WHY doesn't Bryson DeChambeau use the RADSPEED DRIVER?
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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey peeps, thanks for watching and liking the vid, you’re a lovely person ❤️ *Quick Note on the Testing* had a few issues with recoding so had to hit a few more balls on the Tests/Power Ranking but these didn’t lead to anymore favourable results.

    • Matt Strobel
      Matt Strobel

      Hey, what kind of pants and polo do you have in this vid? Looking for new golf pants.

    • Mike Burgermeister
      Mike Burgermeister

      hey! your girl charley hull playing some golf this weekend!

    • Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson
      Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

      I was exited to hear your opinion on why Bryson doesnt use that club but you never shared it with us? Did I maby miss it? Thanks for your videos, I truly think you are the best golf youtuber. Kind regards from Iceland

    • Greg Barth jr
      Greg Barth jr

      Once again thank you for amazingly entertaining contact, Peter. A quick suggestion. We know you love your direct Force 2.1. But Could we please get different manufacturer putter reviews from you? Like the Muzino M craft putters? Thanks once again look forward to more enjoyable videos.

  • Panthers Golf Society
    Panthers Golf Society

    Bought this driver and automatically moved the bigger weight to the back to try and make it more forgiving but couldn't stop it spinning up. Now with the weight at the front it's a completely different club. I dont see it being any less forgiving and having that weight forward let's you feel exactly where the face is. It's taken a few months but finally seeing the benefits having moved out of a x-stiff 9° Callaway Epic.

  • Dezzie Bono
    Dezzie Bono

    Love the vids Pete. After watching both you and Rick for many years I would live to see a video purely concentrating on accuracy with your driver and purposely giving up distance. A lot of the course vlogs show you guys recovering from the trees and although distance is great, I would love to see you guys get your fairway stats up. Maybe do a fairway challenge, hit 100% of fairways over 9 holes.

  • Bjarke Bæk
    Bjarke Bæk

    you should test the ltd .. and see how much dif there is to the new driver

  • ender

    I shall now forever call my driver the "big whacky stick"

  • natecarlo45

    Just bought one. Felt really good at my fitting. Was putting it between 285-305 consistently. The RBZ model worked beautiful for me and I got the red peacock colorway looks slick.

  • The “Croatoan19” Croatoan
    The “Croatoan19” Croatoan

    And now right off the bat, I want to get a head for my Speedzone, that reads "Very Big Whacky Stick" lol

  • Morgan Svensson
    Morgan Svensson

    This video really shows my problem. My Ping G15 goes straight as an arrow (Almost every other new driver has a dispersion pattern only nightmares can recreate.) Why?! Have had five new drivers since the G15. Always end up playing the old trusty (G15) at the end. The 2020 model of the Speedzone driver was the last "victim" - It's okay, don't get me wrong I just trust my G15 more... (For good reason by the way, straight is always KING, right?!)

  • Mike Weedfald
    Mike Weedfald

    I really love the rad. I wanted the tsi3 this year and tried them both on the course and the radspeed was 10/12 fairways and suuuper long. I hit it on holes i would never hit a driver and came out perfect! So i am def going with the cobra this year

  • Teddy W Gardner
    Teddy W Gardner

    Its an absolute beast of a Low Spin Driver and its hella forgiving. But to this day players who are sponsored by titleist, talormade, cobra, pxg, etc. still buy 1 or 2 clubs that aren't from their sponsors. Like a 3 wood by taylormade when they are sponsored by titleist. Because they can hit that 3 wood so much better. So for Bryson its the same thing he uses a different driver cause he jut can't hit their driver as far as he needs to.

  • Dave Shannon
    Dave Shannon

    I'd have one, they look and sound great!!

  • El Bobbo
    El Bobbo

    Cobra Ltd is the bomb!! Still use it also

  • J Dub
    J Dub


  • Steffen Rønning (alca)
    Steffen Rønning (alca)

    The answer is very easy. The driver does not work properly or accommodate to his speed and swing. The face is not made to hit balls above 195 mph, in fact it would probably become unreliable when you pass 180mph ball speed. This weekend he will use a prototype version of the RADspeed driver, it has a thicker face all over which does not make hits off-center at high speeds go all over the place.

  • Richard Holman
    Richard Holman

    "Big Wacky Sticks!"

  • Jon Elburn
    Jon Elburn

    Because he is going to use a 4.5 degree driver!

  • Brenton Ford
    Brenton Ford

    Annnnnd now it’s in the bag haha 4.5 deg 😳😳😳

  • wolfeson1

    He uses a 5.5 loft Rad Speed prototype I heard. He also uses a 7.5 loft LTD King Cobra prototype.

  • Jack Forbes Jr
    Jack Forbes Jr

    I've got the cobra F9 driver i used a taylormade tp5 for the first time had previously used the tp5x. While that cobra driver is long and an awesome driver. I have never hit the ball farther then I did yesterday with that tp5. Now im going too have to hit the PGA superstore and try the rad and see if its any longer?? I like that masters limited edition they have out right now!

  • yo niha
    yo niha

    He still using speed zone? Just got myself one I love it ❤️

  • Rodolfo Ferreira
    Rodolfo Ferreira

    It appears that Bryson will be using this driver at the Masters with a 4.5º loft. Crazy!

  • _

    Well I found out why he doesn't have this in the bag. He has a new prototype in the bag this week at the masters.

  • philz369

    Don’t think the accuracy score you gave was fair. Like you said it’s wasn’t the club it was YOU hitting it shit lol Love the reviews and course vloggs👍😂

  • Jlicious Hamchansky
    Jlicious Hamchansky

    He will.

  • Bobby Wrongway
    Bobby Wrongway

    Beautiful to the eye for sure.

  • 007rbc11

    would like to see a test of the Bridgestone Tour B JGR Proto (9.5 degrees) Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Black 6 X which I believe that Matt Kuchar uses

  • David Myrbakk
    David Myrbakk

    Great video as usual Peter, but as you say, the Power ranking being just for fun, I'd like to see all lofts equal and obviously have your usual playing shaft as shafts make most of the difference, as more run will give more distance (on drier fairways) so please if you can change it so all lofts are equal to give a better insight on their true performance. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  • taylor D
    taylor D

    Nice swing mate, a Wellington against a tree trunk, gonna put that saying in the bag

  • Derek Johnson
    Derek Johnson

    raise your hands in your swing

  • Robert “Stibz” S
    Robert “Stibz” S

    Well you can't hit two shots the same with the club,( you never showed where the balls went on your long drive part, well you showed one, probably the only one that was half decent, maybe that is a thing he (Bryson) found too, spraying it around, you over rated it massively, for me to subscribe & like your video's you need to be more truthful and cut the BS on equipment, no way was that driver worth 3rd place on your list

  • D Bradz
    D Bradz

    Peter at reddish vale.

  • David Akehurst
    David Akehurst

    Great review as always! Top bloke! 👍⛳

  • S Andersson
    S Andersson

    Good god, a Peter Finch video that isn't directly about Peter Finch

  • Bryan H
    Bryan H

    “Power ranking” board looks an awful lot like the Top Gear “Star in a reasonably priced car” board.

  • Michael D. Tolbert
    Michael D. Tolbert

    Not Using it--Yet

  • G1ngerNinja

    Nice to see you using a flexible tee this time 😉

  • chubeviewer

    I think bryson is using a LD version of that driver which is reinforced so he doesnt break it, and also low loft.

  • Bruce Lowe
    Bruce Lowe

    Not sure if I’m fussed about Bryson playing it or not. Tested the new cobra driver, loved it so i bought it. It’s really good.

  • rysobaszk

    I think the driver looks awesome. I love the palm tree version of it as well and how that looks color scheme wise. I just bought the TSi3 driver and can't wait to test it out on the course!

  • Tim Buck2
    Tim Buck2

    I liked and if my score doesn’t go down a few shots next time I’m out, I’m suing. Make that new office of urs, my new office.

  • Billy Richard
    Billy Richard

    Is that te stock shaft?? I wonder why they quit using the Tensei shaft. My driver is so nice i literally bought my dad a new one (Speedzone)

  • Aj Nawabi
    Aj Nawabi

    Let’s see the on course vlog matches against other players man.

  • Emilio Rodriguez
    Emilio Rodriguez

    What I want to know is why you tuck your ears into your hat?

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    Have to say that the RadSpeed looks pretty damn fine behind the ball; makes you want to smash ball after ball until the cows come home...and then some more. Still loving the Power Ranking you're doing - great viewing. Cheers

  • nathan johnston
    nathan johnston

    Would love to see you drive the green on the old course in real life 💜 please do a course vlog there

  • Pat G
    Pat G

    I've got one of the LTD pro black that Bryson often used. It's a beast, if it broke I'd buy another one. I've tried lots newer more expensive drivers and I just get more distance with the LTD and the right shaft

  • ddavenport68

    From what I read bryson took it out of the bag because of the lefts

  • Jeremy Lonsdale
    Jeremy Lonsdale

    Pretty sure Bryson doesnt play the latest driver coz he keeps cracking the heads coz he is a fricking monster.👻

  • Trackster 144
    Trackster 144

    Hey Pete what driver have you got that would be the best for a beginner so needs to be very forgiving etc. What make and model and would you consider selling it to me ?

  • Pierre Venter
    Pierre Venter

    Love the power rankings idea

  • Nordan Viken
    Nordan Viken

    .....do he play Srixon in irons?

  • Tyler Egan
    Tyler Egan

    He won’t use it because the headcover is simply fugly😂

  • Sean Pratley
    Sean Pratley

    You are almost swinging 130mph???

  • Bryan Jarman
    Bryan Jarman

    How about something slightly cheaper for those starting out in golf. Perhsps Yonex Benross or Exotics drivers - other driver brands are available... 😉

  • Kevin-lee swartz
    Kevin-lee swartz

    What does Bryson think of this driver, why is it not in his bag?

  • Keith gray
    Keith gray

    Doesn’t matter what driver Bryson uses as long as he’s juicing the HGH ! lol

  • MinhtotheMan

    i think it was down to having a driver that could handle the forces that were put on it through his speed.

  • adam goodman
    adam goodman

    I love the Speedzone driver and 3 wood that I have in my bag and the RAD looks and sounds equally as good!

  • Valdemar Sandström
    Valdemar Sandström

    Could you do a review of the irons aswell?

  • M0rbid R00ster
    M0rbid R00ster

    ..... I must of missed the part where you explained why.

  • Yung Shwungs
    Yung Shwungs

    Great video! Looking for a new driver this summer as my government is actually giving me money back from taxes. Which is nice.

  • bjm1711

    Hi Pete. Can you please turn up the volume on the simulator as I really like the sound it makes when your drives end up in the water 😂

  • Andrew Blanton
    Andrew Blanton

    Hear me out: should Fowler go one length forged tec and endorse the strategy?

  • Tristan Greenleaf
    Tristan Greenleaf

    Thanks for reviewing GM golfs driver

  • Nasty Nate
    Nasty Nate

    Pretty sure angle of attack trumps backspin when getting and keeping the ball in the air with a driver. Not sure you want to be getting much spin on a drive. Just my two cents. Maybe try putting the loft back up, 7.5 would necessitate hitting the ball much more on the upswing.

  • Lee Paton
    Lee Paton

    Maybe try one for the higher handicaps next time Pete might need the help

  • Nasty Nate
    Nasty Nate

    Cobra tends to make a winning driver, but then produces an inferior driver to follow. Never understood why but its just my experience with Cobra. Is why I still have the F9 in the bag. (The speedzone was literally the F9 with a different look)

  • lakerschargers1

    I just realized Peter Finch and Rick Shiels are different people.

  • David Berry
    David Berry

    Nice review, did spot a problem with St Andrews graphic it says Par 5 - 361yds it should be a par 4 as shown in the Foresight graphics.

  • okolekahuna

    "wellington being slapped against a tree trunk"? LOL

  • Elliott Douglass
    Elliott Douglass

    Pete smashing driver is top notch

  • dick gregory
    dick gregory

    sounds like you need to put the LTD PRO AGAINST THE RADSPEED

  • Eveline Oosterveld- Rutgers
    Eveline Oosterveld- Rutgers

    Please test the new pxg gen 4drivers

  • John Coulson
    John Coulson

    Imagine walking past outside while Pete is doing a power test and hearing the whip of the club and the grunt from Pete 😬😱

  • Cody Ormiston
    Cody Ormiston

    4 year old driver is just getting broke in

  • Michael Bateson
    Michael Bateson

    Another Pete loves Bryson video.....

  • sibzy1

    Literally just ordered one of these on an X-stiff shaft, would highly reccommend a custom fit as well. I hit a natural draw and wanted to maximise distance (average drive is around 300) so I opted for 10.5 degrees and turned down to 9 degrees to open up the face slightly... the results were amazing, longest drive was 330 which is close to my longest ever after just a few strikes. After trying the G425 and Sim2 as well, for me the Cobra was easily the best.

  • Andrew robb
    Andrew robb

    It sounds like you've thrown a wet piece of bread at a wall.....

  • Roderick Bastard
    Roderick Bastard

    The LTD driver is the most fade biased driver cobra has ever made. Very low spinning as well. Great driver but for a very specific player.

  • Gary

    Is Pebble beach giving you and Crossfield cash for playing this hole in every club review?

  • Paul Wrigley
    Paul Wrigley

    Bryan uses the Cobra Ltd black driver as it's stronger than the newer heads which he kept caving in and cracking faces in testing... well that's the story I read anyway

  • buaya111

    Cobra is the cheapest, among other brands , good quality , nice looking driver

  • Glenn Murley
    Glenn Murley

    They said on sky sports golf that because of how’s fast he swings, how much loft he adds at impact because of how much he hits up on the ball (that’s why he’s got 5 degrees of loft on his driver because otherwise his dynamic loft would be stupidly high) makes it really hard for them to build a driver that actually works as well as he needs it to, fair play to cobra for doing it for him

  • Phillip Stewart
    Phillip Stewart

    Ricky fowler sitting there thinking, I use to be their number 1

  • D R
    D R

    If he used the same shaft on all the power rankings it would be a bit less ... pointless. Says he wants to try the different shafts, you don't, you just swing what's given. Buy a few diamana stock shafts on ebay for 50 a piece and a few adapters and your laughing. People would actually watch your videos for that alone.

  • Mungo 1967
    Mungo 1967

    Srixon testing as one of the popular brands on tour. Keep walloping

  • Timothy Coates
    Timothy Coates

    That was Rad, could you do the Titleist TSi3, I'd like to see your results on it

  • Gino Morena
    Gino Morena

    Why are you such a douche? I remember why I stopped watching your videos...

  • D Jones
    D Jones

    The face is great. If I sky it. Technically I still hit the face. 🤪

  • Matthew Earl
    Matthew Earl

    Damn can’t get the cobra don’t have a good enough handicap 😂

  • James Fraley
    James Fraley

    You should do a take on Top Gear. First, Make a sexy video with new gear - take it for a test drive around your favorite track. Then do some golf news about product. Then do an interview and let each guest participate in a longest drive (power ranking again). Finally, end with a little film about some adventure at a new club or other venue that people haven't seen (or do a caravan episode where you travel around Scotland). Gold this formula - and your welcome - no charge Pete :)

  • Andrew Rosecrans
    Andrew Rosecrans

    he uses speedzone right?

  • Jamie Hipperson
    Jamie Hipperson

    “The people you have tested” 😅😂😂 love the review, and as always, so well presented and edited!

  • ProffessorJoe

    "This ball flight is so good!" -> Proceeds to hit massive duck hooks into the water XD just kidding pete, love ya

  • wannabegolfin24- “wannabegolfin24-7” 7
    wannabegolfin24- “wannabegolfin24-7” 7

    In my humble opinion, the RAD is the blade of drivers. I hit it & you have to be locked in. That low spin is hard to control if you're not striking it.

  • Joel Dunkley
    Joel Dunkley

    You should play that driver cobra drivers are amazing huge fan of them I still the cobra amp 11 years now

  • Colin Genest
    Colin Genest


  • eric Anthony
    eric Anthony

    Peter, I'm very new to golf but I find that I get very nervous around people on the range can you help me with some advice to get over the anxiety this causes me?

  • Brian Pond
    Brian Pond

    I read Bryson can keep the heads from cracking breaking at his speeds. He loves the head but can’t get it to last.

  • thomas kidwell
    thomas kidwell

    Pete, you planning on trying out the new Wilson D9 driver? Always class vids by the way.👍🤙