The MOST REQUESTED golf club review on my channel...
By popular demand... THIS is the most requested golf club review on my channel!

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for the video. I hope you are well and happy ❤️

    • Andrew Baisch
      Andrew Baisch

      Great content as always, Pete! I would love to see a follow-up if you are able adjust the lie and how they perform when you don't need to adjust your swing.

    • wayne turner
      wayne turner

      Hope you enjoyed your chips tonight 😊

    • Toms The Goat
      Toms The Goat

      Just three putter almost every hole on the back nine but I’m breathing so you can say I’m doing amazing ❤️ plus I’m watching a Peter Finch video and relaxing , of course I’m happy! You too Pete

    • Jake from state farm
      Jake from state farm

      hey, this goes to anyone who sees it, i’m 14 and a +0.3 handicap my school just got over and now it is summer and i am going to practice sooo much, what would be a good goal for my handicap by then? Thanks to anyone who responds and have a great day!

    • Mike Hoffman
      Mike Hoffman

      Pete, do you think that the difficulty with chip and run came from the "uprightness" of the irons?

  • Tyler Howell
    Tyler Howell

    Did you tee up the fairway shot on hole 11?!

  • MrOskarlol

    I really like that there are companies that makes good clubs for cheaper prices cause it feels like clubs are getting more expensive every year. I have been playing on my titleist AP1 716 irons since 2017 and have used them from 28 to 7 hcp. I should be looking at getting new irons but i just cant afford it due to premium brands costing a fortune and i cant buy second hand cause i need longer shafts. when istarted i bought my driver for about 300 pounds but now new drivers go for 400-500 pounds its insane.

  • Geoff Klein
    Geoff Klein

    Shaft? Weight? Reg or stiff?

  • Gavin Whiteley
    Gavin Whiteley

    Good honest video

  • Jason Suter
    Jason Suter

    They look awesome 👍

  • Arn G
    Arn G

    Ugly clubs

  • Nick Kurkjy
    Nick Kurkjy

    "Are you Rick Shiels" 😂😂

  • Wayne Park
    Wayne Park

    Would you say that the 500 series is for 20 to 30 handicapped folks, and the 900 series are for players less than 20 handicap?

  • -RAM- M
    -RAM- M

    Peter: "That is a terrible strike. . ." Result: hole-high right, on green ME: "That is a terrible strike. . ." Result: 2 fairways over

  • enigma Banks
    enigma Banks

    How would we get a fitting for these thougg?

  • Mike Warner
    Mike Warner

    Peter Finch, buys an armlock putter. Peter Finch doesn't take advantage of it. Me- WTF. Why?????

  • Shane Dunn
    Shane Dunn

    Did you have everything seasoning on your bagels 🥯? And we shall never speak of hole 18! Lmao

  • Billy Smith
    Billy Smith

    Off the back of the review of the 500 clubs I bought the AW GAP 50 degree. Absolutely love it. Loved the ordering function on the site with Decathlon. Almost allowed me to custom fit my club, but in a very easy way.

  • Timothy Bevis
    Timothy Bevis

    Oh hi Pete, what a finish. Thanks

  • Muadib223

    Try the Inesis golf balls... Hard to believe, but I added 20 - 30 yards to my drives using the Inesis ball over the Titleist or the Callway balls...

  • Norris Novs
    Norris Novs

    2021 golfbidder challenge?

  • Gary Chillingworth
    Gary Chillingworth

    So, they are the same price as fully fited Ping G425's?

  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown


  • Eli G
    Eli G

    Look a lot like the blueprints to me

  • Jeff Brownfield
    Jeff Brownfield

    great shirt

  • zhafri illias
    zhafri illias

    This is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nathan Hedgecock
    Nathan Hedgecock

    Can you review the takomo 101 irons pleaseeeeee

  • Danny Collins
    Danny Collins

    Soooo, when are you going to test some Orka irons? The RS10 MB are absolutely amazing irons. I even have a set of old RS5 irons I'd happily let you use 💪🏻

  • Andreas Setterhall
    Andreas Setterhall

    You could almost hear the internal swearing going on after that double. Nice video nonetheless as usual!

  • Bryce Borcovsky
    Bryce Borcovsky

    Nice video Pete. And Peter Finch gets the snake 🐍on the last hole, 3putt😂 we have all been there mate 👍

  • Jet Fuel
    Jet Fuel

    Thank god they refined the 900 with the 900. HAHA.

  • Jeremy Eyre
    Jeremy Eyre

    Get ahold of tommy armour (golf galaxy/dick’s sporting goods- in the US) clubs! Would love to see a review their prices are very enticing.

  • evansheldon

    Reddish course vlog please!

  • Keith Hodson
    Keith Hodson

    Good review.

  • wayne turner
    wayne turner

    Hope you enjoyed your chips tonight 😀

  • Tiger Woodard
    Tiger Woodard

    Cheer up mate, its not the end of the world finishing on a double. Great video Mr Finch, God bless you sir

  • Rob 2477
    Rob 2477

    That's one seriously good looking club head.

  • Benny Harris
    Benny Harris


  • Bjarke Bæk
    Bjarke Bæk

    it is a shame you cant get them in denmark

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    Pretty good looking set of irons right there. I'd not be adverse to buying those or the 500s for sure. Love the look of the 18th hole - and I'm damn sure you'll birdie it soon enough. Cheers

  • William

    I think they look awesome

  • Brandon Dugal
    Brandon Dugal

    Hey wondering what your thoughts would Be on ether having a full matching set of clubs or mixing and matching your bag

  • Casey Gregori
    Casey Gregori

    Please review Miura irons and wedges

  • Sterling Auty
    Sterling Auty

    Hey Pete, we have all had those holes like 18. But does Iesis have a putter?

  • Spade

    What mic do you use on the course?

  • James Bristow
    James Bristow

    Love you honesty and integrity

  • Dan Kosek
    Dan Kosek

    I think the look good, but they are overpriced by at least 50-75 pounds or $100-125 bucks. Peter, you need to work on your alignment for both your short game and your putting. Being pin high and 35’ to the left or right is not good. With your skill set, you should be + or - 12’ and left or right 12’ on longer approach shots and inside 10’ on short ones.

  • Maverick Halen
    Maverick Halen

    Peter if you ever find yourself in states more specifically the Pacific Northwest I would like to personally invite you to my Charity event to raise money for local get to tee off with a AR15 that shoots golfballs on one hole!!

  • Toms The Goat
    Toms The Goat

    Can u actually review the 2018 spider interactive putter instead of just the initial vid you have about the release?

  • Brian Pickle
    Brian Pickle

    You need to test pxg 0211ST if you haven't already!

  • colton cyr
    colton cyr

    Love that shirt!

  • Paddy Flood
    Paddy Flood

    Do a video on there golf balls I think they have three different types and it would be interesting to see what you think 👍🏻

  • Vince J
    Vince J

    I emailed Inesis about a less offset clubs-coming soon

  • Jake from state farm
    Jake from state farm

    hey, this goes to anyone who sees it, i’m 14 and a +0.3 handicap my school just got over and now it is summer and i am going to practice sooo much, what would be a good goal for my handicap by then? Thanks to anyone who responds and have a great day!

    • Jake from state farm
      Jake from state farm

      @Jonathan DeBoer also are you fitted

    • Jake from state farm
      Jake from state farm

      @Jonathan DeBoer hey, what is your club head speed?

    • Jonathan DeBoer
      Jonathan DeBoer

      I am thirteen years old and am playing off of 2.3 handicap I am trying to get to a +1 or +2 by the end of the year

  • Pvpeter sune
    Pvpeter sune

    Love ur vids! U still gives lessons? :D Im at 6.6 hcp but have not had a lesson since i were 13-15 and im 29 now! :D

  • Bill Cahoon
    Bill Cahoon

    did i hear a plea for it to "bite" after hitting out of the thick stuff and after it had been rolling 40 feet already????? I know that desperate plea anywhere!

  • Jerome Arnould
    Jerome Arnould

    Top review ... too bad for the 18th :-(

  • PT Eddy Williams
    PT Eddy Williams

    Pretty good irons for the price

  • William Reid
    William Reid

    Hi Pete, I purchased these irons and they came last week. I really like them, my handicap is 5 and they give me more confidence behind the ball than any other big name brand! Very surprised that how good they perform on the course so thanks for opening my eyes 💪🏌️

  • Marco Gallone
    Marco Gallone

    Pete, your trail thumb is bothering you again?! I’ve noticed a similar pain in mine. What do you do to prevent/heal the thumb strain?

  • Kevin T.
    Kevin T.

    Who is making those ions? I mean lokk at them. 😍😍😍

  • Gerry Maxfield
    Gerry Maxfield

    What are you wearing on your right wrist?

  • Penguin 65
    Penguin 65


  • Gee Wizz
    Gee Wizz


  • Dan Jeory
    Dan Jeory

    that chip on the 11th was awful

  • Simon .Patchett
    Simon .Patchett

    Decathlon = Ikea for sports.

  • Jack Whiting
    Jack Whiting

    Ever tested some Miura irons Pete??

  • James Lowe
    James Lowe

    You will be on decathlon's Web site again with your review like the last time

  • pappy1994 chef
    pappy1994 chef

    Level par

  • Mike Hoffman
    Mike Hoffman

    I'd really like to see how these perform if they were bent a little flatter for your liking? I think the LAB putter may need to get the dust cleaned off of it

  • Alexandra leo
    Alexandra leo

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    • Paul Taylor
      Paul Taylor

      I think I should contact Mrs Graham Stephan Cassidy and thank her for being the inspiration behind the funniest and most contrived thread I have ever seen on a golf video. I just wonder which day of the week Graham cross dresses as a woman, can you guys help me out with that info please ? I would be so grateful

    • Garcia Robert
      Garcia Robert

      Count me in,I'm placing my trades with Expert Graham Stephan Cassidy ASAP.

    • Koolen Weide
      Koolen Weide

      This is the kind of information that we don't get from most SVsoftrs I will get in touch with her right now

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      Dr. Bruno Norman

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    • Karina Santiago
      Karina Santiago

      Send her a message via Whats App Messenger ☝️

  • GolfHo

    Not being able to be fitted puts me off using these

  • Kevin Pinder
    Kevin Pinder

    Great video, really gives me something to think about , I’m changing irons soon .👍

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson

    I was scared that it was going to be a hybrid.

  • Dwiki Ridhala
    Dwiki Ridhala

    would be interesting if you do a comparison between inesis and slazenger clubs!

  • Imanol Arrillaga
    Imanol Arrillaga

    Test Miura!!

  • Ruud Schrijvers
    Ruud Schrijvers

    The way you walked away after that last hole. We’ve all been there 😉

  • whitelightnin'

    dunno if its mentioned, but these are actually made in France, not the Far East

  • Rishabh Bhasin
    Rishabh Bhasin

    9:34 "900 is just a refined version of the 900" :)

  • Holger Ertingshausen
    Holger Ertingshausen

    After your perfomance on the green, we are hoping to see a Putter from Inisis being used. :)

  • Ry Bry
    Ry Bry

    If you want to test your golf game on the cheap, get some Ping S55, 56 or 57 Irons, most likely get 3 - W for under £200

  • Brian Holzwordt
    Brian Holzwordt

    At begging and wondering if Pete has his putter or forgot again

  • Dan Kernohan
    Dan Kernohan

    Callaway apex pro?

  • TheBigEasy

    Loved the video Pete but seriously man you need to re-edit that last hole so that final putt was for birdie so "WE" as casual observers could have had that feel good moment with the music score that just makes you want to scream in jubilation, cry and join the military all at the same time. Other than that major faux pas it was aight (as the kids would say). Just a concerned citizens take on the whole ordeal. :-)

  • manilove2pwn

    I would rather see the new benross range review

  • Tony Leigh
    Tony Leigh

    Never mind the double, Pete! You'll get par or birde next time! :)

  • JaxxyEU

    i think the inesis irons are good but its just so hard to make it big when all these other names have been here for so long because at the rate their going now tyheir going to turen out like Nike but the differencew is inesis irons are good

  • Steven Thompson
    Steven Thompson

    The club review videos just keep getting better Pete. It makes my day when I watch a new Pete video before heading off to the course. If there is nothing new, I watch one of your chipping videos as they are great.

  • craig4811

    Thanks for the review. It's nice they put the loft on the club too!

  • James Scott
    James Scott

    Pete, I thought a flatter club lie went left? Can you explain please. I had my clubs fitted and are 1/2 inch longer as I’m tall 1 degree upright. My bad miss is left !!! You have me thinking I’ve been badly fitted. Or is my left because of something else ? HELP ME PLEASE !!! 💋😂 h/ cap 8

  • VIPER Boy
    VIPER Boy

    Oh poor bugga,looks like the parless streak continues lol🏌️‍♂️

  • Paul Holden
    Paul Holden

    Peter can I ask what you have done to your right hand wrist

  • Eimhin Lynam
    Eimhin Lynam

    Love the elevator slash ice cream van music to this video. Mad vibe 🤣🤣🤣

  • cwugrad396

    i think it was good not to 4 jack that last green

  • Samuel Sullivan
    Samuel Sullivan


  • 00Doilem

    Think you should try the rife irons and heaver blade putter. 300 quid for 4 to sw and honestly they're worth a comparison imo.

  • m g
    m g

    Is it just me or does that first green have car tire tracks going through it into the black fence.

  • ProfessorCockrum

    We say in the states that your last par putt went off in your hands ..

  • Rob

    Those are pure

  • Lachlan & Jeanie Wolfe
    Lachlan & Jeanie Wolfe

    18:00 The silence is deafening... That hurt us all Pete... Chin up. 👍🍺

  • Ammar Ahmad
    Ammar Ahmad

    We are living our best life pete, with subscribing to you 😉

  • Steve222

    These videos make me happy I picked up stiff M2 taylormade, "MURDERED OUT", irons for $150 on craigslists. And that my friend is how you come up from cavity back ping irons

  • Richard

    Yep, had one of those days today, myself. Don't feel too bad, Peter.

  • Jace Mayfield
    Jace Mayfield

    Since your doing less popular brands we need to see reviews on the tour exotic clubs!!!

    • Jace Mayfield
      Jace Mayfield