Why You Should Try THIS Jordan Spieth Putting Method
This Jordan Spieth putting drill has worked for many golfers I've helped coach and it could work for you too!

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Jordan Spieth's putting has been a major part of his success on the PGA Tour. These putting drills are inspired by his approach and technique with the flat stick and could show you how to putt better in golf. Give them a try and hopefully they'll help improve your putting performance!

  • Mitch MacLennan
    Mitch MacLennan

    Where do I get myself one of those laser line projectors/simulators? Don’t even know what they are called to search but hoping there’s a basic one that produces a line as a putting aid, seems a great idea.

  • snow653

    Tried this my last round and only 3 putted twice. Helped me from choking putts 6ft or less

  • BeachBow

    I started using this method years ago after I got a really bad case of the "yips". Another older golfer told me to look at the hole which keeps me from "hitting" the ball. And it also improved my distance control.

  • Rich S
    Rich S

    Great lesson Peter. Will try and use both methods tomorrow on the course. Great enthusiasm you come across very well. 😀👍⛳️👌

  • Lee Chickering
    Lee Chickering

    Used this at the golf course today. I think I saved at least 10 strokes with this method. I also hit two 15+ foot birdie putts and got more pars than usual. My average putts per hole is usually around 2.4 and it dropped to 1.8. I’m definitely a believer. Problem is, you get ridiculed by your golf mates. But I was rolling the rock so I didn’t care!!!

  • Brian McMullen
    Brian McMullen

    Very interesting… when I’m putting well, I stick to a specific routine which is to pick a spot about 16” in front of the ball that I want to roll over. It’s not quite the intermediate distance you referred to, but it’s the same principle. When I’m not putting well, I’m usually too focused on the hole. Also, i visualize the path… almost like a shot tracer. It’s spot 16” up, ball, “draw” a line with my eyes from the ball thru the target to the hole, ball, swing…

  • Imam Subhan
    Imam Subhan

    Football. When taking a penalty.. you focus on the ball. Tennis. On the ball Baseball. On the ball Table tennis. On the ball Yeah maybe it works on Spieth.. but he stopped doing it. Plus, he was the ONLY one doing it. Always look at the ball.. always.

  • sfink16

    I tend to use the intermediate targets until I get to long putts. On long putts I look at the line initially than focus the rest on speed along. I had only 12 putts on the back nine the other day, although one was a zero putt chip in. So it seems to work for me.

  • Chris Marshall
    Chris Marshall

    Mizuno putter Pete 🧐

  • Daniel Dudley
    Daniel Dudley

    I’ve been trying this for the last couple of days on my putting matt and went to the putting green today and I don’t think I’ve ever had better pace. On short puts I focused on a specific thing that I wanted to hit such as a blemish on the flag stick or a blade of grass on the back of the hole and I think that made a difference.

  • Jasper Ootes
    Jasper Ootes

    Like the Jordan way, do not like the intermediate target as I usually do not give it enough speed. I take a target just after te hole.

  • Mike Warner
    Mike Warner

    God that putter grip is so ugly. 😆

  • Jeroen Barkhof
    Jeroen Barkhof

    Wow! Decided to try this yesterday. First putt was a, for me, lengthy putt at about 12 feet. Holed it on the first try using this method! Along with a few more. Also find that the distance control on my misses is much better. Thanks for sharing this Peter!

  • John Griffiths
    John Griffiths

    I think your spelling needs work!

  • AwesomeShawn

    Tried it. It helped. Sticking with it. Thank you!

  • Holger Ertingshausen
    Holger Ertingshausen

    I do the no look putting for almost 3 years now and it works for me just fine. When I focused on the ball and putter, somehow I lost tempo/rhythm and my putts were not that accurate. When doing the No-look putting, I look at the end of the putt line, not the hole, unless the putt is straight. If it is downhill, I focus on a spot infront, if uphill, I focus at a point beyond the hole/puttline. It really works well.

  • Joshua Hanson
    Joshua Hanson

    This actually works pretty well for chip and pitch shots as well 👍 I personally just look at the ball from the start of the back swing to the top, and as soon as the transition down starts, I try and let my eyes freely and fluidly sweep up to either the hole or my landing spot, depending on the shot type.

  • Santtu Mäki
    Santtu Mäki

    I think looking at the target is especially good when you have a very long put, where the one-put is basically out of the discussion and you want to go to the dustbin lid to two-put. I actually kinda tumbled into this last weekend on my own and it was excellent on the putting green. Of course, on the course, I reverted to bad old ways and it kinda broke down, but I do think looking at the target makes much more sense than to focus on the ball like the proverbial rainman.

  • Michiel Koolschijn
    Michiel Koolschijn

    great resemblance to a pocket billiard drill I used to do: line up the shot, get down on the shot, 2 or 3 practise strokes, close your eyes, backswing, and shoot. Only open your eyes when you hear i rattle. It really makes you focus on technique. I also tried this with half iron swings in golf, it sort of works.. With this drill, i can imagine if your technique's good and your body knows what to do, when focussing on the target you have a better idea of the amount of energy you have to give the ball. Tried it last few days, works well :) Great drill/technique to putt!! =D

  • 7417cd

    I have tried the Jordan Speith method, and it works. You just have to trust your stroke. Don't over think it, and you will putt mire consistently.

  • Russ Wagner
    Russ Wagner

    I dont like it.. but if you struggle putting at the ball try it.. not for everybody tho..

  • David Henry
    David Henry

    Honestly, as a basketball player turned golfer, I’ve thought about this a lot. I often wonder if letting your muscle memory kick in would allow your technique to get take control

  • Johnnie Coomer
    Johnnie Coomer

    How do you like that putter grip Peter ?

  • British James
    British James

    Another top video Pete. Looking forward to giving this one a go because the close your eyes Sergio Garcia method isn’t working 😂 in fact it’s more of a wince watching it whizz by

  • Chuck Patrick
    Chuck Patrick

    I put this way from time to time ever since I saw Jordan do it when he first came out on the pga tour. It is a remarkable way to put 10ft and in...Jordan started putting that way on short putts because he could see the hole in his periferal vision and it would make him miss it left.. By looking at the hole it eliminates that tendency.... Thanks Pete :)

  • Parker Hamilton
    Parker Hamilton

    Like Drew said before, I have played all kinds of sports where looking at the target is the key to accuracy but never tried it in putting. Tried it yesterday after watching this vid and matched my PR 72 but with only 26 putts. Pretty stoked.

  • Daltonparker11

    I’ve always looked at the hole on shorter putts or intermediate target on longer ones. Heard it likened to throwing a baseball where you don’t look at the ball you look at your teammates glove to know how hard to throw it.

  • John Saunders
    John Saunders

    To be fair darts players look at the target, not the dart 😳

  • Mel Abshier
    Mel Abshier

    So the question is---- Peter do you use this in your tournament rounds? If not, why not?

  • VK in Bangkok
    VK in Bangkok

    I use this method for my putting and surprise you put this vid up. Just to share - being left master eye, I have switch to a LH Odessey 7 putter even though I play rest of my clubs RH as I feel so much better distance control n roll with opposite hand but grip it as I would a RH putter. It has bought my putting stats below 28putts per round ever since

  • Nathan Narehood
    Nathan Narehood

    Finally someone is talking about this.

  • Dominic Blattmann
    Dominic Blattmann

    I never look at the ball. I pick a target (smallest possible point) 30cm in front of the ball and try to put the ball over that point. Improved especially all puts inside 3m / 10feet, and make sure the start line is right for long puts

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    Interesting drill though I have to say it runs counter to my mindset. My usual putting method is to keep my eyes down after hitting the ball for a second or two and focus purely on the strike. That said I will give the Speith Drill a try out, certainly for putts of 6 feet away. Cheers

  • TheBiggdogg73

    Gonna have to try this out. Thanks for the tip. 👍🏼

  • Paul Ryan
    Paul Ryan

    I’ve been doing this for a couple of years and it really works. I also find on long puts I have better distance control, or at least leave less short. The way I see it humans are target oriented, hunters by instinct. If i give you a golf ball and ask you to roll it into a hole 20 foot away, when you do it you naturally look at the hole or intermediate spot not your hand. Don’t fight human nature.

  • Bradley Young
    Bradley Young

    Great video this 👍🏻

  • Paul Andrews
    Paul Andrews

    This definitely works. I recently changed to a similar method focusing on the line extending through and beyond the hole from an intermediate point. The result was a revelation, 4 birdies in my next round with three on consecutive holes. It also stopped me getting stuck over putts and helped clear my head of negative thoughts on short ones.

  • John B.Goode.
    John B.Goode.

    I like this.

  • Kevin T.
    Kevin T.

    I'll startet with this technique 2 weeks ago. Already getting better. Specifically in distance control

  • HippyJamfest

    I always choose my line, imagine the roll, and then just focus on flowing through the ball, commiting the to putt I've imagined, from there you can't affect break or strike, just hope you hit it clean and how you imagined it and let the ball do the rest, can't control anything else

  • josh gearheart
    josh gearheart

    Also my driving strategy

  • John Beman
    John Beman

    Not many ball sports out there where you don't focus on that ball at contact so not a fan but putting is weird so if it works for you hen good luck!

  • Mike Reed
    Mike Reed

    I try to visualize the entire line of the putt then pick an intermediate point to putt to and then let the green work for the final approach to the hole. If I do not make the putt, I will be close enough for a tap in.

  • mshimazu2002

    I have putted like this for the past couple of years but only on putts under 15 feet and also mostly straight putts. Dropped to single digits and putt stats improved from 35 putts per round down to 32.

  • Jackson Taylor
    Jackson Taylor

    Not sure if it’s been said but you can’t go wrong with one handed putts, both left and right handed putts

  • Mark Pogson
    Mark Pogson

    Changed to looking at the hole about 5 years ago. Works for me.

  • Aran Dollay
    Aran Dollay

    I’ve seen a few people in my golfing society use this method. They are great putters. I might have to give it a shot. I’m also curious about AimPoint express; if you are interested in doing a video on that I would appreciate it!

  • S L
    S L

    My next lesson is putting,cheers Pete

  • David Dayton
    David Dayton

    Better have the fundamentals of putting down first before you try this.

  • scottysize

    Thanks for reminding me. I use to do this, but forgot. It helped me tremendously back when I was putting this way. Thanks Peter!!!

  • Timothy Bevis
    Timothy Bevis

    I love that. I did that 25 years ago. I have changed it slightly. I look at the hole with 2 practice putts. Then go to the intermediate on the actual putt. Wow. It works for me but not some others.

  • jack bailey
    jack bailey

    The good thing in my opinion with this method, is it stops you moving your head to follow the ball, so moving your shoulders at impact,

  • Kevin McNamara
    Kevin McNamara

    Doeisn't he chip in about 5 times per round from bunkers/behind trees/out of creeks?

  • 89DevilD

    I actually started doing this 2 months ago when my golf season began and I've noticed my # of putts per round have gone down and so have my 3 putts. By looking at the hole, I'm more controlled with my stroke and my misses are much more make-able than in the past. I would definitely give this a try if you aren't as confident in your putting!

  • victor chen
    victor chen

    I was working on the head space thing too, I found out that focusing on the glare of the ball really helps me forget about the technique and focus on the putting

  • Brian Holzwordt
    Brian Holzwordt

    No joke but growing up Mario golf made putting the strongest part of my game. Read the speed and slope. I would pick something in background to line up putt and boom.


    Tried it yesterday and it was very effective! Thanks a lot Peter!

  • Colin W
    Colin W

    Thanks Peter, my putt out mat just arrived so will definitely try this technique. (God knows, I need help on the greens!) Cheers.

  • Ian Mayall
    Ian Mayall

    Incredibly hard working, Peter was at my golf club last night practicing short game, finishes there, goes home and posts this video! As I said last night, best of luck with your next tournament.

  • A Balanced Breakfast
    A Balanced Breakfast

    Would love more short, but effective tips like this. I feel like a lot of golfers restate and drag on what they're saying just for video length. This got all the info I needed in a nice and short amount of time and I love that!

  • Jamie Hipperson
    Jamie Hipperson

    I have been trying this without the routine part and had mixed results so adding the routine will hopefully make the results as good as the good ones I have had as it feels great when it’s working 👍🏼

  • Dark Shark
    Dark Shark

    I need all the help I can get putting thanks

  • Jordan Heppell
    Jordan Heppell

    Great advice and drills, think I'll take the "no look" theory into my irons, woods, and driver too!

    • steve mounsor-shaw
      steve mounsor-shaw

      I've hit driver with my eyes closed once,it went surprisingly well.the next 3 wood didn't however 😁

    • Holger Ertingshausen
      Holger Ertingshausen

      I tried it on the Range and if you hit one pure, the feeling is incredible. I just could not repeat it every time so I stopped trying. But do it for the fun.

    • Scott Wilkes
      Scott Wilkes

      That’s actually very funny man. Worth a try eh!

  • Mystic

    A word with the green keeper.

  • Ralph Bonati
    Ralph Bonati

    Wait, don’t baseball pitchers and cricket bowlers stare at the ball in their hand as they throw it? No, no they don’t! They look at the TARGET! Your tip makes perfect sense.

  • Jeff Henning
    Jeff Henning

    Just started playing 2 months ago and hit an 83 yesterday! 2 birdies! It's all on reading the greens! Doesn't matter the technique, alignment is EVERYTHING!

  • Jeff Henning
    Jeff Henning

    EVERYTHING is on alignment, how you hit it, is just systematic. Have a line on your ball and putter. If you line your ball up correctly, the only thing that matters is making flush contact with your ball.

  • Simon Blair
    Simon Blair

    Love it

  • Tim C
    Tim C

    Love the looks of that putter, Pete! Cheers!

  • marilyn wong
    marilyn wong

    I used to try to line up the ball and it never worked. I was always second guessing myself after standing over the putt. I now pick my intermediate target, practice a couple of putting strokes to get a feel for distance and pace while staring at the hole , then line up my putter, look at the hole and go. Basically what your video is saying. It works so much better for me. Peter, love your sweatshirts. Please explain how you chose your logo.

  • Nelson James
    Nelson James

    But is Jordan looking at the hole for guidance in aim or distance? First is aim, second is distance.

  • jay4759

    Honestly when I put at my best I think of my putts as if I'm playing tiger woods pga tour 2008 and kind of imagine a spot past or before the hole and putt straight to it. Picking just a line usually messes me up since the line is dependent on the pace of the putt. It's kind if like a triangle of pace where you pick a spot inside

  • Josh Goins
    Josh Goins

    Caught myself doing this on a hole last round…just the one. I made it but never thought of making a routine out of it. I actually thought the opposite like I shouldn’t let this become a habit so maybe that’s why I putted like crap the rest of the round 🤦🏻‍♂️.

  • Ben Edwards
    Ben Edwards

    Will defo try this next round. Thanks pete

  • Aaron Lee-Perry
    Aaron Lee-Perry

    Gonna try this next week at Mossek hall

  • Dougie McBriar
    Dougie McBriar

    Excellent drill I will try it. Thank you

  • Drew McCann
    Drew McCann

    This kind of blew my mind a little bit, I’ve played pool, hockey and darts for a long time. And in all of those things I’m always looking at a target and trusting my shot. Why am I just staring at the golf ball on a putt...? 🤯

  • cody bryant
    cody bryant

    Gary Player is going to go into convulsions over this video!!😂

  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone thanks for dropping by and watching the vid, drop a ❤️ and give it a go if you are looking for something to spark your putting into life 👍

    • Landon R.
      Landon R.

      Saw the method, went to the golf course and made pretty much everything inside of 15 feet, thanks for the tip mate.

  • Chris Jeffers
    Chris Jeffers

    all 7 foot + I look at hole, 7 foot - I listen for it to go in

  • Thrill Hill
    Thrill Hill

    I’ve been using this method for years! Really helps with feel/speed when putting

  • Steve jackson
    Steve jackson

    I was paired up with a lad a few weeks ago , he thought I was mad not looking at the ball when I was putting 😂

  • Lee Coulson
    Lee Coulson

    Doesn’t matter how many times I see it - that grip just physically hurts me…!

    • Julian Meier
      Julian Meier

      Haha, I am the opposite, quite like the idea actually

  • Silky J
    Silky J

    How exactly does this video help me hit my driver further? I don't like the direction this channel is going in.xD

  • Albano Dos Santos
    Albano Dos Santos

    I normally close my eyes and it work great for me..... Just like lexy Thomson and Sérgio Garcia

  • Kevin Scott
    Kevin Scott

    Where did you get that full length grip? Custom balancing?

  • Amir Khan 168 (Amirkhan168)
    Amir Khan 168 (Amirkhan168)

    Good tip sir. Remind me of bowling, you focus on the target.

  • Wisconsin Minnesota Golf
    Wisconsin Minnesota Golf

    If you told me to look backwards and I'd make more putts I'd try it at this stage lol it's really letting me down

    • Wisconsin Minnesota Golf
      Wisconsin Minnesota Golf

      @Peter Finch Golf gave it a shot! What do you think - keep it up? svsoft.info/award/ap3djJilnKaTtpc/video.html

    • Wisconsin Minnesota Golf
      Wisconsin Minnesota Golf

      @Peter Finch Golf next round. I’ll report back.

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf

      Give this a go my friend

  • Industrial Pallet Worx
    Industrial Pallet Worx

    I've not done this specifically but I do something similar. I take 2 realistic practice swings looking at the target. However I do add something to it. If its uphill I pick a spot past the hole as my "pace" target. If its downhill I pick a spot short of the hole. I always try to "feel" that distance. It works for me most of the time. I also use it to adjust pace depending on the greens. If they are faster than what I'm seeing I'll look short and vice versa.

  • Boss 420
    Boss 420

    For me only works short puts like with in 8ft

  • Jake Duval
    Jake Duval

    I some times find following my putter on the back stroke really helps keep it straighter.......

    • james mccrary
      james mccrary

      Agreed. Watch the clubhead and nothing else.

    • Pepsi_Cola_

      That's what I do cause I believe cause it's a stationary swing it's not important to keep your eye on the ball for a putt. It's taken me since last July (cause it pissed me off really bad) and I'm finally shooting under par consistently and saving my ass on long par putts

  • xarevok

    The putting drill that helped me a lot with distance control recently was James Robinson tip from Rick's video. That long stare at the end really does work.

    • Dominic Blattmann
      Dominic Blattmann

      For me the same, this combined with watching a point in front of the ball. Ball, target, slow back to the ball, point in front, hit.

    • Steve Cassidy
      Steve Cassidy

      Yep my pace has improved a lot since doing this. Really tells your brain how hard you need to hit it. I notice myself actually taking a slightly different stroke than I'd "planned" in my practice swing and it works out because my brain overrules my plan lol

  • ed f
    ed f

    I’ve been doing this for 2 years now and have never struck putts more pure. It’s fun watching the ball come back into your vision right before it goes in the cup.

  • Alan Duncan
    Alan Duncan

    If you are throwing darts - you only look at the dart board not the dart in your hand.

    • On The Fringe Golf
      On The Fringe Golf

      Hmmm that's a brilliant way to put it. Never thought about it like that

  • Taylor Gipson
    Taylor Gipson

    Love the FJ apparel. So much swag 💦

  • aaron cummins
    aaron cummins

    Yeah but would you have to have a good putting stroke and confident grip to trust that style of putting

    • Industrial Pallet Worx
      Industrial Pallet Worx

      Not so much. The idea is your body will compensate your stroke in order to hit the ball to what you're looking at.

  • Brendan Cook
    Brendan Cook


  • Melissa Tompkins
    Melissa Tompkins

    I fix my stare onto the ball at address, and don’t remove my eyes from that spot until it’s either gone in the hole, or I know it’s stopped rolling.

  • timinno

    Uh oh, hope John Robins doesn’t see this...


    My putting ruins my game. Had a 2-3 foot birdie putt this morning and I fuking missed it. I dnt hit many birdies even tho I can get on green in 2 or 3 depending on par 4 or par 5 and I get overly excited. I just hate it so much.


      @On The Fringe Golf lol if I had more money I'd definitely be throwing clubs in woods or water. The worst is when I'm hitting good shots, a group tells me to play through and I hack it like an idiot!

    • On The Fringe Golf
      On The Fringe Golf

      @PTREK BOX BREAKS hahaha trust us, we know. Takes everything not to chunk our putters in the lake on camera 🤣🤣


      @On The Fringe Golf excuse my language tho! The game is so fun but so frustrating lol

    • On The Fringe Golf
      On The Fringe Golf

      Golf is a frustrating game that's for sure