THE TRUTH: Range Balls VS Regular Golf Balls
Are range balls just as good as regular golf balls? In this video, I aim to uncover the truth and hopefully reveal which golf balls are right for you! (I was shocked at the result…)

Review of the golf balls I'm using at the moment:

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hello there, thanks for stopping by 👋 What golf balls are everyone using? Do you think they make a difference...?

    • Thomas Gater
      Thomas Gater

      484-160=324 🤭🤣🤣🤣

    • Ryan Conklin
      Ryan Conklin

      White ones

    • STS Golf
      STS Golf

      Bridgestone, but always loose them 🤣

    • Cryingazur

      Callaway Super Soft, used from 2018. Buy a dozen for 179 SEK, cirka 14 GBP.

    • Kyle Wilson
      Kyle Wilson

      I notice a difference in feel and sound when I play a cheap ball. Go to is a Tp5x (Pix) or a vice (pro plus?). Something like that….

  • Cal T
    Cal T

    most of the balls distance is almost the same... to me it is just when doing the pitching shot that some of them easier to bite. And the balls feels different ... some are nice and soft for putting but some are HARD.... I basically use whatever on sale (less than $1 ) like NITRO.... but keep some pro V1 that I find in the rough for par 3 (easier to control)

  • Rosscoe McNeill
    Rosscoe McNeill

    Could only last 2 mins into this video. If you were chocolate you would eat yourself. Embarrassing. Wont be watching another.

  • Dennis DuFrane
    Dennis DuFrane

    Why was he wearing a powerlifting strap?

  • Johnnatheman

    I play Pro V1's in the summer and TP5's in the winter (Southern California summers and winters, 100 degs vrs 40s). Not sure if its just my imagination but the PV1 feels hard in cold weather and TP's feel soft.

  • J McClain
    J McClain

    This was interesting. Peter is entertaining also.

  • Brandan Duran
    Brandan Duran

    Pete is low key the funniest content creator on SVsoft 😂

  • Tommy Eden
    Tommy Eden

    I play mostly TP5, but I buy used balls 4A quality for half the price and I don't feel for one second it is negatively impacting my score. When I miss, no golf ball on the planet was going to change the outcome.

  • Thomas Leith
    Thomas Leith

    I'm a rank beginner. The pro I started with told me to buy the cheapest "soft" balls the store has. Right now I have MaxFli SoftFli. The balls I practice with in the back yard are all found balls. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for "soft" ones when I'm searching the rough, and start playing those. That'd be cheaper still.

  • Galio Justice Justice
    Galio Justice Justice

    I used these before it was cool, I've been finding these in the woods for years!

  • Erik Snider
    Erik Snider

    I use second hand Pro V1s and 15 year old blade irons because i play video games on hard mode. 2

  • Gar Red
    Gar Red

    They all make the same splash when they hit the water...I never pay more than 50c a ball (get them second hand). I'm not at a level where the ball makes a difference to my game.

  • Kyle Rehner
    Kyle Rehner

    My dad works at a course in his retirement. Handed me a grocery bag full of Pro V's he salvaged from the course. He likes to troll the customers and tells them to write down what hole they lost their new Pro Vs on so he can go collect them for himself.

  • British James
    British James

    Srixon AD333 are the best for value in my honest opinion. 2 piece construction, great distance and a respectable feel around the greens (for the price). A “super sleeve” aka 2 dozen will set you back £29.99. Can’t go wrong.

  • Daniel Hansen
    Daniel Hansen

    Why does this video take 22 mins, when you could have done it in 22 sec

  • Sean Cook
    Sean Cook

    I’m from Sydney. Rainfall can be biblical!

  • Sean Cook
    Sean Cook

    Play -ProV1x “left dash”

  • Mike Ryan
    Mike Ryan


  • Jack Lancaster
    Jack Lancaster

    Prov1 I use

  • Graham Lomax
    Graham Lomax

    Hi Pete I've been trying a cheap ball from Honma and I have to say I've been impressed with the A1, very soft and responsive

    • STS Golf
      STS Golf

      the Honma are great!

  • Justin Dixon
    Justin Dixon

    Used tp5 I spend $100 per year amd I’m just building a stockpile

  • Nathan Roys
    Nathan Roys

    Bridgestone reconstructed used balls.

  • Mike Braithwaite
    Mike Braithwaite

    Your shirt is very bad

  • Stephen Muhl
    Stephen Muhl

    I used to use callaway chrome soft. Then I changed to magna oversize ball. Which a mate was using. He gave me one to try wow, my iron play improved no end. OK I lost on average about 10 yds with the driver, but my accuracy improved tremendously. My iro play also I was an 18 handicap, now I'm 10. In my opinion great value for money. High handicapper's might benefit from them 👍

  • charles hoever
    charles hoever

    I user Callaway Diablo, and buy for $15 for 12 pack.

  • James Vaughn
    James Vaughn

    I did a lot of ball testing this past winter on trackman and I also get better results from the higher compression balls. The previous model Z Star XV is a good option at $24.95 a dozen. The pro v1x is the best ball for me, and I play them on nicer courses, but the XV is a solid choice at half the price for the less well kempt courses, while not giving up much driver distance.

  • Matthew Skinner
    Matthew Skinner

    Vice Tour Yes they do. I tried 10 or so different and landed on Calloway Hex Soft as my back and Vice Tours as my main.

  • Gavin Ogden
    Gavin Ogden

    Love the music at the 13:00 mark

  • Mike Ray
    Mike Ray

    bridgestone e12 soft for me.. love em

  • Mike Ray
    Mike Ray

    484-160=324 lol

  • nick amalfitano
    nick amalfitano

    Proving that in the majority of situations, it really is the Indian, not the arrow

  • Jason Roth
    Jason Roth

    i came back to visit after a while and pete is looking like pete defincheau

  • pwillemsen1000

    Haven’t bought any golf balls the last 10 years. Obviously I loose some, however I find more than I loose.

  • Taylor Greer
    Taylor Greer

    Literally never pay for balls, always find and clean lost ones

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson

    Not sure if the tech at my local range compensates for it, but the data I get is spot on to what I see in course for carry and such.

  • Infomaniack

    I love to see you driving it like this.

  • charlie anstey
    charlie anstey

    I am using Kirkland's and Srixon Z-star

  • Toss Pot
    Toss Pot

    This is the kind of guy to talk to himself in the mirror telling himself how amazing he is

    • British James
      British James

      Couldn’t be further from the truth. However, I’d suggest your username might be a more accurate description of you.

    • Ethan Rich
      Ethan Rich

      He’s nothing like that bro😂

  • William Arrington
    William Arrington

    I use Maxfli Tour balls. Consistent and you get them for $25 a box on sale all the time. I just stock up when I see the sale. Testing had a great area compared with pro v1 balls. I think the side to side dispersion was the smallest and it was within 2 yards of distance for less than half the price.

  • Joel T
    Joel T

    I've always wanted to know about this, but don't feel like watching a 22+ minute video to find out. Can someone pls give me the "cliff notes" of this? Thank you! LOL! :)

    • luke quinton
      luke quinton

      A range ball is shorter launches lower and spins more on all clubs

  • Choqlate

    I steal the TP5, ProV1, and other nice balls I find at my local range.

  • Michael Rutledge
    Michael Rutledge

    Spectacular shots!! But, how many were do overs??

  • LumberJacques

    Yo, Love the content and all. Peter is great, no news to anyone really. I just came here to ask; does the SiM2 really sound like that or is it just the audio recording that misrepresents it? I would guess that all the audio is coming through the lav-mic so maybe that might account for it? Was just so taken by surprise by the sound of the driver.

  • Brett McNamara
    Brett McNamara

    I buy the Noodle (long and soft). But will gladly play with anything I find on the course. I find a ton of PV1s. Why? Because people that have no business playing with them... Lose them all the time!

  • Greg M
    Greg M

    In South African , i go to a driving range where they use pro v1 range balls

  • Christian Garlapow
    Christian Garlapow

    For the past ten years, I've played only found balls. And far and away the most lost ball in golf is the Pro V1 / V1x.

    • Mark Swan
      Mark Swan

      I have ~ 5 dozen Pro V1/Pro V1X in my garage that I found on the course the past 10 months or so. At $48.00/dozen, you’d think people would look a little harder for them🙄.

  • dathyr1

    It just goes to show you that you dont really need to play with 40 dollar golf balls to shoot good golf. It is nothing more than an ego thing in your mind that you have to play with a brand new ball all the time. i play with all kinds of balls I find from people losing them on the golf course and shoot around the same normal scores(around 80 for 18 holes) and havent bought golf balls for quite a while. thanks for the video.

  • Michael Boen
    Michael Boen

    His range ball had a really soft cover? That's nice. The only soft cover range balls I've seen are name brand practice balls. He need to go to a near by stand alone driving ranges and get one if their balls. The range I go to uses "Strata-Range" balls. The difference could be even more because they don't spin at all compared to a premium ball

  • Michael Boen
    Michael Boen

    2 mistakes with math and counting 3 min...class video Peter lol

  • Carlo Hunt
    Carlo Hunt

    Round golf balls work for me.

  • Andy LaCombe
    Andy LaCombe

    Isn't it a 2 piece ball? Unless the cover and core are the same material?

  • Bob Beles
    Bob Beles

    You're playing srixon range ball? I would like to see you play a generic range ball, where you have no idea what it is.

  • Matt Fricke
    Matt Fricke

    I use a Pinnacle Soft. Really like how it feels.

  • Christopher Forman
    Christopher Forman

    Kirkland 3 piece. Great price. Plenty good enough ball for me.

  • Stella's Pooch Pit Featuring Rockin Rolondo
    Stella's Pooch Pit Featuring Rockin Rolondo

    Who buys golf balls? Saslkatoon Golf Club 25 minutes in the woods equals 50 golf balls mostly pro v 1, chrome soft, TP5, Bridgestone etc.....

  • J G
    J G

    does your arm ever get sore from patting yourself on the back? someone's got to do it I guess

    • J G
      J G

      @British James And you must be British...British James. In is common to "break one's balls" when in the same field. But thank you for coming to his rescue, I'm sure that makes him feel all warm and fuzzy. Don't be sad that the US is better than you at everything. Have your tea and fuck off to bed. (Please don't read this as mean spirited. If I thought you an unworthy "opponent", I would have said nothing. God bless you)

    • British James
      British James

      You must be American. It’s a self deprecating humour synonymous with English humour. Petes one of the most humble men in the game.

  • kyle tullos
    kyle tullos

    I always go with the rule of range ball equals normal distance - 10% and this just about checks out perfectly. Also, I use k-sigs, zstar xv, or Snell MTB X

  • Brayden Bashaw
    Brayden Bashaw

    The only balls I’ll use are the ones I find in the woods🌲🌲

  • dcheever07

    I use wilson 50 elites, about a dollar a piece in the States

  • Omar

    When he said cheesy chips, I hit subscribed.

  • J. 777hemi
    J. 777hemi

    Some range balls are "flighted" a percentage of a normal range. Restricted flight balls are not marked, the flighting on the ball can be up to 75% of a normal ball depending on the range. My range does not use "flighted" balls, bur many shorter ranges do, to stop hackers smoking it over the back netting. Costco, Kirkland balls are pro v-1 "knockoffs" for less than half the price. I don't wince when I smash one into the woods.

  • Terry Santin
    Terry Santin

    -2 my ass

  • Peter Martinaitis
    Peter Martinaitis

    It's amazing how many amateurs actual think the ball will make them a better player.

  • Duggle Bogey
    Duggle Bogey

    One time i played a whole round with one ball. I never played again because that was as good as it was going to get.

  • Hayden Kuypers
    Hayden Kuypers

    If someone asked me who would be the one person in the world to play a round of golf with, it would be Pete for sure😂

  • Eli Barkley
    Eli Barkley

    Vice pro plus

  • Follow Media
    Follow Media

    HI Peter, what tracer app are you using?

  • Stephen Mc Phillips
    Stephen Mc Phillips

    Beat Rick with a range ball in your upcoming match to really add insult 😂

  • Bryan Kasper
    Bryan Kasper

    100s of pounds? Peter, you have no idea how many nice golf balls I lose lol

  • Butler Petrizzo
    Butler Petrizzo

    The elite shield cosmetically meddle because timer microscopically instruct unlike a loud scene. acidic, sordid tennis

  • Billy Graham
    Billy Graham

    I used to find that Top Flite balls worked well, spin well, BUT they are hard on putts, but you can make up for that by getting a putter with a soft face insert.

  • Dale McGuinness
    Dale McGuinness

    I love how there's always an edit between the 5 foot putts. 😉

    • dathyr1

      probably because he has to move the camera dummy.

  • Dylan Noronha
    Dylan Noronha

    Usually use the Callaway Supersoft. Fairly affordable for what they offer. I see zero reason for me as a 16 handicap to use pro V1 or any other premium ball

  • Sudo Root
    Sudo Root

    You are playing good range balls...where I go to they do not have those. We have those old, cut up, beat up white balls with the red stripe...I highly doubt you would want to play

  • Findlay Reid
    Findlay Reid

    I use chrome softs or pro v1

  • Daniel N.
    Daniel N.

    Introduction game on par

  • JTCFC1

    I just use the found balls from the pro shop. $5 for 6

  • Tiger H. Lore
    Tiger H. Lore

    I use Snell MBTX on a good day. Doesn’t matter what I use on a bad day; so I usually use whatever I find in the rough. I like how Snell balls perform around the green. I can put great backspin on them.

  • Danny Bell
    Danny Bell

    484 - 160 doesn't equal 334 brother.... Close, but off by 10

  • Stephen Lechter
    Stephen Lechter

    I work at a golf course and people stealing range balls is a huge problem. Leads to elevated prices bad service (run out of balls) etc. Please take this down it is hurting the sport.

  • Joshua Davies
    Joshua Davies

    I spent about $150 on high quality ultraviolet flashlights. Go to a course at night, and boom, never buy balls again.

  • Tigerfish 66
    Tigerfish 66

    good idea for a vid well executed, thank you

  • Gregor Davidson
    Gregor Davidson

    Great vid Peter. Love the course. Played it many times

  • Carcrash Shawty
    Carcrash Shawty

    tp5 $0 i work on a golf course

  • Chris Mullan
    Chris Mullan

    Wilson Duo Softs are perfect for me. Great for casual golfers! 👍

    • Chris Mullan
      Chris Mullan

      I actually really like Wilson as a golf brand, definitely underrated. I have Wilson Staff irons which for me are some of the best clubs I have ever used.

    • John Fuller
      John Fuller

      I thought I was crazy for loving the Wilson instead of a more golf oriented name brand.

  • Ivan Browne
    Ivan Browne

    Vice Pro Soft. Excellent distance and control around the greens.

  • Steven Robertson
    Steven Robertson

    Love this discussion! Balls are too pricey but as The Finch can attest, a lot of direct to consumer balls are great quality. TXG does some great numbers on range v your go to for fittings and the numbers don't lie

  • boaz63

    Why does this need to take 22 min?

  • ShamanK1977

    I was at a fitting with a full launch monitor set up. THe difference between Pro V1's and the range balls was inane. I was testing a Titleist MB 2 iron. 195 yards on average with a range ball... 255 yard average with the ProV1's on similar strikes and swing speeds.

  • Kyle Penera
    Kyle Penera

    Your math teacher has lost his/her credential. 484-160 = 324

  • Ragnar Axelson
    Ragnar Axelson

    A tad dramatic aren't we?

  • deidmoose

    There's areas of East Fife that have a micro climate but I'm telling you right now, whoever told you that was on the wind up 😂

  • deidmoose

    It actually makes sense you played well with the range ball. We all hit it well on the range

  • deidmoose

    One of my favourite videos you've done. Had me laughing the whole way!

  • Matt O'Hara
    Matt O'Hara

    Like... seriously 😂😂😂

  • - Jamthesun
    - Jamthesun

    I use lake balls. I’m honest enough to admit that the ball is not the biggest variable in my game!

  • Rick Hammel
    Rick Hammel

    can you do a test where you compare the distances of balls hit off of mats and grass? I seem to go 10 yards further off of mats.

  • MissMyMusicAddiction

    4:47 Poser

  • XenoFireStar

    My favorite ball is whatever I find out of bounds while looking for the one I just hit.

  • Onoku

    Pete, you been throwing back protein shakes, mate?