I got my NEW DRIVER and it's a MONSTER... | QFTO
I got my NEW DRIVER and it's a MONSTER... | QFTO | Thank's for watching this Quest for the Open video with my new driver!! It's great to be back playing in competitions again and can't wait for the summer!

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey all thank you so much for sharing my journey, show some support and wallop that like button ❤️

    • Barking_Mad

      Little did you know what was soon to happen! ;)

    • Kenneth Baling
      Kenneth Baling

      Ayo sim 2 raise your distance by +20 yards

    • C E
      C E

      Good luck and all the Best, hope you will Qualify 🤙🏻💪🏻

    • LukeyOneShot

      Man like peter finch

  • Roberto Ercolani
    Roberto Ercolani

    350 yards... Incredible!... but on the ground? How many yards?

  • Maarten van Wesemael
    Maarten van Wesemael

    Pete, it looks like you are loosing your flex in your right leg during the back swing, is that on purpose?

  • Biz

    Pete, fly Kyle Berkshire out and collab I feel like he can get you those extra yards. His explanation and instruction on increasing speed with Bryson DeChambeau was amazing!

  • MutGod12 YT
    MutGod12 YT

    When he said I hit that 441 yards I started dying OMG😂

  • Gabriele Willen
    Gabriele Willen

    The loutish rabbi unfortunatly nod because spain orally spell vice a sneaky quit. redundant, good territory

  • Frank Skuse
    Frank Skuse

    ok pete who added that score up ?????

  • Parvo Armakie
    Parvo Armakie

    What’s happened to his wrist??

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who

    Awesome you got your new driver. I got fitted for my sim2 over 2 months ago and still waiting on it. Hoping it will be here in the next 3-4 weeks.

  • kevin ross
    kevin ross

    I get the distinct impression that the QFTO is more about creating more SVsoft content rather than you going in with the belief that you're going to qualify. Best of luck though 👍

  • Bot Or Die
    Bot Or Die

    just ordered my sim 2 too!

  • Darren Bell
    Darren Bell

    Knew you would go back to the sim Pete it's a beast. I sold my tsi3 last month for the sim 2 max and I've never looked back. The tsi was just too low spin and launch for me and the sim max just gives me the perfect numbers and ball flight

  • serendipityuk

    If anyone who watches these videos think Pete has a chance of qualifying for the Open then I’d imagine you’re also the type of person who believes the news.

  • Martin Heaps
    Martin Heaps

    What competitions are u playing in in the next few months mh preston

  • Cace Smith
    Cace Smith

    Wait a minute!!! Is Pete gaming Srixon Z-Forged blades now?

  • Michael Birenbach
    Michael Birenbach

    My first league play was last week - I also had a nervy time around the course. It's ok, it's a long season.

  • MA9N0

    Love the quest for the open series. Hate the quest to be Bryson content.

  • Luca Misra
    Luca Misra

    quest for the open AHAHAHAHAHA if you carry on switching clus you might not get to the open !

  • luckyphil59

    Pete, that swing is looking as smooth as Teflon on ice . Good luck in the quallies

  • Sam Shapiro
    Sam Shapiro

    Can’t wait for the quest for the open vids!!

  • Tomáš Vítek
    Tomáš Vítek

    New driver can help your cofidance but all the work was done by you. I undergo the similar way. I use winter months to get my core much stronger with pilates ( I didnt change driver ) and balls goes miles (miles for me is 280-300m) 😀⛳🏌👍

  • Brian Kidder
    Brian Kidder

    What brand is your push cart? Looks like it is motorized?

  • Adam Wittman
    Adam Wittman

    Why are you wearing a wrist wrap on your right hand during the majority of this video on golf course? And is it legal in comp?

  • David Hickey
    David Hickey

    that blue camo footjoy hat is fire.

  • Charles Lerche
    Charles Lerche

    Pete, very interesting presentation. I found your explanation about the left heel very informative. I note, btw, that you also straighten your right leg on the back swing. As you probably know, the S&T folks have been saying that this also helps the "average" (i.e. not gym-oriented) golfer to get more power. Personally, I've done both and they certainly both work for me.

  • Hagop Terzontz
    Hagop Terzontz

    Peter good luck in your plight⛳️⛳️

  • ian koch
    ian koch

    Hi Peter , could you post your World Handicap number as i would like to follow you on the Golf Australia Handicap App, cheers

  • Eric Jaye
    Eric Jaye

    show the club head speed

  • Justin Hitchens
    Justin Hitchens

    WOAH!!! just noticed the srixons in the bag, please do explain pete

  • Justin Hitchens
    Justin Hitchens

    gotta stop doubling the first hole. i can do that. maybe i should enter qualifying lol

  • Peter Walters
    Peter Walters

    Can we get a tutorial on how to hit the low bullet driver at 8:48? Really useful shot for long holes into the wind.

  • Jake Horigan
    Jake Horigan

    Pete! Great video, you brought us along in a story while playing and taught us a lesson at the end. I think you tapped into a great format for these QFTO videos! Only recommendation, startthat amazing music in the intro and all through the video/story!

  • thomas szampruch
    thomas szampruch

    I'd love to see a Foresight Long Drive competition between you and Matt from TXG!

  • Stephen Quigley
    Stephen Quigley

    Everytime Pete uploads a video I'm filled with jealous rage over his beautiful studio set up!

  • Gaz Owens
    Gaz Owens

    Injured wrist or training aid??

  • lee maskel
    lee maskel

    Pete, is that a normal wrist wrap from the gym or a golf specific one, I'm having some wrist issue's myself (left wrist) the longer the club the more aggravating it is, can you help?

  • Matthew Lorenz
    Matthew Lorenz

    What does the functionality of your wrist wrap do?

  • Ashley Walls
    Ashley Walls

    Did Rick and Pete have a falling out? Does no one like Carter anymore?

  • Roy Heffner
    Roy Heffner

    WTF is with the doubles on the first hole?? You are a SVsoft God! You can't be nervous on the first tee. Believe in yourself Pete! Your'e great.

  • Darren “zer0ish” Shalla
    Darren “zer0ish” Shalla

    What do you have around your right wrist? Looks like a something weighted? or just a brace?

  • Jamie Thomson
    Jamie Thomson

    what’s the thing you’ve been wearing round your wrist? is it just for support or is it to aid your swing?

  • Richie Jameson
    Richie Jameson

    What's that on your right wrist Peter - are you injured...and still hitting it that far!!??

  • Darren bell
    Darren bell

    Put the sim 2 max in the bag last month and i used to hate tmade clubs. This driver is pure class

  • David Hummel
    David Hummel

    Hey Pete, what is that on your right wrist and thumb?

  • Scott Hughes
    Scott Hughes

    I might be the one person that watches you and Critical role. I lost my shit when I heard you start using their Mighty Vibe music. Lol love it

  • leon simmons
    leon simmons

    Whats on his right wrist?

  • Brendan Ayres
    Brendan Ayres

    If the purpose of golf was to hit the ball a long way, in no-particular-direction, then I'd buy the driver. . . but I'm flat out finding my ball with my current one!

  • Adam Allsopp
    Adam Allsopp

    Great work in qualifying. 👏👏👏👏 Sweet driver. 👌

  • Morgan Cross
    Morgan Cross

    That second scorecard was hilarious 😂

  • Mark Trayner
    Mark Trayner

    Good luck with the Quest for the Open. Good video 👍🏼

  • Danko0129 ko
    Danko0129 ko

    new irons???😳😳😳😳

  • Thomas Veal
    Thomas Veal

    Trust your swing! Swing looks great! Driver seems to be perfect for you! Hope you reach The Open!

  • Michael Fitzpatrick
    Michael Fitzpatrick

    What's with the wrist strap pete?

  • TheBigEasy

    Good luck with "QFTO"!!!

  • D R
    D R

    Get more distance of the tee, he's solved golf...

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson

    Did I see srixon z forged?...

  • Prismatic

    What’s Pete’s best finish in the quest to the open?

  • Daniel Field-Read
    Daniel Field-Read

    I spy some Srixon Z Forged's in the bag

  • Neil Taylor
    Neil Taylor

    8.40 what a couple of beautiful drives Mr Finch I'd give anything to hit a drive like that 🏌️‍♂️💪💪 All the best for the Quest for the Open you can do it just remember stay calm & things will come 😁

  • Tatiana Maria
    Tatiana Maria

    Yayyy! QFTO is back!☆☆☆☆☆

  • michael walker
    michael walker

    great this video, smashing it 👍

  • Matt Aamold
    Matt Aamold

    It's collaboration time with Dan's Brother (Paul, I think?) and Will Farley

  • Jordan Holmes
    Jordan Holmes

    a bit random, but what wrist support is that on the right wrist Pete??

  • John Murphy
    John Murphy

    Man your changing drivers as much as your buddy Rick shiels lol 😂 just kidding good video

  • Hazel Dell FWBC
    Hazel Dell FWBC

    Where does this rank on the power rankings?

  • Adam Wontroski
    Adam Wontroski

    Your ball striking is looking fantastic Pete, love the Quest for the Open video series as well as the Building My Bag vids. Keep up the great work and good luck on your comps!!

  • cliverkay

    You show lifting your left heal in the backswing .......and then you dont..........

  • Max Caysey
    Max Caysey

    New clubs again? Its ridiculous!

  • JAP Seven
    JAP Seven

    Are you able to customise the colours of the sim2 yet

  • tnathan95

    Pete, confused by the numbers...for your club speed, efficiency seems very to be getting 174 ball speed, no? Also, peak height under 40 with the launch at 13 also seems quite low? Tour guys getting 100-150 peak height. Missing something? These the numbers you like to see-- specifically peak height?

  • phil shield
    phil shield

    Good luck on the open quest. Driving on the simulator was awesome

  • lee whitehead
    lee whitehead

    Pete, fancy a round at Reddish Vale on Tuesday at 13.20?

  • Caleb Green
    Caleb Green

    2:36 new irons in the bag?? Looks like the Srixon Z-Forged to me, anybody else or am I seeing things?

  • Daniel Love
    Daniel Love

    PETER fantastic vlogs But are you wearing a Hair Weave?

  • Gerry Marsden
    Gerry Marsden

    Great stuff Pete keep it coming and good luck with the comps.

  • Joshua Allan Robertson
    Joshua Allan Robertson

    Good video Pete. I’m a tad sceptical of the distance gain of golfers drives over the past few years. How many yards have you gained in the last 2-3 years?

  • Thomas Sanchez
    Thomas Sanchez

    I would love to see how far Pete would drive with old drivers! Fun next video idea?

  • Oliver Marsden
    Oliver Marsden

    What is on your wrist and around you thumb Pete?

  • Clinton Kildepsteen
    Clinton Kildepsteen

    Pete didnt u just get a new driver a few months ago? It must be nice to get clubs for free... congrats

  • David Edenton
    David Edenton

    Best of luck, Peter! Did I miss the new Foot Joy sponsorship video?!

  • T J
    T J

    If you're dead set on reaching the open you need to take all possible events seriously, treat them as a chance to practice and learn what you need to do in them and get used to handling the nerves. Bit wishy washy saying you turned up ten minutes before tee off, that attitude won't be what gets you where you want. If nerves are a problem in a low level comp imagine if you got to the open!

  • Jay Chung
    Jay Chung

    Congrats on making it to the finals of the PGA pros champ Pete! Hope you play your best & looking forward to this season of quest for the open. Said it ever since you & Rick started on this quest, quest for the open (and the way you’ve evolved these vlogs) is by far my favorite golf SVsoft content by far.

  • Adam Turnbull
    Adam Turnbull

    How boring would the 'quest for 350' series of been if the sim existed??

  • Ja C
    Ja C

    If amateurs wanna get better please work on your short game-pitching, chipping, putting and your wedge game from 100 yards and in. Stop obsessing over distance like everyone seems to be.

  • macgp19

    i'll take those old mp-20s of your hands pete ;)

  • Chris Pearce
    Chris Pearce

    Wow...at 8:00 Pete is explaining exactly what I was working on yesterday. LoL. Just didn't feel like my upper body was rotating so I started trying different movements and found one that I'm gonna keep working on for muscle memory....very close to what Pete explained.

  • Oliver Warman-Johnson
    Oliver Warman-Johnson

    You’re literally hitting it a mile. 🚀 💪

  • Aymen Shatti
    Aymen Shatti

    Hey Pete, loving the video and in the future would love to see a video with you and Alex Ecthes or Matty from TXG!

  • Kyle Dix
    Kyle Dix

    Got my sim2 and love it too.

  • Brian Parsons
    Brian Parsons

    I actually just got fitted for that same exact shaft in my cobra speed zone I love it!

  • Robert Stenhouse
    Robert Stenhouse

    New driver every week this lad

  • Lee walford
    Lee walford

    Good choice 👍🏻

  • Thomas Haskins
    Thomas Haskins

    What’s the purpose of the gym lifting strap on your right wrist?

  • bigoku28

    I’ve gone from a 32 plus handicap down to 12handicao after watching your videos the past 5months. The confidence ive gained in technique tips from your coaching vids has taken a huge leap. Thanks for the content brodie.

  • danmaardeze

    442 yards drive? I think you mean 342 yards my dear Finchie ;-) Still impressive, dont get me wrong. I'm exalted when I hit over 200 yards...

  • Dr stranglewank
    Dr stranglewank

    I've just ordered a motocaddy m5 gps trolley Peter.....looks like you have one yourself.....do you use the gps on course?

    • Dr stranglewank
      Dr stranglewank

      And.....swings looking mint mate

  • Håkan Samuelsson
    Håkan Samuelsson

    Is it your wrist or thumb that you have the protection for? Is that interfere anything to your swing?

  • M Oz
    M Oz

    Can I buy your old driver for a like? :D

  • D Du Plessis
    D Du Plessis

    How often would you ask your students to replace their wedges

  • Lukazure

    guns show! gym work paying off!

    • Lukazure

      @D R naaa those guns didn't appear after a deep fried mars bar!

    • D R
      D R

      Don't think he goes. Just looks fat now