Swing EASY to generate EFFORTLESS distance!
My top tips to achieve an effortless golf swing and easy swing speed.

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My best golf tips on how to achieve an effortless golf swing and gently drive your golf ball further. Find inevitable power in your golf swing and discover how to get that slow easy golf swing, too! You could consider this to be the best driver swing for senior golfers, and the easiest swing in golf for anyone looking to nail their swing sequencing.

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Thank you for watching, I wish you every success with your golf ❤️

    • Stuart Yaxley
      Stuart Yaxley

      Awesome video, going to the range tonight. Gonna try this. 😎

    • Filip Mölne
      Filip Mölne

      Smooth acceleration is like speeding up on a bike downhill whilst switching gears smoothly. No increase of force only power increases

    • Tom Sawyer
      Tom Sawyer

      Man those bogeys really killed you on the front May 4, two pars would have won you the tournament... Tough

  • Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly

    Great tip as always Peter.

  • Tristan Blank
    Tristan Blank

    Wait. This is brilliant Pete! I haven't ever thought of this. I feel like swing thoughts eat me alive because I'm a slicer. My coach tells me I should be a 10 but I'm like a 34.. scary. But I'm going to give this a whirl this weekend. Thanks!!

  • fahmiamri

    Thanks for this Pete. Now i get it. Will be doing this a lot from now on to get my rhythm

  • Ed Lapp
    Ed Lapp

    This may be your instructional best video yet. Great job, Pete

  • Jan-Willem Rensman
    Jan-Willem Rensman

    Thanks Pete, I needed this. You just solved my thinning/fatting problem with the down swing sequence at 5:20 "first let the arms fall, then body rotation". Gold nugget.

  • DD

    I look forward to working with this breakdown. By the way, what does the political ad about Jim crow laws have to do with golf ?? Looks like someone added to your advertisement..

  • Dean Barham
    Dean Barham

    This is brilliant Pete, thank you

  • Garret Johnson
    Garret Johnson

    I always moved my hips first before my arms in the back swing which makes my takeaway appear flatter than normal. Do you think it's better if I rotated my arms first and then my shoulders then hips or stick with what I'm used to?

  • Nick Wheeler
    Nick Wheeler

    louis oosthuizen is the king of the smooth swing

  • tonyrockstudio

    This couldn’t have been explained better! Thanks Pete

  • smahalko

    Brilliant! I like the three step progression. By the way, REALLY impressive practice space/set up you have there!!

  • Noah Endicott
    Noah Endicott

    This changed my swing!

  • Michael Fohey
    Michael Fohey

    Peter this is the best explanation of sequencing I’ve ever watched, thank you

  • Sam Moss
    Sam Moss

    Best video for ages, explained this really well! Will be trying in the four ball tourni tomorrow 😎

  • Connor Mayner
    Connor Mayner

    Will something like the orange whip help with this?

  • nildeen

    Great suggestion with the counting! Anything to keep the number of swing thoughts under a thousand :-)

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones

    Great video Peter thanks

  • Steve Waters
    Steve Waters

    Pete, your swing is one of those songs where you look like you are doing absolutely nothing but the ball flies a mile! Great video! Sequencing is key. Thanks for the video Pete!

  • Joe Fein
    Joe Fein

    Make sure shiels watches this hes been a bit shakey lately lol jk jk

  • John B.Goode.
    John B.Goode.

    Dam fine video.

  • Adrian Tunei
    Adrian Tunei

    I put this to work. Didn’t get any fatigue, all backpain (or any other pain) gone, played 18 with no sweat, reached unreachable par 4s in 2... thank you Pete!

  • Ajay Kalsi
    Ajay Kalsi

    This is fantastic so going to try this makes it look easy!

  • Big Greg sparks
    Big Greg sparks

    One, two, freddy's coming for you

  • K

    I just love the explanation, hips lead the way, torso follows, then arms follow. Thanks. 👍

  • kurt webster
    kurt webster

    Great advice as always as I've been playing for less than a year but went fast back and through will definitely try this

  • James Vivash
    James Vivash

    This made sense, I will apply this at the range next. Thanks!!

  • Alfie Young
    Alfie Young

    Will this be applied to the driver as well?


    Superb video pete!

  • Brant Sloan
    Brant Sloan

    I recently completely overhauled my swing... took 4 strokes off my game, however my timing was way off yesterday!! This is the video I needed!!! Pete always coming in clutch 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Anders Olofsson
    Anders Olofsson

    Yes This is what I needed. Just have to do it now 🤣

  • MrMacready1976

    Great video. Went to the range the following day and hit 100 balls. Took some time but was hitting further on the good hits

  • BK Binj
    BK Binj

    Great video. Thanks for the tips.

  • John Chenoweth
    John Chenoweth

    I applied this on the driving range today and saw significant distance increase... Just need to improve consistency

  • Dave Karnowski
    Dave Karnowski

    Thanks, Pete Good video. I've always wanted to have a Fred Couples swing, ended up with a Freddie Kruger swing instead.

  • Matt Fallon
    Matt Fallon

    What drills would you do to work on the sequence? When trying to count and create a swing cadence it tends to create a rush in the first part of the down swing, as does having a ball in front of me in fairness! Any guidance appreciated for a high handicapper who’s a year in trying to learn the right moves early.

  • Johan Rosenberg
    Johan Rosenberg

    So been watching this alot, understanding what you mean but having trouble in the transition. Smooth as butter in the backswing with low grip pressure, but when starting my downswing i tend to tighten my grip as to where the whole idea falls apart. Having any ideas to keep the grip light Even when accelerating? To be more consistent? I do get it right sometimes but cant get it consistent enough to rely on it! Love the content and been a follower since before the age of time 😂

  • Ivo Bonzano
    Ivo Bonzano

    Hi Peter, this vid was really illuminating ! Thanks for that, very greatful indeed

  • Ryan Goodson
    Ryan Goodson

    Pete could you do this with a long iron, say 4 iron, and go through how the sequence my change?

  • chillaz3000

    Great explanation Pete of a hard topic to explain. This is the best video on effortless power I have seen

  • Andrew Mansell
    Andrew Mansell

    It’s so nice when you have just had a lesson where the pro has explained a problem and the Pete drops a video on it! I’m doing my homework on SVsoft

  • BR B
    BR B

    Except for the 2019 Golf Bidder match with Rick, this is your best ever.

  • Neil Dowsett
    Neil Dowsett

    Hi Pete, great video, took it to the range and it really helped. Keep the great content coming.

  • Jeff Diefenbach
    Jeff Diefenbach

    Very helpful thoughts on sequencing. Injury has made a complete mess of my sequencing and I have been struggling to find anything close to the I used to have. Looking forward to trying these ideas. Thanks Pete👍

  • Links Golfer
    Links Golfer

    Good video, studio looks good👌🏻

  • Brian Schilling
    Brian Schilling

    This video and the one where you really talked about dropping your shoulder really helped me. Now I think my driver needs reset lol

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    Mateo Fuentes

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    Camilo Gonzalez

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    Roger Tonic

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    Joe Edwards

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    G BC

    Nice one Pete..will try this as I struggle with tempo sometimes ⛳️👍🇬🇧

  • Jeff Odom
    Jeff Odom

    Yeeeeeeessss! Exactly this. I like how your shots were bang-on while demonstrating. Rehearsal of your sequencing seemed to make it easy for you to feel your swing movements vs swinging at a green. Thoughts?

  • Keith Williams
    Keith Williams

    1-2...nay. Stenson-Molinari...yea

  • Chris Dahl
    Chris Dahl

    So Pete, with my club championship coming up in three days, I figured why not change my swing! I went to the range and tried this easy breezy crap and I just have to say...WoW! I really focused on not overswinging and went from a push fade to a straight/ tight draw with my irons. Contact was great and I was hitting as far, if not farther than a full force lunge grunt swing i was using. You might be on to something with this coaching thing!

  • Stuart Mitchell
    Stuart Mitchell

    Great tip to have a video loaded to match tempo...definitely giving that a try 👍

  • Dave Shannon
    Dave Shannon

    That all makes sense, in my current lessons I'm having the pro is telling me that when I'm slow and steady and keep that pace I'm hitting well, when I don't connect with the ball it's because I'm rushing my swing or not completing my back swing, I've had a few issues creep in and now they're beginning to get sorted out so I'm going to keep working hard and then work on increasing power at the bottom of my swing

  • Oliver Riley
    Oliver Riley

    Very good video! Cheers Peter

  • DeNucci Golfs
    DeNucci Golfs

    I have a ton of speed with clubhead in the 130s! check out my first vlog I love your content maybe we can have a long drive competition!

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    Manraj Randhawa

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    stephen cain

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    Dan Lukaszewicz

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    Alex Ramirez

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  • Mike Curley
    Mike Curley

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    Glenn Davenport

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    Kevo Channer

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    Daniel Fenwick

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    St Ke

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    Kristian Irvine

    What a great video Peter. I'm not a long hitter of the ball .j hit my 7iron about 120 yards.i will definitely be trying this .

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    Steven Holliday

    One of the best swing videos I've seen. Keep it simple. I am trying and this will help. 🍻

  • Phillip Tyrrell
    Phillip Tyrrell

    My biggest issue on the course is when I overthink what I'm doing in a shot. They shots thst work best for me are when I decide what club and where I'm going and just go for it. Switching my brain off and just swinging. Similar to what your count trick will do.

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    Samuel Shaw

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    David Dolphin

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    Craig Edga4r

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  • Coby

    You've already tested the Decathlon house brand, but I think it would be really interesting if you were able to get your hands on a set of new Tommy Armour 845s from Dicks Sporting Goods! It would be a cool test to see how the American and European big box house brands compare to eachother, and against premium clubs!

  • Joshua Tuttle
    Joshua Tuttle

    Instead of saying “1...2” in my head I’ve always said “bend...and snap”. Not sure why a Legally Blonde reference was what I stuck with, but it seems to work for me.

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    Stephan du Plessis

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    NIck Bromley

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    Howard Simpson

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    Ryan Foringer

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    Giovanni Chessari

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    Joshua Webb

    Fantastic tip. Wish I would have seen this before my last round 😆. Got stuck in a vicious cycle of solid golf hole after hole..... turnout of nowhere bam lost timing, rhythm, got stuck in the cycle of too many swing thoughts and the scores showed it. Then just like a switch everything was right back to solid. Weirdest round I’ve played in years, and probably the most frustrating as well. It wasn’t until I pretty much “gave” up on the round and was going thru the motions that I managed to string 5 solid holes together in a row. This counting tip would have definitely come in handy today

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    Med Float

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