My First 18 Holes Back | What's In The Bag 2021
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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone, big thank you for sharing your time with me. I honestly hope your next drives are long and true ❤️

    • Shady

      @Mike the Whizz no no I only played the back 9 on one of my local courses lol. I had family come over for Easter so we couldn't play 18. I meant it was the first time I went out since winter

    • Mike the Whizz
      Mike the Whizz

      @Shady 9 on a single hole or did you ace every hole in a round of nine holes?

    • Matty V
      Matty V

      Pete! You should try out some SeeMore putters. I remember you made a video on them at their shop a while back and would love to see you include a model or two in the Build My Bag Series.

    • Johnathon Andrew
      Johnathon Andrew

      Peter, I'd take that score if I hadn't only just come back after lockdown

    • Ben Atkins
      Ben Atkins

      @Marco Rodriguez I’m wanting to know this as well!

  • Eclipse_

    What happened with adidas?

  • Markus1826 Andre
    Markus1826 Andre

    The like thing is not false surprisingly

  • Brandon Reffitt
    Brandon Reffitt

    Just gotta say I absolutely loved the build up to the first tee shot, all the random thoughts and that music, just love it! I also love the swing arc tracers! Videos are great and getting better all the time! Wish I lived closer so I could take lessons from you, Pete! Seem like such an amazing person, man!

  • tim kosters
    tim kosters

    The visualisation of the back and Front Swing are so helpful got beginners thank you for that 👍👍

  • G P
    G P

    Theres a rave at 2:28. Who'd have thunk that would happen?!?!

  • Kyng Mayberry
    Kyng Mayberry

    Please more videos. I’m getting back into golf and my clubs are once again better than I am. You keep me motivated though

  • LUKE

    That first tee shot edit was EPIC. I had exactly the same on my first go back. Decided to leave the driver in the bag (for the first time ever!) and hit the best 5 iron I ever hit. Good to be back 👍🏻

  • George Barlow
    George Barlow

    What a legend mate. Love your content. Getting better every time. Keep them coming.

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller

    putt putt and then maybe putt some more

  • RoyalPeepsOnline

    I have those same shoes. What do you think of them?

  • Hoby Sprouse
    Hoby Sprouse

    Pete, well done, cool equipment, sweet swing, but damn dude, you wore your bowling shoes for goodness sake.

  • Dom Films
    Dom Films

    managed to shoot all rounds in the 70’s since coming back. 2 competitions shooting 77 and 75

  • Water_feind

    An Evenroll... you’ve been spending too much time with Rick.

  • Steven Shaw
    Steven Shaw

    Peter, you have a nice bag ;)

  • Frags 08
    Frags 08

    I'm anything but a professional when it comes to golf, but in the nicest way possible, that swing at 5:25 was painful to watch lmao

  • Jonathan Michaud
    Jonathan Michaud

    My season has been good so far played 2 tournament and got the first win out of way and hoping to grow the numbers in the win column this season and hope to qualify for nationals on the US am tour.

  • Angel Reyes
    Angel Reyes

    What app is he using at the end?

  • M A
    M A

    During the off season here in Michigan I took golf lessons. Had fun improved my game and I was looking forward to my first round. I was so nervous when I got there and after all the bad habits came to light again lol

  • Ramsey Cook
    Ramsey Cook

    Rick shiels will win against you

  • William Treese
    William Treese

    Played a par 3 tournament tied for fifth and for the first time I have not had a round over 88 to start a year! Really enjoy all the content Peter, I will continue to watch and learn!

  • Bri Sutcliffe
    Bri Sutcliffe

    I'm sorry, but you didn't do the course justice.

  • Hanre Le Roux
    Hanre Le Roux

    5:20, got me in tears😂

  • D Bradz
    D Bradz

    18th is known as cardiac hill!! Also brilliant for sledging down

  • Jakob Madsen
    Jakob Madsen

    Do you pay for the all the different golf equipment you play and test?

  • Mark Homewood
    Mark Homewood

    I’ve been an associate at Reddish Vale for 6yrs and it is hands down the most interesting course in south manchester / stockport. Not the longest but if you do take driver on some holes you you can easily get into trouble. The way the greens are set is spot on too. Nice video sir great to see the course on TheTube. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • phil shield
    phil shield

    I was so bad 1st round back but I smiled all the way round loved it. I've been toying with the idea of a new driver couldn't decide with all the new ones coming out but think after hearing your thoughts I'll go for the sim or sim max. Good luck with the comps 👍

  • Daniel Munoz
    Daniel Munoz

    Thanks for this, Pete! Hopeful of long, straight drives. Question: what is the name of the song that starts about 3 min in?

  • Pete Hill
    Pete Hill

    How are you liking the Hyperflex golf shoes? Could you do review on them?

  • alcw 62
    alcw 62

    Winter killed golf till March.I’ve have been working too much practicing too little but at least I’ve got my two jabs and ready to get out...and daylight savings time teases me to get in 9

  • Shane Powell
    Shane Powell

    Lets say it was inconsistent but who cares!it was just great to be out playing👍

  • Jack Griggs
    Jack Griggs

    I watch your channel a lot ? Well I’m retired with lots of time on my hands 😊 I switched to stack and tilt maybe one year ago and getting it fine tuned finally. I’m 72 and think I will shoot my age this year from the regular men’s tees. You should do a bit on S&T. I love it !!

  • Michael Bledsoe
    Michael Bledsoe

    If you are wanting an uncomplicated putter, let me suggest you find a bull's eye putter. A head, and a shaft with a grip. Nice looking course. Cheers from Texas. 🤠⛳

  • Dave Shannon
    Dave Shannon

    Enjoy all your videos, especially on course ones, a mixed bag of birdies, bogeys and pars, but your actual bag I like, all the clubs are top bits of kit, for me I prefer a more mallet type of putter, like your space age LAB, I currently have a 2 ball dfx, not used yet!! But I'm excited to try it out, before this a white hot pro 7!!

  • William Robinson
    William Robinson

    Yo rick, give us ur old clubs

  • Kyle Weir
    Kyle Weir

    Actually pretty shocked to see the LAB putter come out of the bag... you raved and raved and raved about it on just about every video...

  • Kieran “Tubz”
    Kieran “Tubz”

    Nice video, really good to see! How do you find the FJ BOA shoes?

  • Anders Christian Hald Pedersen
    Anders Christian Hald Pedersen

    Regarding putter - didnt you just last year go through a putter-session and ended up with a New Port ? :-P just before you tested the "mega putter" :-) the new port needs a proper chance ;-)

  • ryan darby
    ryan darby

    Already I have hit more greens in reg. Then I did all last season. 👍

  • Mohan Ramachandren
    Mohan Ramachandren

    My swing is gone. Very bad golf for me after 2 months of not playing.

  • Dylan Osborne
    Dylan Osborne

    This year my golf so far has been 0

  • mike lewis
    mike lewis

    Love the vids, the quiet eye vid totally transformed my last 2 rounds, ball striking not my forte but wow really helped 👍🏌️‍♂️ thanks Pete

  • Jake Martinez
    Jake Martinez


  • Mark Lambert
    Mark Lambert

    I’m in Canada 🇨🇦. I’ve played twice so far. Both rounds the worst I’ve played in years. But, it can only get better right? Right? 😂

  • smoozerish

    Your last funny looking putter worked best for you. EVN roll doesn't.

  • Hampus

    God I really enjoy your vlogs. I'm currently struggling with keeping the ballflight lower as I have problem keeping my hands ahead of the clubhead throughout the swing, any tips or maby videos of yours that you recommend? Best regards from Sweden

  • Dapzi

    I started playing golf 3 months ago, and have been out playing on the course three times since I have started. Have gotten my handicap down to 21,2, and are looking to improve this. Still a beginner but I am so addicted :D

  • Marc Clifford
    Marc Clifford

    Ended last year pushing to break 90, played at Oldham and Hazel Grove this year, 104 and 109 🙃

  • Rob S
    Rob S

    Like the clubhead tracer

  • Pétur .Júníusson
    Pétur .Júníusson

    How are you keeping stats like strokes gained and stuff?

  • Justin Ives
    Justin Ives

    I am Bogey and par golf so far. Short game need to play more golf. Carpet and net not the same as the real thing.

  • Damian smith
    Damian smith

    As always a brill video! 👍

  • Michael Settle
    Michael Settle

    using Bettinardi... again

  • carl fletcher
    carl fletcher

    I'll happily take you Ping G410 when you're done with it! In fact I'll play you for it 🤣

  • laurie kee
    laurie kee

    Good to see you back, loved the opening sequence as you stepped up to the ball....."did I lock the car? I'm hungry......etc." made me laugh

  • Craig McEwan
    Craig McEwan

    Good to see you back on the golf course Pete. Thanks for this. I haven’t been out yet. Looking forward to it

  • IJHitman

    Where did you get a black er2v putter Pete?

  • jeff young0211
    jeff young0211

    Prayer grip, straight back straight through, center shafted putter

  • KirboDisturbo

    Golf in 2021: Fantastic off the tees, decent in the middle, garbage in and around the greens. Local course does not have a practice green and it really shows.

  • Michael Porter
    Michael Porter

    2:25 Did you hire Rick Shiels’ editor?

  • Jack Sue
    Jack Sue

    Whats the app you use for all the stats??

  • Moises Gutierrez
    Moises Gutierrez

    Why haven’t you played with Rick!? We need to know

  • Danilo SubMOA
    Danilo SubMOA

    Wow, there is a catch. I hit the like button and the first 15 drives were straight as he said but don't make my mistake. I wasted the first 15 drives at the driving range and the first one of the tee, and I quote Pete from an earlier video, "I hit a clubhouse!" Learn from my mistake.

  • Matty V
    Matty V

    Pete! You should try out some SeeMore putters. I remember you made a video on them at their shop a while back and would love to see you include a model or two in the Build My Bag Series.

  • Gabe Wernet
    Gabe Wernet

    I just started HS golf and have Walmart clubs ready for an interesting season

  • mpfencing

    What a beautiful looking golf course.

  • Heritage Jonery
    Heritage Jonery

    🤣 hit my drive in a straight line!!

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    First off, its great to see you back out on the course. Living & playing in Scotland I've had more time golfing than you and I feel blessed. I do like the look of your 7-wood and am seriously thinking of changing my 5-wood and 20-deg hybrid with a 7-wood. Cheers

  • Cameron Pollard
    Cameron Pollard

    My last 4 rounds I have played 1 over 1 over 1 over 2 over

  • Adrian Tunei
    Adrian Tunei

    So Saturday and Sunday me going to count me 26 straight drives.

  • Luke Sanders
    Luke Sanders

    Actually went out this past weekend and only played 9, but I shot a 6 over 42 with a birdie on the first par 5! Which is amazing for me, especially considering that it was my second round of the year

  • Jesper Bilgrav Schmidt
    Jesper Bilgrav Schmidt

    LOVED the “off the first tee” 😁

  • Valentin Waltenberger
    Valentin Waltenberger

    what software/hardware do you use for score keeping and the "strokes gained" analysis you have showed in the video? cheers

  • Thomas Goode
    Thomas Goode

    2 rounds in - 78 and 81. Last year I ended the season as a 12 hdcp. I worked a ton on the mental game while I couldn't play over winter. Basically studied course management, and executing shots that I CAN hit, not shots that I might hit. Short game/recovery game is very strong so far. I am pretty happy trending towards a single digit player as I approach 40. can't wait to keep going.

  • Jack Haller
    Jack Haller

    I think I've seen it from a video in the past but what do you use to calculate strokes gained? Love everything you're doing Pete!

  • Scott Rivkin
    Scott Rivkin

    Something I would love to see some of you guys do is go out and play a full round, or at least 9 holes with a set of Flagship Super game improvement iron sets like the Callaway Apex DCB's. It would be really interesting to see how your game changes and it think it would make for really good content.

  • Scott Rivkin
    Scott Rivkin

    It' still spring training IMO! can't get the driver swing down...chipping is good..putting is 7/10. Off the tee is 4/10

  • Alex Chandu-Lall
    Alex Chandu-Lall

    I couldn’t afford not to hit the like button!

  • Chuck Bradley
    Chuck Bradley

    glad to see that you moved on from you're putter

  • John Mckeown
    John Mckeown

    Thought ..... 2 putters !! A light one for downhill and close putts 8 zft and less) A heavy one for distance and uphill ??

  • Josh Court
    Josh Court

    Played my first round yesterday, didn't score too well but optimistic! My swing felt amazing despite the wind, I could shape it both ways, had great contact on almost every shot, and managed to hit 9/14 fairways. On the other hand, my distance control was pretty rough and short game was atrocious (know where I need practice). More than enough bogies made from ideal positions off the tee.

  • KevinGrantOnWhisky

    Great video and to see you back. I play at a Seve Ballesteros designed course here in Scotland. A course if you ever want a real test and every single club in the bag is used and such a mentally challenging course too. Look forward to next weeks video 🏌🏻‍♂️

  • Bienvenido Spanish
    Bienvenido Spanish

    Hi Peter good videos as always. I'm no expert but think your chipping is a bit robotic and lacks feel. Maybe go back and watch some old Seve instruction videos. Your welcome. Que te lo pases bien. Un abrazo

  • Jeffrey Mickelson
    Jeffrey Mickelson

    I live in Canada. And atm our courses aren't open and some of the driving ranges in my city just opened. My grandfather and great grandfather were both from England. And I would love to play golf in England one day. The courses look beautiful. Great content Mr. Finch. Keep doing you. You're videos always make me smile and laugh. Cheers mate.

  • Justin Hall
    Justin Hall

    New to your channel, but a long time subscriber to Rick. I love his videos of you two together, especially the Golf bidder ones. I must say, you might be giving 'ol Rick a run for his money. REALLY enjoy your channel and videos. I've learned a thing or two and applied it to the course with positive outcomes, so thank you! Glad ya'll can FINALLY play golf again! Cheers from America!

  • Dan Wallis
    Dan Wallis

    What happened to the Scotty Cameron? I thought you loved that putter?

  • Ollie Broadie
    Ollie Broadie

    27 points and 27 points. Consistently bad but I did hit some lovely shots too.

  • Nigel Lutze
    Nigel Lutze

    Sorry Pete, I don't like the putter. It just looks wrong from on top, too complicated with the level's. Just get the Golf Spy no.1 putter, the 2 ball with stripes. I use the original and I feel a lot more confident lining up. Good luck with the practice.

  • gvn jns
    gvn jns

    Swing like a Nike tick

  • Loïc De Breuck
    Loïc De Breuck

    what happened?

  • Russell Partridge
    Russell Partridge

    All the best for the season mr finch

  • Heppe RotMG
    Heppe RotMG

    Started the year off by getting a lesson about my grip, stance and swing with the Irons. Afterwards i couldn't hit any shot like i wanted, but after some practice, it works out

  • Idus Erediauwa
    Idus Erediauwa

    Great content and editing Mr Finch

  • James Vivash
    James Vivash

    One of your best vids. Glad it's not just us lot feeling those nerves 😬🤣

  • Mark Derby
    Mark Derby

    Great video Pete👍great bag, nice to be back out there😊👍⛳🏌‍♂️

  • Brian Hansen
    Brian Hansen

    Golf is pretty decent, but have been able to practice. But practiced too much and strained my right elbow, so I'm out for the (hopefully) next couple of weeks.

  • Simon Evans, Engineering Elite 2021
    Simon Evans, Engineering Elite 2021

    First round of the year too today for me in Calgary Canada. Shot 91. Some good drives (one top🤦🏻‍♂️), some long putts sank. Bunkers.. one thin and two duffs 🤦🏻‍♂️. Decent iron / approach shots. Better than expected for first outing! Had similar music playing in my head on first driver tee shot.. little “hooky” but decent 5 iron up to the green👍🏻

  • Noah Macomber
    Noah Macomber

    what tracking app are you using?

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson

    what program or app do you use for your strokes gained, putts, ect.

  • joelafives

    A bit less music would be good.

    • bbar edrftg
      bbar edrftg