This driver defeated me 😲 Too hot to handle! | Titleist TSi4 Driver
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  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy

    Thanks for your Honesty,,, well Done!! Ty

  • Adrian Macklin
    Adrian Macklin

    Sorry pete but that doesnt sound american to me lol

  • FreshlySnipes

    I bought a TSi3 a few weeks ago. I’m going to go try the 4 and see what I think. I prefer a smaller, classic head.

  • Josh Kraybill Golf
    Josh Kraybill Golf

    6:30 Yeah Jesus Christ wasn't helping your accuracy, bud lol...

  • Sathya

    I guess your just worse than James Robinson lmao, he got it in the bag. I'm jk btw

  • gregory walker
    gregory walker

    divining rod for water and trees....

  • Henry

    Bought this a few days ago. Hitting it 270 yards new record. Accurate driver if you have a good swing.

  • heshwuan

    They add a letter (i) and charge $200 more.. smh. It's a very nice club, and right up my alley, (I used to have a Titleist driver 15 years ago and loved it) but because now I can hit my $60 Tommy Armour driver 300 yds, they'll have a hard time convincing me to spend this much money on one club. I'm still considering it though..;)

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D

    “Jeeeeezus Christ”..... 😂😂😂

  • v2dew -_-
    v2dew -_-

    3:40 Pete , you ok man ?😂

  • alien Person
    alien Person

    the blade of drivers

  • scott h
    scott h

    425 cc actually

  • coegj

    Good stuff Pete, the reviews let us know what to watch other people swing and what we should not swing.

  • Nicholas Isler
    Nicholas Isler

    Low spin means you can afford the higher launch

  • Dennis Meadows
    Dennis Meadows

    It’s all good. When I get excited I usually go to a British or Australian accent 😂 great video. Should’ve done pushups like Rick did for hitting the drink

  • Dave Shannon
    Dave Shannon

    "and that's in someone's garden" 😂😂😂😂 you never fail to make me laugh Pete. And most of us have no doubt hit a ball in someone's garden at some stage 😂😂

  • Sean Gordon
    Sean Gordon

    when do we get the koenigsegegegegegegegegg on the power board?

  • ihatemycpu

    This is why you not a tour pro, and Peter is easily one of the better YTube golfers, we are doomed.

  • Narendra Dhaneswara
    Narendra Dhaneswara

    Mizuno ST200 has lower spin and more forgiving than TSi4

  • cyberscythe51

    SLDR 2.0

  • Sp Ap
    Sp Ap

    Put the ego aside and play a higher loft. You’re not a long drive competitor.

    • Ryan Murphy
      Ryan Murphy

      He hits 4*5 up with 119 clubhead speed. More loft isn't the issue, he already doesn't generate a lot of spin so he doesn't need low spin. A tour guy hitting 1dn would want this.

    • Clay Decoursey
      Clay Decoursey

      Wtf does ego and loft have to do with each other?

  • Mel Abshier
    Mel Abshier

    Dispersion of an 18 handicapper. Won't see that one in your bag any time 🏌️

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Sorry Peter, generally love you videos but this one was a little pointless. Having said that I hope it stops some people from spending £500 on what is not really a “consumer” product. So a good expose on a really niche product. Buyer beware!

  • KVG 9201Private
    KVG 9201Private

    Have now unsubscribe from your channel because of your blaspheming.

    • Ken Ray Wilemon
      Ken Ray Wilemon

      I'll fill the void, loose one, gain one. Happy to subscribe.

  • Kuemmerling Enthusiast
    Kuemmerling Enthusiast

    This is fascinating to watch as a seriously lousy golfer. His worst is my best.

  • Jordan Heppell
    Jordan Heppell

    Peter who hurt you my guy? that "..taking the dog" bit was too real ahaha

  • Tiger Woodard
    Tiger Woodard

    6:33 Language Pete, decent driver, keep up the good work. God bless you sir

  • Dale Ziegelhofer
    Dale Ziegelhofer

    What do you mean "wierd American accent" I ressemble that remark!

  • Ken Mosimann
    Ken Mosimann

    For my skill level I have always had control problems but if you can control them they are excellent!

  • Roli Rivelino
    Roli Rivelino

    The TSi4, built for robots.

  • joelafives


  • Adam Diffey
    Adam Diffey

    Like the power board rankings, it’s like the fastest lap on top gear! Perhaps redo the size of the text on the labels though so we can see the clubs on the board 👍

  • Andre Dippenaar
    Andre Dippenaar

    Pete, I dearly hope you know, and I mean in person, JESUS THE CHRIST!

    • KVG 9201Private
      KVG 9201Private

      Ek glo nie Andre, en ek is nou nie meer ingeteken op die kanaal nie, wat n jammerte!

  • Marco Day
    Marco Day

    Great video! Minus the mudwatr commercials LOL.

  • Matthew Benge
    Matthew Benge

    "In someone's garden" and almost taking out a BMW. I thought I was hitting the driver there LOL

  • Warrick Lawrence
    Warrick Lawrence

    Why would you deloft an 8° driver? That's probably why you were pushing it right most of the time 🤔 delofting does open the face slightly. If anything stick with Tensei white and loft up? (like DJ @ 10°) You'll get higher launch and a bit more spin which will increase your carry 🤔. Golf balls need a certain amount of spin just like an aircraft wing needs turbulence to create lift? That's why golf balls have dimples? 🤔 Too little is not good. Maybe try again but lofted settings...

  • Darren Australia
    Darren Australia

    Doesn’t seem longer than the PING 425 ?

  • phil shield
    phil shield

    Looked, like hard work that, but a lovely looking club

  • Michael Garibay
    Michael Garibay

    what in the hell is the point of this club?

  • xXtheswagger8Xx

    5:17 I heard that

  • Jason Pritchard
    Jason Pritchard

    I disagree. It is as forgiving for me as my current gamer Cobra from last year. I do think this is a bit more of a draw bias for me tho. It was ranked fairly forgiving by the latest 2021 rankings (13th)

  • The Golf Giveaway
    The Golf Giveaway

    I have this strange desire to sneak into Pete's studio and switch all the numbers up on the power rankings board😈

  • Pg Lavengood
    Pg Lavengood

    Piece of crap.

  • coldhui

    Imagine being a long drive champ, with a 48” shaft and at 4 degree of loft with those spin rate........

  • Kevin Barclay
    Kevin Barclay

    Very nice wood price to high

  • Lucas Mulvehill
    Lucas Mulvehill

    It's like the distance/difficulty ratio needs to be closer, ie a driver that goes a decent distance and is not impossible to hit....

  • Jordan Leitelt
    Jordan Leitelt

    Loving all the new product reviews Pete keep it up. Also looking forward to see you take on Good Good soon!

  • Dillon Grant
    Dillon Grant

    Hey Pete you need a spinny shaft with the Ts4 or TSI4. Try the Graphite Design ADIZ 7x

  • Adam Rasmussen
    Adam Rasmussen

    “Military grade” so the cheapest shit available...gotcha

  • Bill Glab
    Bill Glab

    Glad you made this one Pete, no one else doing club reviews like you at all

  • John de Jesus
    John de Jesus

    Finch, get into the Rick vs James...let them play for 2nd place... My money is on you.

  • Starskii

    Can you change the format for the 'Power Ranking' to 10 shots that land in fairway count, and the non fairways are redo's? Would like to see the stats of 10 good shots, not the chance (extreme example) of 1 good shot and 9 bad shots based on your swing for that particular day. Power Ranking should be based off 10 great shots for true comparison. Great videos though!

  • Dylan Ryan
    Dylan Ryan

    Imagine Bryson with this thing 🤔

  • Jackson Bills
    Jackson Bills

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      Martin Lawrence

      assurance that has made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already

    • Karen

      @Callie Drone I just texted him on Whats'Ap, hope he replies me

    • Ipkiss World
      Ipkiss World

      @Miliner Joe Thanks , placing my trade with expert Matthew ASAP

  • Kevo Channer
    Kevo Channer

    Just walk away......

  • Paul K
    Paul K

    I'm no expert but surely with this head and low spin wouldn't you benefit from a little extra loft rather than trying to crank it down so low?

  • Alex Landsberger
    Alex Landsberger

    I don't understand at a professional level why you would play such a unforgiving driver

  • Kari Tuominen
    Kari Tuominen

    That driver looks amazing. That thing is not forgiving, but how does it compare to an older driver in forgiveness? For, let's say Taylormade Firesole?

  • Francis Kang
    Francis Kang

    if this driver is this hard to hit, i don't think it's a very good driver. at least not for you.

  • E. G. Flores
    E. G. Flores

    I will have to sell he dog to buy the driver.

  • Jeremy Frost
    Jeremy Frost

    Have the TS4 and it's the longest driver I've ever had, hands down. Combine it with proper technique of hitting up on the ball and you'll throw these crazy long knuckle balls that carry for days.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson

    Reporting on MY gorilla test: "Well, Jim, he really laid into it; a proper strike that! Why, yes, I do believe it got out of his shadow! Oh, just on the edge! Still, a jolly good result for the old fellow!"

  • Ziggy 1-Oregon
    Ziggy 1-Oregon

    Love playing my Titelist clubs, right now with T200 irons and TS2 driver, would love trying the TS3 & TS4 drivers. Like you though I'm not a big fan of the .75 degree change. My driver is set at 8.25 and roles out awesome distance.

  • The Walking David
    The Walking David

    Hey Pete, I'm a scratch golfer, but i've never been a long hitter. at 5'10" 208lbs, I only swing the club at 104-107mph with a driver, resulting it only 255 yards of carry and 280-287 yards distance total on average. Are there ways for me to increase my club head speed? I don't need Bryson distance, but you're a similar build to me and you're 10-15 mph faster than I am. Any advice is much appreciated. Cheers!

  • buck14red

    It’s no sim 2 that’s fir sure ;)

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith

    How about making the power board a little bigger so we can see who's in what position.

  • Twila Weaver
    Twila Weaver

    The irate mine grossly harass because quail neurologically x-ray mid a efficacious throne. relieved, typical interest

  • Matty V
    Matty V

    Pete’s American accent always makes me happy. Gives me a nice little chuckle every time

  • Matty V
    Matty V

    TSi4 is absolutely gorgeous

  • Carson Jewett
    Carson Jewett

    This driver vs your old sim, distance comp.

  • hawkey100

    Wrong shaft for that club head

  • Justin Hitchens
    Justin Hitchens

    Pete you’ve met your match, you need more than 8° of loft in this bad boy. Sorry pal

  • Luke Wanless
    Luke Wanless

    Going to take the dog... 🤣🤣🤣 Wonder how this would go in 12degrees for the mortals that need launch but not much more spin.

  • Andrew Shimmin Golf and Kung Fu
    Andrew Shimmin Golf and Kung Fu

    Have you ever considered that some of your subscribers could be offended by your use of Christ’s name as an expletive. It shows a lack of EQ on your behalf. That does not make you a bad person it’s just feedback to say hey videos are great but don’t enjoy the language sometimes ... take it easy Pete ✌🏻

    • Ken Ray Wilemon
      Ken Ray Wilemon

      so Pete, just dial up your EQ to around 3 or 4k and maybe a little roll-off on the Satanic 1k.

  • Matthew Schultz
    Matthew Schultz

    I felt obligated to at least try the Titleist drivers, and loved the TSi2 so much that I ended up pre-ordering. Absolutely love the thing.

  • frozensno101

    TSi2 is godly. Love it so far.

  • Ryan Islam
    Ryan Islam

    The 18th at pebble is a horrible fairway to try to hit it as far as you can on

  • Ryan Foringer
    Ryan Foringer

    That driver is so gorgeous! It's a damn shame I could do absolutely nothing with it, besides put the ball through the clubhouse window directly to the right of the first tee.

  • James Vaughn
    James Vaughn

    My buddy missed the fairway on the 18th at St Andrews on the sim once, I still give him a hard time about it.

  • Paul Metzger
    Paul Metzger

    Great content as always Pete! I just got fit for a new driver 2 weeks ago and tried all of the major OEM’s. I found the same results with this driver as the good ones were incredible but, the bad ones were horrific. Actually ended up with the PING G425 LST. I’ve never owned a PING driver before but, I will never discount them again. It performs beautifully!

  • Drew Lance
    Drew Lance

    I just got fit for and purchased this driver. Was may lower spin than my current m5 and had more consistent dispersion as well. But my spin was still up to 2350 with it.

  • James Copsey
    James Copsey

    Maybe use a metal ruler to easily adjust the power rankings board. Scrape/drag the entire line rather than move individual sections which must be very annoying!

  • Max Caysey
    Max Caysey

    Maybe you should play it in 9 degree, instead of 7.somethign... that might help you get more back spin and hit it straigter!

  • John Fishburne
    John Fishburne

    Tensie blue is two soft in the tip for Pete. To much shaft droop causing the toe strikes. White was better

  • Stuart Pittard
    Stuart Pittard

    Think I’ll be steering clear lol

  • Simon Sez
    Simon Sez

    So subjective to you putting a good swing on it. You just didn't do the TSi4 much justice, did you Pete? 🤔⛳😕

  • Connor Shirt
    Connor Shirt

    Love how you go proper Yorkshire when you hit it well and telling it to go 🤣🤣

  • david walker
    david walker

    The tsi3 should be in the running

  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI Help

    Good review.

  • Callum McElhinney
    Callum McElhinney

    Pete. You and Rick are the best youtubers on SVsoft

  • Craig Brand
    Craig Brand

    Peter. I have an 85mph swing speed would this be good for me? 🤔 Someone would say.😂

  • 52 T
    52 T

    Pete, Rick did something similar. Hitting driver on 18th pebble beach, but he added, for every ball in the Pacific Ocean, he has to do 10 press up.

  • Sean Scanlon
    Sean Scanlon

    6:20 that ball invited itself to dinner.

  • Rob Biles
    Rob Biles

    Can we watch the language please Pete. This is only a golf channel for Christ sake.

  • Bri Naylor
    Bri Naylor

    Until the next Titleist driver that goes 2 yards further but warrants the hype and deserves the £500 price tag 😂

  • Cowboy Surfer
    Cowboy Surfer

    2 outta 5 serves you right for using the Lord's Name in vain. Not even He will forgive you for those sh*t swings.

  • Kyle Holt
    Kyle Holt

    JC!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • swingking83

    I think the white was a better shaft for you and that driver. Maybe try the orange. I think you find the combo you could really unleash it. Maybe it’s a head you can go with more loft. Get a 10.5 head and see how that works. That would give it more spin as well. Unless it was a 10.5 and I didn’t hear that 😂

  • War Gasam
    War Gasam

    How many of the viewers actually use a driver?

    • War Gasam
      War Gasam

      @jkgolf 5 wood for me

    • jkgolf

      2 iron for me most of the time

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith

    I love your driver reviews Pete. Can’t wait for the next one!