Stop THINNING and FATTING chip shots (THREE easy tips!)
How to stop thinning and stop fatting your chips shots around the green!

--- Video chapters ---
0:00 - Intro
0:54 - Tip #1
2:18 - Tip #2
3:52 - Tip #3

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  • joelafives

    Thanks Pete

  • LumberJacques

    02:02 Never thought a Peter Finch video could get better, but two Finchy bois in the same shot makes it at least 2X as good!

  • maalekar

    I've had too many putts from the short stuff around the green go bad due to stuff in that short grass. For me I feel like anything longer than 6" off the green is better chipped. I also find that pitching wedge before a high loft (like a 56 or the like) to have a better more consistent result.

  • Danny Bell
    Danny Bell

    "You've hit a decent shot and ended up around the green" hahahaha Guess this video doesn't apply to me because that sure as hell never happens

  • Tanner Drake
    Tanner Drake

    0:10 Hehe "sole" destroying

  • Greg Sharp
    Greg Sharp

    Just read that Shirley Bassey's first marriage was to Kenneth Hume in 1961. The couple separated in 1964 and divorced in 1965 in the wake of the singer's affair with actor Peter Finch. Was it 'our' Peter Finch in a form of time warp?

  • Greg Sharp
    Greg Sharp

    Nice tips. Especially the one where you lead by example, being kind to ladybirds 🐞🐞🐞

  • Mike the Whizz
    Mike the Whizz

    I chip with a gap wedge. I never putt on fringe because it helps keep my green putting consistent. It's a mental thing

  • Joshua Webb
    Joshua Webb

    Like the way you break things down, and really enjoy the tip type videos as much as the rest of the content you put out. Would like seeing more of these basically covering everything from green to tee. Always enjoy seeing how better players approach different shots, shot shapes, mechanics of that type shot etc.

  • Kevin Price
    Kevin Price

    This is by far the best chipping instruction video I've ever seen. Brilliant!

  • Rodger Wardle
    Rodger Wardle

    So, loved this video and took it straight to the course…after three horrible approach shots faced a 35 ft chip onto the second tier of the green….used this method and one bounce, hit the flag and dropped in the cup for a par!! Thanks Pete ⛳️

  • Gary CO
    Gary CO

    Nice, but this only covered 1 type of chip. slightly different approach when say, out of high rough and short-sided, or over a bunker.

  • Williams Berry
    Williams Berry

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  • Jeff Henning
    Jeff Henning

    I just started golfing and chip the same motion I put... I take the approach of simplify the game. Best round is 82 and average is 86. Haven't shot above 89 in ANY 18 I played. Always LISTEN to what your saying, just not understanding it. Maybe after I played more, but, why make the game so difficult?

  • Christine Goulden
    Christine Goulden

    Good one Peter, thank you. I am normally okay with my pitching, but looking at something you did during the demo looks like it will help me with longer irons, related to shaft lean at impact.

  • jcotrumpet

    "What am I doing?"

  • Scott Butler
    Scott Butler

    Can you please give Rick Shiels a short game lesson . Oh and Putting . And Irons as well . Thank you

  • Bryce Borcovsky
    Bryce Borcovsky

    Great video Pete, I appreciate the tips 👍keep up the awesome work

  • Liam McBride
    Liam McBride

    I done a lot of work on my short game earlier in the year (was a 24hcp) and managed to get it into good shape and instantly my handicap started dropping, no better feeling in the world than chipping a ball to within 3 feet then 3 putting because its the only part of your game keeping your handicap up. Could you do a video about hitting out of various bunker types, nice fluffy lies, damp sand, hard compacted sand. We see a lot of this in the UK and tend only to get a nice sand early in the season when the full them up for medals.

  • Gee Wizz
    Gee Wizz


  • SentaiAce

    Took these tips on the course and shot my best round of the year!!! Thanks Pete!

  • Andre Lavergne
    Andre Lavergne

    All the time Peter I always ask myself how hit my chip shot.

  • Bill Graves
    Bill Graves

    Good info, but not sure what the club throw was all about?

  • Arnoud Jonkers
    Arnoud Jonkers

    great vid, thanks!

  • Anthony Kidd
    Anthony Kidd

    Exactly what I need to work on. Barely missing fairways, missing lots of greens and then my chipping is terrible.

  • Rock Hammer
    Rock Hammer

    Check out Peter Finch on Golfmates channel. Do we want a peter finch golf match

  • Omar A
    Omar A

    Ricky boy has been eating good it seems

  • Bill Malec
    Bill Malec


  • Joe Perez
    Joe Perez

    Speaking of trusting the "other" Pete, you and Rick never got around to talking about all the "other" Peter Finch's, when you were a guest on Rick's podcast.


    Drink everytime Pete says sternum. Being American the way you say sternum is great! I'll never say it the same again 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bisson0824

    Very useful indeed, cheers Pete!

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    LOL Wish I had seen this before yesterdays round. My chip shots weren't just thinned they were anorexic. Cheers

  • Joey Curran
    Joey Curran

    “Do it for me, do it for me, do it for me…” 2021 AVN awards winning dialogue, Best Non-Sex Performance

  • Adrian Dutney
    Adrian Dutney

    great video....definitely a big help....thankyou

  • FiskFaan

    Could mr Finch or someone else till me how to (as accurate as possible) find my distances with different clubs when one does not own a simulator?

    • FiskFaan

      @Joe Johnson THANK YOU! =)

    • Joe Johnson
      Joe Johnson

      Go to the range, they usually have yardage markers, and figure out which club you hit 150 yards. Not just with one shot but on a average of 10-20 shots. If it's your 8 iron, then your 7 iron will go approximately 160 yards. Your 9 iron approximately 140 yards. Good to have a range finder just to check the yardage markers just to make sure as they move the tee boxes forward and backward to minimize the damage to the ground. Just make sure you are doing full swings to get the distances

  • David Allen
    David Allen

    Pete, I love chips. Usually with vinegar and lots of salt

  • George Hong
    George Hong

    Yes good chips that misses the hole are the most frustrating haha

  • Bandez

    With thanks for the tips you have provided. My game has got a lot better. When on the edge of the green I either choose an 8 or 9 iron and it gets me right next to the hole

  • Rocka 73
    Rocka 73

    Outstanding instruction and easy to follow - love both channels but actually prefer this Peter fellow to Rik Sheils

  • Mr. Ovalle
    Mr. Ovalle

    definitely gonna try this next time

  • Stewart Thomas
    Stewart Thomas

    “Ooohhhhh a ladybird” that killed me 😂😂😂

  • Daddy Harry
    Daddy Harry


  • Tatiana Maria
    Tatiana Maria


  • 1st eighteen
    1st eighteen

    I just bump and run, close my eyes and hope for the best haha.

  • Dink Royles
    Dink Royles

    Yes Pete, love the instructional vids man, helped my game so much!

  • Stephen Chambers
    Stephen Chambers

    Really enjoyed this style of video! Question, when looking at the ball for chip shots, would you focus on the back of the ball or the front?

  • Precision Athletica
    Precision Athletica

    No wrist brace? Are you back fully fit?! 👊

  • Jesse Webster
    Jesse Webster

    What is a ladybird? Love the video but just curious

  • John V
    John V

    great job

  • Kevin Tinmouth
    Kevin Tinmouth

    After years of being (accurately) described as having chipping yips, one club pro nicknamed me 'The Flamingo' because at my worst I end up stood on one leg. I now claim to be the inventor of the Lob Wedge Stinger.

  • dapper dank
    dapper dank

    Your the man, Mr Finch.

  • FordF

    Would like more coaching stuff from you ! (If that’s ok with you obv ) 👍🏻

  • Jimmy Falkcrona
    Jimmy Falkcrona

    Great video! Will need this in my quest to break 90 and in my preparation for my ever first competition!

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor

    Check out the production on this!! Better every video

  • Chip Satterly
    Chip Satterly

    In the end, and after watching a thousand similar chipping/short pitching videos clips, I conclude that some degree of body rotation is necessary. If you don't start rotating, or worse, STOP rotating, the clubhead will ALWAYS pass your hands too early and you're %*c%ed. LOL. Good luck!!

  • Jonatan Wallgren
    Jonatan Wallgren

    Great video!! Next tip video could be on 60-80 yard shots

  • Dargs

    In my opinion the most important thing for a chip is commitment. If i have 80% commitment on a chip, its gonna be rubbish anyway.

  • Jack Kelly
    Jack Kelly

    I need serious help from inside of 90 yards

  • P1miguel

    thank you for the much needed lesson.

  • Twin1 Barrett
    Twin1 Barrett

    U are my favourite SVsoftr and it’s nice to watch u

  • Dan Vranic
    Dan Vranic

    that's a hilarious intro

  • Lester Scotney
    Lester Scotney

    Sorry I will control my mouth . Love the vids.

  • Tyler Hall
    Tyler Hall

    Great new editing! 😳👏🏼 subtle but noticeable changes! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Seve Sellors
    Seve Sellors

    This is my weak area holding me back, thins, dunks really frustrating for me the hardest shot in golf.

  • Dave Hurley
    Dave Hurley

    Great video 👍

  • Thomas Butcher
    Thomas Butcher

    Murph's faceeeeeee

  • Timothy Bevis
    Timothy Bevis

    Great tips as usual. Thanks

  • Thomas Mallon
    Thomas Mallon

    Could have done with this a week ago. Played Allerton Manor and my short game was abysmal to be kind

  • Chandler Christensen
    Chandler Christensen

    I had no idea they called ladybugs ladybirds in England.

  • Mark

    Who’s your pick for The Open Pete? Tommy? Bryson? Lowry?

  • Callum Smith
    Callum Smith

    I see you’ve got a bit of Chris Ryan editing in here ;)

  • The Golf Giveaway
    The Golf Giveaway

    Soul destroying indeed.

  • Kevan

    lol. "Even the good chips are frustrating." Indeed they are, indeed they are. =D

  • Jose Negron
    Jose Negron

    Thank you for the video. Very useful information. As a general comment, you should let a few seconds after the video to allow the viewer to press the "like" button. Sometimes it ends so quick I don't have the opportunity before a new video or AD starts. I will normally go back and press like, but I think that little change will help you get more "likes" in your videos.

  • Hopeful Golf
    Hopeful Golf

    Love the content!

  • Allan Thomson
    Allan Thomson

    Ooooo a ladybird!

  • Par3bodger Steve
    Par3bodger Steve


  • Colin Wallace
    Colin Wallace

    You make it sound so easy but us crap golfer have a mountain of negative thoughts in the back swing, which causes us to either slow down or extend from the body, but I suppose it is like any skill, practice required

  • Cerberus

    god im so happy to set this all i do is chunk

  • Ralph Bonati
    Ralph Bonati

    Sternum forward to create a low point after the ball. This is a good tip. I need to start writing this stuff down in a little notebook and check things before each shot until it’s all in my brain box!

  • Chris Pearce
    Chris Pearce

    Related to this chipping around the green; PETER...look up the Rule of 12. Using different irons depending how much green there is between ball and flag. Put your flare on it...BAM! Instant classic. Oh and touch on that it has become the rule of 11 since clubs are strong lofted these days.

  • Robert Duvall
    Robert Duvall

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      Scarlett Marilyn

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      Chris Miranda

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    • Chris Miranda
      Chris Miranda

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    • Scarlett Marilyn
      Scarlett Marilyn

      @David Carey How do I contact Mrs Bridgette Sinclair pls.

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      Heather Jean Gonzalez

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  • Afterburner 123
    Afterburner 123

    The chunkinator comes out a lot when I play 😂😂

  • teude

    That "chunky monkey" had so much passion and previous experiments behind it that i felt it all the way here

  • Drew Takahashi
    Drew Takahashi

    Peter - love these tips videos! Please keep them coming. Appreciate all your hard work.

  • Alan Simpson
    Alan Simpson

    Great tips! And these production values are amazing 🤩

  • Joseph McCabe
    Joseph McCabe

    Thank you I just had a huge outing with my short game holding me back.

  • Tim C
    Tim C

    My flinch comes during the transition from back and thru. Can't tell you how many times my brain screamed "NOW!!!!" during the backswing. Results in thin and fat shots. Lack of practice I would say. Cheers Pete!

    • Alan Simpson
      Alan Simpson

      I’ve gone through the same thing. Just using a putting stroke with an 8 iron really helped cure that flinch. Gave me more confidence around the greens.

  • StannardRg4

    Just what I needed after a weekend of chunking my chips onto the green

    • Jeff Henning
      Jeff Henning

      Seriously. Just center the ball, and use a putting motion. This type of stuff is for a pro in my eyes. Keep the game simple. Center the ball, keep that triangle in your arms and shoulders and just do an easy rotation, like a put. Simplify your game

  • Chris Olson
    Chris Olson

    You getting to big to play a round of golf with a random American if I even find my way to England for vacation?

  • Nikko Guanzon
    Nikko Guanzon

    Thanks Pete!

  • carlo prota
    carlo prota

    Great Tips

  • olly hann
    olly hann

    Love it Pete mate 150th open you’re my winner

  • Matthew Norris
    Matthew Norris

    Pete can you send me any golf irons you might have hanging around

  • King J
    King J


  • Ruan Goosen
    Ruan Goosen

    Nice Pete you helped me alot!

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    Dom Evans

    Love it Pete. Keep going Lad!

  • Conner Scheich
    Conner Scheich