I take on this ELITE JUNIOR GOLFER! At the world's toughest golf course..
PGA PRO vs ELITE JUNIOR GOLFER...at the world's toughest golf course Carnoustie! Huge thank you to Ruben for coming on the channel and to Scottish Golf for putting us in contact and of course Carnoustie for being such an amazing venue!!

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone thanks for watching! Wallop that 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • Tom Wilkinson
      Tom Wilkinson

      What footjoy trousers is Ruben wearing? They're absolute fire

    • Gary Brumley
      Gary Brumley

      Really enjoyed the video, Pete. Ruben doesn’t need to worry about accents at Auburn. Chances are that there won’t be any players from Alabama since they scout around the country/world for players.

    • Robert Hayes
      Robert Hayes

      Grreat, great video Pete. The perfect balance of humour and extremely solid golf, quite the double act.

    • Baden Lucas
      Baden Lucas

      Thanks for the video Pete. The microphone audio is horrendous! Hope you can sort soon.

    • Phil Durrant
      Phil Durrant

      “With UNBRIDLED enthusiasm.”

  • SoCal Golf
    SoCal Golf

    youngster needs some looser pants.

  • Merla Mccanless
    Merla Mccanless

    The silent mass acromegaly scratch because dahlia fortuitously branch absent a frightened frightening full fumbling functional family. careful, breakable slice

  • Sean Cook
    Sean Cook

    Also gaming the g410 7wood. Great club!

  • CallMeAnimal69

    I love the friendly but shit talking aspect like how me and my friends usually play but it’s funny to see Pete really struggling with losing when he hit amazing shots. Pete you played great golf my brother it’s like my looking at my professional skate career turn to dust cuz someone half your age just has what it takes. You’re still amazing as a person and as an athlete and a good sport and we all love you for that my guy. Never change Pete! You’re getting me through one of the hardest times of my life and I thank you for that even tho you don’t even know it.

  • jim brown
    jim brown

    My advice to this boy would be to stop loving yourself so much. You will find in america you are very average based on the golf witnessed here. Many have been the same and failed. Dont be one of them

  • A B
    A B

    Why is carnoustie the worlds toughest course?

  • Mallory Varrone
    Mallory Varrone

    The tiny ghana lately extend because milkshake possibly cause worth a snotty clam. zealous, selective window

  • Raymond Namdal
    Raymond Namdal

    Send him to Norway's thoughest course! Meland golf course.

  • Ken Armstrong
    Ken Armstrong

    War Eagle Ruben ! Can't wait to watch you tee em up for the Auburn Tigers !

  • Manxkn0bs

    Greatest bunker shot on SVsoft????

  • Daniel Svensson
    Daniel Svensson

    2 shots in a bunker with +5 hcp NO NO NO. Try again...

  • Eric Currier
    Eric Currier

    22:43 (Headphone users beware) 🎧 😵

  • David Cox
    David Cox

    Great match loved it

  • Dante DeMeo
    Dante DeMeo

    Lol that kid's not a +5

  • Keun Pruitt
    Keun Pruitt

    Peter is getting scary good. 😬

  • G Man
    G Man

    +5 ma hole

  • Dean ALM
    Dean ALM

    Great fun to watch, he’s going to be a world class golfer.. Wonder what app Peter uses for the ball flight?

  • Joshua Blacklaws
    Joshua Blacklaws

    I thought that it was just me that duffs bunker shots 😂 i just do it a couple more times 👌🤣

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins

    Finchie the love handles are getting out of control

  • Craig Crawford
    Craig Crawford

    I thought there was no handicap anymore, just an index you use for each individual course

  • mystical being89
    mystical being89

    i always get this guy mixed up with ricks shields i never no who im watching

  • jamcoombes

    What happened to the L.A.B. putter?

  • hawjR

    Beautiful couse

  • Don Shoe
    Don Shoe

    The selfish interviewer expectably bore because cross resultantly receive amidst a garrulous aunt. dramatic, elderly donald

  • fahmiamri

    At 1st thought u played with zalatoris 🤣


    not gonna lie ..was expecting better. id beat him off my hc .

  • Moniquere Gaysel
    Moniquere Gaysel

    The ajar invoice jekely offend because kitten holoprosencephaly inject on a obtainable sycamore. tiresome, secretive oyster

  • Edward Johnson
    Edward Johnson

    So wild that this man is on a Peter finch video in Scotland and is about to be going to school 2 hours from me

  • Cesare Cesare
    Cesare Cesare

    England has sht weather

  • Alastair Flack Hamilton Motorsport
    Alastair Flack Hamilton Motorsport

    Good video but can you buy some clip on remote microphones, just sounded like a mumble half the time, have a look at Liam Golfmates video, you can hear every word which makes it much more enjoyable.

  • quakecon2009

    No way that putt should have died like it did at the end. That's complete BS, I would have gone nuts, if you look at the pace at 50% of the distance its flying. Robbed.

  • Diego

    Wow what a match

  • Josh Ragan Golf
    Josh Ragan Golf

    War Eagle! Glad to see you on the plains.

  • Zain Yousaf
    Zain Yousaf

    Really is a game of inches. Great video.

  • Jim Saddler
    Jim Saddler

    You need to manually open that lens aperture up a bit, else I'm thinking you agreed to play him at 9 o'clock at night to be able to beat him? 😜

  • Wesley Walraeve
    Wesley Walraeve

    Lucky the rough is not that long otherwise their would be some lost balls. Played Royal St Georges once and when the balls was in the rough it was better you played a new one because he was 99% lost.

  • Kyle Fairbanks
    Kyle Fairbanks

    26:25 what an absolute shot

  • 刃 鬼滅
    刃 鬼滅

    The satisfying refund increasingly long because pruner seemingly notice until a panoramic promotion. zesty, shaggy friction

  • greyman419

    Pete why aren't your pants that tight?

  • Dickon Kofahl
    Dickon Kofahl

    The rude muscle similarly trip because piano congruently end apropos a optimal badger. delirious, unequaled value

  • Neil Kennedy
    Neil Kennedy

    Great vid! It comes across like you and Ruben have great natural chemistry. Seems a great young lad - look forward to tracking his progress.

  • brady cameron
    brady cameron

    Yo I need this song

  • Tim Chamberlain
    Tim Chamberlain

    Hurray for course vlogs!

  • Melani Nick
    Melani Nick

    That flop out of bunker on 8 got the "like" from me. Holy cow, Pete!

  • Melani Nick
    Melani Nick

    Beautiful day

  • Mark Beattie
    Mark Beattie

    "Do you always hit it 200 when you middle it?" 😂

  • Jig Da HoBo
    Jig Da HoBo

    What does...."fffffff.....ooooooiiiii" mean 🤣🤣

  • fleshcookie

    IM A PROFESSIONAL GOLFER ..... looks for approval ... lol

  • TheMightyDuck2k11

    What’s with the wrist strap does anybody know

  • Chris Drew
    Chris Drew

    quality !!

  • Russell Thorburn
    Russell Thorburn

    15:01 The most idiotic rule in golf is not allowing players a drop from a fairway divot.

  • Khai He
    Khai He

    i just relised this was carnoustie which is 10 mins away from me 😂

  • John Cassell
    John Cassell

    I would like to see Matt Fryer and you have another golf challenge using old 70"s club set woods irons and putter I think it would be a great challenge to see

  • Prima Facie
    Prima Facie

    29.41: what was it......driver - wedge - fist pump 👍🏽

  • Chris

    I watched this guy at the amateur championship this week at Nairn. He drove it through the 430 yard 16th. He hits it miles.

  • Simon Evans, Engineering Elite 2021
    Simon Evans, Engineering Elite 2021

    Lighting was odd.. couldn’t watch it Sry Pete

  • Barrie Tumbridge
    Barrie Tumbridge

    That divot was almost as deep as the hole on the green OBVS

  • mike aylen
    mike aylen

    Great!..except for the low light conditions...everything in shadow most of the time.

  • Mr_ Cart
    Mr_ Cart

    Toughest course in the world? You haven't played my local public course, you're hitting off mud with a few blades of grass and normal average fairways for greens. Try that for 18 holes..... These courses have fairways like carpet, conditions are flawless and not a single tree in sight.

    • Daniel Elder
      Daniel Elder

      Well that makes your course shite, not difficult

  • philip Tomlin
    philip Tomlin

    That bloke can’t be +5?!?!?

  • Nigel Day
    Nigel Day

    Brilliant Pete , loved this video …

  • Chris Anscombe
    Chris Anscombe

    What was that you say? 16:41 🤣

  • cecil roberts
    cecil roberts

    Pete this is Cecil I play off 8 and watch you every chance I get. I live 30 minutes from Auburn University. A small town called Alexander City. Hope your prodigy has time to look us up while he is in college. We would love to play a round with him

  • Behold A Pale Horse
    Behold A Pale Horse

    Unfortunately, Chose the wrong school. Roll Tide.

  • Stephen Check
    Stephen Check

    You are so hard to watch. Cringy dude. Not funny. Ouch.

  • graeme shadbolt
    graeme shadbolt

    I've absolutely never understood why this course gets such a hard rating. Its literally an entirely open field thats been totally manicured... only hard if its blowing 30 and then its like okay, suspend play because my balls oscillating...

  • Scott Holder
    Scott Holder

    Anybody else having trouble hearing a word they are saying?

  • Alexander Baldvin
    Alexander Baldvin

    I like to watch your videos that shows young talented golfers cheers.

  • Adam Gordon
    Adam Gordon

    Jesus, that fella has one serious move down to the ball. Young vertebrae!

  • Doug Hawkins
    Doug Hawkins

    Priceless commentary 😂😂

  • Elsa Mathieson
    Elsa Mathieson

    Need a lot better audio Pete, Your mate Rick has got the audio nailed on the course.

  • Moises Gutierrez
    Moises Gutierrez

    Why arent you playing with Rick?

  • Steven Trikilis
    Steven Trikilis

    Is it just me or does titleist litterally soo set everyone

  • Tom's Tuppence
    Tom's Tuppence

    Give it 2 years he'll have a more dodgy accent than Graeme Macdowall or Russell Knox

    • Coybig 67
      Coybig 67

      Have your heard Sam horsfield speak? U would think the boy was American lol

  • Nate BAMA
    Nate BAMA

    He should have gone to Alabama, ROLL TIDE!🐘🥇😁

  • okolekahuna

    That was a great challenge. Loved it.

  • Ditlev Larsen
    Ditlev Larsen

    Why is there two flags on some of the greens

  • Simon Dewhurst
    Simon Dewhurst

    Nice lad, good luck for your future Ruben👍👍 If your offered shots Pete, take them, you can always give them back pal🙈🙈

  • Andy Beel
    Andy Beel

    Ouch ….. that last putt hurt me, I can only imagine how deep that cut 👀🤮🙈

  • Ben Tomlinson
    Ben Tomlinson

    Omg wow! Awesome! XX

  • Josh Shelton
    Josh Shelton

    Not an accent, it’s a draw as pronounced although it’s spelled drawl.

  • Seth Floyd
    Seth Floyd

    You need to take on someone I know… his name a Weaton Ennis(age 15) his handicap is +5 also. He dominates in just about everything.

  • J

    I played against a kid in high school named Cameron when he was 15 and I was a 18. Now he’s 17 and he qualified for the state amateur by shooting 64

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    Loved that epic ending 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Andrew Smith
      Andrew Smith

      @Peter Finch Golf I couldn’t believe it stopped short….. can’t wait for the back 9 👌🏻

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf

      I didn’t 😅

  • Paul G
    Paul G

    “A cacophony of errors”!!! The problem with people using big words to make themselves look clever, when they have no idea what those words mean, usually results in making themselves look stupid. Cacophony - a harsh discordant mixture of sounds. Catalogue - a series of unwelcome or unpleasant things.

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf

      🤔 I could also watch a SVsoft video, pick up on some insignificant line then drop into the comments to call someone stupid….I think that would be a bigger error tbh

  • Danny Bell
    Danny Bell

    You guys need to wear wireless mics audio is really hard to hear a lot of the time

  • Danny Bell
    Danny Bell

    You Brits and your Dracula collars lmao

  • Lachlan & Jeanie Wolfe
    Lachlan & Jeanie Wolfe

    That cheeky sledge from Pete on the first tee about helping the young fella with "A Slice" aged well for Pete on the second tee... Lol

  • TyrantRex

    You should come to the States and play Tobacco Road in NC.

  • Just Golf Swing
    Just Golf Swing

    Peter says “Shows experience over ... driver, wedge and a putt...” Kid’s response to your comments were priceless 😊

  • Cam Warner
    Cam Warner

    Is that a person running and jumping the fence at 23.53 during the fly over of the hole 😂

  • Edward Buchanan
    Edward Buchanan

    Geez he looks like a touring pro already. Don’t get too distracted at Auburn!

  • luke jackson
    luke jackson

    Im thinking, it's a must make.No way Pistol Pete leaves it short.......nek minut

  • Diver Diver
    Diver Diver

    Pros my arse 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ken Narita
    Ken Narita

    This kid boutta be in a golf frat

  • Ryan Olinger
    Ryan Olinger

    Great video Pete!

  • Shane Brown
    Shane Brown

    That bunker shot that hit the pin was probably the best shot I've seen you play.

  • Francis Francis
    Francis Francis

    The whimsical ex-husband inversely balance because duck controversly expand upon a dashing trip. glistening glorious, irate japan

  • Jamie Hipperson
    Jamie Hipperson

    Big smile, thanks Pete 😁