I try Brooks Koepka's Irons!! | Srixon ZX7 Review
👋 Thanks for watching! Make sure to check out… Brooks Keopka switched into THESE IRONS! Srixon ZX7 Review

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone, I hope you are well ❤️

    • Bad Muppet
      Bad Muppet

      @J.R.R Tolkien play another round. It will help you forget🤣

    • Bobby Evans
      Bobby Evans

      Peter your the man

    • Elias Axelsson
      Elias Axelsson

      You too Peter! What shottracer are you using in this type of video?

    • T.U.S. Technologies, Inc.
      T.U.S. Technologies, Inc.

      @J.R.R Tolkien double up

    • J.R.R Tolkien
      J.R.R Tolkien

      Peter, I am losing my house and marriage because I spend all my time/money on golf. What do I do??!!

  • Kirk Ridgers
    Kirk Ridgers

    Pete! Would you say the Zx7 is less or more forgiving / easier or more difficult to hit than the Mizuno MP20 MMC

  • Rob Biles
    Rob Biles

    Truly under-rated. Oh and the irons as well.

  • Logan Kaptis
    Logan Kaptis

    I have a blend set ZX7 4-6 and Z forged 7-PW and love them. Almost wish I would have gotten ZX7 7i though to help yardage gap

  • MrTitleist

    Very disappointed with these irons after all the talk about them, for a forged iron they certainly don’t feel that way and sound a bit clicky.

  • Collin E
    Collin E

    Srixon makes best irons in the game imo...chose them over mizuno in a fitting

  • BeachBow

    I love my P790 2 UDI!

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    I do like the look of those irons; very nice lines to them I use an older model of Srixon myself; not their premium models perhaps but I do like them. Cheers

  • Ken Cess
    Ken Cess

    Bought the zx5 in the 5,6,7 irons and Zx7 in the 8,9. Got fitted by Srixon at a demo day. Was a very good experience. Delivery took 3weeks. Played three full rounds with them and several sessions on the range. Shot 74, 76, 73. Hit 17 greens one day and 12 and 14 on the other days. Up from my average of 11 GIR. Coming from Adams CB2 irons for the past 10 years. Easy transition. Very good decision for me. 4.7 handicap and 73 years old.

  • Caleb Ray
    Caleb Ray

    What model of driving iron is that just the ZX

  • C K
    C K

    Irons aren't going to help Brooksie. His head is not in the game. He's too easily distracted. He should get super game improvement irons.

  • Allan T.
    Allan T.

    Srixon is one of the few companies that still use a Japanese forging House (cost), these are made by Endo.

  • mo _3_star
    mo _3_star

    love the vids. where the shot tracers though

  • J T
    J T

    The turf interaction is the best!

  • The Guitar Lord
    The Guitar Lord

    IMO, there is no substitute for Mizuno. The only irons i've ever played.

  • Benjamin R
    Benjamin R

    Hey Pete! What's with the weightlifting brace on the right wrist?

  • Grant Stewart
    Grant Stewart

    Switched to the Z785 irons few years ago now and I’m annoyed I didn’t swap sooner. Great looks and feel

  • Anthony Elliott
    Anthony Elliott

    i use the srixon Z star forged irons. Can't find any reviews on them anywhere. They seem to only ever made my set of irons lol. lofts are a bit strong PW is 44. But i like they are forged and can feel where i have hit them.

  • Bob Pegram
    Bob Pegram

    Srixon makes VERY good irons. These look great.

  • braydon Gardner
    braydon Gardner

    You should do a weekly video series where you go out and play with a different players bag every week (mainly the ones who don't have club sponsorship) and see how low you can go.

  • Cody Reeder
    Cody Reeder

    The zx7 are not multi piece. Unless you count the tungsten in the toe on the lower irons.. the zx5s are multi piece.

  • Ross Lillebo
    Ross Lillebo

    It's a single forging....hence why it looks like it is.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Z565 Driver 10.5*. $85 used. Best Driver Ever.

  • Liam Thomas
    Liam Thomas

    ZX 7s are on order. Had the z 585785 combo before that and they were unreal clubs

  • Eric Herring
    Eric Herring

    Playing the ZX 7 for the last 6 months. Love them. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not give them a go.

  • A B
    A B

    These look very similar to Bridgestone irons

  • JDK K
    JDK K

    I thought you were Brooks

  • Jeremy Lonsdale
    Jeremy Lonsdale

    What's going on Pete? This is a re-release for this video.

  • Alistair Wilson
    Alistair Wilson

    5 years ago I had Mizuno MX23. Went for an iron fitting at SGGT with an open mind but leaning towards the MP25. Came away with Srixon z745 and have loved them ever since. I noticed the same thing about the sole

  • sscmac

    When are you and Rick going to play Micah and Garrett?!

  • J Bolton
    J Bolton

    You should probably try another profession. Your golf content is garbage.

  • Justin Anthony
    Justin Anthony

    When I got fitted for irons two years ago I was very surprised how well the Srixon did and I ended up going with them over everything else

  • Atte Saarinen
    Atte Saarinen

    Bro just show the std deviation column

  • g8a_golf

    What is on your right wrist?

  • nayagolf

    Really enjoyed your format of club testing on course (who doesn't enjoy watching someone play golf) then specs inside then back out on course! ⛳ Brilliant

  • 1st eighteen
    1st eighteen

    Srixon is so under rated. Glad to see them starting to get a bit more noticed the last few years. Love the Z5, and Z star is my go to ball these days.

  • Kaden Bruton
    Kaden Bruton

    Could you do some cleveland iron reviews please. Keep up with the awesome vids!

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James

    Bryson's irons are better

  • nCeeBee

    Just can’t gel with that square top line.

  • Tim Mitchell
    Tim Mitchell

    Love playing Srixon Z star golf balls. Like the looks of the Srixon irons. Have considered buying a Srixon driver. Current irons are Mizuno JPX900 forged. Great video.

  • phenom theprodigy
    phenom theprodigy

    I been gaming them this season, love the sole.. other than that I miss my pxg irons

  • Logan Vass
    Logan Vass

    Love these reviews, Pete! Have you ever played or tested KZG irons? Would love to know your take. Cheers.

  • Brett Moran
    Brett Moran

    Best club reviews, mixture of humor and good info. Ive been playing Ben Hogan PTx Pro's (in Black, obviously) for almost a year. Awesome feel, has the V sole, and the forgiveness is great too. Best thing about them is the shot shaping they allow followed by the looks

  • mrheyz

    I just got my custom fitting for irons. I purchased the Mizuno JPX 921 irons 5-PW with KBS taper stiff shafts and Golf Pride grips. My newest and most likely last set of irons. I go back on 6/19/2021 for a driver fitting. Also, Srixon was my BEST FIT in iron...but they are on back order. Srixon played better than the Mizuno. Trust me. Buttery feel.

  • Toby Richardson
    Toby Richardson

    I've got the ZX 2 iron and it is mint. Beautiful feel and nice high flight. I also use Srixon driver and 3 wood. Their clubs are as good as anything out there.

  • Corek BleedingHollow
    Corek BleedingHollow

    Oh boy! End of June, Quest for the Open qualifying

  • Adam Whitehouse
    Adam Whitehouse

    Peter if you want a video idea play at the worst golf course in your area and give it your rating and opinion

  • Andrew Frosch
    Andrew Frosch

    Ive got the ZX7 P-7 iron and ZX5 6-4 iron. Great irons. Switched from Titleist. No regrets. Great clubs.

  • Khairul Asyraf Zakaria
    Khairul Asyraf Zakaria

    Nothing feel likes Srixon

  • Zane Threadgold
    Zane Threadgold

    Went and had my first ever iron fitting 3 weeks ago and ended up with the ZX5’s and I’m so excited for them to arrive!!!!

  • Stuart McInnes
    Stuart McInnes

    I’m waiting on a blended set of zx5’s and 7’s to replace my MP68’s (which I appreciate are old now) Played Mizuno since 97. Srixon are more affordable and impressive against the competition. The fact I’m waiting 2 months for them as the heads are out of stock must be a measurement of their popularity.

  • Mr_ Cart
    Mr_ Cart

    i play these. 3-PW. Really happy with them. Price, feel, looks. it has it all!

  • Robin Alexander Golf
    Robin Alexander Golf

    Oh you don't know how much I love watching course vlogs 😋

  • Andreas Nilsson
    Andreas Nilsson

    That sole design seems to be very similar to what Hogan irons have had for quite a while. It is really good. Good review! I still like really clean design, so the back of the club is a bit to busy for me, but still better than most.

  • Jay Walk444
    Jay Walk444

    I cant imagine playing a different brand of iron. 965s are stunning. Will one day be replaced with a different srixon iron.

  • Adrian Edhouse
    Adrian Edhouse

    tested the ZX7, ZX5 end of last year and the ZX4 when it was released a few months back. The ZX7 and 5 both felt really good. Very comparable to the Mizuno JPX Hot Metals I had tried around the same time. The difference was the consistancy I could get straight of the bat. While I struggled to get to grips with the Mizunos, I immediately hit the Srixons straight with consistent ball flights. The ZX7 was a little more erratic for me (being a mid handicapper) but the 5 was brilliant and the 7 was extremely forgiving.

  • unplugged 92
    unplugged 92

    If i was Srixon I wouldn’t let Koepka play my irons just cause he acts like a stuck up jock on the course!

  • Colin Morgan
    Colin Morgan

    Would love to see what you think of the Miura tc201 with preform leading edge

  • Colin Morgan
    Colin Morgan

    TXG love them and bent them 1 to 2 deg weak to take out offset . Brought spin up for no loss in distance

  • Mark L
    Mark L

    Will you buy me a set of srixon?

  • Dave Wylie
    Dave Wylie

    My friend insisted i try his at the club yesterday. I thought the looks were quite plain but not offensive either but the feel, sound and my ball flight was spot on!! Suoer consistent and predictable. I am going to seriously contemplate bagging a set i liked them that much. Well done Srixon

  • Bad Muppet
    Bad Muppet

    Hang on Pete. Unless it is a pure blade you don’t seem to think it is aimed at you lol

  • Adam Izbicki
    Adam Izbicki

    I play the Z785’s and love them

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson

    Great video had my zx7 for 6 months took me from 17 to 10.8 great clubs

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson

    ive owned a set of the z965 and also had their driving irons. quality clubs. only down side was standard shaft selection (no uplift) which I know they have improved on now.

  • James Doughty
    James Doughty

    I went to fitting last October for mizunos and never even thought about Srixon. Ended up walking out with ZX5’s and I love them. I think this seasons Srixon clubs are class. Hopefully this will now move their position in market to compete with the US brands. Also I found that they’re made in Japan and the quality of the metals used in Japanese clubs are better the more established brands. I don’t think I’ll move away from Japanese clubs for a long time. Finally, the delivery time was only 3 weeks compared to 3 months from likes of Callaway, Titleist and Taylormade which made huge difference for me too.

  • Adam Allsopp
    Adam Allsopp

    Good looking irons. Looks like shots can be shaped decent with em too.

  • Tiger Woodard
    Tiger Woodard

    Great video Pete, decent irons, so underated is srixon. Beautiful course, keep up the good work. God bless you Mr Finch

  • Leslie Hines
    Leslie Hines

    Srixon seem to be playing a canny game of not spending a fortune to advertise their clubs - but having the world's best golfers voluntarily putting them in their bags must be priceless 👍

  • Dustin Cox
    Dustin Cox

    I am picking these up the first week in July, came down to these and the P790's. Overall consistency won out with the ZX7s

  • Gary Hovey
    Gary Hovey

    Nice job Pete 👍🏻

  • Richie Bhoy
    Richie Bhoy

    Switch from mizuno to srixon, I think they are very similar so not a huge amount of difference for me

  • Matt Parsons
    Matt Parsons

    Dude, your swing looks brilliant. Really nice tempo.

  • Alexander Coombes
    Alexander Coombes

    I’m so glad that you’ve finally tested these Pete. I’ve been a Srixon fan / player since the early 2000s when I played their i302 forged irons and I knew then I had something special. They seem to have perennially flown under the radar as golfs greatest equipment secret. And I’ve never been able to wrap my head around it. They’ve been huge in the Japanese and Far East market for a couple of decades. They’ve made tour golf balls (albeit for Dunlop) since back before you and I were born, have a massive R&D centre that even BMW and Mercedes use for aerodynamics testing and it was the Srixon engineers who originally invented the trampoline face on drivers that ultimately brought about the COR limit rule. No, I’m not an ambassador and nor do I work for them. I’ve just played their irons, wedges, drivers, balls for over 15 years now and know just how good their stuff is. Maybe you could hit them up for a tour around their HQ in Huntingdon Beach, do a fitting video and then pop over to Torrey Pines for a course vlog? 😉

  • Leslie Colonello
    Leslie Colonello

    I've seen many different club challenge matches but I would like to see a match using full sets of off brand clubs found in bargain Goodwill type stores.

  • Cowboy Surfer
    Cowboy Surfer

    ZX7's got sole!!! Groovy.

  • Louise Lawrenson
    Louise Lawrenson

    Still game Srixon pro 100s

  • Skorelions

    Great video as always, and thanks for posting. The thing I don’t quite understand… Yes I know they’re forgiving and versatile, but why should a low/mid (especially the mid) handicapper play the same iron Brooks is playing (a great professional golfer)

  • Paul M
    Paul M

    I got fitted for a set of Srixon irons 2 years ago and absolutely love them! Can’t understand why more people don’t play them

  • Jascha Oakes
    Jascha Oakes

    I’ve had them for 3 months. Love them,

  • Daniel Dixon
    Daniel Dixon

    I play the zx5's and absolutely love them

  • Swaggin Goat
    Swaggin Goat

    Brooks should try the cobra one length irons. Needs to start his lines off better.

  • Legend Nova
    Legend Nova

    Would love to see a little fsx mini series

  • Alan Hopkins
    Alan Hopkins

    Course looks good, as do the irons. Courses are coming in to their own, we have Seniors in July and course looks stunning, these bats would definitely would help me get around with more help and love the sole👌

  • robert day
    robert day

    I have just had a iron fitting and these came out on top, I’m not a great long iron hitter so I’ve got the zx5’s in the 4/5/6 irons and the zx7’s in 8/9/pw/gw, found no real difference between them for me but just went for extra forgiveness in the long irons, can’t wait to I get these,

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    Beautiful irons that feel better than mizuno! Tested them over the winter and from range data almost picked them up. On course not a big enough gain over my current irons to justify cost sadly.

  • Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley

    That wasn't a "truly awful golf shot"....that's where you were aiming...actually a good chip :)

  • peter guildford
    peter guildford

    If your looking for unheralded iron try xxio. Although expensive they are cornering the ladies, senior markets in australasia.

  • Peter Cs
    Peter Cs

    Too bad, you didn’t test it together with Brooke’s previous Mizuno irons to show the data. But better late than never!

  • Tom Polkinghorne
    Tom Polkinghorne

    Did you think they were clicky? I tried them , they felt nice but a bit loud I thought. I ended up with 921 forged 😉

  • Bazza Golf
    Bazza Golf

    I did it! I created my own channel! Me learning how to play and getting fit again! Thanks for the inspiration, feel free to give me some tips! Thanks Bazza Golf!

  • Alan Mackenzie
    Alan Mackenzie

    Good content Pete, what do you class as a mid to low handicap with the new system?

  • Daniel McAslin
    Daniel McAslin

    It’s a bit of a step up to move into Srixon, but once you do you never look back!

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller

    Went from P790s to ZX7s with Recoil Dart shafts a couple of months ago. Had five birdies my 3rd round with them and hit every green but one in reg. The design and feel just give you so much more confidence and SOOO buttery.

  • Matthew Osman
    Matthew Osman

    Really really want a set of Mizuno MP20 MMC’s but being a leftie Mizuno don’t cater for it in the left handed option. These Srizon ZX7’s do however come in left handed, so based on all the info and reviews I’ve seen and read, I will searching out a fitter of Srixon irons and finally putting my 712 AP2’s into retirement. Appreciate the review Pete, and the fact you did. Early morning start, no warm up is pretty much every round I play and still got decent results from stiff swings. Boxes ticked.

  • Raymond

    Played Mizuno irons for several years....JPXtour 921 from last December and therefore the MP18 blades .....changed (sooner than expected) to Srixon ZX7 because the way they performed was unbelievable....as you mentioned not only good looking but also very forgiving and not to forget buttery soft feeling with great feedback. The main reason I changed so soon was the level of forgiveness they delivered compared to the JPX tour 921 with (for me) even a more soft forged feeling than the Mizuno......I never thought I would say that....

  • dethbox32

    I really wish that either you or Mr. Shiels would review the Ben Hogan PTX Pro irons. They have a very similar V sole design, the same type of tungsten weighting in the long irons, and are forged. The major difference is that the head shape, especially in the toe area, is so much more appealing. Also the overall look of the club is so classic. Looking at them side by side with my old set of BH Apex grinds, there are so many design touches that carried over.

  • Matthew Osman
    Matthew Osman

    The review I’ve been waiting for.

  • Proteinasaurus Rex Rawr imma dawnasawr
    Proteinasaurus Rex Rawr imma dawnasawr

    “I’m not taking massive chunks out”...i was digging canyons on my iron shots today, is that bad?

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf

      Depends if they were “grand”

  • Tigerfish 66
    Tigerfish 66

    much better vid pete than the last one.......interesting, thanks.