The BEST GOLF CLUB you DON'T have in the bag!?
This might be the best golf club you don't have in the bag! A PING G425 7-wood!

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone, thank you SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! If you like the video drop it a 👍

    • Holmer

      @Clayton Petree Years ago my dad gave me an old Adams Tight Lies 7 wood as a joke for Christmas. The shaft was rusted and the cords were hanging from the grip everywhere. But I hit that thing just once and that was enough. I had it reshafted and gripped and it stayed in my bag the better part of a decade along with a 3 and 5 wood I bought later to match. That combo was perfect for me then. Today, I'm playing a 3 hybrid instead. I took a Cobra One length hybrid and had an inch added to the shaft. I bought it on a lark, but it feels pretty good now. But Peter has now reminded me how much I loved that old Adams 7 and the shiny things are calling again.

    • Clayton Petree
      Clayton Petree

      Fantastic video!! I've been playing a 7 wood for quite some time now (15 years)? but really with these lofts and setup, it's an old school 5 wood. I like that people are playing it with the shorter 7 wood length, however. Also, after watching the video, nice to see you hitting it the same distance I play. If I'm 240ish out, it's an automatic 7 wood. I can hit it longer with a low draw, but with a standard shot... 240.

    • Oakeybloke

      If you ever feel like making any instructional videos Pete, yours are the best (I appreciate technical detail and explanation), and before lockdown I was working on my rotation through the swing - going for that beautiful finish. Just saying 🙂

  • Kim Nielsen-Kolding
    Kim Nielsen-Kolding

    Went to a Ping demo yesterday and tried the g425 5 and 7 wood. They are just fabulous and very consistent, I will certainly put them in my bag, much easier to hit than a 3 or 4 hybrid


    Who pays for golf clubs anymore. Even tiktok actors are sponsored by the big companies.

  • Chris Collier
    Chris Collier

    I was just fitted for this exact club and the hybrid 4 in the same range - they are truly amazing!!! Great review

  • Marcus Pendleton
    Marcus Pendleton

    Love that you can/and laugh at your miss hits

  • Serenity in silence
    Serenity in silence

    My bag goes driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 4 hybrid. I used to use a cheap Dunlop 7 wood that I was very fond of. I just over swing it now since it’s a regular flex. I have to hold back too much to be consistent with it anymore.

  • Mighty Marshmallow
    Mighty Marshmallow

    Peter in 2023 “hey guys welcome to another what’s in the bag and today we are going to be looking at my pitching wedge wood”

  • Jonas Öhlén
    Jonas Öhlén

    Haven't played a higher lofted fairway wood since my Slazenger Ballesteros 5w... Always been a long iron hitter like Mizuno TP-11 or Ping Zing2 1 & 2 irons but now I'm more leaning into hybrids and I'm trying out a Callaway Super hybrid which is the closest to a 5w that I am at the moment.

  • Jakob Nordin
    Jakob Nordin

    I try anything to gain consistancy so I thrifted an old unloved Callaway S2H2 Big Bertha War Bird Heaven Wood (7-wood) and I love everything about it. I sanded all the dings and deep scratches smooth and polished it to mirror finish and it looks like a J-type 327 Nubian Starship. This club is never leaving my bag!

  • marty galvan
    marty galvan

    I have a 7 wood and I enjoy it. It gives me a good line into the green when needed. Why did it take so long to rediscover it.

  • Dishes_are_done

    Dude you look like Tom Wopats little bother. Good Video, cheers!

  • Bruce Seaman
    Bruce Seaman

    Got G400 7 wood,fantastic,only 5 yds shorter than my 5 wood,but easier to hit and draw( 5 wood left out now)


    I've been playing a Ping G410 7wood for a couple of years now because I can't hit a fairway wood. I have a Taylor Made M6 driver set at about 9.25 then the Ping G410 SFT set at the standard 22. Love the combination

  • Weldon Garrett
    Weldon Garrett

    I have been thinking about a 7 wood Fairway or Hybird. Not sure yet. I use a what is called a Hwywood from Bombtech which is a 5 wood with a driver shaft. Hit really well for me. So looking for something to hit the 180 to 200 more constantly. Any ways great video.

  • Mark Newkirk
    Mark Newkirk

    I play two ancient Titleist 907 D2 fairways with 13.5 and 18.5 degrees. When it's windy, I leave the higher lofted wood out and replace it with a 3 iron.

  • J. A.
    J. A.

    Carried a 7 wood since high school, 25 years ago. Used to get grief as it was considered a "ladies" or "old mans" club. Still carry one, and still love it.

  • Educated Kobold
    Educated Kobold

    Im hot and cold with driver distance but was never super comfortable with a 3 wood off the deck, picked myself up a 5 and just the confidence I gained with it was awesome

  • Garth Wagner
    Garth Wagner

    My g400 5 wood is my get out of jail free card lol saves me all the time🤘🏼 going to test this 7 wood out soon though!

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia

    My bag goes: 4w, 9w, 2i, down

  • Stephen Blower
    Stephen Blower

    Does a 7 wood replace a 4 Hybrid at similar degrees? Specifically when you can't hit the a wood of the ground and only off a tee? Results say no for me. I unfortunately don't have a miss 65%'ish shots regardless of club go straight, so I aim straight at the target. The rest of my shots (35%'sih) even down to wedges go left or right, 40/60 GRRRR! Not having a clear miss is so annoying, therefor I have to aim straight. I have one wood, and it's an unconventional 4 wood, Ping G20 16.5 degrees, I love it, it will need something exceptional for it to be replaced. After that is my driver, same G20 range, 12 degrees, I have no idea how good or not this is as I haven't hit it yet, (waiting for a delivery) hoping (possibly foolishly) that it has as good a vibe as it's daughter. Yes I have never hit a Driver, I am working form the green to the tee.

  • philscott3982

    I've just bought the Ping G425 Max 7 Wood. You are correct it's an amazing club, so easy to hit and the feel from it is incredible. It launches high and lands soft, I love it, I'm thinking of also getting the 5 wood.

  • Ben Atkins
    Ben Atkins

    My titleist iron setup is 4-Gap Wedge so I do have a 3 Hybrid club but do struggle at times to hit. I do currently have 1 fairway wood (3 wood) in my bag so I am thinking of taking the hybrid out for either a 5 or 7 wood. Would this be a good setup going forward? There isn’t a club fitting near where I live so I basically have to use my best judgement and hope for the best.

  • Muadib223

    I have been playing the Ping G3 driver and fairway metals for a few years and decided a change was necessary as my consistency was not where I wanted it with the G3's... I went with the G425 driver and of all things, I went back to the Ping K15 3, 5, and 7 fairway metals in my bag... Sometimes going back is better than going with the latest and greatest... Love them...

  • bellebmw

    My cobra 7 wood speed zone is by far my fav club in the bag.

  • Nicholas

    My dad used a 7 wood for years with great results. When I would get in a rut I could grab that club and rip it. Out of the rough, or any situation just better than a long iron.

  • James McClane
    James McClane

    I've always had a 7 wood in my bag.

  • Mark Blankenship
    Mark Blankenship

    I use a cobra f7 5 wood lofted up to 20° so it's about the same. I love it dearly.

  • ExTrumpet

    Still have my old Ping G10 hybrid 18 degree in the bag. Looks more like a fairway wood than the G15 and G20's that replaced it--and those definitely look like hookers!

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    I dialed my f9-7 wood to 24 degrees to replace the 4 hybrid. Things incredibly easy to hit and consistent

  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier

    for height and "control" I have 2 hybrids Nike 5 and 6 machspeeds I love them both. I want to buy a Ping 425 7 hybrid but not totally sure yet. I am 70 and need all the loft I can get now lol

  • scooby doo
    scooby doo

    I'd been waiting for the Ping G425 for ages ...finally got to try them ..wasn't really convinced tbh.....hit them well , there was just something not right for me. They then gave me the Callaway Maverick max to try ...well........ bought them with in hitting 30 balls. First game with them ( best score before was 83 ) I went round in 78 =) The 4 hybrid is a f***ing wand ...that 1 club was the reason for my score it =)

  • W At W's Place
    W At W's Place

    Picked up the 425 max 3 and 5 went back for the 7. Really easy to hit off the deck. Have 410 driver so impressesed with the FW's picking up the 425 max driver today. Right now Ping has it going on.

  • Kai Johnson
    Kai Johnson

    I've always liked using my ping 5 wood but I'm curious to see what you have to say about bridgestone clubs. I use a JGR hybrid and JGR wedges at the moment and they're pretty "meh" at the moment..

  • daveblythscum

    I got a new set of callaway mavrik max and picked up a seven wood instead of my normal hybrid. I'm not sure if it's new club syndrome, but I shaved 4 shots of my best ever round first time out with the new clubs. I seemed to use the 7 wood as ago to club. So easy to hit and super forgiving.

  • Guy Thompson
    Guy Thompson

    7 woods are for transgender men trying to compete against women.

  • Owen Favro
    Owen Favro

    they are doing to fairways what they did to irons

  • Robert Acierno
    Robert Acierno

    I go from 14.5° 3 wood to 20.5° 4 iron, so I put in a 2 hybrid. Ping g410 at 18°. My gapping at the long end of the bag overlaps as I’m not that good of a player, so these lofts seem to work out for decent gapping.

  • John Ross
    John Ross

    Had a Ben Sayers 7 wood (metal) in the early 80s. Now have a Callaway Big Bertha "Divine Nine"

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    I carry a 21* Callaway Steelhead XR 7w. My father taught me back when I was a kid using a Callaway BB Warbird 7w. Exactly why Pete said is why I carry one. It fills a gap between my 4w and hybrid, and it gives me some versatility in terms of shot selection especially on longer approach shots.

  • Tony Crabtree
    Tony Crabtree

    so wait, we no longer need hybrids? LOL!

  • B

    Well it’s really a 5 wood so it’s not unexpected.

  • Lee Buckley
    Lee Buckley

    7wood always been my favourite club!

  • Jack Pickford
    Jack Pickford

    Old nike 19 degree 5 wood in the bag and will not come out for a long time

  • oatechaosincycles

    I've been playing a Nickent fybrid. That's not a typo. It's a bigger headed lower lofted fairway hybrid that goes 5 wood distance with more penetrating ball flight. It works for me as a 5 wood goes left for some reason and too high.

  • Lucid Hamez
    Lucid Hamez

    Got both a 2 iron and 7 wood in the bag, use both for different situations and different shots. Usually 2 iron from the tee and 7 wood from rough or where I need a higher shot! Both are amazing

  • philscott3982

    I've just tried the Ping range of fairway woods and Hybrids. They are amazing I've just ordered the 7 wood for myself to replace a 4 hybrid that I have. I tried the 5 wood G425 it was awesome and carried as far as my current 3 wood. The Hybrids were also excellent, my plan is to buy a hybrid next and then maybe the 5 wood.

  • Migelangel Valadez, OK. USA
    Migelangel Valadez, OK. USA

    Peter, compare this club with the Callaway Heavenwood. Callaway came out with this club years ago. Still in my bag.

  • Gamer Ben
    Gamer Ben

    Hi, which woods have a shallower face, ping or cobra?

  • yousaidwinglikeabirdswing

    Anyone else have memories of 21 degrees being a 5 wood

  • Joey Bikes
    Joey Bikes

    I hit the Ping G425 7 wood in the sftec set up which is an even higher loft... 22 degrees. The club head is even larger than the G 425 max. It's like hitting a 5 wood and the ball checks up on the green so much better than a long iron.

  • Rob Schaeffer
    Rob Schaeffer

    May have to go swing one of these. My G410 3 wood is the most consistent and reliable club in my bag

  • Claude-Eric Lafrance
    Claude-Eric Lafrance

    Never played Pings but I will definitely give this one a try. I find myself in a similar situation as you. I pull hybrids and have a substantial gap in the bag (4 iron to 3 wood) . Great review !

  • tommy Sweeney
    tommy Sweeney

    Been playing a 7wood for Decades now. They used to be called "ginty" woods. Always have one in my bag.

  • paul Carr
    paul Carr

    I currently use a 20 degree cobra hybrid but I’m thinking of getting this 7 wood or is that a waste of 250 quid

  • James Hodges
    James Hodges

    Gotta change that background music it’s terrible! But besides that I love your work Pete

  • Kevin Taylor
    Kevin Taylor

    I actually got fitted for a 7 wood last year! Best club I’ve had in a long time. It’s my 250 carry club!

  • Erick Bauer
    Erick Bauer

    Seven and nine woods. Money clubs.

  • Eric Blythe
    Eric Blythe

    i have to say i tried a fitting with callaway, Titleist, and ping and the 425 blew away the other 2 company's...i highly recommend the new ping a very noticeable difference

  • Mike the Whizz
    Mike the Whizz

    So it's a 3 or 4 Hybrid for traditionalists

  • Julia-6

    How about the best club you can't find in golf shops anywhere. I found exactly ONE in three golf shops locally and it was in a senior flex. I ended up ordering direct from the manufacturer.

  • bothered1984

    I've currently got 5 iron jpx921 forged then 3 hybrid taylomade rbz then 3 fairway wood taylor-made rbz. Need something between the 2 rbz clubs maybe a 7 wood will fit there

  • Tim Scott
    Tim Scott

    Peter, am thinking about getting a Ping G410 9 wood, and curious as to what you might think about it? I know this vid discusses the G425, just wanting to keep the price down a bit and buy used. I will be 62 this year and my swing speed isn't the best any longer, actually never has been. Thanks

  • Bass Beamer
    Bass Beamer

    Love my 7 wood but I do not hit it anywhere near as far as you do. A very reliable club for me.

  • Scen Taley
    Scen Taley

    There’s a reason it’s called a “heaven” wood.

  • Dusty Gerlach
    Dusty Gerlach

    I have a Ping G20 7 wood in my bag and has been for past 6 yrs. love it, its my go to 190-200 club, I have a 3 hybrid 18 degree for 200-210. wont take that 7 wood out of my bag for anything, l have tried 4 hybrids dont like them, The Ping 7 wood is the best l have hit..

  • jonathan brown
    jonathan brown

    Ping sleeve, from standard setting, BIG DOT, everything gets flatter so it starts at 12o'clock. So if you have an issue with a hybrid going left a Ping hybrid would be better than a Taylormade hybrid which start at the 6o'clock position as standard.

  • Arthur Low
    Arthur Low

    I’ve been playing golf seriously for about 5 years and never had a fairway wood until last year. After my driver, I usually used a Ping 30 4 hybrid that gets me to 175 yds. In the last year, I’ve gotten a Ping 410 7 wood, which gets me to 180, and a Ping 410 5 wood to 200. Then, a few weeks ago, I ditched my driver, a Ping K15 for a Ping 410 3 wood. I’m ok with 220 yds straight than 240 in the water. I seem to make better contact when the ball is not teed so high.

  • Zain Yousaf
    Zain Yousaf

    No fairway woods in the bag. Mini driver into 3, 4, 5 hybrids, into irons and wedges.

  • Remy Bean
    Remy Bean

    :),thank you for sharing this video, I order the same one from last week, shipped by Fedex,good quality !!!

  • John Illingworth
    John Illingworth

    I carried a Taylor Made V Steel 7 wood for years - it only left my bag recently when I replaced all my clubs (13 of them) ...7 wood is still in the garage ....just in case

  • da pro
    da pro

    I have a ping G400 3 and 5 love them both. I tried a 4 hybred G400 and not only is not in the bag, it got traded in when I just found a used G400 7 wood at my local golf store. I have tried and love it just like the 3 and 5. One more to find the G400 9 wood.

  • Boone Docker
    Boone Docker

    I carry a Cobra F9 3, 4, and 5 hybrids. Best decision ever. Years ago I had a Callaway Heavenwood and always popped the darn thing up and just never went back.

  • Gary Enwright
    Gary Enwright

    Had a 7 wood in the bag for years. Always been underated.

  • James Etheridge
    James Etheridge

    If this slots in between the 3 wood and the 3 iron, which club drops out of the bag?

  • George Wilson-Bland
    George Wilson-Bland

    Like a nice high wood

  • Robert Solachnek
    Robert Solachnek

    Hi,which simulator are you using sr,thank you

  • Elie Anquetil (Riiflex Golf)
    Elie Anquetil (Riiflex Golf)

    I think the 7 woods head are still a little too big in comparison with older models. I still have a steelhead plus 7 wood and it is incredible in the rough.

  • David Ginola
    David Ginola

    Hi Pete great video 👍🏻 just got a skytrak looking for what you would say would be the most optimal way to practice on a simulator??

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    I use a Callaway 7 wood, love it too, carries further than my Taylormade 5 wood but I have a tendency to pull the 7 a little left at times. The only problem for me is that on my home course there are not too many opportunities for me to use it. It just seems to be between distances most times and I either go in with my 3 or 5, it is just the way it works out but when I do get the right distance for it I just love hitting it

  • ph1lthyvision

    Been looking into a 7 wood lately. I have had hybrids previously and could get some good shots out of them. Now i just have up to a 4 iron and the long game has suffered. Probably need to ditch the 3 wood and get something in the 20-22* loft

  • Matty V
    Matty V

    The Ping woods and hybrids have been fantastic. My Ping G410 3 hybrid is one of my favorite clubs I’ve ever owned.

  • Gator Whiskers
    Gator Whiskers

    I go from a 3-wood set at 16 degrees, to a 3-hybrid set at 19 degrees

  • Tyler umbenhour
    Tyler umbenhour

    I personally love long irons over woods. Some of the best long par 3s I've hit have come from my cobra 3 iron. I have just recently added a titleist h2 hybrid which I must say I do love so far. To each their own I guess

  • Alan Kasjan
    Alan Kasjan

    Is this a 6 or a 5 by old standards?

  • arthur condy
    arthur condy

    Have had one for years and a nine wood , good gentleman's persuaders

  • Brett LaBelle
    Brett LaBelle

    My 7 wood has been the best club in my bag for a few years now. Glad the PGA guys finally noticed. :)

  • Jan Malmsten
    Jan Malmsten

    Very interesting video. I have an G25 7 wood. One of my favorite clubs. I think everyone should test a high lofted wood.

  • Mark H
    Mark H

    I play driver, 3w,5w,7w then 5 iron - all gapping of about 15 yards. 7 woodon a windy 7 isnt so good so i also have a 4hybrid to replace 7w on breazy days

  • kbkesq

    Great advice. Many long hitters have used 7wds- Bubba and robert garrigus for years and Dustin Johnson has carried one at least for a year and carries it 255.

  • Jason Dutcher
    Jason Dutcher

    Hey Pete did you kill the plants in the window already? 😂 😆

  • The Mock Commentator
    The Mock Commentator

    The flight trajectory on the quad seems unrealistic. Ball just falls out of the sky and doesn’t roll. Surely a 7w doesn’t flight the same as a sand wedge

  • Paul Allen
    Paul Allen

    The Ping 5, 7 and 9 wood are in my bag. They are really easy to swing and I have recommended them to my clients. Nice review Peter.

  • Richard Procter
    Richard Procter

    I have been using a 7 wood for the past 5 yrs. love it!!

  • Steve Ferriday
    Steve Ferriday

    I have 5wood and 7 wood like yourself can not get my head around hybrids

  • William Ellis
    William Ellis

    I thought you had your jacket tucked in to your joggers at first. I thought for a moment Lock Down had taken it’s toll.

  • Doug Hoad
    Doug Hoad

    I have used a 7 wood for the last 8 seasons and my scores are better because of it.

  • Marcus Monaghan
    Marcus Monaghan

    Swinging well Pete. I’ve been watching your older videos where you and Rick would play each other. I think you’ve improved your swing a lot since then. I would love to see some rematch’s especially in Portugal again. Loving the videos.

  • Erik Gracer
    Erik Gracer

    Cally GBB 2015 7 wood. Awesome.

  • Barry Emery
    Barry Emery

    Pete, I am thinking of getting a G425 3 or 5 wood and adjusting the loft to make a 4 wood, which would you use to to this?

  • Barbara Simpson
    Barbara Simpson

    my last comment not barbara but michael