Can ANYTHING replace my current 3-wood? | Build My Bag Video
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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey all 👋 I’ve done your horoscope and it says you’ll have an amazing week 😊

    • Justin Bowen
      Justin Bowen

      I know the show has some things about it. But the Callaway Maverick 3 wood with a smoke blue 70 gram is smoking for me

    • Mitchell Thurner
      Mitchell Thurner

      @Mark Cronin I'm not Pete, but the main differences will be center of gravity and length of the shaft

    • Mark Cronin
      Mark Cronin

      Pete I have a 2hybrid at 15degrees loft. What is the main difference as I have always had a hybrid and not a 3 wood. My Taylor made hybrid looks very similar to the ping as the sole is very flat. Just wondering what the hybrid versus 3 wood difference is

    • jiipee9911

      I did your chinese horoscope, and you will have a superb year!

  • Seth Ralphs
    Seth Ralphs

    More golf bidder videos please!😃 Love those challenges you and Rick have done in the past.

  • Iain Robertson
    Iain Robertson

    My old cobra 3. I stole off my brother. I hit it about 2 to 3 times max a round. It either rips it and saves my bacon or it just goes pure crap. If I do succeed in not stuffing it up I hit it 240 yards. I dont see a new one doing anything amazing different.

  • Matt Steadman
    Matt Steadman

    loft up the m5 to 15?

  • Boone Docker
    Boone Docker

    F9 Cobras work well for me. At the end of the day, there probably isn't a 1% difference in any of them.

  • Jesse Hupko
    Jesse Hupko

    Can you review Ben Hogan PTX Pro irons? Respect your opinion and I’m thinking of getting a set.

  • Ross Lillebo
    Ross Lillebo

    TSi2 Is where you want to go with the three wood. Better off the deck and better spin rate and still smokes off the tee.

  • Lee Masters
    Lee Masters

    I bought myself an m5 off ebay a few weeks back for under £100 and set it to 16 degrees. It's a bomber. Really forgiving and at least 10 yards longer than my old steel shaft TM v steel. Great video Pete

  • Sam Spratt
    Sam Spratt

    I had my first fitting on Monday and I ended up coming out with Srixon ZX 3 & 5 woods. Wasn't expecting them to go in the bag but they were lovely

  • shitterbot20

    10:24 I love that editing choice. Lol

  • J B
    J B

    I think TSi2 would have been a better test than TSi3! I play the G425 lst, but man was it hard to choose. I went with PING just to try something new!

  • hansi delk
    hansi delk

    how many hours per week do you practise?

  • Michael Parsons
    Michael Parsons

    Great video Pete! I’ve been rocking the same 3W for years now, since 2010. A Sonartec SS-03, given to me by someone who broke the shaft and didn’t want to take the time to re-shaft it. I wouldn’t give it up for anything else at the moment.

  • Jonathan Longley
    Jonathan Longley

    With the putters, could you do a test by grouping all the same shape heads together to get the best one for you from each shape and then compare those?

  • Ian Sherbaniuk
    Ian Sherbaniuk

    10:24 swing and a miss...

  • Hampus Ericsson
    Hampus Ericsson

    I am surprised Stenson is not mentioned

  • Phillip Ismay
    Phillip Ismay

    Change your 3 wood, Never, got my Big Bertha Titanium over 22 yes old never ever found Anything g to beat it...I use it off the tee and off the deck All the time .....

  • Hunter Moseley
    Hunter Moseley

    Taylormade sim 3 wood is crazy

  • Geofferlyhills

    Looking forward to the putter vid GO LAB, you putted like a beast with the megamind one

  • Geofferlyhills

    I stil use a 7wood tm burner bubbleshaft 2 so yes it has stayed for years and years, 26 to be precise

  • John Mitman
    John Mitman

    Peter - I notice that you're aiming down the range finder with your left eye. As a left-eye dominant righty myself and a couple of years into the LH putting experiment, I'm curious if you've explored that route?!

  • Josh Brownell
    Josh Brownell

    I don't hit mine high it is more of a bullet. What am I doing wrong

  • Leslie Hines
    Leslie Hines

    so the moral of the story - "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" 😀 Is it time to follow Rick and christen the G410 as he did with "Old Bluey"............

  • Steven Stolk
    Steven Stolk

    I love these videos!

  • nd nd
    nd nd

    Switched over to the 425 max from 400 max. Only had chance to play 2 9 holes with them but so far liking them. Got the driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood. Only was able to hit driver and 7 wood on the course but did really well with them compared to my other. Seems to have better dispersion rate

  • Spritely

    Got a whoop team yet mate?

  • Anthony Elliott
    Anthony Elliott

    I use an m2 3w HL. Love it. And wS only £45 on the bay of E.

  • stephen kinnane
    stephen kinnane

    hi pete. i would really like you to test a tsi 3 16.5 wood i think it would fit you very well. could you try

  • Sean Platt
    Sean Platt

    I'm constantly telling myself I don't need new clubs (it doesn't work, I literally bought a new putter today), but I would love it if you did a build-my-bag video every week

  • Scott Downes
    Scott Downes

    I was waiting for an image of Rick Shiels and "Old Bluey" to appear next to Justin & Tiger lol

  • Phillip Stewart
    Phillip Stewart

    Good luck in the competition bro

  • A B
    A B

    If you have a club you adore why would you change it? I switch between an old mizuno jpx and my tm v steel

  • Ryan Webster
    Ryan Webster

    Thanks for still referring to it as a fairway wood! Hate it when the American commentators call them fairway metals!

  • Pat O
    Pat O

    I haven’t carried a 3 woods in 7-8 years. I opt of a 2 hybrid instead which goes about 25-30 less than my driver. I hit the hybrid much lower as well and can hit it out of moderate rough which I can’t with a 3 wood. I just don’t see the point of 3 wood for my game.

  • Matty V
    Matty V

    I love my three wood so much. I always heard when you find one you love you’ll never want to move on from it. I use a PING G400 and I can’t see myself getting rid of it unless I upgrade to a newer model PING. The shape and shallow face is just perfect and it’s honestly effortless to hit.

  • Steve Cassidy
    Steve Cassidy

    Is it bad that I knew that was the M5 even behind the blur? lol maybe less golf reviews....

  • Brian prather
    Brian prather

    Should have tried the Mizuno STZ 3 wood in this test my have been a strong contender in your test 🙂

  • James Durrington
    James Durrington

    10:24 fail 😂😂😂

  • Lindsey Williams
    Lindsey Williams

    Ping G20 driver & Ping G20 3wood. They are precision tools!

  • Mike Forbes
    Mike Forbes

    On the subject of Golfbidder... Its time for a new vid with Rick and Matt 😉

  • Barry Emery
    Barry Emery

    Interesting video Rick. I have been using a Wilson Staff db for about 20 yrs so decided that I needed to upgrade to one with more tech. I tested and was fitted for a G425 Max 3 wood today, lofted up to 15.5. Loved it and bought it. Tried the SFT as well but didn’t get the ball speed or trajectory that I was looking for. My swing speed isn’t fast enough for the LST so didn’t bother trying that. My new 3/4 wood will get its first course outing tomorrow, hopefully it proves as forgiving on the course as it was in the fitting studio today.

  • Daniel Cohen
    Daniel Cohen

    I've tried a ton of newer fairway woods and I keep going back to my Callaway XR16s. They are the easiest to hit and the ball just loves going dead straight with them.

  • Graham Renfrow
    Graham Renfrow

    Can’t believe old blue-y wasnt mentioned

  • Dave Karnowski
    Dave Karnowski

    Very good video. I was gaming a M5. This year I've matched up a Ping G425 3 and 7 wood. The M5 was a rocket but the Ping is more consistent for me.

  • TK Pakman
    TK Pakman

    I found my "will never let go " woods last year: Cobra F-8 with Tensei Blue shaft.

  • Stephen Hinds
    Stephen Hinds

    Sublime headcover action at 10:23 haha

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 in 13.5* from 2016. Bought it last year after selling my G400, and I have to tell you that it was a good move.

  • Ricardo Murcia
    Ricardo Murcia

    Sim2 Titanium

  • Golf Guru 86
    Golf Guru 86

    What golf course is this please

  • Neal Sead
    Neal Sead

    You forgot to let the viewers know to wallop the like button with unbridled passion :)

  • David Ginola
    David Ginola

    Titliest 913fd !! Say no more

  • Connor Gordon
    Connor Gordon

    We just going to slide past that head cover duff at 10:25?...

  • KevinS

    Is the old one broken? No average golfer, paying for their own clubs could afford to change their clubs as often as Mr Finch. When my clubs get dirty I clean them rather than replacing them!

  • Colin Walker
    Colin Walker

    Couldn’t you just reel in the titty and TM by lofting up? Get yourself a 4W with a shorter shaft for more spin and control 😃

  • Nick Knight
    Nick Knight

    When’s the build my bag putter edition coming?

  • Mad Matt Mad Matt
    Mad Matt Mad Matt

    How many times are you going to build a bag?? Are we now getting this desperate to create new content😴

  • Stacey Albowicz
    Stacey Albowicz

    Mizuno stz

  • Tiger Woodard
    Tiger Woodard

    Wow, what a video Pete. I wish I could hit a 3 wood 300 yards like that Titleist. Keep up the good work. God bless you sir

  • Hey80793

    love this love you peter

  • Aldo Pieter Grobbelaar
    Aldo Pieter Grobbelaar

    It would have been so funny if you had put Rick and old bluey up as some of the long time users of the same club lol

  • Will Leung
    Will Leung

    10:23 - The G425 doesn't want to get in the headcover... Quickly onto next clip

  • DJDarlingMan

    New putter in the bag?

  • Brian Van Lieu
    Brian Van Lieu

    Good thoughts Pete but a 3 wood only a few years old? Mr. Stenson would like you to hold his beer. #diablo

  • Paul Bown
    Paul Bown

    How about Stenson’s fairway wood!!!

  • Thomas Mallon
    Thomas Mallon

    I was just gifted my uncles old taylormade rbz 3wood. I need some work off the deck swing wise, but off the tee it's like a rocket!!!

  • Mark Derby
    Mark Derby

    Great video Pete have you not tested the Sim 2 fairway woods yet?

  • Kevin Shiel
    Kevin Shiel

    I am still playing the g400 and have just added a g410 7wood. Fantastic clubs.

  • Jake Varuska
    Jake Varuska

    "Medium throw"

  • Matt Repass
    Matt Repass

    Pete, can we be friends

  • Gary Davis
    Gary Davis

    Good decision in the end. Will Rick ever get rid of Old Bluey? 😉😂

  • IronHyde26

    Medium throw...Pete iced his shoulder off camera after that toss. Guaranteed. 😂

  • Willie Dunlop
    Willie Dunlop

    Yes I enjoy this series, but I would love to see you compare hitting wood shift’s against your personal favorite shafts, bye the way I always give a thumbs up so one for me would be amazing.

  • Will G
    Will G

    pete i'm thoroughly impressed by your ability to hit low profile fairways off a tee as tall as that! i'd be terrified.

  • Prismatic

    Ive had my cobra bio cell 3 wood for years now I hit it dead straight and is sometimes keeping up with my driver. Probably going to pull a Henrik Stenson with it and keep it in the bag forever.

  • Kevin Wood
    Kevin Wood

    I have an F9 with a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue and I love it. Try the new Radspeed out.

  • Ryan Barnes
    Ryan Barnes

    Pete matching his eyes and Footjoy hat 😂

  • Andrew You
    Andrew You

    ive only had 2, 3 woods in my life and they were the mizuno mp-001 and the taylormade r11 currently in my bag and honestly, when i hit these new 3 wood they dont feel better or more forgiving than a 3wood from 2011 IMHO

  • Drice99

    Love these build my bag videos. its nice to see the range of testing and input from you, not just gushing about a particular club because hey sponsorships. Keep em comin please

  • kyle trotter
    kyle trotter

    That's it I'm now measuring all things in throw distance....Imperial units be damned!

  • Scott Dreyfus
    Scott Dreyfus

    Check out the Mizuno 3 wood , it’s a beast

  • That Jacob guy
    That Jacob guy

    Makes me feel better than my 5 years old set I've just bought thats new to me

  • Barracatcher

    I had a 13 degree titleist 909 f3 with a stiff voodoo shaft (the spiral looking maroon one) for years and years. I have only JUST changed it out for an epic flash. That old titleist was one of the best 3 woods ever made, in my humble opinion. Changing it out was a BIG call. I only changed it as my swing had changed over the last 10 or so years, but It certainly was a hard thing to do.

  • Coach Maguire
    Coach Maguire

    Can’t wait to see the putter tests.

    • Tezza Boy
      Tezza Boy

      Although with Pete's muscle man exercise regime, he might accidentally hit them over 300 along the ground, no need for driver!

  • Kevin White
    Kevin White

    Been rocking the Callaway Diablo Octane tour head for years now. Tried others but keep going back.

  • Richard Reed
    Richard Reed

    I have the G410 3W and absolutely love it. So consistent and easy to hit. So much so I prefer it to my driver off the tee.

  • Ben Clabaugh
    Ben Clabaugh

    I'm playing SIM fairway woods now. Played 915fd for 5 years and had r7 prior to those for 7 years. I'm definitely one that when I find a new 3 and 5 wood, I stick with them.

  • robert matt
    robert matt

    I haven't watched video yet, but I'll put money on he goes with the newest shinny new 3 wood.

  • Sebastian Nachilly
    Sebastian Nachilly

    You seem to have found the same issue I found with the last couple titleist "3" models. I actually switched into a 16.5 head cranked to 15.75 and its just perfect now. Might be something to try!

  • Coach Maguire
    Coach Maguire

    2:45 is that a Cobra Driver I spy in the bag?

  • Andre Malaco
    Andre Malaco

    If 3 woods havent changed in years, why not go with the longest 3 wood? Taylormade RBZ! I have the 3 and 5 woods and I honestly dont think I will ever get rid of them. They're just to easy so easy to hit and the ball goes a mile!

  • Charlie Gouthro
    Charlie Gouthro

    Regarding fairway woods, I think a person should stick with what works - no need to change. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Happy golfing!

  • Hayden Reynolds
    Hayden Reynolds

    Spanish Snake Charmer! Haha, 4 years ago in Spain with Rick! Gotta play a 9 hole with Rick again! Great content keep it up!

  • Joel Amstutz
    Joel Amstutz

    I went with a 917 16.5 for the mix between a good tee option of the 3 wood but the upness of a 5 wood

  • NovaScene

    Went for a G425 FW fitting, didn't love it.. On my way out spotted a good as new G410 FW in the demo sale rack, picked it up and hit it, it outperformed G425 in every way.. Ended up walking out of the store with it and saved about 200eur.

  • Tony Glott
    Tony Glott

    I appreciate your thoughts and view points on equipment and " Golf Thinking " in general. I only wish my 62 year old body could swing a club as well as you do.

  • Christopher Siegert
    Christopher Siegert

    Around 4:30 "This is a perfect comparison" Then you didn't actually show the comparison of where each Ping 3 wood ended up......

  • Derek Smenyak
    Derek Smenyak

    Find you a RBZ...guarantee nothing is longer

  • Shaggy Golf
    Shaggy Golf

    I still have my Mizuno JPX 900 3 wood in the bag. Love it.

  • Eric Putzer
    Eric Putzer

    This was amazing. The first SVsoft video to not advise buying something new. Also the sly lesson on fairway woods, their purpose, and how to hit them snuck into the middle of it - inspired. This was a review, lesson, and build my bag all in one. Classsss.

  • jared kaiser
    jared kaiser

    I don’t actually carry a 3 wood. Would be interesting to find one to put in the bag. Carry a titleist hybrid 19 degree