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In this US PGA Championship special edition, I partner up with Bushnell to show how I use a laser rangefinder to improve my course management and lower my score.

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone, sending much love from Manchester ❤️ Also, big shout out to Bushnell for making this video happen and supporting the channel - you can check out more info on them here:

    • Rowdy Roddy
      Rowdy Roddy

      what are you wearing on your right wrist/thumb?

    • Gary Brumley
      Gary Brumley

      I’ve used a Bushnell for years. We don’t get yardage books at our public courses in the US, at least the ones I play, and the rangefinders help tremendously and really does speed up play.

    • Greg Barth jr
      Greg Barth jr

      Thank you for another entertaining video. Keep up the great work.

    • Brett Crawford
      Brett Crawford


    • Matt Boruff
      Matt Boruff

      Enjoyed the video... maybe I missed it.... whats up with the wrist wrap?

  • Antoine Olbrechts
    Antoine Olbrechts

    Hey Peter, what app/tool do you use for the shot tracking?

  • Chris Garceau
    Chris Garceau

    It's gonna make the cxaddies job easier

  • Michael Birenbach
    Michael Birenbach

    Nice zen attitude working your way around the course.

  • DirtyOrr#4

    Whatcha got on your wrist there lately? Is that a brace, something like that could help my wrist as well when i start playing a lot of rounds in short periods time

  • Tony Schneider
    Tony Schneider

    How is the PGA going to regulate players using rangefinders and making sure slope is disabled for tournament play? Do rangefinders make a different noise when getting a zap with slope or something? Are they going to come with a list of approved rangefinders?

  • Edgar Maja
    Edgar Maja

    I have not watched a round of golf video in a while and I enjoyed watching this one...well done.

  • Collin Soudrette
    Collin Soudrette

    Man I would love to have a range finder, I’ve been trying for forever to afford one. Just don’t have the extra funds, but I feel like it would improve my game a lot.

  • Ryan Plessinger
    Ryan Plessinger

    Damn Pete, been following you for a while now....never seen this level of consistency. Keep it up man!

  • Prima Facie
    Prima Facie

    Come on Ray, take that pointless chin mask off.

  • Charles McDonald
    Charles McDonald

    You have the best swing buddy

  • vikram rihal
    vikram rihal

    That putter grip belongs on an adult video not on the golf course lol

  • The Golf Giveaway
    The Golf Giveaway

    Peter: A slice to end all slices Me: And I took offense to that.

  • Rufuss Thoo
    Rufuss Thoo

    Pete @8:11 ".. although I can't actually keep hold of my balls". Way too much information Pete. Way too much 😂😂😂

  • Tom Sawyers
    Tom Sawyers

    Love the add for fix your slice on the 2nd tee shot 😂

  • albert winston
    albert winston

    they'll be using it to zoom in on patrick reed to make sure he doesn't fix his lie.

  • heavyq

    Congrats on 400k, Pete!!

  • Dave Shannon
    Dave Shannon

    Brilliant video as usual, loved it. I think it'll speed up play (or should do) I'd quite like a device like that or watch, just can't afford one!! +1 is not bad, lynx golf is a different animal and a hard one to tame, my local course, Sheerness is lynx style but I love the challenge!! I'm predicting and hoping for good things from you Pete in your QFTO 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • Sean Walsh
    Sean Walsh

    Why is your photographer wearing a mask outside on a golf course! Seriously people have lost their minds over this Covid nonsense.

  • Tiger Woodard
    Tiger Woodard

    6:43 golfing god's? What the heck? There's no such thing as golfing god's Mr Finch. Great video, beautiful course, keep up the good work. God bless you sir

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    Hi pete. I messaged on Instagram asking what you what range finder you recommend

  • Glock Ninemill
    Glock Ninemill

    I think it could speed up play for sure. I think for tournaments when you sign in daily the course should give everyone the same lazer to use

  • Zach Truitt
    Zach Truitt

    13:46 is what pure feels like.

  • Sydney Ray Golf
    Sydney Ray Golf

    No body cares... just kidding, I care! Quite exceptional Peter. Quite exceptional

  • David M
    David M

    3 Wood off the tee? On a drivable Par 4? On SVsoft? 😳😳😳

  • Blair Glynn
    Blair Glynn

    The lie is the White House! what White House?? 😂😂😂

  • St Ke
    St Ke

    You look like a ‘natural’ runner

  • Golf Life Australia
    Golf Life Australia

    Every Pete Finch video I just expect him to walk in from left of screen 😂

  • nedrag6

    Missing your LAB wand yet?

  • Callum Auld
    Callum Auld

    Just seen you’ve hit 400k subscribers!!!! Well deserved, every single one 🙌🏼 keep smashing it 😁

  • Timo S
    Timo S

    Congrats to 400 K SUBS!!!!!

  • dennis jenkins
    dennis jenkins


  • John Brownsea
    John Brownsea

    Hi Peter, Been reading commentary by the tour elite. They believe it will slow down play. Many not interested in using them. Lol...until the winner zapped everything. :)

  • Nelson James
    Nelson James

    Bushnell or Rangefinder? lol

  • James Fraley
    James Fraley

    What are you wearing on your left wrist Pete? Anyone else know?

  • RMikeyGeo

    The editing on this video is great! Very easy and enjoyable to watch, gg.

  • malthuswasright

    My prediction is that rangefinders will slow down the pace of play at the USPGA. Cos the pros will want to use the yardage book AND the rangefinder. And they will want to zap everything, not just the pin. It will be funereal.

  • Zoo Golf
    Zoo Golf

    99% of PGA pros use Bushnells.... ???

  • Todd Feldman
    Todd Feldman

    13:41. Majestic

  • Matt Daniels
    Matt Daniels

    Hi Pete, entertaining, witty and informative as every you certainly are the real deal :) I noticed you wearing some sort of aid on your right wrist? Checked your channel, seems like you had some sort of injury there a couple of years ago, is the aid connected with that? Best wishes from berlin!

  • Gordon Winstanley
    Gordon Winstanley

    Some cool steady golf there pete👊

  • Dunn Golfing If Jack Dee played golf
    Dunn Golfing If Jack Dee played golf

    All of which are illegal in competition so who checks you've turned them off ??? Asking for a friend 😉

  • jarred friars
    jarred friars

    Well done Pete on completing the break 75 challenge 🙌

  • ContestChampion

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      John Williams

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      John Williams

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    • Sarah Hamilton
      Sarah Hamilton

      @Barry Chad Unbelievable😦 how do I start

  • Cerberus

    these are the videos i need more of in my life!

  • Adam Edgley
    Adam Edgley

    Love hearing you talk through your strategy on the course, and how you're trying to play to your strengths. I'm sure we'll see you in the Open

  • James Mikoliczyk
    James Mikoliczyk

    I’m going to say that the use of range finder technology on course for some at the pro level likely won’t be an issue and others won’t bother with it. I think it might be more along generational lines, where as I think the new younger players likely won’t have too much issue with it or the use of it. The older more established players likely won’t use it or will use it very little. The Pro level players do have their own routines they use, and in many cases, have used for a long time and fitting something in to their routine on top of what they already do will cause some issues. Given enough time though, I do think they’ll adapt if they want to. The key will be “if they want to”.

  • Nick Celano (Custom Bottle Art)
    Nick Celano (Custom Bottle Art)

    The dramatic musical composition on that wedge shot from the uphill lye, awe inspiring 🤓

  • David Schmider
    David Schmider

    I think if it improves your shot choice, and you make less mistakes, then it speeds things up. Certainly mine has helped me make better choices.

  • Dave Karnowski
    Dave Karnowski

    What's the grip you have on the putter?

  • Dave Karnowski
    Dave Karnowski

    Oh Pete, I can hit a much slicey slice than that little bender on #2.

  • Mark Pogson
    Mark Pogson

    Modern golf has got way too gimmicky. Ban all rangefinders forever. For crying out loud, we're playing a game, not landing a spaceship on Pluto.

  • mike aylen
    mike aylen

    Some great reflective comments Pete. Can the camera man please sort out the exposure, so dark at times.

  • Alistair Wilson
    Alistair Wilson

    I’ve got the Bushnell XE but I’ve had to turn the barometer function off. I was constantly long when I tried it. I can only think it’s because I play in Scotland and my club distances are established for the barometric conditions there. However the device must be calibrated for somewhere like California where the baseline temperatures are warmer

  • Taylor Gipson
    Taylor Gipson

    New putter again Pete?

  • Jon Novak
    Jon Novak

    Looks like a great course!

  • Rossifan2011

    I’m using “I’ve basically completed golf” if I ever land on a green on a par 3!

  • Neil Mckie
    Neil Mckie

    'i love links golf' he says, you left off 'when there is not much wind and the sun is shining'

  • Josh Lout
    Josh Lout

    would you recommend using a range finder and a gps for a regular player? Or just one of them?

    • Cameron Knowles
      Cameron Knowles

      I would say try a phone app first and see how your game goes

  • Roger Tonic
    Roger Tonic

    I must say, T to Green is quite alright...but your shortgame is crap...putting is horrible...30 putts is max for you.

  • Paul Bown
    Paul Bown

    Poetry in motion

  • Harrison Coates
    Harrison Coates

    Send this to Rick who can’t break 75 atm show him who’s the better golfer end this trash talk

  • allen southgate
    allen southgate

    Renamed Finch's gully Pete.

  • UK Carp Angler
    UK Carp Angler

    For what my thoughts are worth, I can't see the Range Finders slowing play down? What takes the time in my opinion, is ascertaining what shot to play or where to land the golf ball. A quick zap will give a yardage but there is still discussions to be had between player and caddy over the shot shape, trajectory, wind hurting or helping etc. Certainly won't slow play down in my opinion.

  • Robert Brady
    Robert Brady

    Great video Pete, you should do more vids with Rick and Matt tho

  • robert day
    robert day

    Hey Pete, good video, On laser rangefinders i can’t understand why professional players can’t use slope and everything else, surely if all players have the right then it’s no different, I think having all the extras would quicken the game up, I don’t think using rangefinders in how they are now, will speed play up,

  • Adam Church
    Adam Church

    You must feel a bit stupid having camera men follow you round when you’re just not very good

  • C Davies
    C Davies

    ‘The ball wasn’t bloody listening to me...think I need a new one’ 😂

  • Gaz Owens
    Gaz Owens

    Whats with the right wrist? Is it injured or is that a training aid?

  • Peter Lowe
    Peter Lowe

    Where is the pro golfer? 😂 great to see your golf game come on so far! Keep up the great work sir

  • Andrew Grant
    Andrew Grant

    I hope this isn't a stupid question, but how will the PGA be ensuring that pros don't use the slope/extra bells and whistles? Are they simply not allowing rangefinders that have those extra features? I know golf is about honesty. but if these features can be switched on and off at will, how are they regulating it?

  • John Doyle
    John Doyle

    Links golf is the best by far. I'm a member of a links golf club in wicklow Ireland 🇮🇪 if your ever over I'd be delighted to host you 🏌‍♂️⛳👍

  • TheSimCaptain

    How are officials going to check if players have turned slope, barometer etc off?

  • Christian MB
    Christian MB

    The 31 people who unliked this video... weren’t loved as a child.

  • Daniel Foy
    Daniel Foy

    I'm wondering if more caddies or the players themselves will be using the rangefinder. I'd probably trust the caddy to do it so it's less to worry about. Spieth will surely be doing his own rangefinding I'd think.

  • Rod Conner
    Rod Conner

    I like yer play, better yet -- yer result! Staying on the positive and moving to the next shot. I do like it Peter! Be Safe

  • CoJoe

    the tongue n cheek towards yourself is gold... 10:15 "wow..... I could have hit it harder but im just not sure how...." hahahha

  • Zax Drums and Golf
    Zax Drums and Golf

    Nice round Peter!! I think those range finder's are pretty cool. They would definitely help you get better yardages.

  • Fionan Daly
    Fionan Daly

    Mate more of the same from the wedge shot camera angles at around 14 mins, looked fucking crispy, loved it

  • Teddy W Gardner
    Teddy W Gardner

    Bro peter rlly be using a Jumbo Max grip thinking he is Bryson Dechambeau

  • Sean Stanford Graves
    Sean Stanford Graves

    Hey, Pete. Great video, thanks for the management tips! Side note: I believe there may be potential risk to lasering a flag while people are still on the green like on hole #3. Something about lasers in eyes or radiation or something. Minimal chances, I'm sure, but maybe ask Bushnell if it's best to make sure the green is clear prior to zappage? I'd be curious to hear what they say. Thanks again for the vid.

  • WhileNickSleeps

    Morning all. Anyone know where I can get the hat Pete is wearing here?

  • Asa Ostrow
    Asa Ostrow

    I forgot you were that good! Or maybe I've just been watching too much Rick! 😂😂

  • Charlie Gouthro
    Charlie Gouthro

    I don't think range finders will make a huge difference. Pros want yardages not only to pin, but also to front, back, to carry slopes, etc. Luckily players will still be on the clock so time will tell if speed of play will improve.

  • Ray Likely
    Ray Likely

    Love how you’re allowing us to experience your thoughts. Where’s the trouble? How to avoid it? Commit. Pre-shot routine. Execute. That’s really how you play stress-free golf!

  • Marco Gallone
    Marco Gallone

    I loved the wedge chart! That’s awesome gapping, could you do a video on your yardage across the bag?

    • Cameron Newton
      Cameron Newton

      Great idea

  • Kevin Scott
    Kevin Scott

    Pete! You running to your ball a “SVsoft Pro golfer” got me 🤣😂! Your game is solid buddy!

  • Darren “zer0ish” Shalla
    Darren “zer0ish” Shalla

    What is on his right wrist? Looks weighted.

  • Christopher Siegert
    Christopher Siegert

    I love my putter but I'm very interested in the Mizuno M Craft after seeing how well Finch is putting now! Def the best I've seen from him!

  • Gary Brumley
    Gary Brumley

    Loved the video because you really show us your thought processes. (Yes, you do have them!) It really helps to see you go through this, because it shows how we should be approaching our shots. Thanks for taking us on this journey with you. Slainte!

  • Caleb Green
    Caleb Green

    Pete we need the old course vlogs back where you show every shot!!!


    Rangefinders should never have been allowed in the pro game it’s bad enough they use green books which is cheating in my opinion.


      @Cameron Knowles It's used to read greens, it has all the breaks drawn up for each hole.

    • Cameron Knowles
      Cameron Knowles

      What is a green book

  • Kimchicracker

    You can’t use the barometer/slope function during the PGA? Patrick Reed will somehow 😏

  • UofIEagles HD
    UofIEagles HD

    Pete, what brace do you use for your left wrist?

  • Marc Coos
    Marc Coos

    Pete my man stop saying what you don't want to do on the course. Always say what you want to do and you'll be amazed how things will work out for you 👌

  • Andrés García Escovar
    Andrés García Escovar

    Peter, I really admire you (as a golfer). I understand that you might be making money from your SVsoft channel but, don't you think that playing while recording might be killing your game? That has to affect your focus in a negative way.

  • J.O.P.

    Out at kiawah they don’t need slop. They need a wind gauge.

  • Michael LePatourel
    Michael LePatourel

    Why are you choosing West Lancs....does it have more spots, does the course suit more than others, closer to your house?......just wondering the reasoning.

  • AJ Hanson
    AJ Hanson

    Love this, Pete! I really love the constant commentary. I know it's probably a lot of work, but I'd be all in on every hole commentary even if you had to split it into 2 9-hole videos or 3 6-hole, etc.

  • carolyn macmillan
    carolyn macmillan

    Your swing is looking better.... But why are gps etc so expensive..?

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