Trying to win The Rory McIlroy!
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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone, thank you for watching! Who wins the actual Masters today? Tell me ⬇️

    • Adrian Quirolo
      Adrian Quirolo

      @Alexander Wright and right you were mate deserved victory

    • Zach Hagan
      Zach Hagan

      Matsuyama???? 😁😁🤣

    • Anthony Dondorfer
      Anthony Dondorfer


    • Gary Hovey
      Gary Hovey

      I’ve got Jordan Spieth

    • stingcentral5


  • Nicholas Harris
    Nicholas Harris

    I have never heard someone call second place the 1st loser and this has just fucked up my whole perspective on life. I'm gonna start using that

  • Wes Rogers
    Wes Rogers

    I love the idea of this video! Definitely need to do more! Maybe play as Brooksy down the back nine of the PGA and see if he/you can come away with the title instead of Phil. 🤷‍♂️

  • DappsJames

    10:34 “the fans...” “...and Rory has been escorted from the course for not calling them patrons”

  • Ben.

    What golf trolley do you use?

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson

    Throw that putter away you usually kill it on the green.☠

  • Gilbert Soto
    Gilbert Soto

    You can dew it!!!

  • Fish Gaming
    Fish Gaming

    LOVE these challenges. Just course play is so nice especially with the crap virus nonsense restrictions and most golfers can't even see a course much...

  • olga ennis
    olga ennis

    Rory didn't actually hit it out of bounds at the 10th

  • Ben Heuer
    Ben Heuer

    12 under

  • Otter

    The amount of jump cutting especially towards the end is a bit much.

  • Leslie Hines
    Leslie Hines

    we've heard of birdies, eagles and albatrosses - Peter has now introduced us to the Goose! Was that really meant to be a reference to the patrons at Augusta or the state of Rory's golf up to that point.......

  • Damien Parker
    Damien Parker

    As a long time watcher. It has been awesome to see how you game has transformed. The hard work is paying off

  • Rolando Ramirez
    Rolando Ramirez

    Nice challenge... thanks for your content, I really enjoy it!!

  • John Kirk
    John Kirk

    How is your green jacket fitting? What did you serve for your champions dinner??

  • Rob Biles
    Rob Biles

    I feel as if lock down has caused you to be suffering some serious nutter issues Pete.

  • Louis M
    Louis M

    Playing more like 2021 Rory at the Masters. MC

  • Hi-Ho-Silver

    I see doom in your future

  • Dave Shannon
    Dave Shannon

    So Rory is American?? 😂😂 Great video Peter thanks for the entertainment!! Unlucky on not getting the green jacket!!

  • Tom's Tuppence
    Tom's Tuppence

    As soon as i saw the 3 putt on the 1st i knew it wasn't happening

  • Colin “coco” Bremner
    Colin “coco” Bremner

    Wow Pete if you didn't say it wasn't Augusta i would never have known .

  • andy p
    andy p

    how does this video make any sense on a completely different golf course 😂😂😂

  • Ian H
    Ian H

    Take the positives Pete, you beat Tiger.

  • Dave Fawkes
    Dave Fawkes

    Get the LAB back in the bag Pete. You “looked” more comfortable with it. Also Rory “USA”? Good fun, good laugh.👍🏻

  • ph1lthyvision

    Pete as Rory, hmmm. Plus 4 if the greens are anywhere as savage as Augusta. But knowing you, plus 1. Go under par and ill go streaking through my neighborhood.

  • Professor SouthSide
    Professor SouthSide

    On the beat Tiger.

  • Nikhil G.
    Nikhil G.

    Really like the concept, sports video games have this alot

  • Courtney Hallcy
    Courtney Hallcy

    Can’t keep class down forever. Absolutely adding that into my trash talk bag

  • RossK11

    Can confirm, that northern ireland accent was not bad at all 😂👏

  • Neil Amalfitano
    Neil Amalfitano

    I really liked this do more maybe tic at sawgrass next time

  • Aaron Hughes
    Aaron Hughes

    Subscribed to both 👌

  • Zane Gray
    Zane Gray

    There’s a hole at a course in Valparaiso, Indiana that is very similar to the 16th you played and the last time I played there I hit a shot almost exactly like the one you hit 😆 (hole 13, The Course at Aberdeen)

  • Lee Popham-Lithgow
    Lee Popham-Lithgow

    Great vlog Pete

  • Asa Ostrow
    Asa Ostrow

    The most belated "Congatulations" of all time

  • Joakim Nord
    Joakim Nord

    Btw, if you are totally unhappy with the putter, hust pack it up and ship it to stockholm and I´ll take care of it for ya!

  • Joakim Nord
    Joakim Nord

    Im sorry mate, but up to the 12th, you dont seem to win the masters...

  • James Vivash
    James Vivash

    Great vid! Just wondering what shot tracer your using? Cheers.

  • Connor Antonio
    Connor Antonio

    What kind of push cart do you use?

  • Eoghan Kennedy
    Eoghan Kennedy

    Ah Rory, your memory must be fading with the age. Harry Diamond wasn't your caddie back then. It was JP Fitzgerald.

  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers

    Good effort, Pete!

  • Austin Black
    Austin Black

    Rory McIlroy USA?!

  • Dan Cresswell
    Dan Cresswell

    I love your videos Pete but the comment below is spot on. What is with the editing in this and all the cuts? Just walking from green back to your golf bag there must have been around 5 cuts.

  • Russell Grantham
    Russell Grantham

    I love your videos dude, you are so funny and greatly helpful to my game. 🤣👍

  • shavencarrot

    Before you tee off my prediction is T3 Edit: Oh no I was so close Lol. was third on your own not tied

  • Buggins Brunskill
    Buggins Brunskill

    I’m pretty sure, no positive Geoff Ogilvie is Australian lol. But then we would have 3 in the top 2 there. The Poms don’t like that I’m thinking we’ll just put him on the USA side lol

  • John W
    John W

    Geoff Ogilvy is from Australia, not USA!

  • Joe White
    Joe White

    You'll beat Rory's orriginal score, not too shabby!

  • Gabe Brock
    Gabe Brock

    My masters challenge: beat Hidekis back 9 (3 over) as Si woo Kim (putting with only 5 wood) it was difficult but I managed to shoot +1 good luck!

  • cee bee
    cee bee

    Already looking forward to the Pete Finch as Jean Van de Velde Open at Carnoustie vid.

  • Steve The Unlucky Fisherman
    Steve The Unlucky Fisherman

    Go ed Pete laaa haha 😄 I reckon you'll get to 1 over on the back 9 if you get me haha loves this one

  • lee maskel
    lee maskel

    Pete, you should have gotten hold of set of Mcilroy's clubs from 2011 from golfbidder for this challenge,then you could at least blame the same tools for the back nine meltdown.

  • J Sher
    J Sher

    "Poser"or "poseur" I believe.

  • Gordon Winstanley
    Gordon Winstanley

    Great vid peter great seeing you play these local courses.i nearly always have a heart attack on that 18th hole they call it cardiac hill.great golf course cheers👍

  • Christian Kebekus
    Christian Kebekus

    Where you playing for Roy McAvoy, which does represent the US, or Rory McIlroy, which last time I checked was from Northern Ireland?

  • Matthew Gordon golf
    Matthew Gordon golf

    Love this video Pete! I need to do another course vlog myself!

  • Adam Callaghan
    Adam Callaghan

    "Don't hold us up" "You what?!" "Don't hold us up" Thought it was gonna kick off 😂😂😂

  • kamoo46

    Love your videos Pete but this video had so many jumpy cuts that I thought I was having a seizure

  • Simon Dewhurst
    Simon Dewhurst

    You made a pigs ear of that Pete🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Paul Dugan
    Paul Dugan

    Rory USA? That might be a bigger slight than the golf!

  • Webbyy

    when you playing rick again? maybe matt aswell

  • russell hammond
    russell hammond

    "What was that? Last round of the masters" Pete went full Scouse accent with that. I'm guessing Pete's from Warrington or something like that. Not half Scouser, but not far off. Maybe Frodsham or Northwich.

  • Troy Dessert
    Troy Dessert

    Got to use Nike clubs.... huge miss :)

  • Greg O'Donovan
    Greg O'Donovan

    Love the content but sweet baby Jebus, was the editing done by William Shatner... thought it was lagging 😂 4 second shots all spliced together.

  • Jay Walk444
    Jay Walk444

    Like your content but the chopping and changing editing was not great for me here. Seemed to be jumping about, you'd hit a shot and suddenly you're walking, then without warning your putting, then instantly standing on the next tee. All unusually bouncy for me.

  • Travis Wright
    Travis Wright

    Rory did it, so Peter can absolutly kill it!

  • Tim Haigh
    Tim Haigh

    I’m glad I watched through to the end, because the post-round interview was a gem.

  • Bryce Sparling
    Bryce Sparling

    Where's Rick's "Mate" comment here. Haha!!

  • Luhann Brink
    Luhann Brink

    I wonder if Rory also talks as much... :)

  • Nick Turner
    Nick Turner

    Subscribed to both

  • Gareth Excell
    Gareth Excell

    Going -13. Miss out by 1 in regulation.

  • Garret O'Neill
    Garret O'Neill

    I subscribed to both!

  • Michael D'Anna
    Michael D'Anna

    Rory is from the US?

  • Sam Thomas
    Sam Thomas

    Great video idea nice to see something a bit different

  • Jackson Clark
    Jackson Clark

    Have you had the opportunity to play Augusta?

  • Ferman Martin
    Ferman Martin

    Dorcy is me loite-stick eh... ha

  • Filip Lukáš
    Filip Lukáš

    17:37 Rory is not from USA😂.

  • Ryan Deibler
    Ryan Deibler

    If you were doing the 2011 Masters from Rory’s standpoint , then use his clubs from 2011.

  • Ryan Forder
    Ryan Forder

    Pete, you should give Houldsworth GC a go. Just around the corner from Reddish Vale, nice little gem of a course.

  • Finlay Ball
    Finlay Ball

    At 17:39 Rory has changed native to American

  • Steve Richardson
    Steve Richardson

    Dig your old putter out 😉😂

  • C E
    C E

    Fun to watch 👍🏻👌🏻🏌️‍♂️

  • peter guildford
    peter guildford

    Sorry had to stop watching, the stop start was doing my head in.


    You’d probably beat him atm he ain’t playing to well

  • Oliver Williams
    Oliver Williams

    Since when was Rory from the USA 17:38

  • Ryan Dunbar
    Ryan Dunbar

    Rory McIlroy USA???

  • Paul Moger
    Paul Moger

    Pete, your putting was much better with that putter you had before with the massive head. Why the change?

  • Adam Goodman
    Adam Goodman

    Just wanted to say great video, really enjoyed, BUT Rory is from Ireland? I think he is anyway? 😜😂😂

  • Steve Hayes
    Steve Hayes

    Hey Pete, Geoff Ogilvy is from Melbourne Australia not the USA

  • Nick Salvador
    Nick Salvador

    You have to get to the weekend to worry about winning.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith

    The irony of it all, Jordan Spieth just birdied NO.10 at Augusta in all 4 rounds! He is the only player in the History of the Masters to do it!

  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday

    I liked this type of video, but I sure do miss the ol Pete vs Rick battles.

  • RTX Off
    RTX Off

    Pete, you killed it. I don't give a damn, you played some really good golf there. Way to pull up your britches and keep going! You certainly need to work on the positivity though, I think that's a huge obstacle in your way.

  • Joe Marshall
    Joe Marshall

    Hey rick ive been wondering which shot tracer app you use, i cant seem to find a good one

  • Michael Ashman
    Michael Ashman


  • Jonah Powell
    Jonah Powell

    What putter were you using in the video

  • Eaglesfan1933 Live in liberty
    Eaglesfan1933 Live in liberty

    What driver do you use ?

  • Clor Havgman
    Clor Havgman

    i turned this off after he bogied the first hole

  • Fluffy Bunny Feet
    Fluffy Bunny Feet

    Stay positive, at least you didn't whiff (twice)!

  • Michael Woodruff
    Michael Woodruff

    PetRory McIlFinch

  • Nicolas Leduc
    Nicolas Leduc

    Fun challenge!