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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey all 👋 just wanted to say a big thank for for sharing your time with me. Drop a like on the video and let me know what coaching videos you’d like to see next

    • Mike Kroboth
      Mike Kroboth

      @Jacob Monzingo Been doing a lot of at home stuff during quarantine due to the gyms being closed. One golf based workout I like to do regularly is Does not require any equipment and is relatively easy for somebody just getting started.

    • Jacob Monzingo
      Jacob Monzingo

      I know in a recent video you said that you don't want to post a video that was just a workout vid. It would be kinda cool to see a video that is a mix of some exercises/stretches and how they affect the golf swing or important parts of the body in the swing. If not, no worries! Love all the content, cheers from the US.

    • Rob Hart
      Rob Hart

      Pete, you have a very intentional and repeatable pre shot routine when you are on the tee box. It’s one of the things that really impresses me about your golf swing. Could you run through the steps of your practice swings/routine and what is going on in your head before you tee off?

    • eszabo

      Face-to-path control🤌🏽

    • Lee West
      Lee West

      Bunker shots for me I always seem to thin them or they just dribble over the club face and go nowhere

  • TomTomChucky

    Sooooo smooth!

  • Raymond Nersessian
    Raymond Nersessian

    My takeaway is decent now, I would like a video on ball compression then follow through, I don’t follow through correct and my ball ends up pushing right at the end as I don’t follow through and create that little draw. Thankyou!

  • Alex Sellwood
    Alex Sellwood

    At the top of backswing my hands go in an upwards position & the club angle goes across the natural plain line. So on my follow through swing I come down sharp and rely on my wrists to over- compensate to get a straight shot

  • Robert Johansson (RBImGuy)
    Robert Johansson (RBImGuy)

    100% wrong, bad teaching

  • Colby Botts
    Colby Botts

    Transition from backswing into downswing

  • Jack

    The transition would be really helpful to have broken down for me!

  • Kennedy Golfhead
    Kennedy Golfhead

    I just watched some of the videos from a year ago. It's amazing how much he has built his muscles. Look at his arms!!

  • Daniel Dudley
    Daniel Dudley

    Golf fitness ideas would be nice to know. What kind of workout do you do at the gym to help with flexibility and strengthening the right muscle groups?

  • Elliot

    Can we see a coaching video on finishing the swing, after hitting the ball to extension! Thanks!

  • Dan Jeory
    Dan Jeory

    I tried changing my normal takeaway last week but it was awful so I went back to Wok&Go down the road. I love the Chicken Katsu box.

  • Brian Hull
    Brian Hull

    Pete the more I see your swing the more I want one the same...I’m going to do my best to model my swing on yours despite the fact that I’m 53 ☺️

  • J B
    J B

    I struggle with over Rotating in the back swing. I do well with staying over the ball but sometimes I hit it fat because I tend to cast because there is so much over rotation. I am 46 years old and feel I am pretty athletic which makes me able to get back to the ball.

  • Mike Kroboth
    Mike Kroboth

    Love the channel. Been working on my takeaway since getting to the range for the first time this season. Went from too shallow to very steep because I found mistakes were minimized with a steeper takeaway. Love these drills. When I am at university the driving range is quite far so I do a lot of drills in my apartment. If you could do more of these drills that are easy to do without hitting the ball that would be amazing! Thanks for all of the high quality content!

  • dennis7800

    Hey Peter :-) Could you make a video of where the bodyweight should be doing the downswing? My problem is that i'm moving my upper body too much in front of the ball during the downswing. I have been told that my weight should be on my left foot, but my upperbody behind the ball. Do you have a drill or a mindset for that??? Love your videos btw (sorry about the spelling, english is not my native language) Best regards Dennis

  • Derek Tharpe
    Derek Tharpe

    The transition from the top of the backswing. What is an effective trigger to start the downswing?

  • Shawn Eicholz
    Shawn Eicholz

    Mine is where I'm blocking myself because I'm so stuck on trying to not create hip sway, that I'm shorting myself. How do you fix the hip sway?

  • LuisA2380 Menzes
    LuisA2380 Menzes

    Hey pete, thought this one would be pretty interesting, I play off a 7 handicap, I hit the ball okay but I can never seem to shorten my backswing and increase my turn at the same time. The club always looks over parallel no matter if I get my left shoulder under my chin on the backswing. Thought that would be an interesting question answered :)

  • daniel kennedy
    daniel kennedy

    Hi Pete, love your videos, they’ve really helped me develop my golf game. One area i struggle with (especially conceptually) is the sequencing of the transition, especially the idea of getting the body moving before the arms/club. A video on this would be a great help! Keep up the great work 👍🏽

  • Elliott Douglass
    Elliott Douglass

    I stay down and through nicely with my irons and wedges... driver or 3wood off the tee I lose posture during the downswing and hip thrust! Help

  • John Kirk
    John Kirk

    I always struggle with the transition. Any help with that would be awesome!

  • Jeremy Dain
    Jeremy Dain

    Struggling to hit up confidentiality and consistently with the driver 🙄🤯 I'm obviously hitting down as a lot of strikes are close to coming of the top of the face!

  • Brent McDougall
    Brent McDougall

    I struggle with it ALL A- approaching the set up consistently L- loading up in the backswing L- launching the ball where I want it to go Other than that I am great...

  • Matthew Osman
    Matthew Osman

    Get drill Pete, will be using this for the next few weeks as I been struggling to get the club in a good position on the way back.

  • Jeff Sartor
    Jeff Sartor

    Duck hook. 🦆. Help

  • Alex Di Pietro
    Alex Di Pietro

    trail shoulder drills next!

  • CvD

    Would be a great help if he did an in depth analysis of reading greens, not just for putting but chips, approaches and par 3's. I've spent hours on it and gotten quite good but still miss a read or whatever every now and then.

  • Daniel Mosias
    Daniel Mosias

    You have the butt end of the club further forward at address than a lot of other golfers I've seen. What are the advantages and disadvantages (if any) of that? Also I would like to see coaches like your good self making videos of actual lessons with actual people of varying handicaps. One last thing, if you got rid of the beard and had a ponytail you'd be a dead ringer for David Seaman 😃

  • Dink Royles
    Dink Royles

    Hi Pete! hope you are well, as you were saying about "What other parts of the swing would we like to see you cover next?", not so much a swing video per say, but I'm newish to golf and still have no idea about my yardages, I'm a simple bloke and just want to know rough yardages for my clubs, is there a way we can do this out on the range and on the course without paying for a PGA Pro to get our yardages put down for us? love the content matey, have a great day! stay happy!

  • Allan Bear
    Allan Bear


  • Chris L
    Chris L

    how to stay finish balanced on the golf swing. I tend to be on my toes pretty much at takeaway. Am I bringing the club in to quickly?

  • Mummi


  • Brian Trace
    Brian Trace

    Pete, would love you to cover how to correct a chicken-wing swing with a driver with drills and corrective practices.

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    The take-away was my Achilles Heel for some time; thankfully I got a great lesson from my local pro to help. I will however add in the use of the alignment stick into my practice sessions. Cheers

  • Christian Hansen
    Christian Hansen

    Hey Peter I’m struggling with shifting my body weight down during the downswing, any tips to keep level?

  • Sander van der Zwan
    Sander van der Zwan

    you got it finchieh

  • Lawrence Mollo
    Lawrence Mollo

    Easy downswing tempo. Tend to be very hand and arm focused and lose strike.

  • Scott Ward
    Scott Ward

    I'd like a video on the start of the downswing. Particularly the best players seem to start their lower body moving forward while thier arms are still going up. I struggle with clearing my hips and shoulders at Impact resulting in a chicken wing

  • Tom Martin-Hall
    Tom Martin-Hall


  • Cort Ott
    Cort Ott

    I would love to see a video on starting the downswing with the hip and drills to help with that

  • travis sather
    travis sather

    Thanks for the drill Pete!! As for issues with my game, I'd have to say wedge game is weak. It seems the shorter the club the more issues I havd

  • Kungfu Golfer
    Kungfu Golfer

    The full turn

  • Ross Cowan
    Ross Cowan

    In to out 😩😩😩

  • hernjuku

    golfing issue: backswing peak hand hight really low. how can i get a higher backswing?

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy

    I've recently gotten on a trackman and discovered I hit like 2*dn on my driver and it comes out low. When I add tilt to my setup and focus on hitting up my pattern has become a push fade.

  • J Dubbz
    J Dubbz

    If I had that golf sim I'd probably never leave it.

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf

      Who says I do

  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI Help

    I struggle with hitting 400 yard drives :-)

  • Nickolas Magos
    Nickolas Magos

    Nice video. I think I am going to increase the swing weight on my clubs to get a better feel of them and put them on the correct swing plane. The short irons are ok, but the mid and long irons feel like feathers. I bought my mizuno mp-33 set used so didn't get fitted.

  • Rob Biles
    Rob Biles

    My perfect golf takeaway Pete is a 6 pack from the bar for the back 9.

  • Iain

    I struggle to know when to set the wrists. Suggestions please.

  • Neill Hobson
    Neill Hobson

    Oh lordy! So, got my new shiny sticks, did this drill, so very far away from my hip on the take away. Guess that explains all! 😭😂

  • Leon 81
    Leon 81

    Release please

  • Henrik Eskevik
    Henrik Eskevik

    The followthrough

  • Craig Wallace
    Craig Wallace

    Great drill Pete! Keep up the good work! This is a problem area for me as of late. As you described I do become too steep in the follow through. I suspect it is an inherent problem from the takeaway as I take it too wide, outside my desired path. Can this drill be used on all clubs in the bag? Driver is of particular interest for me, again steep follow through, any tips to shallowing the path back to the ball.

  • rollo316

    I've tried this drill from one of yiur previous videos and from meandmygolf. I think my back swing is OK. It's the follow through swing I struggle with. I've noticed I tend to lean more on right instead of my left. Any tips or drills to work on this part of my swing ?? And any swing tips for using my wedges ?

  • Nate BAMA
    Nate BAMA

    Well I would say all of it but since you want me to be more specific I would say the point where the club meets the ball, AKA contact because that is my biggest issue

  • Ryan Walters
    Ryan Walters

    I have a hard time starting my swing without swaying back. I know it’s between my ears....any suggestions.

  • Kim Karzin
    Kim Karzin

    Hi Pete, love your channel! I’m in the US and I watch you Rick all the time. My trouble is squaring up at impact, no matter how I set up or try and close my face, even with an inside/out swing, I always seem to block it out to the right or duck hook it to the left, just can’t hit impact with a square face, very frustrating

  • Miles Otway
    Miles Otway

    Tempo drills and triggers for the golf swing. When tempo is good I hit really quite well, when it's off the thins and duffs take over.

  • mackay19850203

    I'm scooping everything really badly, adding loft to my irons, woods and wedges. I have 112mph swing speed on a good day but I'm losing distance because I'm launching my driver between 22-24 degrees. The trend continues all the way through my bag

  • Jony Costa
    Jony Costa

    Im strugglin rn with havin space at the impact with my arms

  • Compa 49
    Compa 49

    Thing I struggle with the most is continuing the hip turn through the swing. I tend to stall my hips once they are parallel which causes me to have to flip my wrists to make contact. Any tips or drills to help with continuing the rotation throughout the entire swing would help. Thanks for all your videos.

  • Miguel Orjuela
    Miguel Orjuela

    How to avoid an early extension or create lag to hit the ball before the grass

  • Lorenz Harnacke
    Lorenz Harnacke

    I was grinding on my backswing/takeaway lately, but kind of lost control over my wrists. Maybe you could do a vid on both wrists

  • Tony Woods Snr
    Tony Woods Snr

    Great Learning lesson Mr Finch, good drills, I do struggle with first part of takeaway, will be practising these drills

  • TheThunderwesel

    Would love a video on setup like grip, stance, etc

  • Steve Barker
    Steve Barker

    Some good reminders there Pete as it is something I have been working on after the lockdown layoff👍🏼

  • Jeff Rowe
    Jeff Rowe

    Wrist flipping leads me to picking the ball clean. I really need some drills to work on that descending strike and stopping my flip so I can get better distance out of my irons.

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White

    Hips and shoulder rotation in the downswing. I feel like that's the main reason for my over the top

  • sneaky shotz
    sneaky shotz

    Peter Finch: Many golfers have a non technically proficient move off the ball... "Matthew wolff has entered the chat"

  • Michael Birenbach
    Michael Birenbach

    Hitting the ball first. Slices with longer irons.

  • Swiss Raver
    Swiss Raver

    Hey Peter The club wich I'm struggling the most with is actually my Driver. I hit my Irons and Fairwaywoods pretty solid but I just can't get that Driver fixed and I think it has a lot to do with a wrong takeaway of the club. Would love to see a video about that!

  • Sam Mindlin
    Sam Mindlin

    Love to see a video on the start of the downswing. Cheers!

  • Alex Peters
    Alex Peters

    Hi Pete, I tried this today at the range and helped loads with my wedges and short irons but didn't seem to help much with my mid irons and woods, is there any difference to the swing with the longer clubs?

  • Jason McGrogan
    Jason McGrogan

    Pete, I really struggle with the follow through and how that correlates to ball flight. I get stuck while “reaching” for a proper follow through and can’t figure out how to clear my body. Thanks for all you do!

  • John Mckeown
    John Mckeown

    I have problems " unsetting" my wrists leaving low flight and short distances.

  • Connor Swinscoe
    Connor Swinscoe

    Really struggle with 5 and 4 iron, rarely hit them well and when I do they go no further than my 7 iron.

  • Liquad

    I top most of my shots if its not tee'd up. I have watched ALOT of vifeos, but I still have the issue :(

  • S cannon
    S cannon

    Almost all of it?

  • IncrediblePony

    I would love to see how you can make a cheap makeshift traning course on a football field or something like that. I live in a small apartment and I want to hit balls and do drills, but the closest place to practice anything is a park or a football field. I don't want to hit anyone or anything, so is there a way to setup a training station quick and easy that doesn't endanger other around you, and you can actually strike a ball?

  • Corp Jackson
    Corp Jackson

    Shallowing out club...downswing

  • Larry David
    Larry David

    Why am I shanking 50 yard pitch shots? I’m lost as to why I’m doing it.

  • James Bowling
    James Bowling

    Great video. Would like to see the transition to the downswing and tips to shallow the club.

  • Corey Watkins
    Corey Watkins

    Stop swinging over the top is what I’m struggling with

  • andy p
    andy p

    your studio kicks the shit out of Shiels' studio 😂😂

  • Marcus Freeman
    Marcus Freeman

    When you post the down swing video it would really be helpful if you talk about how to have your wrist set when coming down at the trailing leg. I also struggle with having a great practice swing ( fast or slow) but then when I step up to the ball I completely change my swing. Hope you can help. Thank you!

  • G1NG3RxDAV3

    Consistently clearing the hips through impact is what I’d like to know more about

  • Matt Hooper
    Matt Hooper

    I struggle with impact and keeping my blade open, got a tendency to roll my hand and close it, leading to a pull

  • WestyUK _
    WestyUK _

    Thank you for this. Something I need now I’m starting up playing again after 14 months off. I would like to see a video that helps with the driver. I have made some changes. Instead of slicing really badly right. I now hit it straight left. I believe I need to sort my club head path into the ball. So please could we have a swing path video for the driver.

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Always come in way to steep on my driver and slice left to right, then making me a/ slow down my swing speed (less distance) to try and control more & b/ line up way off to comp for my slice.

  • Samuel Prescott
    Samuel Prescott

    This drill is one of the things my golf coach gave me to work on the takeaway, namely how to get my hands back to the correct position at impact.

  • Gerard Paty
    Gerard Paty

    path path path !!!!!!!

  • Christopher Alm
    Christopher Alm

    Love it, been missing these kind of vids :) Any of the mentioned below "next tip"-video will do as i have a feeling most of us needs them all :D

  • Audran Salardaine
    Audran Salardaine

    the path of the golf club in order too make a draw or a fade

  • Brendan Hanley
    Brendan Hanley

    When and how to add wrist hinge on the back swing ( how to "lift" the club?)

  • Jack OConnor
    Jack OConnor

    Really good timing for this to be uploaded, I am working on something similar with my instructor! This is very helpful for when I’m practicing on my own at the range

  • Oscar Rignell
    Oscar Rignell

    Would love to see a drill for technique in follow through, currently ripping the club too much around the body with, at times, uncontrolled draws/hooks occurring. Usually result is still a ball in play but not near the aimingpoint.

  • FurryHaddock

    I understand ball position at address, but I’m really struggling with body distance from address. Is there a rule of thumb for this?

  • InnoveX InnoveX
    InnoveX InnoveX

    Hi Pete The feeling of the back swing take it right arm dominant or left side and nobody really talks about the left knee important is that..

  • Glenn Couser
    Glenn Couser

    On the fairway or tee box(par 3 or short par 4) does it matter taking a chunk of grass? Like as long as you repair or whatever as long as you have good contact with the ball?