FIRST MATCH BACK! | 9-Hole Course Vlog | Matt Fryer vs Peter Finch
FIRST MATCH BACK! | 9-Hole Course Vlog | Matt Fryer vs Peter Finch

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone, do me a solid and drop a like on the video if you’d like to see more course vlogs!

    • Daniel 189
      Daniel 189

      Done! I am two holes in and already I am thinking you looked a lot more comfortable with the lab putter.

    • Romuald “Romzer G” Rosier
      Romuald “Romzer G” Rosier

      blue grip done

    • Lucas Aitken
      Lucas Aitken

      Hey Pete! I don’t live far from Perth and would love to go watch you at the Amateur Championship in June, do you have any info if tickets are available and the rules regarding spectators?

    • Harry moore
      Harry moore

      What shot tracer app do you use Pete. Love the videos!

    • James Davis
      James Davis


  • Neil Bentham
    Neil Bentham

    I’m learning good course banter if anything.

  • Harrison Mercer
    Harrison Mercer

    Been here a while, finally hit the Bell!

  • Wired Network
    Wired Network

    The British slurs make me laugh throughout the video

  • Wayne Box
    Wayne Box

    Maybe someone should just organise a Finch V Shiels match to finally decide who's better! Home and Away, Finchy chooses a course, Rick chooses a course, two videos one for each channel.

  • Ben Ratcliffe
    Ben Ratcliffe

    Hi Pete, love the show ! Did Matt grow up playing at Warrington golf course in Appleton ?

  • Douglas Cowie
    Douglas Cowie

    Is that Rick in the bushes

  • Charlie Stroble
    Charlie Stroble

    Been watching for a few years - can I just say +100 for multiple mics on a match vlog. so much better.

  • Timmy Timmy
    Timmy Timmy

    is that a cricket bat or a putter?

  • michael lamountain
    michael lamountain

    gotta get the fearsome foursome back :)

  • Ohhh Schgabonen
    Ohhh Schgabonen

    Schade, dass Matt nicht verlinkt wurde in der Videobeschreibung.

  • The Golf Giveaway
    The Golf Giveaway

    48 people disliked this vid...I had no idea Shielsy had so many friends.

  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez

    Sorry guys your humour is poor and the chemistry between you both is shite!! Pete get Rick back quick!!!


    Incredible Work 👍


    🤣🤣🤣🤣 "I have 89 yards and very dry lips." T-shirt that Pete. Absolutely love these.

  • Robert Acierno
    Robert Acierno

    You guys were hilarious together!

  • Gary Davis
    Gary Davis

    Great to have you guys out together!

  • craig chapman
    craig chapman

    Finally, proper golf content

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith

    Dinosaur in the background behind the 8th green 😂😂

  • Joe Marshall
    Joe Marshall

    Looking good Peter 💪💪👍

  • James Rowley
    James Rowley

    You really need to do something about that terrible out of tune backing track

  • David Macholecki
    David Macholecki

    The banter you guys have is so funny, great golf too .

  • Per Loth
    Per Loth

    haha Matt such a legend

  • Norman Cux Golf n' Stuff
    Norman Cux Golf n' Stuff

    “Every good round starts with a bogey”, that’s what I am always saying 😎

  • Dave Whelan
    Dave Whelan

    Loving the videos pete never knew you was into golf when we was at school

  • James Vivash
    James Vivash

    So how do I get an invite to come play with you lads? Great vid!

  • Kris Stulberg
    Kris Stulberg

    superb video Pete - Can't wait to see u, Matt and Rick back out again

  • Joel Meyer
    Joel Meyer

    Finally the course vlogs are back!

  • David Sykes
    David Sykes

    Peter finch is sooooo corny

  • Paul humphreys
    Paul humphreys

    are you sure your pro`s

  • Bailey Maberto
    Bailey Maberto

    The Matt Fryer OnlyFans 😂

  • Marcin Nad
    Marcin Nad

    20 ways to recover from a shank --where is that video I really need to watch it :)

  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall

    Matt to lose by 5

  • Cy Maronge
    Cy Maronge

    At least you don't anchor the putter like Bryson, which while not illegal yet, is very much against the spirit of the rules IMO.

  • Paul Barker
    Paul Barker

    When’s Rick back again? 🤔

  • Nick Celano (Custom Bottle Art)
    Nick Celano (Custom Bottle Art)

    Training to beat Rick!

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin

    Are you not giving Matt shots !!!!

  • Par from Perfect
    Par from Perfect

    love the banter between you two

  • Mark van de Velden
    Mark van de Velden

    Commemorate Matts courage.... ha ha ha ha ha

  • Enema Bucket
    Enema Bucket

    what in the world is that creature walking in the background at 27:23?? It looks like tiny dinosaur walking on its hind legs 😂

  • Mark Mendoza
    Mark Mendoza

    What happened with Matt’s finger, a hangnail?

  • Mark Mendoza
    Mark Mendoza

    You mee mee meed Matt on the 3rd hole, and he hit into someone. Forsooth, that was cleverly rude, Pete! 🤪

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson


  • Scott Elkins
    Scott Elkins

    Always fun watching you and Matt head to head 👍

  • Kory Kneeland
    Kory Kneeland

    I absolutely love the videos you, Matt, and Rick do! Golf is 💯 better when played with your friends!

  • Tjaart Van Der Walt
    Tjaart Van Der Walt

    What's up with these other clubs of the tee??? Where's the driver left it at home?

  • Neil Taylor
    Neil Taylor

    Great to see you back together doing brilliant work on the course just need Mr Shiels now see who's the best 🤔 Also nice to see you both fit & healthy 🤣🤣

  • Josh

    Really appreciate all the content you post! Any chance you can drop the name of those pants you're wearing in this video? Thanks

  • molesticles

    "He's only gone curse-breaking, the lad...."

  • Dave Shannon
    Dave Shannon

    Brilliant, always entertaining and making me laugh, love watching you boys and your course vlogs, more please 🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Jose Leal
    Jose Leal

    Peter is getting yolked!💪🏽

  • Steve Rice
    Steve Rice

    Enjoyed that one, thanks!

  • Nick James
    Nick James

    I feel like playing with these two would be an absolute riot. ALL DAY LONG!

  • Ben Hendricks
    Ben Hendricks

    I really enjoy your course vlogs Peter

  • César Castellano Ocáriz
    César Castellano Ocáriz

    RICK VS PETE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian & April Holy Hour
    Brian & April Holy Hour

    Hey Peter your video is great but the brightness on your video settings seems to be turned way down on videos as of late. It’s like most videos are shot in daylight and your look like they are all at dusk

  • Keith Corey
    Keith Corey

    Missed these!

  • Anton Phipps
    Anton Phipps

    Not a bad video guys, with some funny banter along the way! But annoyingly, why when the other guy says "you can have that or take it away" do you both insist on playing the next shot? If you miss, does it not count as another shot..?? To me, that's very frustrating to watch i'm afraid..!!

  • TheGalbersiX

    The subscribe part made me laugh😂

  • David Schmider
    David Schmider

    Great to see two good friends playing golf! Beats watching the PGA! Cheers both of you!

  • espen gulliksen
    espen gulliksen

    Good to see the puter was working. Took some testing there.

  • Michael Q
    Michael Q

    Bit of golf taking place during this 9 holes of sarcasm 😂

  • Thomas Phillips
    Thomas Phillips

    Shoutout to Rossendale!

  • John Waterfield
    John Waterfield

    Camerawork poor, I had to stop watching. Sorry Peter.

  • Ben Murfet
    Ben Murfet

    When is the next course vlog with Matt Fryer and Rick Shiels? The swap clubs episode is my favourite and I think and new one of those now the three of you have new clubs in the bag would be great. Or a challenge where you all find sets from charity stores? Just an idea 👍🏻

  • Marc Berland
    Marc Berland

    "I can still make par, it's alright" Famous last words, before disaster strikes. But hey, that's what you get for making a par on hole 1 :D

  • Nicholas Turner
    Nicholas Turner

    YAAAAAS! More course vlogs please :D

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas

    Course vlogs are back!

  • Mike Scales
    Mike Scales

    Would to see you play with James Robinson. Especially with the beef with him and Rick

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B

    Pete looking very Bryson, may need to order those shirts in an XL moving forward.

  • Artimus Branesample
    Artimus Branesample

    I miss these. A lot!

  • Matthew Bandmann
    Matthew Bandmann

    Pete been working out?? He looks swole up

  • Stuart Livermore
    Stuart Livermore

    Reddish Vale seems strangely specific for a name...Like they thought that calling it "Red Vale" would be dishonest. "I mean, it's kinda red, but not COMPLETELY red..."

  • drew ginesi
    drew ginesi

    Peters been doing bicep curls in the lockdown

  • Alex E.
    Alex E.

    Its refreshing to see Matt hole some putts that Rick and Pete just miss

  • Thechain Golfer
    Thechain Golfer

    These guys are good but Rick is in a league of his own 🔥

  • Dave Rooney
    Dave Rooney

    Golf must be difficult, Fryer & Shiels both SHANKING in the same week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Cassidy
    Steve Cassidy

    Golf vlogs are the best. Love the camaraderie and hearing you talk through each shot.

  • philip Tomlin
    philip Tomlin

    You’ve got absolute no chance on getting on any sort of tour

  • Gordon Mcshannock
    Gordon Mcshannock

    Well played guys. Good competitive game.

  • Mark Derby
    Mark Derby

    Great match Pete great to have them back😊👍

  • Mason Peacock
    Mason Peacock

    By any chance has Matt hurt his finger?

  • Alex#13

    it was great to see the good shots and the bad shots

  • marius

    the Bushnell PLUG: " i just sapped you there is a 5% incline"

  • 7417cd

    Nice video. Like Reddish Vale, goid course. Good luck at Sandiway tomorrow in PGA Comp. My home course, jope you like it. Good Luck. Chris

  • john donohoe
    john donohoe

    The world is right again.

  • jkken1

    I dont know what you did on the third hole Peter, but the shot tracer camera is so lush and green and main camera made it look like you just played the third hole in Chernobyl😂😂

  • TheGRTiger

    What was that animal sneaking around in the background while Pete putted at the 27 minute mark? Looked like a damn chupacabra, or of you're from my neck of the woods, a rougarou!

  • Alex#13

    Bouncebackability. Cue Soccer AM montage

  • Rick B
    Rick B

    394K subs! I hope you have something cool planned for 400K. Perhaps a coffee, or perhaps even a proper demonstration of a like button whollup. Maybe even a live performance of the band that does your music bed!

  • Nicholas Rohan Panjwani
    Nicholas Rohan Panjwani

    Such a solid vid all square after 4 so far

  • Clay Wood
    Clay Wood

    The banter between Peter and Matt is unmatched.

    • Marcus Lee
      Marcus Lee

      Matt might be the king of dry sarcasm, and I can't get enough hahahahahah

  • Michael Heap
    Michael Heap

    I like these vlogs. Just like old times!

  • Jonathan Berry
    Jonathan Berry

    Love course vlogs !

  • Harry Base
    Harry Base

    That third hole for Mr Fryer really hit me in the feels

  • Martin

    Only playing 9 holes is just wrong, even in horrific weather like today 😁

  • Stuart Bain
    Stuart Bain

    Has Matt got a bad hand?? He never mentioned it 😂

  • Mike the Whizz
    Mike the Whizz

    I could replace my irons with a set of equally lofted old fashioned woods, because my long and middle iron game is horrendous

  • Martin Petroš
    Martin Petroš

    It's good to see you back!

  • Jake Heaser
    Jake Heaser

    YES love seeing Matt Fryer out here with you enjoying the game!