Bryson DeChambeau's insane SIK putter was part of his unique bag when he claimed the 2020 US Open... so I decided to try it myself in a tournament!

I try Bryson DeChambeau's INSANE GIANT GRIPS: svsoft.info/award/dZitfX-c3ryvynU/video.html
I try Bryson DeChambeau's INSANE SIK GOLF PUTTER for the first time: svsoft.info/award/aou9qoR7zpm32XU/video.html
I copy Bryson DeChambeau's swing: svsoft.info/award/l4Kef5SZm7STsKM/video.html

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Should arm locks be banned...? Reply YES or NO and let's see what people think 👇 Enjoy the vid and thanks once again for tuning in!

    • Dusan Vukicevic
      Dusan Vukicevic


    • Gary Brumley
      Gary Brumley

      As long as it’s available to everyone, it should be legal. The same with every other anchored putter. It’s kinda like drivers. Some prefer a higher lofted face while others want a low launch. I never understood the anchoring ban since it was available to all players.

    • Josephine Campbell
      Josephine Campbell

      yes along with the brook stick putter

    • Håkan Johansson
      Håkan Johansson


    • neverbeenoutside

      @Merkeva 1 would that be called a strap on ? 😅🤣😂

  • Dr. Craig D. Smith
    Dr. Craig D. Smith

    The only thing that should be banned, (in my thinking) is Rick Shiels wearing shorts, that is egregious. The putter armlock I think would massively help the mature golfer and should be considered legal, IMHO.

  • Guy Legg
    Guy Legg

    I’d try one but cost is a barrier for sure

  • Keith Rafferty
    Keith Rafferty

    Very informative, thank you :)

  • Remoth000

    Golfsidekick would like a word. Its spelled..... waddaplaya. Gotta get it right Petey!

  • joshua irwin
    joshua irwin

    Arm lock, belly, chin it doesn’t matter….. if everyone has the opportunity to use it no one is disadvantaged sooooo bring them all back and then maybe Adam Scott will be on the podium again

  • Geofferlyhills

    They are the face of the putter 😂😂😂 best golf vids on youtube 😊👌

  • Sean

    Stop banning things. This is why F1 is boring to watch!

  • Charles Mcallister Rogers
    Charles Mcallister Rogers

    golf youtuber are just cheap salesmen for brands, means less budgets advertising and no work to employee people.sad really

  • Andy Oakes
    Andy Oakes

    The definition of anchoring in this case is a fixed point around which the putter rotates in the arm lock method the putting stroke is not fixed to a central point the stroke is is based around the rocking of the shoulders so unless you use a wrist based stroke it’s the same as “normal” length putter. If the argument is that it’s easier with an armlock then maybe there should be only one grip, no claw grip, no left below right etc ? Banning it is nonsense and just being hyped up by a few people who should have better things to worry about.

  • touristguy87

    ...of course it's not Brysons' putter, it's just Peter Finch buying the same manufacture and make of putter that Bryson begins with when he personalizes his own putter, but being Peter Finch he has to send you a load of bollocks.

  • Dickie Harkness
    Dickie Harkness

    I'm having a lesson to try an arm lock putter so don't ban them yet 👍

  • Ross Williams
    Ross Williams

    I have Tigers wedges in his specs…. Doesn’t make me Tiger woods tho 😂 really not fussed if it’s banned or not the things horrid

  • Jeffrey L Jones
    Jeffrey L Jones

    No game is a hard game for mirror amateurs any help we can get is welcome. If I could afford to buy an armlock putter I would give it a go

  • Dennis Hood
    Dennis Hood

    I use the Kotahi ( undersized) grip with the elbows not bent and arms hanging when putting but grip not locked to arm. It is working for me. No, I don’t think it should be banned because it is moving with arms and not anchored.

  • Lawrie Smith
    Lawrie Smith

    Pete changes his putter more often than I change my underpants

  • Alec Harmson
    Alec Harmson

    Played a round last night. Mate off 7 tried an armlock for the first time. 9 holes he had 11 putts and shot 32, 3 under par...

  • Parvo Armakie
    Parvo Armakie

    What’s on his wrist??

  • Ryan Yob
    Ryan Yob

    they should ban Bryson, he's annoying. And no Brooks didn't pay me to say that

  • Mike Ray
    Mike Ray

    i will say this, watching Dechambeu workout and his speed training is nuts... dude is an animal with a lot of discipline

  • Mike Ray
    Mike Ray

    I had a Nike mallet belly putter a few years back.. loved that putter. my buddies hated it so when the anchor rule went into effect, they wouldn't let me use it.. i got new buddies now

  • frostshock13

    I had a arm lock made 3 years ago, it works just fine. Long putts

  • Michael Breen
    Michael Breen

    Armlock is anchoring without any doubt. It gives you three points of contact. Three points of contact makes for more stability. That is why the construction trades call for always having three points of contact for proper ladder safety. When you put with the hands only you have two points of contact.

  • Christopher Siegert
    Christopher Siegert

    Absolutely should be banned, it's clearly anchoring and it's only a matter of time. The idea behind it sounds illegal - it eliminates the hands. That's a part of putting!

  • Kenyon Ferguson
    Kenyon Ferguson

    Wake me up when he’s done talking

  • It's Dawson
    It's Dawson

    I 'wollllllopped' the like button and smashed my ipad pro😬

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia

    What in the world is going on at 15:08 😂😂😂

  • M Maranta
    M Maranta

    It looked like Jack and Arnie anchored against their stomachs

  • Mel Abshier
    Mel Abshier

    Would I buy one. No. Should it be banned. No.

  • looks4stuff

    No. Players should be able to putt with whatever feels good to them. But I am in favor of shot clock.

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams

    Should have been about his driver in a new series called, "Does It Really Suck?"

  • itsjustashow

    I don't understand the desire to ban it. If everyone can use one, it's fair.....everyone can use one so who cares

  • Diogenes' Lantern
    Diogenes' Lantern

    This leapfrogging drill is my new favourite. However, I have modified it in that I aim for a forward ball (and not a tee (which is inefficient to be honest) - thus having a smaller target, as well as the fact that if the forward ball is hit it will nevertheless advance forward (and sometimes at an angle - thus changing the putting line a bit for variety). In practical terms this is one of the best drills ever. However, you can take it a step further.... You could set up 4 balls in a square pattern and hit them in a clockwise/anti-c pattern

  • Boyd Grandy
    Boyd Grandy

    Why not really anchor the grip to the left arm by gripping up the putter with your right hand to clamp it against the forearm? What I mean is grip the high left forearm with your left and over the putter grip (you might not be able to use an oversized grip for that if you have normal hands). Then the putter stroke is pure shoulder rocking with no hands and your putter literally becomes an extension of your left arm. If your are going to anchor, then anchor.

  • Bandit Baker
    Bandit Baker

    A touch of the "betty swollocks" going on Pete?

  • KevinS

    A putter that costs twice as much as a driver is insane I would ban it just because it is a rip off.

  • 안지환


  • golf007sd2

    There is nothing wrong with these type of putters....the USGA & RNA should leave it be. As for getting one in my bag...I will have to give a good test drive first.

  • Christian Kolesha
    Christian Kolesha

    I just got a hold of my first armlock putter, the Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Armlock. I absolutely love it. I feel like I have so much more control of every aspect of my putting stroke now, compared to my Odyssey Sabertooth I had before, or just about any other putter I tested while looking. I haven't gotten it out enough to see exactly what difference it'll make, but I would bet it'll save 2-3 per round once I get it dialed in.

  • Collin E
    Collin E


  • gre370

    I thought you were going to start off saying “the putter sucks, it’s a terrible face for me”…

  • pstiff

    Best of luck Peter. I did like that big spider putter thing you had.

  • KC Golf
    KC Golf


  • Eric Benoit
    Eric Benoit

    I would try arm lock but don’t want to spend a bunch and then it get banned

  • thomas szampruch
    thomas szampruch

    15:07 Pete's coming out with a new rap album...

  • Anders Olofsson
    Anders Olofsson

    Putting is one of my strengths and I would not try a arm lock Avrage 2 puts per hole with my 15 year old putter so won't change ut anyway🤣 I have 13 clubs in the bag that isn't my streanght where I need to.focus on improving instead 😉

  • Michael Slade
    Michael Slade

    with your comedy alone, you should be on tour LOL. great stuff as usual Pete!

  • Anders Olofsson
    Anders Olofsson

    Yes ban them for comp Anchoring is Anchoring Pretty simple to me.

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson

    I’ve been following your channel for a few months now. I’ve watched many of your reviews on clubs. I would like to see you do a review on the Calloway Strata complete set

  • Allan Thomson
    Allan Thomson

    The creepy stare at the end and the dancing jig at the gate drill had me loling hard. Need to trim the facial fuzz down though Pete my man, its coming in white below your sideburns and ages you a fair bit.....

  • brian Johnstone
    brian Johnstone

    Pete I've used my putter up my forearm for years now so to me it's not new so I don't think it should be banned because I'm left handed playing right handed golf and just let's me be more fluid with my stokes so it's not a bryson thing as I said I've been doing it long before bryson with my 35 inch oddacy putter

  • Nic Brule
    Nic Brule

    I say let them put,, But i was wondering if you could review the TOUR EDGE BAZOOKA 470 DRIVER, I hear its the next big thing, But just how durable is it?

  • surfr716

    If price is a concern I'd go with the cobra. Same DLT face a good head design, and under 400 dollars. Odyssey also has their two ball 10 available as an arm lock which hits really nice. Or grab a used sik or bettinardi. Lot of people have experimented with the arm lock and moved on, I got my betti studio stock for 200 bucks.

  • Owen Abkes
    Owen Abkes

    "Pretty much solved golf". Love it.

  • Steve Charlton
    Steve Charlton

    I've recently bought an armlock putter, a 41" Odessey 2-ball white hot to be precise. However, I don't use it in the armlock style. As I'm 6'3 with quite a major back problem, I actually use this with a standard putting stroke but much more upright. Before this putter, putting was definitely the weakest part of my game as I had a touch like a rampaging bull elephant. Now, putting is one of the strongest parts of my game with the biggest improvement being distance control. As far as them being banned, I'm with you in the sense that golf is hard enough so no, I don't think they should be

  • Danny DeClaire
    Danny DeClaire

    Why wouldnt you try your claw grip with it?

  • Stuart Mitchell
    Stuart Mitchell

    One club for the price of a full set of irons....nah!!! Good insight into it and well explained though. If it works and you've got cash to burn then ok why not.

  • Keith Hodson
    Keith Hodson


  • Christine Goulden
    Christine Goulden

    I don't see a problem with it Peter, unless the PGA is going to ban arm locking as well. I say that because I was shown a putting technique by a scratch player at our club with a normal putter. He has his hands in a downward praying position on either side of the handle instead of holding the conventional way. This creates arm lock on the forearm or wrist anyway. He was shown this trick by an American on tour. You would have to ban this hold as well. lol

    • cody bryant
      cody bryant


  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith

    Yes, because the rules of golf say, "Anchoring the putter is not allowed."

  • CrazyBaldGoof

    i don't feel like they should be banned if it helps be more consistent then why not? everyone can have the same chance to use it so if they feel someone has advantage bc of it then they should get one of their own.

  • David Oakes
    David Oakes

    At the start of the season i switched to an old Bridgestone Bullseye style putter (but steel not brass), i picked it up a few years ago for about £5, i can't even remember where i got it. Never drained so many putts, had one 3 putt in my last round and holed at least half a dozen longish putts, saved a lot of pars and got a couple of birdies. its amazing as it has given me confidence in the rest of my game, especially my approach play and chipping, I seem to have developed a casual "Oh well, if i duff this chip/wedge i'll just drain the 50 footer", which takes the pressure off and results in better shots, its like the opposite of a vicious circle (a gentle square?) Its staying in my bag.

  • Peter Molyneux
    Peter Molyneux

    No. Every club manufacturer claims their clubs help you play better, so why not use this one?

  • David Parsons
    David Parsons

    Yes. Ban. Actually learn how to putt.

  • Lawrence Ritchie
    Lawrence Ritchie

    Great video. How does the SIK putter compare to your LAB putter?

  • Jon Meehan
    Jon Meehan

    I would love to try an arm lock putter, but like you said the cost associated with them is a bit much. I do not think they should be banned. I personally think the 'governing' bodies need to take a close look at the equipment rules of golf for professionals, competing amateurs and the average joe golfer and figure out what is best for each category. What they decide for professionals doesn't need to apply to me.

  • David Hunt
    David Hunt

    How much has Pete beefed up? Is he trying to replicate deChambs in more ways than one?

  • Widebodyscat520

    Your videos are some of the best on SVsoft. You keep things interesting and enjoyable even when playing rounds. You and the guys together are a lot of fun to watch. Need so.e new ones of everyone together on the course.

  • Luke Greig
    Luke Greig

    If ur left handed ( when u write ✍️) like me. It feels so comfy

  • Jon Clark
    Jon Clark

    Hey Pete, can you explain 10:06 - 10:14 about straight back and through stroke not being allowed?

    • Mark Pogson
      Mark Pogson

      Think he explained that poorly. It's the angle of the shaft to the head. It can't be a perfect 90 degrees. But if you want to put your 70 degree lie angle putter perpendicular to the ground, you can. It just means the heel of your putter will be higher off the ground than the toe. So... your stroke can be straight back and through, but the putter can't be built to match the 90° angle.

  • Fabio Histed
    Fabio Histed

    Where's the Hat from Pete?

  • Nathan Yearsley
    Nathan Yearsley

    Yes they should be banned! Just because I cant afford one 😂

  • Aaron

    😂 What's with the 90s RnB camera shot at 15:09?

  • Jay Walk444
    Jay Walk444

    Policing the arm lock would be impossible, so it can not and will not be banned. Normal anchoring is easy because a normal putting stroke does not in anyway involve a similar stroke. But with arm lock, do you limit the amount of handle above the hands? Say the limit was 15cm for example, in which case what if you grip down slightly on one putt? Will someone be able to proove after your round whether you had 15cm above you hands or 16cm. Do you limit putter length? Should that then be proportional to height? Will we then have to have putters and height checked before every comp round? Basically it is utterly impossible tobpolice fairly and will lead to all sorts of twats arguing about who did or didnt lock the putter. A total minefield and opens the door for all the miserable pedants at every club to moan. Just let it go and if you think it gives people an unfair advantage then try it yourself. It didnt help me at all when i tried it for couple of years. No better or worse to be honest.

  • Tom Sweeney
    Tom Sweeney

    Great video! Statistically, anchoring the putter does not provide an advantage and I don't think they should've been banned. Armlock looks soooo uncomfortable, but I've never tried one so I can't say that I wouldn't switch. At the very least I'd give it a shot. Not sure I'd want to pay $1,000 though....

  • Nigel Lutze
    Nigel Lutze

    I armlock/wristlock my regular length putter anyway. It is not that hard to do.....and it helps

  • Marc Krikke
    Marc Krikke

    I would really like to try an armlock putter. I tried a few shops here but nobody has one in stock to try. Not going to just buy one and I can't get used to it. And i'm a bit concerned it will be banned once I bought one.

  • Dustin Fullerton
    Dustin Fullerton

    Banned?... not sure. I have been playing around with armlock gripping with my standard L/L/L putter and have enjoyed it; I have a PXG Bat Attack on the way in an armlock configuration Loft 6*, Length 39-1/2, Lie 1up. For the reason that you can grip a standard putter as an armlock, I would say they shouldn't be banned. Otherwise, their would need to be a rule specifically about how you grip a putter... maybe?

  • Wayne Park
    Wayne Park

    I'm not sure if it should. It appears that the more you use it your confidence increased, so now that your confidence is up your thoughts are more positive to "I can make them all". I would use one, but not at over a $1000.00 Canadian!

  • Sween Bean
    Sween Bean

    Bryson is nothing without a green book

  • No1 Cares
    No1 Cares

    @15:15 was the strangest and most amazing part of any SVsoft golf video ahah

  • Ben Parfitt
    Ben Parfitt

    I love the idea of an arm lock if it helps but if they ban it you have an expensive club you can't use :(

  • Nicholas Jones
    Nicholas Jones

    If you're struggling with the mental game you should try a mental golf coach! I would love to hear how that affects your game.

  • Ge We
    Ge We

    You start to look like Schwarzenegger....☹️🥺

  • Andrew Biggs
    Andrew Biggs

    No, i think the reason why belly, chest and chin anchored puttering was banned is because it allows a pure pendulum stroke utilising the full length of the putter. With armlock, the arm becomes part of the pendulum which introduces more of the human element in the stroke. Having said that, I use armlock as i feel that it is more consistent.

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    ban it and we should also go back to hickory shafts

  • steve bartlett
    steve bartlett

    I love how pros can shout down from their ivory towers and tell us amateurs what’s good for the game. I really think there needs to be different rules for pros. If the pros don’t want something that makes it easier for them fine. But us amateurs are just out having fun if we can shoot a little better scores why not use it?

  • Jonathon Garratt
    Jonathon Garratt

    I gotta give that distance control drill a go! Looks really useful and a fun little challenge

  • Joshua Webb
    Joshua Webb

    Armlock I think if you like it use it. I personally do not. However I have been flirting with the idea of a wrist lock putter. Same concept just not as extreme

  • Lian Jansen
    Lian Jansen

    Definitely should not be banned..... Keep up the amazing videos!!!

  • markus rydiander
    markus rydiander

    825 pounds is far too much for a putter

  • Joe Long
    Joe Long

    that lifebelt attached to the tree in the first shot is a hell of a way from the pond , by the time you ran from the pond to ther tree and back again 5 people coulda drowned , how hard is it to concrete in a 3x3 post next to the waters edge

  • Daniel Munn
    Daniel Munn

    "need a sit down" 🤣

  • Bandez

    Peter Finch a natural comedian and cracking golfer!

  • Any Expat
    Any Expat

    Do not watch videos where inanimate objects are apparently INSANE.. just FYI.. stupid titles are not required.

  • Josh McCormick
    Josh McCormick

    Pete bigggggg fan, however the videos are getting darker and darker even with my iPhone brightness on max. Possibly turn that up

  • Tartan Tam
    Tartan Tam

    I’m a 16 handicap no way I’m 1000 for a putter

  • JW2605

    I’m living proof that spending more money on equipment doesn’t improve my score!! Great video though

  • Michael Tarry
    Michael Tarry

    Great video, aside of the putting content, the subtle dry comedy had me in stitches! 🤣

  • Thomas Mallon
    Thomas Mallon

    Rick will be asking for a 2week extension now!!