  • Allan Thomson
    Allan Thomson

    Just a bit further south is winterfield. The first there is the hardest starting hole ive ever played.

  • Mark Blackman
    Mark Blackman

    Where is it???

  • Tom's Tuppence
    Tom's Tuppence

    The trick is to play it up the 4th on the right and chip down onto the green

    • Gurminder Sall
      Gurminder Sall

      Have to agree, this is how I played it. It's a daunting hole. Anstruther is a gorgeous place a few miles from the home of golf in St Andrews. Plus it has the best chippy in the UK by far, queues for the takeout go up & down the hill most weekends. Well worth a visit. Crail & Kingsbarns round the corner too...both great tracks.

  • JaxxyEU

    hi just wanted to say i saw the other day at the St.Andrews driving range and it was one of the coolest things in my life

  • Jean-François Dionne
    Jean-François Dionne

    Best bogey ever 😂👍🏻 I’ve said that more than once!!

  • Colin Wallace
    Colin Wallace

    Pete you lucky lucky boy, can't believe you hit the par putt that hard, mind you I might have hit it off the green and it would have been my third ball.🤣🤣🥰🥰

  • Tome Ferreira
    Tome Ferreira

    Silly hole lol.

  • BAG 7
    BAG 7

    Need to go for an Anstruther ‘chippy’ after your round. Best fish n chips this side of the atlantic!

    • Stu G Todd
      Stu G Todd

      Yes been to that chippy a few times over the years. Won best fish and chips in Britain a few times over the years. The beer batter is something special.

    • Ryan Alexander Music
      Ryan Alexander Music

      @Silly Sausage Yes, canadian fish n chips is definitely better


      @Silly Sausage I wish they brought those to America. Granted we have the hot dog 🌭 but yours is just different and I want to try it.

    • Silly Sausage
      Silly Sausage

      @BAG 7I don't want to sour our special relationship, so will say only that yes, I prefer a battered sausage.

    • BAG 7
      BAG 7

      @Silly Sausage Being from the US OF A id have to say yes. Aren’t you more of a battered sausage type person anyway?

  • Furniture Dan
    Furniture Dan

    Great hole and great little course.

    • Kyle Barker
      Kyle Barker

      What course is it?

  • Erik Pro
    Erik Pro

    No it is not. Number 13 at Punta Espada in the Dominican republic. Same length the rocks start 3 feet left of the green and to make the hole more interesting the green slopes towards the water meaning any bail-out gives you a green slipning always from you towards the water.

  • super skank
    super skank

    I would definitely be playing that as a par 4, and laying up with at 6 iron.

    • Michael Wilson
      Michael Wilson

      Same lol 😆

    • Sarah Wilkinson
      Sarah Wilkinson

      You’d have to lay up on a dingy

    • super skank
      super skank

      @Peter Finch Golf So it's go for the green or go home? ;)

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf

      Apart from the fairway kicks it into the sea…did I mention that 😂

  • Andrew Kowal
    Andrew Kowal

    The hardest hole in golf is number 3 at Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Its a 280 yard par 3 usually into the wind and you have to carry it 270 or else your in the ocean.

    • marekbage

      That's the Championship tees. Men's tee is around 205 and women's 175.

    • PantsofVance

      That just sounds stupid

  • Andy Sturton
    Andy Sturton

    First!!! Wow looks hard, great bogey!

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf

      Best ever 😂