How to hit a fairway wood off the ground!

  • Jack Walker
    Jack Walker

    Would love to know what shoes you're wearing in this as they look really nice and I want to get myself a a pair

  • Matthew Ofriel
    Matthew Ofriel

    I play it in middle of my stance and hit my fairway woods just as good if not better than any club in my bag

  • gmiller313

    Thanks for the quick and simple points. When I've tried this (in lessons and on range/course) I am able to make good contact with a AoA between -1 and +.7, but as far forward in the stance I continually slice the ball.

  • Craig Seddon
    Craig Seddon

    Always interesting to see different techniques, I place the ball in the middle of my stance, 7WD I actually have slightly back in the stance. I'd get far too much height on the shot off the front foot.

  • Steve Tierney
    Steve Tierney

    It's a very easy shot of the deck easy peasy I even do driver of the deck have done for years

    • Steve Tierney
      Steve Tierney

      It's a very easy shot just come down the grip a littie bit just hit the shot iv been doing for years easy peasy no fear especially 9.5 of the deck

    • Steve Tierney
      Steve Tierney

      Swing easy lighten the grip an let the loft do the rest like a missile easy peasy par in two setting up birdie


    I still top it when it's up far. I have to put it between there and middle. My guess is my weight isn't transferring to the front as much as I'd like.

  • Boone Docker
    Boone Docker

    Sweep the floor Daniel San.

  • Gotcha Biqch
    Gotcha Biqch

    remember. what works for him might not work for you. just go out and try everything without ruining your swing lol

  • the man in the mirror
    the man in the mirror

    Does hitting the chest line work on all the clubs

  • Guig92i

    play it like an hybrid

  • Eric Perakslis
    Eric Perakslis

    Love the format!

  • Martin


  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    I so needed to see this before my last game - time to head to the practice area Cheers!

  • Ruud Schrijvers
    Ruud Schrijvers

    The length of instruction videos is highly overrated 😉

  • Renmazuo27

    This video is absolute gold. Went for a quick sesh at the range to try these tips...I have never flushed my 5-wood like this. Just need to practice and get more consistent with it. Many thanks Pete!

  • The left-handed golfer
    The left-handed golfer

    Love the gangster walk at the end, very pimp!

  • Gee Wizz
    Gee Wizz


  • Neil Persen
    Neil Persen

    I absolutely hate your front foots position in all of your stances

  • Daniel Foy
    Daniel Foy

    I have way too much trouble with hitting my 3 wood off the deck. I need an in depth lesson so I can actually take it out of the bag instead of hitting a dinky hybrid. I maybe hit a pure one 1/4 attempts and feel like I can't risk it and leave it in the bag a lot of times.

  • Jason Velez
    Jason Velez

    We need more of these. Pete at his coaching best!!

  • Kieran VR
    Kieran VR

    Best video you've ever made. And I legit like a ton(a metric Tonne) of your vids. Please work your way through every shot in golf like this. I am not joking. If you do this, your drives will write your name in cursive as they fly(Peter John Gabriel Finch), and land on line everytime. You will grow wings and your feet will never be sore. You will play a perfect golf game within a year of finishing the videos, and there will be an endless supply of macadamia nuts in your bag... Signed, -Sateen

  • Barry Emery
    Barry Emery


  • Kevin Hobson
    Kevin Hobson

    Hey Peter! I just wanted to tell you thank you for posting such helpful videos. I’ve taken some of the things you’ve shown us and applied them to my game on the course and it’s really helping! Keep up the good work!

  • Anthony Lam
    Anthony Lam

    Basically hit that ball flush I still don't get it.


    I suck at fairway woods. Enough I want to take them out my bag lol. I typically use 4 iron on par 5s second shots anyway, that's enough to typically lay up and get on green in 3. I literally always top fairways off the fairway. Guess I'm afraid to hit the ground with it

    • Daniel Foy
      Daniel Foy

      But I can absolutely bomb driver lol

    • Daniel Foy
      Daniel Foy

      Yep. This is me.

  • Jack Kershaw
    Jack Kershaw

    This is just what I’ve been looking for. Just got my first fairway wood and have been struggling off the deck. Hopefully won’t be long till can use it other than off the tee

    • Holmer

      @PTREK BOX BREAKS It took the better part of twenty years before I could do it. It was worth the wait though.

    • Jack Kershaw
      Jack Kershaw

      @PTREK BOX BREAKS just since about august. Never hit something so well before was genuinely shocked when I was at the driving range


      How long ago did u start golfing? I've golfed off and on my entire life and I still cant hit fairway woods that well lol

  • dance eddy
    dance eddy

    why do you turn your feet out ? does it help with rotation ?

    • Harry Base
      Harry Base

      Helps a ton if you have back problems too

    • G V
      G V


  • Neil Taylor
    Neil Taylor

    What’s with the short video Mr Finch to busy practicing for The Open 😏💪🏼💪🏼

  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI Help

    Makes sense.

  • Silence DoGood
    Silence DoGood

    Can't sleep

  • Jonathon Trummer
    Jonathon Trummer

    Great idea to keep some quick tips in the shorts! Quick reference for people to check in after watching full videos!

  • David Haywood
    David Haywood

    Absolutely brilliant short tutorial something us novices can really benefit from 3 easy to follow instructions we can write down in a book amd look at on the course to refresh memories

  • MrClxtch

    Ahhh finally a straight, quick-to-the-point tutorial. Definitely will try this when I go practice. Thanks!

  • Truth Venum
    Truth Venum

    29 seconds is the new black

  • Ulken0

    The quick step at the end is the most important part. The rest is optional.

    • azharsyarawi

      Absolutely … you also need to let the clubhead slip down to your hands, like your sheathing your broadsword😁

  • Joshua Koble
    Joshua Koble


  • Abner Jaggi
    Abner Jaggi