Stop Swinging "OVER THE TOP" In Golf
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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    If you don’t want to fall into the Whirlpool of Despair...wallop that like button ❤️

    • als 1
      als 1

      Really well explained. Thumbs up and liked!

    • Billy Beard
      Billy Beard

      So thats where I am

    • Kieran VR
      Kieran VR

      Whirlpool=Maelstrom....just saying...

    • Kieran VR
      Kieran VR

      dun bin whalloped it has

    • Tim Barnes - Strength & Conditioning
      Tim Barnes - Strength & Conditioning

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  • Darrah Densmore
    Darrah Densmore

    This is clear, succinct, practical instruction. As a teacher myself, I'd say you've done well. Much appreciated.

  • Hershey Beard
    Hershey Beard

    Not gonna lie I practice my golf swing in the shower every day. The floor mat works as perfect distance apart for my feet the wall behind and shower curtain make a perfect box to make sure the swing is correct if i go over the top too much or have a slicer swing i hit the shower curtain almost off if I didn’t zip tie it. A good swing i know when i just graze the curtain with my right hand. I know this crazy but seems to help me get a good swing rhythm. Since i started this a week or 2 ago. My next score drastically improved 48-55 down to 43.

  • smahalko

    Pure gold instruction Mr. Finch! Thanks for sharing your own personal flare with your advice!


    great advice pete

  • James Massar
    James Massar

    Great video Pete! I definitely struggle with over-the-top. This drill helps and I try to keep this feeling when playing!

  • Daniel Cohen
    Daniel Cohen

  • Daniel Cohen
    Daniel Cohen

    My pro had me use the "golf box drill" to help correct a 20-year over-the-top move. And it worked! I'm hitting draws and straight shots now. Occasionally the old motor memory takes over and pulls the path left still, but it's happening far less often. Massive increase in distance through the bag. Penetrating ball flight, lower spin, and the floaty spinner that comes up short is a rarity at last. I do tend to get steep sometimes though, even with the path more or less sorted out, which results in some chunks, so I'm working on shallowing the club out and a full rotation. The biggest challenge on the course has been re-learning where to aim, learning the new yardages, and trusting it. Like a lot of low/mid handicappers who slice, I got pretty good at finding target with the old swing, and I knew those iron distances very well, short as they were. But these new problems are excellent ones to have!

  • John Sheehan
    John Sheehan

    Great video. Do you start the downswing with the arms or would this be from the ground when shifting your weight to lead side which would make you naturally shallow the club? Thanks

  • Nicou Human
    Nicou Human

    Starting the downswing straight down is the idea I use to shallow the golf club

  • chris ferguson
    chris ferguson

    Great video Pete...shooting 59 at weekend..thanks in advance 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • Frank Brickle
    Frank Brickle

    " all things fluffy..." ?

  • Scott Lewis
    Scott Lewis

    Tried this and worked on feeling that transition today at the course. Ended up shooting my best round of the year (77) even though I was also working on some new putting mechanics that failed me today. I wasn't able to keep it up during my 2nd round though. It's definitely difficult for me to feel the transition and I also find myself cutting across the ball too much sometimes(I might be rotating my lower body/hips way too fast). I will definitely have to practice the wall drill at home so it feels more natural and try to get some range time in before my next round. As always thanks for the tips!!

  • John Waterfield
    John Waterfield

    Why oh why do you keep flicking camera angles, zooms etc. It’s just annoying to try and watch when the content is of real worth.

  • Rowan Stafford
    Rowan Stafford

    This helped a lot. Thank you! All about patience in the transition

  • Kurt Cameron
    Kurt Cameron

    Just what the doc ordered Peter! I'm 21 and athletic build so power isn't an issue but consistency is! I believe its due to coming over the top and the subsequent steep attack angle. I will be working on this drill at home and get to the driving range this week to try it out! All the best Peter, good luck for open qualifying

  • jo handershmut
    jo handershmut

    I don't have an over the top swing but I still found this video so helpful. I'm new to golf and I smashed my hybrids and woods thanks to these techniques. Just wanted to say thanks really great content

  • Peter Lagan
    Peter Lagan

    Brilliant lesson. It Really helped me out and stopped the dreaded shank

  • Gee Wizz
    Gee Wizz


  • Windmill Cancer Survivor
    Windmill Cancer Survivor

    This is great instruction! Anytime I can decipher what over the top is in the first place vs the proper relaxed down swing you demonstrate it's a good thing.

  • David Tomsett
    David Tomsett

    Would like chipping just off the green, straight, over a mound and over a bunker, uphill and downhill Pete

  • Phil Allen
    Phil Allen

    I've never heard such a clear definition of the transition before and have been confused by it, so THANK YOU!

  • Ethan Michaelis
    Ethan Michaelis

    This is exactly what I asked for, and I got exactly what I needed! Can't wait to hit the range

  • Martin Savard
    Martin Savard

    Pete, just to let you know, i'm trying really hard to emulate your tempo. You have a very smooth iron swing that generates tons of power and I really hope I can come close to that in the near future. Cheers from Canada mate !

  • Daniel French
    Daniel French

    This is literally the best video I've ever seen about golfing technique. Thank you Mr Finch, you're a legend. Also love the comedy moments and the drill, roll on the range asap!!?

  • Cowboy Surfer
    Cowboy Surfer

    Thanks Pete for the free private! I walloped the like button with unbridled enthusiasm! 😉

  • Mark Bennett
    Mark Bennett

    When trying to put am always missing short how can I help solve this?

  • Roger Mick Collison
    Roger Mick Collison

    Awesome advice, thanks Pete

  • Master Beernuts
    Master Beernuts

    *#Suggestion* Pete - would LOVE a vid on face control.

  • Golf Addicts
    Golf Addicts

    Pete Great drill , I hit the ball well ( I think so ) but never draws , then WOW !!¡!!

  • Aaron Lewis
    Aaron Lewis

    Brilliant video just what I needed👍

  • David Knight
    David Knight

    Great video Peter. Something I’m working on at the moment. Lockdown left me with an OTT movement, that’s proving hard to fix. Will give this drill a try 😎

  • Danny Raven
    Danny Raven

    What if you already have a shallow backswing so it's tricky to shallow further?

  • Steven Shaw
    Steven Shaw

    Please Pete, take my hand and lead me!

  • Vikram Pitre
    Vikram Pitre

    If there was a way of using a hammer and hitting that bell, I would ! You should patent some of your phrases ‘million $ inflation vs billion $ golf swing 😀’, but on a serious note your golf instructions are super helpful. 👍

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith

    You've already addressed this issue, but please go through it once more for the dummy. Lots of SVsoft vids on how to make a more consistent strike in hitting the ball first, then the turf, and not the other way around, grass then ball.

  • kirksebts

    We I try to swing from the inside I often duff or hit behind the ball! Why?

  • Jack Wheatley
    Jack Wheatley

    “That horrendous over the top move”......that hits target 😂

  • pappy1994 chef
    pappy1994 chef

    This is my biggest problem

  • realgoodnoodles

    Best description of an over the top swing I have seen!

  • The Fist Bump Guy
    The Fist Bump Guy

    This is what I have been missing in my Golfing, I'm what you call a Power slicer, I swing my driver and all uncut bread in a 2km radius is sliced which sends me into the Whirlpool of despair :(. Doing this training exercise hopefully will lose my slice. Mr. Finch You Sir are a Gentleman and a Scholar.

  • Mattias Karlsson
    Mattias Karlsson

    I’ve been following your videos for years. It’s without a doubt my favorite golf channel! Great content, keep up the awesome work!

  • Steve Barker
    Steve Barker

    Really useful lesson as the transition is just the issue I have at the moment in not completing my backswing. Slowing it down really does help before starting the downswing.

  • ianryder111

    Truly amazing how 1 person can show you what to look out for in ten minutes and a guy couldn’t identify in a block of 3 lessons. Maybe it’s a teaching deficiency but Cheers for this video Pete. Really appreciate it. Iv been caught in a whirlpool of despair for 5 years trying to figure it out because more often than not Iv been working on the wrong thing. SVsoft itself can often be whirlpool in its on right but this lesson is a simple as it gets. Took the homework to the course today and shot 83 ( my handicap is 15) but strike was so much better and enjoyed my round. Hopefully break 80 this year !

  • Jonathan Felicie
    Jonathan Felicie

    Pete’s American accent is so unsettling lol 😂 but great

  • Franklin Feng
    Franklin Feng

    Hey Peter, huge fan of the channel! Could you make a video about eliminating the dreaded “chicken wing”? Much appreciated, keep up the great work!

  • Nic Townsend
    Nic Townsend

    I'm going to call this the "Charles Barkley" drill lol

  • Norman Cux Golf n' Stuff
    Norman Cux Golf n' Stuff

    I have had a huge problem with slicing every ball. The only drill that helped me a lot, was to change my takeaway. It was to shallow before but not I draw every shot :)

  • J. Harper
    J. Harper

    For me it’s all about starting with the hips, then the arms will fall. I also put a head cover to the outside of my ball on the range. You have to hit from the inside or you will hit the head cover first.

  • Fred Stewart
    Fred Stewart


  • Marco De Colle
    Marco De Colle

    Thanks Pete great tip.

  • Thom Stackhouse
    Thom Stackhouse

    I have to say I'm liking the fact Peter is embracing his comedy talent more these days. There are too many serious golf SVsoftrs out there and both Rick and Pete seem to want to put some fun back in the game. Although, personal note to Pete, that American accent is awful 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wolf 4C
    Wolf 4C

    this video is a whirlpool of metaphors but I love it either way lol

  • john grimes
    john grimes

    The pasture of good golf.... is that to the left or right of the whirlpool of despair??

  • Adam Allsopp
    Adam Allsopp

    The transition area is my problem. Rush from the top and flip my wrists to compensate resulting in a lovely snap hook. Will give the tip a blast. 👍

  • David Dolphin
    David Dolphin

    Great content Pete, just what I needed. Keep up the great work 👍

  • Mikael Härmä
    Mikael Härmä

    Sadly I don’t have that kinda wall

  • malone77

    Most over the top moves are created by a "hit" reaction to the ball, rather than a swing through with a club

  • Swivvy

    Oh go on then, you can have a subscriber too. You can thank Rick for me finding you, to be honest I seen a golf club, cap and beard and thought you was Rick. Complete noob to golf, last time I played was when I tagged along with dad and uncles about ,10 years ago and I scuffed 90% of shots. Looking forward to learning the basics and might give it a go again

  • allen southgate
    allen southgate

    Is it p g a or professor Finch now (big words)

  • The Colorado Shrink
    The Colorado Shrink

    Never do you want to be into the "whirlpool of despair" - in golf or in life!

  • Matthew Fuller
    Matthew Fuller

    Nice drill - fully intend to try that tonight 👌Hopefully my grips don’t leave black marks on the walls! On another note - have you replaced your MP20s? 🧐

  • Josh Berry
    Josh Berry

    Getting close to 400k subs. Congrats Pete

  • SKS Plays
    SKS Plays

    Ah yes, Peter Finch lessons. The only ones I can really afford at the moment :)

  • tony hudson
    tony hudson

    My ball striking has always been good but I started pulling the ball left... Coming over the top...I found that the best fix was that at the top of my back swing I started making my hip turn before transitioning the down swing. This opened my hips and I started getting the ball back on line again.

  • Josh Truman
    Josh Truman

    Love the instructional videos! Nice Sub 70s you are using too. Whirlpool of despair successfully avoided. I can not say my passion was unbridled, but the "like" button was walloped as always.

  • Scott White
    Scott White

    How are those Sub70 TA3 irons? You should do a review of those babies.

  • RushISVariety

    That like button has now been smashed with unbridled enthusiasm

  • Pier-Luc Labonne
    Pier-Luc Labonne

    The sad thing is, i know all this already. My body just doesn't want to cooperate. Maybe i 'm just too bad.

    • InspireApon

      Rubbish, anyone can learn this. Just need practice or a teacher.

  • Ironheadify

    Just womped the thumb

  • Shane Deel
    Shane Deel

    Every shot today I had a very deep divot. Like 4 inches deep sometimes. I broke the face of my brand new g425 iron today. The face cracked from top to bottom and around the back.

  • Jason Forby
    Jason Forby

    Thank you so much! This is my major issue with my swing. A pro pointed out to me and worked with me a bit, but going back to this video to work on this drill is going to help a ton!

  • Trevor Rochon
    Trevor Rochon

    Any Rick vs Pete videos coming any time soon ?

  • Joe Doaks
    Joe Doaks

    Excellent video, Pete. Thank you.

  • Tom Polkinghorne
    Tom Polkinghorne

    Great to watch this Pete, as this is exactly what I’m working on atm, it’s transforming my strike 👍🏻

  • Eoin kelly
    Eoin kelly

    Hi Peter, I remember in a previous video you wanted the viewers to think of something to put in the empty square, in your new head quarters. I also remember from another video long ago, when you tested the tiger irons and said something along the lines of “the only people who would buy these, would be the people looking to display them in a glass case in their office” (not the exact quote) My suggestion is to hang the tiger irons in a case above. Reminding you to alway unleash your inner G.O.A.T!

  • Matt Aamold
    Matt Aamold

    ...I do not like the whirlpool of despair. Or the cone of shame.

  • James Sabbag
    James Sabbag

    Thanks Pete!


    Please do more American accents haha😂

  • Dave Shannon
    Dave Shannon

    As always, informative, funny and entertaining 👏🏻👏🏻 you cannot understate how important it is to have a lesson with a good pro, I was once a 12 handicapper (when playing regularly) a good steady game, but then as I didn't play regularly a shank hit me big time, couldn't stop shanking, now had 2 out 6 lessons with my local pro who saw straight away a few simple to fix problems and now I'm feeling confident again and striking my irons better more regularly, so definitely get a lesson or 2 to get issues identified and fixed!!

  • Andrew Shimmin Golf and Kung Fu
    Andrew Shimmin Golf and Kung Fu

    Nice one Pete! I find the step back and then step forward into the ball like a cricket cover drive... helps to drop the club into that position ... it’s impossible to come over the top when you do that!

  • Cammy Bogle
    Cammy Bogle

    The vid I have been asking you for for ages 🙌🙌 thank you

  • tillsy23

    Yep after 10 years I started swinging on the flattest single swing plane for each club and started playing a lot more consistent and straighter than ever

  • Matthew Osman
    Matthew Osman

    Another great vlog Pete, thank you muchly for the great advise. Overtop hit impulse has been an enemy of my swing since forever. Little side note, where did you get that 🧢 I need it in my life!

  • Ivo Bonzano
    Ivo Bonzano

    I’m always feeling to be in the whirlpool of despair every time I play golf 😭

  • Anthony Higham
    Anthony Higham

    I paid 25 quid for this exact lesson 4 hours ago...internet cookies are becoming advanced...

    • John Waterfield
      John Waterfield

      Chris Ryan well worth a watch did this video 2-3 years ago. Great drill

    • Mac23950

      Bro I shot the worst round of my life yesterday... I see this and it’s exactly what I was doing wrong no lie 🤦🏻‍♂️... cookies are on another level

  • Axel Bahr
    Axel Bahr

    Great video - very helpful.

  • Matt H
    Matt H

    This is what I am doing with my golf coach at the moment, thank you so much you have explained it really well!

  • MT Born
    MT Born

    Love the humorous comments, benefiting from the tips. Great fun to watch. Thanks!

  • Marshal Kass
    Marshal Kass

    It’s almost like you know my game. This is my biggest miss. Thanks Pete!!!

  • csramsay0314

    For the first time since I’ve started watching your videos...I didn’t watch it all. This is good!! because felt like I didn’t need to! And that’s primarily down to you Pete soo thank you very much. And don’t still got a like 👍

  • Ryan Olinger
    Ryan Olinger

    Nice video Pete!

  • Tony Schneider
    Tony Schneider

    Great video, Pete. I am definitely envious of that awesome studio space you have. I've been working like crazy on exactly this. Favorite drill for the in/out swing is swinging at a middle ball in between two others offset at a diagonal. if I hit the back ball, I'm going over the top.

  • BN Golf
    BN Golf

    The "why dont I listen to my own advice" at the end is the most relatable thing ever ...

  • Scott Kruse
    Scott Kruse

    Pete's swing looks great ! Really like the instructional videos and look forward to the next match with Rick!!

  • TopCat

    This is spooky: I had my first lesson for a long time tonight with a new coach and he had me working on this exact thing. We did the wall drill and everything! Great video Pete.

  • Andy Plays Golf
    Andy Plays Golf

    This video is exactly what a youtube Pro Doesent want you to see. This is a game changer

  • Daniel Koenig
    Daniel Koenig

    Do you find the feeling of dropping the trail shoulder towards the ground gets the club to shallow? Thanks for the great videos too!

  • Jay Byrne
    Jay Byrne

    I've been living in the "washing machine of Woe" lately. It's next door but one to the whirlpool of despair. Separated by the "waterfall of madness". I have however been trying similar moves to this with some success. I might incorporate these too 👍🏻

  • Brad Pinhorn
    Brad Pinhorn

    Perfect timing for this! Just been at the range and my wrist angle is still not great even though my arms shallow out okay (i think?) the wall I go 😬