How to Hit Golf Ball First Then the Ground (PERFECT contact every time!)
How to hit the golf ball and then the ground with your irons. My top tips and drills to improve your strike contact and stop fatting and stop chunking the golf ball!

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In this video, I give my number one golf tip to strike your irons pure and stop hitting behind the golf ball. Use this tip to stop blading and stop chunking your chip shots, and lower your scores.

  • Gert Bjørnsen
    Gert Bjørnsen

    Shots from 50 meters and shorter to the flag

  • Demon Potato
    Demon Potato

    Not gonna lie its my contro, every shot I seem to hit always goes left.. note I am a lefty might be stance or my swing not sure I am alot taller than most also

  • Fran Serna
    Fran Serna

    Pete, I’m struggling with slow swing speeds (80mph with my driver and 210 avg distance).

  • Justin Blake
    Justin Blake

    If you can do a video on how to read greens and methods like aim point that would help me out a lot

  • J. A.
    J. A.

    Chips and shots around the green under 50 yds

  • HDGamer114

    Keep hitting a massive fade while driving

  • JT Underwood
    JT Underwood

    Because of the praying drill, my children are safer on rainy days 🤣

  • Walter Caldwell
    Walter Caldwell

    Love this Pete! Sending it now to my golf buddies 🤜🤛

  • majones117

    I struggle to hit the ground at all with irons, but I still get some good hits. I know if I took divots, I would be hitting less topped balls

  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker

    Peter do you analyze swings??

  • amkkoo91

    Having 6 par puts on 9 holes and getting 1-2 pars

  • Bazza Golf
    Bazza Golf

    Do you give tips based on someones swing video? Im new to golf, taken it up as part of fitness, not yet had lesson, but would love feedback..

  • Daniel Ronan
    Daniel Ronan

    Struggling with my 4/5s. Feel good about my 6 and up but I just can't get the right hit on the lowers :/


    Is this your house? If yes then it’s awesome!

  • dustin c
    dustin c

    struggle with control while pitching from short distances

  • Mike Gladson
    Mike Gladson

    that is one of the best drills I've ever seen! Thanks so much. I have a tendency to sway in my swing.

  • ianc

    Love the short and sweet but still very informative content of your videos👍 subscribed.

  • Ash “Ashmoney” W
    Ash “Ashmoney” W

    Chipping and approach shots from around 30-50 yards are my most challenging.

  • Will Fleming
    Will Fleming

    I'm really struggling with not hooking my hybrid, woods & driver sharp sharp left... any tips?

  • Martin Sunebäck
    Martin Sunebäck

    I an struggling with my aim on the course. It’s terrible. Do you have any advice?

  • Christian Bowman
    Christian Bowman

    Long irons

  • odf 47
    odf 47

    Struggling getting out of sand traps

  • David Schimmels
    David Schimmels

    Swing plane

  • Martin Bester
    Martin Bester

    Hitting my driver high and slicy

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas

    struggling to fix a shallow back swing

  • Liam Peterson
    Liam Peterson

    Driver launch angle:/ it’s way to high right now

  • Trenton Verble
    Trenton Verble

    Struggling on chips and scoring shots around the greens

  • Easton Phipps
    Easton Phipps

    My chips and my drives i top both

  • PRYVTgomerPYLE

    I struggle with decision making. I get too greedy and take risks, which end up costing me strokes... I need to get better at knowing my limits, knowing when I should simply lay up!

  • Jonathan Nyberg
    Jonathan Nyberg

    I struggle with topping the ball. Everything from Woods to wedges. Even when chipping.

  • brocky 34
    brocky 34

    I'm struggling with my distance standing from the ball.

  • Olly W
    Olly W

    I can get that nice feeling of ball first most of the time on short irons. But when I go past 6 iron just can’t get the same swing feeling.

  • Louis Ettinger
    Louis Ettinger

    I've developed " chip yips" it is so frustrating . Been playing golf for 25 years . I quit for about 7 years and when I started again a year ago have yips.

  • Kenneth Willhoite
    Kenneth Willhoite

    I'm struggling with how to properly hold the club and my swinging mechanics feel off

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim

    Toe strikes

  • Pawin Viratchensakul
    Pawin Viratchensakul

    My current struggle: hurting my lead wrist hitting long clubs (hybrids, woods, and driver) 😢

  • Peter K
    Peter K

    Great vid Peter. My issue is exactly this with the irons. I never take divots and noticed my distance is poor. Would you advise once loaded at the top, to shift all as one to the left and swing harder? Thanks. Peter K

  • GT3 Goetz
    GT3 Goetz

    I'm struggling on getting more spin with my chips.

  • Zac Rowlett
    Zac Rowlett

    Down hill chips round the greens I.e where I play they like raised banks round and behind greens

  • Adam Carteaux
    Adam Carteaux

    I seem to go in stages of which clubs i struggle with.... right now it's topping with my 3 wood off the deck.... so frustrating

  • Charlukz Herr
    Charlukz Herr

    Can we get a video talking about 50 vs 52 wedges? I'm a new(er) golfer like a year in and my PW is 43° and I only have a 54 SW and a 60 lob. I'm struggling with 110-70 yards, currently hitting my PW super soft.

  • Connor Affinito
    Connor Affinito

    I find that I hit my wedges very high and pure but I get no distance out of them. I have a 54 and 58 degree set and that was switching from a 56 and 60 degree set in hopes for my distance but I hit them the same yardage. What should I do differently?

  • phmc123

    You may already have done this, if so please advise when so I can see the video, but all this open face, closed face stuff. Please explain what it is and what effect it has on the ball. Thankyou

  • Adam Haile
    Adam Haile

    Been trying this for nearly 9 months and hardest part to pick up so far. Maybe the shift is

  • Michael Blankson
    Michael Blankson

    Super helpful. As a new golfer i struggle to know the point of impact on the carpet when im practising at the driving range. My body and positioning al feel like they are doing what you are instructing, but i would like to know if i'm actually getting behind the ball 'visually'. Is there anything you recommend?


    Absolutely terrible. You problem is most likely your hands and this will not fix that. Just another video to make money that doesn’t teach you anything so you’ll watch another one hoping you get better this time.

    • GC RID3RS
      GC RID3RS

      @Peter Finch Golf how does shifting weight solve a problem like unhinging behind the ball. It can help but when I see people with their club head a foot in front of their hands at impact telling them to shift their weight will not fix that.

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf

      Hands? Please explain

  • MT Films
    MT Films

    Could you do an in-depth explanation about how to rotate properly the shoulders (break down each shoulder for swing) as well as arm shaping/placement. Feet, hands and head I’m good with

  • HillbillyJedi88

    Never had anyone explain it like this so I will certainly give it a try. Thank you Pete! If you have any tips on the transition from back swing to down swing I'd love to hear them. Have fun!

  • Leslie Reynolds
    Leslie Reynolds

    I’m really struggling with getting into a great impact position from the top of my backswing.

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    Can someone tell me how to fix my swing, Im a 9 handicap, but recently ive been flipping my wrists over alot, and i feel like in my back swing ive been moving more than I was before, Anyone got any tips to fix this?

  • Shaun Callahan
    Shaun Callahan

    Struggling with bare lies, patchy municipal roughs with the patches of grass behind the ball. Usually 80 to 150 yards out.

  • Alex E.
    Alex E.

    D I you like your putt veiw

  • Alex E.
    Alex E.

    Fatting it

  • Robbie Smith
    Robbie Smith

    3 wood off the deck is something I’ve struggled with since getting back into golf just under a year ago so much so it’s no longer in my bag

  • Allen Wood
    Allen Wood

    Adding this drill to my tool bag... Iron play is the bane of my game right now. So, sticking with irons, I'd like to see more about ball positioning for different clubs in different lies. The only club I don't really worry about ball position is my 7i--right in the middle of my stance. But every other club is hit and miss...pun intended. Cheers, Pete 🍻

  • //WraggyUK

    Struggling to hit irons off of a tee

  • Brandon Tyler
    Brandon Tyler

    Also just one request about these videos. I love watching you and Rick Shiels and Me and my Golf. But could you guys maybe go over how you would apply some of the coaching to lefty golfers?

  • Brandon Tyler
    Brandon Tyler

    I struggle with pulling my head up too early on iron and wedge shot and as a result the club head comes up and i thin it.

  • Alan Cox
    Alan Cox

    I struggle with this. Really like the breakdown and drill, will definitely try.

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams

    Hitting the ball straight

  • christian rasmussen
    christian rasmussen

    Hello Pete. Im having trouble getting some distance on my wedges. So when I'm striking my wedges to good, getting under them kind of like a flop shot. But its kind off a problem when I'm only getting 60 yards worth of distance on my 56 Degree. What can I do to stop hitting those flop shots when I'm doing a full swing and get more distance on my wedges. Because I'm really struggling with the 70-100 yards, and its tough hitting a half P-wedge when I need to cover 70 yards and getting it on the green.

  • Ryan Goodson
    Ryan Goodson

    Hey Peter, my biggest miss is off the toe and it comes out of nowhere, got some tips? Thanks!

  • Ruaraidh Scott
    Ruaraidh Scott

    Reading the greens is almost impossible for 20+ handicappers😩

  • craig gomez
    craig gomez

    Struggling to hit my 3 wood well. Possibly my most inconsistent part of my game.

  • Thomas Waters
    Thomas Waters

    Hey mate. Just wondering if you could do a test with a range finder and amateurs on the benefits and if it makes a difference to the score.

  • Samuel Jääskeläinen
    Samuel Jääskeläinen

    Im struggling to get distance for my 6i and 5i

  • Joseph Clinton
    Joseph Clinton

    Ball positioning and distance from the ball.

  • Ebonix

    My biggest struggle is short chips with a wedge near the green. 10 to 15 yards is the worst.

  • IncrediblePony

    Struggling to actually practice at home with a club in my hand and my 30% flight traning balls for the strike. If you can show/find a cheap and easy way to set up a "driving range" on a football field or the backyard, would be much appreciated :) living in small apartments are not always easy for these sorts of things :P I'm toying with the idea with a fitted sheet a goalpost on a football goal and a stick, but I'm not sure how to best apply it. And then comes the part where I have to not destroy the turf on the football field. A welcome mat made of coconut fibres, perhaps? I dno... :P

  • Pat Gleeson
    Pat Gleeson

    Proper wrist hinge? And how to create lag? When to release the wrists!!! My biggest struggle

  • Shawn Bialkowski
    Shawn Bialkowski

    Love this drill. Show us 50 yard and up pitch shots. My chipping is ok but anything 20 to 50 yards is just terrible.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    I’m struggling hitting straight with my driver and 5,6,7 irons

  • Connor Robson
    Connor Robson

    Hi Peter, I really struggle to put my ball in the air. I don’t struggle for distance, I keep the ball fairly straight, so my inability to do so impedes my shots being even better - and no video I see really describes it well. Many thanks.

  • 마번공유 친목-밴드명 말밥
    마번공유 친목-밴드명 말밥

    잘봤습니다~ 자주시청할게요.

  • Luke Wyatt
    Luke Wyatt

    I'm really struggling with getting too quick with my downswing causing me to get my arms way way ahead causing shanks and thin shots.

  • MauiBoi Sugi
    MauiBoi Sugi

    Hitting all driver and irons all to the right. Not all the time I’m in the fairway. How can I correct this

  • Mr Hyde
    Mr Hyde

    Peter I have a question... do you find regarding your left foot when your finish your swing that you go threw shoes quicker than usual. I finish my left foot like yours and find seem of the shoe splits a lot because of this.

  • Jesse Hupko
    Jesse Hupko

    Please review Ben Hogan PTX Pro irons. I’m thinking of getting a set... PLEASE.. :)

  • Bryce Borcovsky
    Bryce Borcovsky

    Hey Pete another great video, some putting drills would be of great value to me as it is the one part of my game that I struggle with the most, cheers for all the help 👍

  • Wayne Bode Bode
    Wayne Bode Bode

    I really struggle with reading greens. I think a video on how to read greens ie slopes, cut of the grass, distance etc etc would be great

  • David Ji
    David Ji

    one of my struggles is when I hit driver, it always go outward, meaning if I aim it as if it gonna slice, it always draw, and if I aim as if it gonna draw, it always slice, it happens everytime with no exception, almost like clock work

  • Dave Fawkes
    Dave Fawkes

    Great drill Pete 👍🏻👌🏻

  • Daniel Dudley
    Daniel Dudley

    I struggle with confidence when I stand over short putts.

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis

    I'm really struggling with skulling or topping my iron shots really badly.

  • Robert Stenhouse
    Robert Stenhouse

    I'd like to see something about being "open" at impact, i.e turning the hips left. I'm sure most us amateurs are mainly in the early extension or something like it at impact

  • Elliot Yun
    Elliot Yun

    i'm struggling with putting

  • Iain McEwen
    Iain McEwen

    I always keep the face ope.

  • Jack Rainfield
    Jack Rainfield

    I fight early extension.

  • Riley Mundt
    Riley Mundt

    No matter how strong I make my grip (back of left hand pointing upward) I slice the the ball.

  • Kyle Nicolas
    Kyle Nicolas

    Hey Pete! Would love to see a video on how to keep your torso upright and your weight shifting onto your front foot properly. I struggle with subconsciously leaning back and hitting up on the ball, which causes me to leave my club face open, swing over the top, and at worse hit some particularly nasty hosel rockets with my driver that really make me hesitant to use it at all.

  • barri karim
    barri karim

    I’m using steel-shafted big bertha warbird 3 wood, why’s it so hard to hit? I know pete said that technology in fairway woods don’t leap much, but I tried my friend’s RBZ 3 wood and it was sensational!

  • Sean Peting (DivineWarMaster)
    Sean Peting (DivineWarMaster)

    Getting my fairway woods and long irons to strike pure and consistent

  • Mads Skinbjerg
    Mads Skinbjerg

    Struggling with my driver! - For some reason i hit it so bad - sometimes im barely lifting if off the ground. Guess im hitting down, but im really doing "all i know" to not to. Been watching many videos regarding setup etc and it does not help.

  • xarevok

    My problem with these drills is that I still don't know what you are supposed to do with your wrist. I can still hit the ground before the ball if the club is released (not by choice!) too early.

  • Xela_009

    Shanking lay ups with gap wedge like 50yds from green

  • Gerard Fletcher
    Gerard Fletcher

    Superb, perfect drill for the range tonight 👍

  • Ken Cess
    Ken Cess

    I like the micro lessons. Keep it simple. Otherwise too much too quickly and too many complications. Currently working on finishing the backswing and giving the swing “time”., especially the longer clubs. I tend to practice with short and mid irons. Longer irons, hybrids and fairways take a longer swing length and therefore more time.

  • Chase P
    Chase P

    Small ball before the big ball

  • James Brazeau
    James Brazeau

    I need putting tips pretty please!!!

  • Kevin Frost
    Kevin Frost