Time to stop? | Quest For The Open 2021
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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone, big thank you for watching and supporting the channel. YOU ARE THE BEST!

    • David Motson
      David Motson

      No, you're the best!!!

    • Tyler Petrone '20
      Tyler Petrone '20

      hit the gym!

    • Andi McGaw
      Andi McGaw

      Maybe you need a sports psychologist. My first couple of years, I was terrible, then I went from 28 to 18 in a year, won a couple of comps then plateaued. Changed my training regime and started using blades to practice with, which made me focus on my ball striking and within another year went down to 12. My next year I stalled again but I also felt I was in a rut and my handicap went to 14.2. I let my emotions get a hold of my game. One day I saw one of the Bob Rotella books and read it. Went out and played again and shot my first ever par round. Continued to read his books removed the idea of handicap from my game and whoever I played all of which had better handicaps than me, I beat. The books help me focus my game remove the distraction of playing against someone else and truly play the course. My strategy only changed due to the conditions around the course that day. I never played match play because it took me out of playing the course. When I finally got my handicap checked I dropped down to 3 in just over a year. My game held up until I was diagnosed with cancer. I haven't played since. I not a golf coach but your game appears solid but you lose an aspect of it on the day. It's not your golf that is the problem. Prepare differently for a game, with your connections you must be able to speak to a sports psychologist...Just my opinion

    • BAattack911

      You should try to have a friend caddy for you in comps. Might keep you as loose as you are in videos and will help you to put less pressure on yourself in comps

    • Brad Scott
      Brad Scott

      @Les Smith and I'll buy the second!

  • thaGreatWald

    the golf bidder challenge is still by far my fav content

  • Lonnie JM Moon
    Lonnie JM Moon

    Honestly, I think that Pete has the skill and the want. He will one day be on the highest stages of Golf and he even has the fans in the comments to support him. Honestly I say go for it and there is nothing that will stop Pete from being one of the best golfers. I think this is the key to unlocking the status of "Pro" and for everyone who sees my comments, that is what you need to be the best.

  • Brant Brice
    Brant Brice

    Nice Smooth Jazz to take the hurt off missing the Open Qualifying in 2021. But, look out St. Andrews, soon to be Sir Peter Finch, is on his way!!

  • Awakened Mind
    Awakened Mind

    Play against Good Good Golf. You’ll win shortly after lol. Love your vids Pete. Keep up the great work…

  • Darren Beechall
    Darren Beechall

    Keep at mate your good golfer 🏌️‍♂️👍 the pro from are club played in the open first time and he was OK just being there was enough (Dan Croft) he qualified at West lancs I think 🤔

  • D R
    D R

    Being honest, if you are good enough to even attempt to qualify for the Open you're pretty decent at golf unlike 99.9% of commenters

  • Corek BleedingHollow
    Corek BleedingHollow

    Golf is the best lifetime sport. Never give up!

  • Jason Dumb
    Jason Dumb

    I enjoy seeing competition. Also feel like the quest videos are compelling content

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson

    Great video. You're a legend, Pete. Keep it going.

  • Stephen Pearson
    Stephen Pearson

    Keep going Pete. Good things happen to good people!

  • Steve Prudence
    Steve Prudence

    Come on Pete, qualifying for the 150th Open at the home of golf? It's a no brainer mate, you've got to give it a go. So if you want a challenge every week then by all means come down for a game in the sunny south east for one of those weeks for a game at Rochester and Cobham Park Golf Course, I'll take you on for a Guinness😉

  • Mber One
    Mber One

    Why are 99% of pro golf teachers not very good at golf?

  • Ivan Lys
    Ivan Lys

    Dont Stop Peter! Never give up. Never!

  • Elliot Forbes
    Elliot Forbes

    used to play golf years ago, subbed to Rick Shiels a few weeks ago and then came aware of you off the back of that! Loved the way you came across in the podcasts and really enjoyed watching this Peter! Wishing you lots of success and cant wait to follow the journey wherever it takes you! All the best!

  • Patrick Utri
    Patrick Utri

    I think some sort of challenge against pros once a month full 18 would be cool. Might even be some designed so they give advice and others where it’s an all out shoot out for best score??

  • Lars Hedberg
    Lars Hedberg

    Don’t give up on your dream. Focus elsewhere and come back next year. Stop focusing on the Numbers and try to find the feeling and love for the game....Ask questions to find what you need to do....

  • Andrew Linch
    Andrew Linch

    Atempting to be better is always better than not trying at all Peter. And remember Mr Hogans wise words I only got better when I gave up on having a perfect swing, it is not required to play great golf, ( From the 5 Fundementals), but mentally Hogan was superb, keep going Pete, but you need to work on the mental side, I learnt that one myself the hard way LOL. chin up Pete.

  • Alan Clayton
    Alan Clayton

    Time to stop. Watching James Robinson, open qualifying, he is around six shots better than you. Give or take. Short game in a different league. Keeps the punters clicking on your channel I suppose

  • Andries Jansen van Vuuren
    Andries Jansen van Vuuren

    On this date I am telling you now Mr Finch. Next year, the 150th Open, the Home of Gold St Andrews. You will qualify. Please just keep grinding my fav golfer. Lets gooooooooooo

  • Wakedaddy49

    Am I missing something? when did you ditch the Mizuno putter? STICK WITH THE SAME CLUBS FOR A SEASON! lol


    Please don’t stop. Just watched the Interview on the RSGS Podcast and didn’t overly like the message from Guy. There’s definitely merit in keeping on trying. Keep going!

  • Steve Colvin
    Steve Colvin

    never stop. If you give up on your dreams what do you have? What about quest for the Senior Open in the future?

  • Magnus Rind Giversen
    Magnus Rind Giversen

    Good luck in the open next weekend Pete! Me and my younger brother from denmark Will cheer for you!🤝❤️

  • HillbillyJedi88

    Wishing you the best for whatever you decide to do Pete! I love watching your videos but if I had to stop watching to see you in The Open, I'd do it in a heartbeat! Cheers!

  • Kayde Brown
    Kayde Brown

    Film thé competition please

  • Dave Christensen
    Dave Christensen

    Glad to hear you are pressing on - looking forward to seeing you in The Open at St Andrews.

  • Bazza Clarky
    Bazza Clarky

    Go on Pete, smash it up this year. The game is in there, you just need to be able to muster it up at the right time! Good luck with the quest, and I look forward to following every step!

  • eddie brown
    eddie brown

    Come on down to the factory and work a 12-hr shift with me, Pete. Then maybe you'll be thankful for the gravy life you already have.

  • James Snyder
    James Snyder

    Keep at it, Pete!

  • Paul Anthony
    Paul Anthony

    you cant quit on us Pete, you have all the skills!!! as i said last year, you are mentally off on your game. Play more tournaments with actual professionals for the upcoming year, not just against RS. WHY dont you make the move to the USA and join the Korn Ferry Tour?? it would make for a great channel to watch. we love everything you do brother. come visit Colorado one day.

  • Tiger Woodard
    Tiger Woodard

    Mr Finch, I pray that you achieve everything u set ur mind to. Please invite Rick to play with you in the match part 2. Would love to see that. Keep grinding, God bless you Pete

  • BenH

    Just watched the Open qualifying video. You’re a good man Pete. Keep doing what you’re doing. And by the way, on Rick’s podcast you said that Rugby isn’t big in Preston. Get yourself down to Preston grasshoppers one weekend and sink a Guinness or 10. Apparently you’re good at drinking?

  • Jeff T
    Jeff T

    Keep it going! Try to qualify every year. I would. Keep grinding…

  • Pete Dang
    Pete Dang

    LOVE your attitude and approach towards your goal Pete! Pulling for you and your journey!

  • James Brierley
    James Brierley

    Hello Peter, I have been an avid follower of yours for many years and greatly enjoy what you do. i have just listened to Ricks latest podcast with you as the special guest and i wanted to convey my absolute pride in how you handled yourself during that interrogation you received at the mouth of Guy. What i heard can only be described as verbal dihorhia from him. I am still in dis belief how he can apologise to you and then go on for the rest of the podcast berating to you about why he was right. It was extremely cringe worthy to listen to. Telling you what content you should and should not be putting on YOUR chanel was another over step however the tipping point for me was when you stated you had a pretty swing (very true) and he replied "yeah just doesn't work in comps", i am in amazement at how you held that one back, for a club hack to critique your ability is way out of line in my opinion and you deserve all the accolades you can get for your conduct. As a result i have unsubscribed from all my Rick Shiels channels, i know this is punishing Rick and not the culprit but its all i am able to do to show my support. Once again a hearty well done for your conduct during that interview, a true gentleman and an expert show of class. I hope you do go for the open next year as i have greatly enjoyed watching you work, train and prepare for your dream, you deserve it. Regards James Loyal Fincher since 2011

  • Johnnie Cartel
    Johnnie Cartel

    If this is a goal/dream of yours, then keep chasing it... even if you don't get there. It's something fun to strive for, it's something to keep your focus on and it's good entertainment for us. We (your viewers) aren't going to unsubscribe because you didn't make it or had a bad qualifying round mate. I love that you're doing it the old fashioned way by chipping away at it (no pun intended) and even if you don't make it... hey, we know you have another full time job with youtube just to show us content. We don't watch you because we think you're Tiger Woods, we watch you because seeing your journey is fun. Keep on keeping on mate!!

  • Maurice Downie
    Maurice Downie

    Keep at it Peter, I really enjoy the content and the struggle makes you more human and relatable to us mere mortals!

  • Paul Mellish
    Paul Mellish

    I think your audience knows you as a very genial guy with a quick wit. I think for my own tuppence in the bucket, that you need to be kept smiling on a golf course. Focus for that 10secs whilst you're over the ball not for the walk to the ball and the shot. The pressure you put on yourself is too much. My brother, a good 3 handicap, says he plays his best when his mind is elsewhere. It's like the bit in Tin Cup where Roy has an attack of the chilli dippers and Romeo says " right whats in your left pocket? Take it all out and put it in your right pocket. Take your glove out of your back pocket and put it in your left pocket. Romeo what are you doing? What am I doing??! I'm not the one hitting chilli dippers up Lee Janzens ass Roy! Now lets play some golf!

  • David Motson
    David Motson

    Keep up the good work Pete. I do like the mash up matches with your fellow SVsoftrs. Just remember, keep it fun!!

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas

    That Roosevelt quote is a favourite of mine, long live QFTO.

  • TheShaunsc

    Yes! Keep trying!

  • Bryer Harlan
    Bryer Harlan

    Comps with Rick

  • TheMoistTowel

    Go play with Andrew Jensen!

  • Marc-Olivier Léveillé
    Marc-Olivier Léveillé

    You are inspiration to me Mr. Finch Goooooooooo !!!!

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia

    3:20 in had me worried, bcuz I myself am looking to begin a quest for the Open...

  • Steve Charlton
    Steve Charlton

    Glad to hear you're going again, really hope you do get there especially as it'll be a special year at a special course. As for your prep, would it be beyond the realms of possibility to organise games with fellow competitors and get an insight on their prep routines as well as their own thoughts and feelings during their own quests? Great content as always, long may it continue 👏👏👏👏👏👍

  • Robert Barnwell
    Robert Barnwell

    "Tears in his eyes, I guess, as he lines up this last shot. He's got about 195 yards left, looks like he's got about an 8-iron. This crowd has gone deathly silent. Cinderalla story. Out of nowhere. A former [Manchester PGA Pro], now, about to become the [British Open] champion. It looks like a mirac... It's in the hole! It's in the hole!"

    • Steve Charlton
      Steve Charlton

      Top quote from a top film 👌👍

  • Chris Drew
    Chris Drew

    Compliment sandwich coming up - I loved the video today: philosopher Comedian Golf pro - I really didn’t like your vibe when I first saw you on other you tube golf vlogs Bit smug Always got a smart comment - can’t wait for your next video nowadays I was wrong !!! Your really funny , self deprecating and dare I say humble As a Londoner , you have changed my opinion of northerners ( 😍) 😂 I’m behind you wishing you well for open qualification next year buddy … live the dream 💭 Never stop believing, this time next year rodders !!!

  • Daniel Mcmeen
    Daniel Mcmeen

    Golf is so much more of a spiritual and emotional game than anything I my belief, if you can commit to the shot and believe in yourself anything is possible

  • Gabe DeMill
    Gabe DeMill

    It’s not easy but it’s not supposed to be. That’s what makes golf so special.

  • Gabe DeMill
    Gabe DeMill

    Don’t give up! You’ll make the open eventually!

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Hi mate, I don't know how to use the other formats, so...... I just watched you and rick on his podcast and really feel that as a follow of your content as well as Rick, there is only so many hours in a day. I love the fact that you wear your heart on your sleeve, we watch because what we see is real, "golf is hard" you nail it when you say that and if people can't understand that then......... well perhaps you don't need them as followers. You look a little drained and perhaps a very concentrated look at how you manage whatever way you go might be the way to go. Enjoy life mate and hopefully we can enjoy your content for many years to come

  • Jeff Phillips
    Jeff Phillips

    You go Pete - I admire your drive & determination. You've got the courage of your convictions, something a lit of us dont have. St Andrew's 150 - watch out Peter Finch is coming!!😀🏌️‍♂️

  • Dan

    Hey Peter, been watching you for years now. Would love to see a monthly/weekly match against rick ! I miss those course vlogs a lot. Maybe could do a format like GM golf's Sunday matches. And have a prize at the end of the year? Wish you all the best man and look forward to next years qualifying !

  • Thatinconsistantgolfer

    One shot at a time, one step at a time, Rome wasn’t built in a day, stay focused and keep grinding, you got this Pete!

  • Andreas Setterhall
    Andreas Setterhall

    Can't wait to see what you get up to next time. You seem to do best when you challenge yourself regardless of format. I think some friendly competition as an extra spice to all that practice is the way to go. Thank for still producing such awesome content for the rest of us.

  • Tom Windsor
    Tom Windsor

    Really inspirational videos, Pete. Love your content - thanks for sharing the journey!

  • Neil Burrows
    Neil Burrows

    Keep the quest going Pete and take us along for the ride

  • S Andersson
    S Andersson

    There's a need for realism. Someone running 15 seconds for the 100m isn't going to qualify for the Olympics. It's noble to have a goal, but that goal needs to have a chance of success and sadly The Quest for The Open is inevitably failure. Why not Quest for Europro/Challenge Tour or something like that? At least them there is an element of "will he/won't he" instead of what we already know is guaranteed failure.

  • Neil Craig
    Neil Craig

    Glad to see you are not giving up on the open. When you get in next year I might even pop over to watch 🤞

  • Paddy Talks Golf
    Paddy Talks Golf

    Never, ever, ever stop 💪🏻

  • aaron garrett
    aaron garrett

    That Teddy Roosevelt quote at the end is powerful. So timely and relevant even today. Keep your chin up. I am among the many who understand why you do competitive golf (elevating your teaching ability), and I appreciate it. We all benefit from the dust, sweat, and blood on your face. Thank you.

  • Ian Howlett
    Ian Howlett

    If you are struggling and you play so well, what chance do we have.......?

  • dwight walker
    dwight walker

    Don't ever quit Pete, your journey is inspirational to us all!!!!!

  • Jonny Lister
    Jonny Lister

    Go on Finchy, keep going. It's written in the stars for the 150th open 🤞👍

  • Lee Halliday
    Lee Halliday

    Are you allowed to film the during a comp, like you said your more fluid when doing the videos, I would film the whole round chatting about the shots your doing and everything. Keep the dream alive.... #QuestfortheOpen.

  • Charlukz Herr
    Charlukz Herr

    Yes Pete start inviting more pros to come play with you... Maybe a weekly video wouldn't mind 2 a week 😉

  • SKS Plays
    SKS Plays

    I would love to see competitions and such. As someone who is scared to even sign up for my local tournaments, I would love to see the process and such.

  • Jack Livingstone
    Jack Livingstone

    Unbelievable message Pete! The man in the arena!!

  • Matthew Hopper
    Matthew Hopper

    Watching you follow your dream inspires me to get my golf to the best level it can be. Every practice session I have is because of videos like this to inspire me to continue to press on.

  • Mrbigolnuts

    Rick's turning up the heat, shooting low 70s, Paige Spiranac is his biggest supporter, and Pete is considering dropping out??

  • I suck at golf
    I suck at golf

    I've always thought I would play better if I had a therapist as a caddie. Talk me through the bad mental moments. Maybe an idea? :)

  • R3CLUS3

    Collaborate with Rick a bit more if it's feasible, I enjoyed the old videos with the group and the long course vlogs. I enjoy you bringing on other golfers for competitive games too. I personally like the longer form videos rather than short little club reviews - but I understand the need for those as well, because they're good content for making choices. Keep it up - we enjoy what you're doing.

  • Bailey Maberto
    Bailey Maberto

    Your perspective on the game is inspiring. Although im still new to the game, the idea of participating in competitions for the experience of that journey and testing yourself sounds so rewarding!

  • usmcg22

    New putter!!!

  • kevin Ritter
    kevin Ritter

    Love the vids Pete! Love the real talk in this one! Keep up the fight! Our journey is what drives us! Without the journey you will never get to your destination!!

  • Industrial Pallet Worx
    Industrial Pallet Worx

    Progress is progress whether it's good or bad. You won your first pro event that's a positive progression. You know now you can't qualify for the open with a stone cold putter and a short game that just happened to leave you. It sounds more like a head issue and I can certainly relate to that experience. I tried to qualify for a back in the day Nationwide tour event. It was good until I made a mistake and tried to get it back right away. Then it turned into quick sand (meaning every mistake compounded). I can hardly remember the events after that mistake other than a couple of specific shots that went very badly. I can remember with remarkable accuracy the first 3 holes that I played well. The point is don't give up. If Thomas Edison gave up after the first few failures we may as well still be using gas lamps to light up our homes. The positive spin is always, that particular way of prep didn't help or maybe the warm up needs to be different. Maybe getting there earlier or later, maybe it's as simple as the number on the ball. Just something different to give you good vibes and positivity. Patience is absolute. We all shall face adversity on the course but its the sedulous one who shall prevail.

    • S Andersson
      S Andersson

      It wasn't a Pro event, it was an event for Golf Professionals, not Professional Golfers. Massive difference.

  • Stuart Gibson
    Stuart Gibson

    Filming your comps would be superb for us followers but may be intimidating for you. On the other hand you’re used playing with the camera in your face so it might be a very positive distraction.. it would take some nuts to do it though .. keep it going pete!!

  • Carlo Navarro Golf
    Carlo Navarro Golf

    It's not about realizing our own (golf) dreams, but to inspire others to chase theirs....don't ever stop!

  • Stuart McInnes
    Stuart McInnes

    I’m sure it was Bob Rotella that said something similar to ‘Those who dream big dreams can achieve great things, those who dream small dreams have confined themselves to a lifetime of mediocrity’ I consistently pass this message on to anyone questioning themselves including my son who dreams of playing on tour. Keep dreaming and working hard Pete, at the point you stop believing in your ability to achieve the likelihood of doing so diminishes massively. 🏆🏌️‍♂️ You only get out what you put in! If success was easy no one would fail.

  • rolling20deep

    I’d love to see you take on a tailored, lengthy nutrition plan to show the effects that this has on both your physical and mental aspects of your game.

  • Christopher Duff
    Christopher Duff

    Pete, I'll always be rooting for you, can't wait for you to get into the Open next year!

  • Phillip Harmse
    Phillip Harmse

    You guys must have a reunion once a year. Vlog @peterfinch @andycarter @mattfryer @rickshiels

  • Stauncher Than all the rest
    Stauncher Than all the rest

    Love the Inspirational quote at the end Pete. You are a class act and come across genuine. Winning in the face of adversity. Really disappointed in Rick betraying your friendship like he did on the god awful podcast episode. Love your content, please keep it up you make my days bearable lol

  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI Help

    To me Pete, you are a winner. And I think that in the long run, you will have more fun running your channel and analyzing stuff, instead of being in the rat race of golf. I spoke to some of the top 100 people on the european tour around 80th position some years ago, and those weren't happy people. They were 24/7 into golf, and had nothing else going on in their life, other than constantly traveling. So well done, and thanks for being so honest.

  • suntan77

    Pete just watched that podcast with rick and that muppet! fair to say I've now unsubscribe and now subscribed too mate. think rick has lost his way and that tit dosent help!

  • Joshua Gray
    Joshua Gray

    Great idea with the challenges, Pete. Get around the country, compete against fans, and build some consistency that way. Not to mention there are plenty of us here off low single figures who'll happily act as competitive punching bags for you to support you in your goal. Chin up, brother.

  • JD Batangas
    JD Batangas

    Great to hear your continuing with the Comps and the Open. If it were easy, would all do it. So keep going and working hard. We have faith in you.

  • RTF Computing
    RTF Computing

    Excellent video. I was active in amateur sports for decades until I couldn't compete regularly then became an official trying to be the best I could. I had to walk away from all of that a few years ago and felt a void. My game now is solid enough to play comps on a regular basis and I am competitive in my handicap flights and I feel so energized. Compete as long as you can physically, mentally and financially do it no matter your age.

  • Tommy Eden
    Tommy Eden

    Competition brings out the best in all of us

  • nikmak

    Invite me on, that will boost your confidence :D

  • David Cavon
    David Cavon

    Well, armchair critic here and I can say with confidence that you have a case of head worms! Nothing wrong with your game, every well struck drive, every dialed approach and tight chip, and birdied putt screams your knowledge and technique! Your problem is entirely mental in that you won’t give yourself permission to both do and equally important to enjoy the challenge! Quit whining and start embracing! It’s the doing that’s important, and we get to do it vicariously through you! If you quit, so do we!

  • Devon Derouchie
    Devon Derouchie

    Mr. Finch, what app do you use for your ball tracer? You use an IPhone or something separate? Thanks, mate!

  • James Rooney
    James Rooney

    After playing collegiate golf I put the clubs away for years but you’ve got me back on the range to try open qualifying next year. Fair play for sticking at at the grind!

  • Cian Lynn-Cullen
    Cian Lynn-Cullen

    pete, i'm glad to hear your going to keep trying, good determination. Read tim grovers new book winning. You've got the golf mate you need to callous your mind, gain mental toughness and you will be dangerous on the course, take it easy mate good luck in the future attempts, i'll be watching

  • Charlie Gouthro
    Charlie Gouthro

    Pete, we're our own worst critics. Keep living the dream. Keep going!

  • Robin Barnes
    Robin Barnes

    Have another golf bidder challenge. You choose Ricks clubs and he's choses yours.

  • Richard Woods
    Richard Woods

    Guy is a phud. Holla if u hear me

  • Trent Buchanan
    Trent Buchanan

    I would like to see more comps. I think that replicating the atmosphere of a tournament or actually getting in one is huge for building that. #MORECOMPS