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  • Mike Half
    Mike Half

    Nice Pete 👌

  • Anthony Harbaugh
    Anthony Harbaugh

    It’s fake guys

  • Paul Garcia
    Paul Garcia

    I had 10 of them last week..believe me right?

  • Byrdie BIL
    Byrdie BIL

    Congrats man!!!

  • Aidan Apsley
    Aidan Apsley


  • Turkeyminer91

    I got a new high score for my local course the other day! 117!

  • Amos Cathey
    Amos Cathey

    Ugh I want that feeling

  • T “Skol4Pride” L
    T “Skol4Pride” L

    Very nice swing man

  • The Town Drunk
    The Town Drunk

    Is it a hole in one if it goes straight into the pond? I mean it’s technically a hole. If so, I’ve got the world record for most holes in one

    • The Town Drunk
      The Town Drunk

      @Mederlock007 I look at it as keeping nice and clean

    • Mederlock007

      We're being really considerate giving all those balls swimming lessons, in my mind

  • christopher

    Congrats, can’t wait for my first hole in one. It’s been 18 years and counting! Haha

  • Irene Garde
    Irene Garde

    Congratulations sir

  • TheShaunsc


  • Jay G
    Jay G

    Quit now!!! I hope you didn't play another hole. You can't improve on that! lol

  • Tyler Swirka
    Tyler Swirka

    Congratulations! And the look on your face when you look in cup.... well done😎

  • Benjamin Kelley
    Benjamin Kelley

    Blind shot uphill 185 out with a 7 iron, on a par 5 last year...looked for 10 minutes... Ball was in the hole. Birdied/holed out. How amazing it feels lol

  • Lethal - strike
    Lethal - strike

    Oh golf people 🤦‍♂️

  • Cody Bell
    Cody Bell

    Congrats mate

  • glyn hayes
    glyn hayes

    And you didn’t even get to see it go in.

  • Aj Phillips Golf
    Aj Phillips Golf

    Fantastic .... super happy for you

  • thepokerking804

    o m g peter u beast

  • Ally-Anna

    That's insane

  • Gambler 85
    Gambler 85

    Shit I feel this way when I loose my ball...it's just in the woods

  • Mini Surf
    Mini Surf

    My closes was 2 feet away lol good job mate!!! Nice stroke!!!!

  • TheChristmas007

    Without the boys there dang

  • Jaime Rodriguez
    Jaime Rodriguez

    WELL DESERVED PETE!!!! You work on your game so much the game was bound to Reward you for the hard work man. Shout out from Phoenix Arizona USA! You and Rick are awesome.

  • Walyson Nascimento
    Walyson Nascimento


  • Restless Carnage
    Restless Carnage

    Way to go Peter! You finally got one!

  • john Blaha
    john Blaha


  • Matthew Bynon
    Matthew Bynon

    Congrats mate!


    That moment when you walk up to the green and you wish there were a few thousand spectators cheering for you! 😂 amazing shot mate! ⛳️ #1

  • Dirt Sanchez
    Dirt Sanchez

    175 yards with a 7 Iron and a little over a foot bounce, not buying the physics on that one

  • BeachBow

    Congrats!! 67 years and I've never had one!

  • The game is rigged NWO
    The game is rigged NWO

    I feel the exact same with a double bogey.

  • jonathan cardenas
    jonathan cardenas

    Yes pete!! Yes!!

  • Robin Dean
    Robin Dean

    Congratulations Peter, another tick off the bucket list.

  • Aidan Ward
    Aidan Ward

    Me when I get par

  • H&M Gunworks
    H&M Gunworks


  • Plumbing Parts Pro
    Plumbing Parts Pro

    Congrats Pete

  • mikl1987

    Buzzin' for you, Pete!

  • Mudd Whistle
    Mudd Whistle

    Shiiiiit, I can make one of these videos too and say I had 20 hole in ones

  • poonteera

    Congratulations peter 🎉⛳️

  • S 7
    S 7

    Plot twist: ball was already there

  • KeyserSoze26B

    I hope I do this one day....My Dads a scratch golfer, golfed his whole life and never got one (too old and too many serious injuries to do it now). His brother was a 12 handicap and he had 2.....

  • Bulls Eye
    Bulls Eye

    Well done Pete.!

  • Connor-Rage

    Mate, it only took a pandemic to finally get a hole-in-one! Incredible and huge congratulations! So glad that you were able to record it too. I hope to join the club someday soon. Top notch, Pete! 🔥👌🍾

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards

    Poor lady needs recognition of her accomplishments by posting them on SVsoft? Sad. Act like you been there before hun.

  • Billy DeLancey
    Billy DeLancey

    Well done!!!

  • charly yoo
    charly yoo

    More coming

  • Zach Evaristi
    Zach Evaristi

    "The only time I did it, nobody was around" Homer Simpson

  • Demhelius

    Never understood the fun in golf but good on yah man!

  • Jordan Pennington
    Jordan Pennington

    Lmao man the pure joy in his reaction!! Put a smile on my face lol congrats man!!

  • Jackie Hawkins
    Jackie Hawkins


  • Austin Killian
    Austin Killian

    I would be screaming like a mad man! Great ace Pete!

  • Big E
    Big E

    Congratulations mate!

  • Daniel Ruiz S.
    Daniel Ruiz S.

    “Can’t see my ball..” LOL!!!

  • squilliam scooth
    squilliam scooth

    cheers mate

  • Jared Richardson
    Jared Richardson


  • Michael Azzato
    Michael Azzato

    Congrats Pete! Amazing job!!

  • Masterbuck042

    Good job man congrats

  • Barney Germany
    Barney Germany

    Welcome in the club😎

  • Shawn Heffernan
    Shawn Heffernan

    Ace. Are you 1 up on Shields now?

  • Cameron Mendenhall
    Cameron Mendenhall

    It’s a shame you’re wearing your mums footjoy pullover 😂

  • Daz Sevilla
    Daz Sevilla

    You and Nikita Kucherov could be twins

  • SamaKa

    Grats you a lgnd

  • T. Rose
    T. Rose

    Hole in one and then shots a 85. The rest of the game.

  • Chris Neil
    Chris Neil


  • Scott Kefalas
    Scott Kefalas

    Congratulations! Great shot!!!

  • Raven “ih8tinytots” Fuentes
    Raven “ih8tinytots” Fuentes

    "Ace" Congratulations

  • SimFX Bassa
    SimFX Bassa

    Finally! Well done Pedro

  • Phill Hayward
    Phill Hayward

    Well done Peter well done 👍

  • Chad Noswal
    Chad Noswal

    HOLY SMOKES!!!! Congratulations!!! That’s just AWESOME!!! You will remember that moment until the day you die. So glad for you!!

  • Fsu2586

    That’s awesome!

  • Spookrider100

    Got it camera too, great job, well done!

  • Karl Handley
    Karl Handley

    185 yards I'd be hitting hybrid

  • Alex Ramos
    Alex Ramos

    No ones going to know. There gonna know No one is going to know.

  • John Brown
    John Brown

    Congrats so happy for you

  • John Stupart
    John Stupart

    Congrats mate well done

  • William Parke
    William Parke

    Oh well done pete mate 👏👏👏

  • Lucas Hood
    Lucas Hood

    Excellent first ace!

  • Phil_from_MD

    Congrats!?! 🏌️‍♂️

  • P4ddyC4ke


  • guy thompson
    guy thompson

    Brilliant pal... 👍👍👍

  • Thardracy

    Only counts if it’s in a comp

  • Gerard Medano
    Gerard Medano

    Finally!!!! Congrats

  • Craig Edga4r
    Craig Edga4r

    Pete, what course - which hole - back tees???🙂🙂🙂

  • Craig Edga4r
    Craig Edga4r

    🎉🎉🎉💪💪💪👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂 it will be like the bus syndrome now ie more than one at a time😉💪👍🙂

  • knuckletherapy serve others first before yourself
    knuckletherapy serve others first before yourself

    Congratulations 👏

  • Doug Mills
    Doug Mills


  • Jack Bingham
    Jack Bingham

    Well done mate!

  • Panty Snatcher
    Panty Snatcher

    Congrats Pete...still waiting in my first one. At 70 yrs old I hope it comes soon!!

  • Lawson Shackelford golf
    Lawson Shackelford golf

    Nice I have two congrats

  • Ronan Laverty
    Ronan Laverty

    Well done, great shot. Hope you repaired your pitch mark afterwards?

  • Poggasus

    Reminds me of the feeling i got being a foot away from a hole in one from a blind tee off par 3 and just seeing how close it was alone had my heart pumping, congrats 🏌️‍♂️

  • Ken Price
    Ken Price

    Congrats Pete, pity Rickie Shields wasnt there to see it!

  • rob carter
    rob carter

    result! nice one! but bet you're gutted it was caught on video with you in that light pink top on...it's on public record now...;-)

  • Tobias Eliasson
    Tobias Eliasson

    Welcome to the club👏🏼👍🏼

  • George Hong
    George Hong

    Massive congrats mate over the moon for you

  • Luke Busby
    Luke Busby

    Love that

  • The Dalesman Group
    The Dalesman Group

    Many congrats. Had my first this year too after 45 years of playing!

  • Steven Zeoli
    Steven Zeoli

    Anybody know which course?