I never beat this golfer 😠| PGA Pro vs 12 Handicap | Nine Hole Match
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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Would you like to see more vids with the old man?

    • Pickle MeTimbers
      Pickle MeTimbers

      I would enjoy that. The 2 of you have a great relationship.

    • Matthew Gordon golf
      Matthew Gordon golf


    • Malcolm A.
      Malcolm A.

      Yes please!

    • Andrew Zelazny
      Andrew Zelazny


    • mcloveeen

      Pretty course and stunning hotel

  • Shelly Rufc86
    Shelly Rufc86

    What course is this?

  • wedgtable

    you know the idea of those things on the flag is to stop people from touching the flagpoles?

  • SmokeandSteam

    If your dad is off 12 shouldn’t you be giving him some shots Mr Finch Jr?! Enjoy the time playing with your dad, it’s precious.

  • basebilljr07

    It's crazy how easy it is to see that you 2 are father and son. I mean your golf swings are practically identical.

  • TheCoadyp

    Not a hope hes a 12 handicap

  • Ruk Listed
    Ruk Listed

    Love this! Just played a week of golf with my Dad, hadn't seen each in almost 10 years. So awesome you and your father get out there together! Keep this videos coming please!! 🙏

  • etecfan

    Peter Finch you should be ashamed of taking advantage of the elderly! When I was a young man my Father would just kill me every time we played. As the years rolled on I got much better and Dad got a bit old and I beat him every time. I wish he was still around to play another round just so that I could kick his butt one more time!

  • Matthew Gordon golf
    Matthew Gordon golf

    Nothing better than playing with ur dad!

  • William Parke
    William Parke

    Yes pal love that.❤️👍

  • Brabham Freaman
    Brabham Freaman

    Why’s y’Dad’s imaginary friend John on the camera? Seemed like the conversation with “John” continued unabated, regardless of other noise/conversation or other events.

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    Your Dad is a golfing gem of a bloke - I always love the content when you two tee it up. The look on the cameraman's [John?] face when you said "We'll call it a stinger" was priceless. Cheers

  • Paddy P
    Paddy P

    😍 Love Papa Finchy!!!!!!! Awesome personality for sure!

  • Rod Conner
    Rod Conner

    Enjoy these times my friends! They are to be cherished. Be Safe

  • Clubbed Sandwich
    Clubbed Sandwich

    You're dad being pissed when you got your hole-in-one is hilarious! lol

  • VanishingImage

    Need some more of these vids!!!

  • Austin Black
    Austin Black

    You're a lucky man, Pete. My Dad took me out when I was 10. Been playing for 32 years. He died 20 years ago. I'd give anything to play a round with him.

  • Jasper Ootes
    Jasper Ootes

    Oehhh Finchie at hole 9😂

  • Kieran VR
    Kieran VR

    Was that a double hit at 7:23 Mr. Finch?

  • Ryan F
    Ryan F

    Love the videos with your dad Pete, he’s a proper character! 👍🏻⛳️

  • oilymacleod

    OMG i think peter finch was in front of me on the Burnside Course tonight, if i hadn't been running late i might of met him 😭😭😭⛳😂🤣😂

  • Kym Stock
    Kym Stock

    Sub- titles please. The Yorkshire dialect is almost unintelligible for most English speakers and near English speakers ( Americans) . My late step father in law was from there and when he got a little excited, we all scratched our heads and asked . " What did he say?"

  • wayne davis
    wayne davis

    Great video, loved it guys !!!

  • Dylan Wimmer
    Dylan Wimmer

    Dang Pete, old man showing you up with the carry bag!

  • michael stephanakis
    michael stephanakis

    Can you please do more videos with your dad. They remind me of my rounds with my dad. Great to watch. And hopefully many more rounds for both of us with our fathers. Thanks both.

  • dklassyone

    haha i love the way you faded out of your dads rambling

  • Merla Mccanless
    Merla Mccanless

    The subsequent sand originally reflect because pvc assembly manage despite a general gentle disgust. disgusting, poised bandana

  • webbdelasteve

    This encapsulates all, or most, of what makes golf great. Cheers.

  • Rob

    Those greens are shocking

  • Simon Brown
    Simon Brown

    I learnt to play at Masham 37 years ago this brought back a lot of memories, the course set up was slightly different then. Always love going back there and my old home club Bedale

  • tom coles
    tom coles

    What the fuck is your old mans Stand bag about Pete!!! Never seen the likes of it before

  • Dodde P
    Dodde P

    Hi Pete, is that a weight lifting wrap? You know you are supposed to remove the thing around the finger ones you have tightend it.

  • Steven Walmsley
    Steven Walmsley

    Great to see you out with your dad. But wow can’t he talk lol ⛳️🏌🏻

  • Brian Murray
    Brian Murray

    My favorite character on the channel Chris Finch. Pete you need to stop Rick from giving your dad short game lessons😁

  • Jordan Hewitt
    Jordan Hewitt

    Best video ever 😆 Cant belive you make your dad tee off on the same tees as you though...

  • Kory Kneeland
    Kory Kneeland

    I LOVE this video! I'm 48 now, and my son is 20. We've been playing together since he turned 7. I watch this and see us in a few years. BTW, he still hasn't beat me...yet 😉.

  • Pickl3N1Ck7

    I’m with you all the way finch 💙 don’t ever stop

  • Pickl3N1Ck7

    Peteyy Pete listen to me… you make my late night SVsoft experience

  • Tony Leigh
    Tony Leigh

    Lovely, Pete!

  • Kristoffer Kvien
    Kristoffer Kvien

    I see where you get your swing

  • Spade

    What Mic do you use while on the course?

  • Stuart Greenfield
    Stuart Greenfield

    Love these videos! Great banter between you and the old man Pete, would definitely watch more of these!!!

  • Neil Amalfitano
    Neil Amalfitano

    More please

  • Dave Shannon
    Dave Shannon

    That's brilliant, I love playing golf with my old man, always a good laugh with banter, just like you and your dad 👍🏻👍🏻 I got an Eagle the other day, dad just grunted and said begrudgingly through his teeth "well done" 🤣🤣 later dad chips in and I say "you lucky old sod" 🤣🤣 Brilliant video Pete, would like to see more vs your old man 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Bold_Ram70

    Love these vids mate. Send dad for a sneaky lesson with Rick and then try to beat him. (I presume he won't listen to your advice hahaha)

  • Andy Bassan
    Andy Bassan

    Lovely video!

  • ImaG101

    ur dads great

  • Ian Howlett
    Ian Howlett

    Great vid 👌

  • nuggiehogan

    Did the old man play from the same tee box as you did? Does not seem fair if he did…. It is always a treasure to play with members of your family. Golden moments…. Treasure it, Pete.

  • Mr Sonor
    Mr Sonor

    Bad camera, bad cameraman.

  • Tjaart Van Der Walt
    Tjaart Van Der Walt

    Did you hit the driver of the deck?

  • Jack Brightmore
    Jack Brightmore

    Pete, you could have said you was going there. I'm literally ten minutes away! :(

  • Micheal Hudson (Mike)
    Micheal Hudson (Mike)

    The best video I've seen. Laughs and trash talk

  • Bradley Phelps
    Bradley Phelps

    I feel like I've seen most of your videos and haven't seen your Dad. Quite a thick accent eh!

  • Daniel Willems
    Daniel Willems

    There is an uproar permeating through the SVsoft golfing community with drivers not being selected off the tee for non driveable holes.

  • G BC
    G BC

    I got into golf mainly to keep my dad company and no matter where I was living I would regularly drive down for a knock with him..Sadly he’s no longer with us ..enjoy the banter with your dad Pete and cherish every game 👍🇬🇧⛳️🏌🏼‍♂️

  • sooneron

    Great vid Pete! I remember the only time I TIED my old man. We both shot 86s. It wasn't so much me becoming as good as he once was, but him dropping to my level!

  • dwc313

    How good is playing golf with your dad!

  • speerchucker64

    Have you seen Chris’ backswing? If so, can you hand it in to the pro shop 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rogier Voet
    Rogier Voet

    The best feeling in the world play against your dad (and win).

  • Connor Pond
    Connor Pond

    He’s definitely not a 12 handicapper 🤣

  • Casper Smit
    Casper Smit

    Where did your dads smooth putting stroke go?

  • Ian Morrison
    Ian Morrison

    What happened to that fancy motorised cart that your dad won in the last match?

  • Brendan Torrance
    Brendan Torrance

    Miss playing golf with my Dad, he is in the USA and im in Scotland..... tbf tho he is always wanting 20 shots hahahah

  • Renmazuo27

    Forget the golf (well not really..), it's more the relationship/ banter between father and son that I'm here for. Makes the game more enjoyable!

  • Gee “MB” Wizz
    Gee “MB” Wizz


  • Asa Zmanay
    Asa Zmanay

    Awesome Pete great to see you dad he's a proper character.

  • Suzanne P
    Suzanne P

    Lovely video, your dad is a bit of a laugh and good fun. Odd question - what footjoy jumper do you have there? Think the husband would love that

  • Daniel Chappell
    Daniel Chappell

    No chance he is Off 12

  • Allen McFarlen
    Allen McFarlen

    Loved watching you play with your Dad. Wish I could play with mine.

  • Tom K
    Tom K

    Oh damn, of all the courses in North Yorkshire, you managed to choose my least favourite, and the most overpriced 😅

  • andy king
    andy king

    Fading out Dad at the end....😂

  • TheBigEasy

    Never disappointed when your dad is on! Keep up the good work Pete!

  • mikrobluess

    that was good fun :)

  • Dan Lemire
    Dan Lemire

    thank you Pete!! Cheers

  • Daniel Foy
    Daniel Foy

    Say it ain't so he's making his dear old dad carry his bag not giving him the wheels, and won't give him a bunker tip. Possibly The first time I've rooted against Pete on this channel 😅

    • Daniel Foy
      Daniel Foy

      And he cut out the outro one tenth of the way through lmaooo

  • Matthias

    well, after seeing this, i will call my dad to schedule 18 holes :)

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson

    Chris Finch. Bloody good golfer.

  • veterinaren

    Haha fading out the speech in the end. Savage.

  • Mark Mendoza
    Mark Mendoza

    Its hard to watch this because it makes me miss my own dad. Our shared love was Formula One and sports car racing in general. That said, it’s heartwarming to see the banter and friendship you share with your father.

  • Bryan Marks
    Bryan Marks

    Get your dad a sweet Motor caddy.

  • matt

    The natural birch temporarily blind because engineer strangely thank behind a bad pedestrian. handsome, trite tailor

  • Barrie Tumbridge
    Barrie Tumbridge

    I started playing golf again so that I could play with my Son. Do more with your Dad Pete ⛳️⛳️

  • james b
    james b

    The best fade i've seen on your channel was the one made by the camera while your dad was talking

  • golf007sd2

    Got to love the gamesmanship. Peter, do us all a favor and please bring us more content like this. To see you play with you dad is very, very rewarding to us ALL!!!!

  • Lewis Caley
    Lewis Caley

    Nothing finer than playing golf with your dad

  • Ammar Ahmad
    Ammar Ahmad

    Dad are that way aren't they..hahhha "blooddyy heellll, no wayyy..do ya? kamonn" hahhha

  • Andrew Morse
    Andrew Morse

    Just curious, what is your opinion on the Mizuno MP-14 irons. I just bought a 3 iron and haven’t gotten the chance to hit it yet.

  • Bob Rutherford
    Bob Rutherford

    Loved the video.

  • Adam Izbicki
    Adam Izbicki

    Great video Peter!

  • RedDanger01 26
    RedDanger01 26

    Funny Pete has a buggy while his father carries his clubs

  • Iain Verigin
    Iain Verigin

    An early Father’s Day present.

  • Kevin Journeau
    Kevin Journeau

    I love seing the young players carrying their bag and the old player using a cart lol😂

  • Benjamin Toups
    Benjamin Toups

    Why you and Rick don’t calab anymore?

  • fretless 5
    fretless 5

    From the title, I was expecting Matt Fryer... LOL I wish I could get my dad to play, but he has no interest in golf. Looks like a good family day.

  • oatechaosincycles

    I know you know Pete and Chris but enjoy these times..you are privileged!

  • Jonathan Delgado
    Jonathan Delgado

    Wish I had a dad :/

  • Michael Blake
    Michael Blake

    Where’s the cart he won off you last time?

  • True Setback
    True Setback

    Love the vid but no way he’s 12 handicap

  • B Quick
    B Quick

    I love that you carry a 7 wood in the bag... I love my 5 wood!!! And I rarely see them used anymore. Let alone a 7 wood. Too many people choose 2 and 3 irons for "windy days". But honestly how often are you fighting wind on the course? 1 out of 15 rounds? I'll take ease of use all day.

    • Ryan M
      Ryan M

      He travels on some occasions, 90% of his golf is played in the uk, where his membership is... LOL. & that’s also debatable, wind direction, shape of hole, run of fairway etc etc .... LOL

    • B Quick
      B Quick

      Lol... He travels to play golf. Lol... You think I'm referencing only the UK... Lol... A controllable 19.5 degree wood is always better windy or not than a 2 or strong 3 iron... Lol. Bless your heart.

    • Ryan M
      Ryan M

      In the uk every day is windy 😂 1 in 15 chance of no wind