I try Bryson DeChambeau's INSANE GIANT GRIPS!
I try Bryson DeChambeau's INSANE GIANT GRIPS! Thank you Golfbidder for supplying the one-length irons, my review of them here: svsoft.info/award/ZaHGqGZ2y6zUl4U/video.html

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone, sending out much love from Manchester ❤️

    • Gypsy Christian
      Gypsy Christian

      Funny I was gonna do this 3 years ago to my wedges now seeing people slot

    • Ryan Uffner
      Ryan Uffner

      I have the super stroke oversized I think they are about double the normal grip but 1/3 of Bryson’s grips. I love them because they are soft (feel like a cork kind of lol) and I can still grip the club in my fingertips to a point and feel like I have more control over each club. Especially compared to the normal small grip.

    • Andragon Dhark
      Andragon Dhark

      Cheers from Northern Germany!

    • Hugo Martin
      Hugo Martin

      Manchester is red 📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍📍

    • Holmer

      @Kashton George The police might since hacking into someone else's account is illegal. Good thing you didn't admit to it on a public forum or anything. 😂

  • Ready2Roo

    how would these work if you have big palms and short fingers?

  • RollzBHT

    I have had these grips for 3 years . They are awesome, will never go back to regular grips .

  • Kaleb Roberts
    Kaleb Roberts

    I bought my driver second hand off of a senior and he had a jumbo grip on it. I was going to change it but it feels so much better than regular grips

  • husterd maivels
    husterd maivels

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  • Sam Behar
    Sam Behar

    I was playing some 2nd hand irons a few years ago that had jumbo grips. I still had a problem with the ball going way left. Hard to imagine anything stopping the ball from going hard left if you put that kind of swing on the ball. If we remade our swings every time a new product came out we probably would be remaking our swings every few months.

  • Mark

    I have the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 ALIGN Grip on all my clubs. They are a mid-size and have changed my golf game for the better

  • lishidu coseqcu
    lishidu coseqcu

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  • David Do
    David Do

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  • Tom Fengler
    Tom Fengler

    what's with all the bowing of the wrist bryson style. average golfers aren't going to do that. put your normal swing on it instead of manipulating. you kind of blew the purpose of would it help average joe using their normal swing.

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

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  • Little John
    Little John

    A big piece of cok in your hand?! Is that what you said when hitting your 8 iron? I do that every day, no need to use Brysons grips. I have a great idea how they’ll feel in my hands.

  • Rizvee Ahmed
    Rizvee Ahmed

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  • Dan Story
    Dan Story

    Bryson is a monster with HUGE hands. He needs a gigantic grip. I'm not as big. I use a mid-size grip.

  • Wayne Rouse
    Wayne Rouse

    Been using Mid size Golf Pride Multi compound corded grips for the last 10 years. Dont think I could ever change now but I have really big hands and going from standard to mid size definitely helped my consistency and feel. I feel like im holding a pencil if I hold a standard grip now haha.

  • RonniezR

    These are so huge .... you know that's what she said ~

  • KiDD ViDD
    KiDD ViDD

    These grips feel ridiculous.

  • ryan richardson
    ryan richardson

    Golf Pride MCC Plus4 standard. Blue on even numbered clubs, Grey on odd numbered clubs.

  • Aaron C.
    Aaron C.


  • Mark Whitton
    Mark Whitton

    Have been using single plane swing for about 20 years now, saw it in a golf magazine somewhere, just made sense to me because it gets club face back to ball perfectly most times. Am a twice a year golfer these days, but I can assure you this method still works brilliantly for me, can consistently smash tee shot well over 270 metres with very little warm up on driving range. Love the idea of the soft jumbo grips, very keen to give that a whirl as also get sore hands.

  • Clint Stevens
    Clint Stevens

    my wife uses a cross handed grip - and I cannot fix her swing. She finds it very comfortable to use the cross hand grip. what are some suggestions to help (will not revert back to traditional grip)

  • David Do
    David Do

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  • Valtteri Ahonen
    Valtteri Ahonen

    My biggest problem with those are that they wont fit in my bag😂😂

  • Devon Lawler
    Devon Lawler

    I use the Golf Pride MCC Align 4+(or whatever they are) on wedges and driver, the regular Golf Pride Tour Velvet $6 on irons, don’t know why but I can’t use the Aligns on irons. Then I have a Winn grip on my MacGregor broomstick putter but I use it like a long armlock and it is amazing

  • walker22949

    Part of it is how stiff DeChambeaus shaft are, where the extra cushion helps make the shafts usable.

  • C Hambleton
    C Hambleton

    So many wiener jokes could be made here. That's what she saids as well

  • Barry K
    Barry K

    I was surprised to learn that Bryson actually got the 1-length irons idea from Bobby Jones. Apparently he had his clubs all the same length in the early 1900’s. Not sure if the grips were oversized too, but pretty cool!

  • Scott Meech
    Scott Meech

    Ppl keep saying what Bryson does is weird. No, you ppl are weird. What he does is smart. Those words are not even close to synonymous.

  • Barry Rendell
    Barry Rendell

    Golf Pride Tour Velvet mid-size

  • Hugh Jainus
    Hugh Jainus

    I have larger then normal hands, jumbo grips are by far my preference. I snap hook midsize

  • Ben Weiss
    Ben Weiss

    My dad got those grips, he likes them cause his hands are really big.

  • Christopher Miles
    Christopher Miles

    Finally; a grip for my stupid stubborn hands and fingers. Woah!!! Thanks to jumbo grips; because of you I can now hit the further, straighter and more accurate… In fact; so much so… I can now hit my neighbour house from my backyard more accurate. …With out worrying about it going left, it gave me more freedom to not worry about hitting my wife’s study window. Thanks dumbo grips! If you see “Jase” tell him duck. Cheers!

  • Chad Gregory
    Chad Gregory

    Peter, I think it feels weird maybe because you golf with your back hand/arm? I entirely golf from my front, and as I became aware of what brings the club around for me..... the natural physics of the club... the momentum... my back hand barely touches the club, and when I teach people I show them how I can hit amazingly with my back hand looking like im hitch hiking.... u gotta know the mechanics and let the club do its thing and just bring your front arm thru the same plane and the club will be where it needs to be

  • no name
    no name

    many people don't think about the fact that bigger diameter grip offers a far better control of the club face. if you move in or out during your swing it will have less angle of impact at the contact. which translates in less deviation in the flight curve. it's like having a bigger steering wheel in your car. it will take a bigger radius to actually turn. that's why Trucks have it. that increases control massively. because when you go full bore on the hit, it easy to modify the club path/face angle as you're focusing on power. that grip gives him room to focus on power.

  • Marty

    “165, I’m going to go with the eight iron.” I would love to be able to swing that well. Keep up the great work. Your videos are awesome. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  • Josh Stuart
    Josh Stuart

    “This is the time I’d love to have a garage” - you have a whole bloody simulator room, why didn’t you just do it there 😂

  • Edgar Juarez
    Edgar Juarez

    They honestly help with huge hands

  • Bryan Axtman
    Bryan Axtman

    How hard was it to go back after you swung those for awhile. I use Ping Grips and I like them a little bigger but not like that!

  • Joaco Garcia
    Joaco Garcia

    I Use WINN Dry-Tac Oversize Grips. For 2 reasons, 1. My hands are quite large and I feel that I have to put too much pressure into smaller grips in order to swing freely. 2. My hans sweat a"a lot" so this material is really absorbent and prevents the club from flying away from my hand. Most golfers tell me that my grips feel HUGE, I can only imagine what this Dechambeau Grips feel like.

  • leebaseball11

    Just got same exact ones on my clubs. My fingers feel so much better

  • Ruk Listed
    Ruk Listed

    Just subscribed and really digging your channel so far! Excellent videos sir. Really loving the night golf vids too! Wish there was somewhere I could demo one length irons with jumbo grips now.

  • FBRR2

    I now use the Jumbomax ultralight "small" grops and they work well on my driver. (I do use single plane swing mech..)

  • MC Gusto
    MC Gusto

    lmfao... death by a thousand paper cuts or double sided tape lmfao

  • NYC Person
    NYC Person

    I'm so used to the thin handle of golf clubs now, but if I roll back my memory - the thin handle was very unnatural when I first started golf. I tend to think unless absolutely needed - there is no reason to opt out for something unnatural. I only tried it at a shop, but these big grips are actually far more natural than anything else out there.

  • cz1mmt

    I bought the max grip and added 50 yards to my drive. I must say that I use jumbo grips to begin with and naturally gravitated toward his grip without knowing it's a thing. My fingers are too long to use the diagonal across the palm. The Jumbo Max grip is comfortable for me. For others they do make three sizes all increasingly larger than a standard jumbo.

  • NoonelikesPatrickReed

    I am on strike until a golfbidder video comes out. Right after this one... I mean the next one... Then I am serious!

  • John Elliott
    John Elliott

    Lamkin crossline cord round std. And they last years.

  • stephen k
    stephen k

    If you have small hands, I wouldn't recommend these grips.

  • Luke Morter
    Luke Morter

    Not quite as dramatic but I play the golf pride co2 pro jumbo grips. And find that I don't squeeze the club as hard which allows for a much more natural swing path. I also have a touch of tendonitis and arthritis and it has helped a lot there also. Maybe I will try the jumbomax grips some day

  • santasfake 21
    santasfake 21

    As an American I gotta say, listening to someone not from America explain golf or speak of anything is so much easier to watch and pleasant on the ears compared to listening to someone from America speak lol

  • M M
    M M

    Sorry but I won’t be able be able new trying that fat grips 😊

  • Jeff Diekemper
    Jeff Diekemper

    PSA get a larger golf bag if you choose these

  • Ivanvlogz

    What I'd do though, seriously, is put on putter grips on all of them, the not so big winn grips, the squarish ones, but not quite jumbo. I have got long super thin hands, and my grip pressure is feather like. If I let go a bit, I'd just throw the club behind the ball. They're difficult to fill in with thin regular grips, so I think even using thin putter grips, maybe a touch wider would benefit my game massively.

  • Ivanvlogz

    What I'll need is a twice as big ass bag to fit those betches in.

  • Cody Gulley
    Cody Gulley

    Hits the ball 240 yards , "That was horrendous"...

  • James Vivash
    James Vivash

    I have to admit, I like the one length irons idea! That's probably the only Bryson thing I would adopt.

  • Greg Owens
    Greg Owens

    My winter project this year was to replace all of my Graphite shafts for steel and regrip them afterwards. Got all but my 4 Iron done (don't really use it anyways). The grips are the easy part when you have the proper setup!

  • Chai Jones
    Chai Jones

    Good point Jeff. The grips should help reduce tension in the hands and help you maintain the fluidity of youth!....for want of a better phrase....

  • Pneuma

    Those grips are so stupid

  • Michael Ye
    Michael Ye

    I also use the JumboMax golf grips, small size; I've been using these golf grips because it helps me to be light on my grip pressure. I do get pull hooks with it, however, after using these jumbo grips for a few months, I will never go back to the original grip size ever again.

  • Matt Tracks
    Matt Tracks

    What size jumbomax did you use?

  • Ian Burton
    Ian Burton

    Golf Pride Mid size half cord + three wraps. Playing badminton and squash I always had jumbo grips so I could keep my wrist relaxed and that created a lot more power in restricted spaces - like the corners of the court. Never thought of using jumbo grips on golf clubs since I wanted to avoid loosing control of the face more than I do already. Perhaps now I've seen this I should try the jumbo grip on the driver since this is the club that a little more speed would help.

  • sparkdog44

    I've used Jumbomax since a year after they came on the market. Will never go back to skinny. I recall the first time hitting first drive right down the middle....10 yards longer with ease....No bullshit! Ordered a complete set after that...lol. Less grip pressure + less tension / better balance + smoother rythym = more clubhead speed Will be interesting to try these new "Lite" ones. They are significantly lighter than the Tour or Wrap models. I've used both. My hands sweat terribly. The oils in the sweat destroyed the wraps after 65 rounds. I can get 2 seasons (120 rounds + bazillion balls) out of the Tours. They dont twist too much but I certainly have to wash them after 25 rounds + practise to maintain the tackiness. I may not be able to grip these new ones as well. I suspect the type of "plastic" surface is different. I used full chords in my skinny days. Washed after 30 rounds. Good for 60.

  • Guy Thompson
    Guy Thompson

    Bryson swinging on a single plane, and not allowing for variation in his swing really prevents him from shaping shots. While his swing is easily reproducible, especially with the same length clubs, it really becomes a disadvantage.

  • Caleb Parker
    Caleb Parker

    I think the main point of JumboMax is that a bigger grip might benefit players. Not necessarily the XL version, just whatever fits your hands best. Seems like one extra fitting tool to be a shade more consistent

  • drizztatk

    I have these in medium size, love ‘em! From driver to pitching wedge, actually feels weird to grab a normal grip now.

  • Gethin Williams
    Gethin Williams

    My current grips are Golfpride CP2 on Ping G5's

  • EDC with JRD
    EDC with JRD

    I use the Golf Pride Jumbo Grips, But I am 6ft4 with XL hands

  • Mark Benn
    Mark Benn

    Wanna know what’s crazy. I put a baseball wrapped grip over an old grip.... felt so good. And then I was wondering “why are golf grips so small”

  • Nightwing690

    My hands are huge, I have to wear an XXL glove, grips need to be double wrapped

  • heshwuan

    The size of Bryson's grips was the first thing I noticed about his game this season. I use oversized grips myself, and love them, but his grips are the size of paper towel rolls. btw- In place of grip solvent, you can use mineral spirits that can found at any local hardware store. It does exactly the same thing for far less money.

  • Gootie Boy
    Gootie Boy

    A big what????

  • Lindsay Askew
    Lindsay Askew


  • MiyaViちゃんねる

    He's a serious golfer. Makes me realize just how bad I am!

  • usernameunknkown

    This is a TERRIBLE review. Spend a month with them exclusively, THEN do a review.

  • Jedediah McMath
    Jedediah McMath

    Tried them for a while; I really like them on my fairway Woods. Other than that regular jumbo grips for me.

  • John Carruthers
    John Carruthers

    Good info pete thank you. Personally i switched from stock grips to midsize last year. It was the first time i played with a larger grip in my 40 years of playing and i must say i was shocked by how much it has improved my game so i can see the benefits of a larger grip. Now i may try to regrip one of my older clubs to these jumbo grips and give it a go!

  • Jack Davis
    Jack Davis

    I put these on my clubs last year it changed my game

  • Edorta Barrika
    Edorta Barrika

    Maybe he’s making up for where he’s lacking elsewhere?

  • Scott

    I've used the Jumbo XL for 4 rounds and lots of practice. I don't hate it. It works. But the sooner it's gone the happier I'll be. I hit multiple straight droves today over 300 and, it works. But omg. It feels ridiculous.

  • alan carlyon
    alan carlyon

    You got to remember Peter -Bryson is further away from the ball in his stance with a one plane swing (Moe Norman) Todd Greaves explains why Moe had thicker grips! Hope this helps you and others?

    • Will Freeman
      Will Freeman

      The legend Moe!

  • Dan Craghill
    Dan Craghill

    Peter finch if you see this please can you tell me where you got that cap from! 😍

  • Keith B
    Keith B

    So you changed the grip, swing and grip at the same time instead of using your natural swing and then compare the grip

  • Tony Scott
    Tony Scott

    Jumbo max make different sizes, maybe try the size more suited to hand size rather than their maximum, Bryson has big hands. Can use a smaller size on driver and fairways.

  • bburg0025 69
    bburg0025 69

    Did he just give a shout out to Stephen Castaneda? Good Good Golf?

  • Bob A Booey
    Bob A Booey

    Don't do it, an average golfer won't be able to release the club and send everything off to the right, (If you're a right hand golfer).

    • jeremyL

      Not true

  • Under Par Goals
    Under Par Goals

    Notice any effect on swing speed from using these?

  • Chad Grant
    Chad Grant

    "Just because Bryson is doing something doesn't mean everyone should be doing it" the main statement, ruining some great golfers game. Also I did exactly what you did to regrip all my clubs 😄 turned out great.

  • GhenzieDC

    Id be interested to try these, my hands are bigger, and im used to holding a hockey stick lol. I feel like I have zero control of the club with normal grips when I actually get out and play. Maybe a bigger grip would be more inviting for me.

  • atomant830

    I use Bocieri Golf Secret Grip with the counter balance tungsten weight at the butt end.

  • Patrick Renzi
    Patrick Renzi

    Weaker grip with a flexed wrist limits the amount of body rotation you'd be forced to put in to not hook it. Square release also doesnt need to be so perfect with the timing. is that the thought process?

  • Bob Josefson
    Bob Josefson

    Pete, are you going to have an on course with these clubs/grips

  • Just my thought
    Just my thought

    Tried these on some of my clubs. Did not change my game. It was a pain getting clubs in and out of my bag. If you have a bag with individual slots, forget it. You will wreck the bag getting these in and out.

    • Just my thought
      Just my thought

      @jeremyL Not a cheap bag. It just wasn't made for huge grips. Barely fits.

    • jeremyL

      That sounds like a cheap bag mate.

  • Daniel Greene
    Daniel Greene

    After watching this I was really impressed more with the grips than ever before. One you seemed determined to fail from the beginning. Two I have seen you hit way worse shots with clubs you have in your own bag lol. You are correct these grips aren't for everyone as none of them are, we all have different hands. Keep up the work a good watch

  • MrJonno29

    Thanks Pete, interesting . Lockdown new skill for me was re-gripping my clubs . Picked Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align. You need the grips, solvent, tape, shaft clamp, vice (i used my workmate) and hooked stanley knife blade. Take it steady and it's about 10 mins per grip. Very satisfying...roll on the 29th March..

  • Mack Castleberry
    Mack Castleberry

    If you want to get rid of those clubs i would buy them just like they are with those grips

  • Golf Fit
    Golf Fit

    A client brought me some of these to install on his x stiff shafts because.... Bryson uses them. The problem is... my client is Chinese and has very small hands. The grips are foam cored. A real pain in the a$$ to install. The following week, I cut them off and installed standard sized grips. Just because your favorite PGA golfer used it, doesn't mean you should.. BTW, my client swing speed driver 95mph, 7 iron 62mph which means... he should be in regular flex notX stiff. He's not interested in that discussion yet.

  • Robby Hamblen's Cringe Golf
    Robby Hamblen's Cringe Golf

    Bryson actually holds the elbow of the lead arm pointing toward the target as long as he can coming through impact..

  • Robby Hamblen's Cringe Golf
    Robby Hamblen's Cringe Golf

    I use to have the small JM (Jumbomax) grips on my driver and 3w and really liked the feel but donated that set. But I have been using the Winn Excel mid grip currently because when I went to purchase the same JM grip for my current driver and 3w, they have been out of stock. So I tried the large, just for an experiment. The large did not work for me on the driver, but then just for giggles, I took it off of the driver and put it on an older 56 degree wedge. Game Changer! So now I put large JM grips on 2 of my irons and a 52 degree and WoW the feel is amazing!

  • Mark Poppe
    Mark Poppe

    I use Golf Pride cp2 pro jumbo grips on all my clubs, except putter of course. I find it easier to control the club face and can have less tension through my hands and forearms.

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