This golf club was made by a $13 BILLION COMPANY | Full Review
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    Peter Finch Golf

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      Data Fix

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    • SteaksNotCakes

      Couldn't be more of an obvious add. I know you have to make money but making a whole video an add for decathlon is a joke.

    • GotGolf18

      You always have the best background music. Cheers!

    • Brandavidylan

      Hey Peter , I work in the golf section in Decathlon in Spain , if you need Any information I can send you a lot of different things to try

    • Al3X GnG
      Al3X GnG

      They have some kinda fitting system, within their store. You got 2 sizes of shaft length, and 3 flex.

  • George Wright
    George Wright

    You should try hitting a stinger with the 5 iron of the Inesis Set

  • Robert Mason
    Robert Mason

    Do you need an average golfer to try these out? 😉


    "I think I'll just leave everybody with that one." Translation: I can't say Inesis is the better choice because Ping may be a future sponsor.

  • David Boddy
    David Boddy

    Excellent review of a great cheap option, well done!

  • icu Rad
    icu Rad

    that camera work gave me Vertigo

  • Boyd Grandy
    Boyd Grandy

    In 1980, I bought my first set of golf clubs at the PX of the Anderson Airforce Base , Guam (I was in the US Navy, stationed on a submarine tender at Guam). The set was from MacGregor, Jack Nicklaus Golden Bears. The woods were indeed wood, but the irons were forged blades with the same heavy ridge on the back of the blade as these. I could hit the 3 iron 240 yards, hitting 100 compression wound balata balls. Absolutely loved them. They forced me to learn to strike the ball, because mishits could go in any direction and the actually hurt because of the vibration that came from off center strikes. These are hollow, of course, so a lot more forgiving.

  • Will Maynard
    Will Maynard

    Nicely priced clubs. Would you or have you ever done a review of woodworm clubs from Golf HQ? Again, they're just starter clubs but I'd love to get your input. 😃

  • Cool story bruh
    Cool story bruh

    The inesis 900 irons coming out soon look amazing. My inesis rangefinder is also great.

  • Nick Marves
    Nick Marves

    You guys still have decathlon?

  • Richard Llewellyn
    Richard Llewellyn

    Great video Pete I like the fact you’ve had a look at a brand like Inesis. Ihave been looking at them. They looked easy to launch would they suit someone like me 58 losing some distance and need a bit of help to launch it. We’re the balls any good?

  • ben

    Woah did you use a Seinfeld reference? Hahaha that’s awesome

  • William King
    William King

    For a beginner the inessis is a good quality starter set if he improved his game only then he should consider upgrading to the fitted name brands

  • Lee Clegg
    Lee Clegg

    Definitely need to get Rick these irons lol

  • Michael Scales
    Michael Scales

    Their golf balls are the best value around.I bought a dozen Inesis distance balls for 4-99 a year ago,and can't fault them.I have just bought a 24 degree rescue club, and it is so easy to hit with plenty of distance.

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson

    1.13 kid goes to lock his car with the key..!! Guess "social media guy" job doesn't pay great

  • mojo chow
    mojo chow

    Decathlon can and have put bigger and more expensive brands to the test, in a variety of sports, wore one of their tops in the gym yesterday, unreal hoodie for under £20, big brand version at least twice that, fits a bit off and it colour runs, but PB on pull ups yesterday - but that could have been due to pre driving range stretching I done (1st time for those stretches in the gym/or extra cup of coffee beforehand). They got loads of great stuff and some not so great, but what big brand doesn’t. Would I buy their golf clubs? I doubt it, unless I was fitted for them and sponsored by them. 😆

  • Dean Bayliss
    Dean Bayliss

    Pete if them irons had Taylormade stamped on them you'd be pulling your plonker 🙄

  • adrien mauriac
    adrien mauriac

    The new inesis 900 are available, this is the one for better golfer. 5 to 12 index Could you please do a test ! 💪🏼👍🏻

  • Leslie Hines
    Leslie Hines

    great news for golfers starting out and wanting to stick to a reasonable budget. Would you choose a set of these against a second hand set of mainstream brand clubs??

  • ch13t


  • Andrew Edwards-Jones
    Andrew Edwards-Jones

    budget clubs are really good, ive got Wilson D7's and i'll put them against any other on the market in my hands

  • Radislav Spilka
    Radislav Spilka

    Inesis is awesome brand for casual golfer. I am using tees and balls, because i am 18hcp and balls and tees got rly big prize in CZE.

  • Ian Davidson
    Ian Davidson

    A little bit of pre-hit club snobbery I think 😇

  • DJ's Half marathons
    DJ's Half marathons


  • DJ's Half marathons
    DJ's Half marathons

    Pete - the difference in price is driven by ridiculous endorsements of big brands and other crazy marketing costs

  • Brett Boynton
    Brett Boynton

    I think you could have given a better review on the irons with a stiff shaft vs regular? There is a big diff in shaft flex's for a scratch golfer such as your self. Love your channel bro! just a thought here... Thx

  • egt777

    It’s the archer,,not the arrow.

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis

    I like them, would play them, they are similar to the XXIOs I play.

  • Richo

    Jesus Kieran, CLEAN YOUR CAR BRO!!! Lol!

  • Allan Foster
    Allan Foster

    Not surprising to those that ride bikes. Their own brand cycles are solid performers with good specs and reputation. Plus they are good value.

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    That was quite an eye opener; never heard of these clubs and the prices were quite amazing. I have to say I really liked the look of the driver - classic Cheers

  • Graeme Ettrick
    Graeme Ettrick

    When do you improve Runcorn Halton ?

  • Michael Sallabank
    Michael Sallabank

    Those hybrid Footjoy golf shoe slipper efforts are horrific 😂

  • Bastien Debladis
    Bastien Debladis

    Peter, now you can try the INESIS 900... ;) The first french test is here: . Best regards from fance

  • Robert Gallacher
    Robert Gallacher

    I wish you would compare the clubs with other clubs in the same price bracket , so viewers know what are the best clubs to buy for their budget , everyone knows the big brands

  • Sylvain MAZIERES
    Sylvain MAZIERES

    Inesis 900 will be soon released and should be even better!

  • Rwhunited

    Golf balls from Decathlon are brilliant. Soft and your well worth a go!

  • golfbulldog

    An online second hand retailer has a set of used Mizuno JPX 850- 5 to PW (NS pro shafts and GP align grips) in good condition for £299.... x flex c-taper lite MP 64 3-PW for £349...i know where I would spend my money...not in Decathalon!

  • Anders Nilsson
    Anders Nilsson

    im supriced that no one said something about the guy sitting in the driverseat to start with and after been to the store he is getting in on the passenger seat..... LOL

  • Tom

    Could of changed out of your slippers pal .. 😜

  • wowmyworldy74

    In fact Decathlon is a French company.

  • Marc Krikke
    Marc Krikke

    We have it here in Holland. But the shops have almost nothing in stock. Never tried clubs, but I bought many polo shirts, pants and stuff. Quality is lower, but for that price you can buy 3 shirts in instead one UA.

  • Mark Green
    Mark Green

    BOLTON, Great bats those 921's they will do you just fine. They don't stop the odd "S" word from time to time though.

  • Grous Grek
    Grous Grek

    Jokes on us ! The consumer ! We pay waaaaaay to much for golf clubs. Those clubs are fine

  • MisterExoticzHD

    I think there are only two of these stores in America. I went to their store finder and their both in Oakland, California. 👀

  • Brian Pae
    Brian Pae

    So what company is this?

  • russell hammond
    russell hammond

    ive just bought the 500 putter, and love it. Came here to find out about the drivers. 3 sizes, and slow medium and fast type shafts. It's a pity you cant test them in store.

  • Blue Boy
    Blue Boy

    Commander in chief #waddaplaya has been all over Inesis for years

  • Steve Wright
    Steve Wright

    What are thooooooose?!?!?

  • Alan Cox
    Alan Cox

    I have been using Inesis Balls for a while and can really recommend for beginners to regular mid to high handicappers. Maybe you could have added this to the test

  • allgolfalot

    id have to grind the wedges leading edges down considerably.

  • NLbaymen Fortune Bay
    NLbaymen Fortune Bay

    I like thos companies golf balls

  • Prima Facie
    Prima Facie

    Was that CAMO golf gear for those shy 36 handicap golfers who inhabit the fairway tree-lines?

  • Hangfire

    Never heard of it...

  • Alastair Gilroy
    Alastair Gilroy

    Nice video Pete. Interesting figures.

  • Spiro Athanas
    Spiro Athanas

    As an American, I have never heard of Decathlon

  • Kenneth Seeholzer
    Kenneth Seeholzer

    Peter, I want to thank you. This video came at the exact right moment. My son is growing and needed a decent set of clubs to continue his development. After watching this, it became apparent that these clubs fit the needs of a 14 year old with a 32 handicap. He is beyond excited about getting them, and is anxiously awaiting their arrival. We shop at Decathalon frequently, as we have 2 growing kids, and you can’t beat their prices, but the store we shop at has no golf stuff out, so we weren’t aware this was even a possibility. Thanks for saving me a boatload of cash!

  • John Williams
    John Williams

    If you’re 18hcap or above, you don’t really need any better.

  • Kunal Ashok
    Kunal Ashok

    Great review! You must review the inesis balls and shoes as well which are great value. I'm in India and there are tons of Decathlon stores in my city. It's a great place to pick up golf accessories, umbrellas, gloves, etc. Special mention to their trolleys which are well built and super affordable. Personally wouldn't buy the clubs (they're about 250 pounds for a full set here), as one would quickly outgrow them. People would rather spend a little more and get clubs that are comfortable because it's a more long term investment. thanks again!

  • Simon Dennis
    Simon Dennis

    237 Yards Downwind. A solid 7 Iron. Seriously!!

  • Patrick Cosgrove
    Patrick Cosgrove

    Pretty nice clubs for these prices , decent looking , forgiving , driver looks great and sounds good ! Comparing them to the Pings is a pretty lofty challenge ! I think they rose to the occasion ! Great set for a beginners 1st set of new clubs !

  • Kevin Sodikromo
    Kevin Sodikromo

    I did, I buy my tee's, golfballs and golf wear here. Much cheaper than the bigger brands and good quality.

  • Andy Wright
    Andy Wright

    So very nearly bought these but as I couldn’t see them or find any kind of review (apart from wedges) I didn’t. Now I’m super tempted (if you’ve not managed to make them sell out...). Love your work.

  • Clément

    Juste began golfing with a tight budget and bought Inesys they're perfect learning clubs for me ! When I improve i will switch but these are more than enough for me to get addicted to golfing

  • Johnyshot

    I actually use their gloves and they are pretty decent, don’t buy any others now.

  • mithun sarker
    mithun sarker

    1:19 𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 ➜ 》》 𝙊𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝘼𝙙𝙪𝙡𝙩 《《 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候%^%^ 1619418757

  • Andrew Wolf
    Andrew Wolf

    Bought my 14 yo son a set of Inesis irons and wedges, the driver and 22 degree hybrid and stand bad. We did the Decathalon online club fit and ended up with slightly longer and upright. All the clubs came with UST Recoil f3 shafts, quality! Really happy as a first set for him. Even tried the inesis golf balls so cheap and durable. Decathlon is very new in Australia but seem to cater for so many sports and very reasonably priced

  • Anthony Leong
    Anthony Leong

    The Inesis irons look really nice. I was so close to getting a set for A$200 clearance sale.. so sad I didn't now.

  • Thisisnotmyrealname

    I just bought the Inesis 100 driver and so far I’m really impressed! I’m usually rubbish with drivers and I’ve hit them well so far. For only £54 you really cant complain!

  • John M Blake
    John M Blake

    Hum... Costco or Walmart, we need these in the USA

  • Mario-Louis Willemse
    Mario-Louis Willemse

    Saw these clubs today in South Africa.

  • cz1mmt

    I like no frills design. Went online to Decathlon and I have no idea what a size 1 and 2 is. We do not have that standard in the USA.

  • Shawn Gaspar
    Shawn Gaspar

    Golf for beginners has never been better. Remember the days of cutting down a set of wilson dynapowers and sharing the odds and evens with your siblings, not anymore.

  • SC
    SC Monsieur Finch, if Decathlon is not a British brand 🇬🇧, what nationality is it ? Difficult to admit it is French 🇫🇷 ? 😂😉

  • 210corona

    As an American, I was confused when ‘Decathalon’ was unveiled the way it was 😝

  • fand18

    What an effortless swing!

  • Gareth Powell
    Gareth Powell

    Loved the review Pete ! Decathlon are a French company that has expanded worldwide and they produce and sell 'own' brand items under a variety of names, depending on the sport/activity - Inesis for golf. They are by far the major sports shop in France. I live in France, where golf is unfortunately a very minor sport and the golf department of their shops here is even barer than the store Kieran was in !! Inesis equipment gets sneered at by many French golfers, there is a perception that it cannot possibly be as good as the major brands. I had never tested any of their stuff, except some balls, but, being on the market for a 3 wood and wedges, in light of your review, I will definitely take a closer look. Thanks very much and keep up the great work !

  • Grant Oxner
    Grant Oxner

    Hopefully the price of these clubs allow more people to join the golfing community. Particularly, those who are yet to be chasing the brand names just so no one laughs at what's in the bag. Pete, the results of your comparison test demonstrate that off brand products can be good value for money with little sacrifice in performance. Well done.

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Golfsidekick has been using inesis gear for a bit and they make very good stuff. Waddadiscovery for the golf community!

  • Jimmy 2 Times
    Jimmy 2 Times

    That face mask looks absolutely filthy

  • Martin

    Golf snobbery is what'd prevent me from buying these clubs but a good workman never blames his tools 🤔

  • Paul Dugan
    Paul Dugan

    Looked up Decathlon and for as popular as they supposedly are worldwide, there are only two in the USA and they are both in CA. Not gonna find these with a 24-hour drive if you live in most of the USA.

  • MajinBuusha

    I really thought those lofts were gonna be 3-4 degrees weaker than today's standard, based on the distance you were hitting them mcompared to your normal numbers

  • ross mackay
    ross mackay

    Why is he in his slippers?

  • matt raikes
    matt raikes

    Have a range finder made by them very reliable and quick cheap as well

  • Michael Guthrie
    Michael Guthrie

    Would love to see you try some of there other irons from what I have heard abs seen they do irons aimed various types of player. I think there maybe 3 different sets.

  • Morgan Svensson
    Morgan Svensson

    That's an inesis video! (Inesis = Solid?! - Well not really but this time; Yes!) Great one Peter! Love the fact that you helping beginners and others who want good clubs for less money to find these types of clubs. To my surprise, I found a couple of stores in Sweden as well (didn't know about Decathlon at all before.) They had a lot of nice stuff. Definitely a good idea to check them out more in the further. (Thanks Peter - Hope they paying something - This going to give them a lot more business for sure.) 😊👍

  • Nate williamson
    Nate williamson

    My dude, do a review on the pinnacle Rush golf balls. I think you might be surprised.

  • Daniel French
    Daniel French

    Hi guys, can these clubs be taken to a shop and get like Project X shafts put in them? I like the look of the clubs and would love to get them and custom them (all blacked out and red highlights) but obviously if I can't put a good shaft in them there's no point

  • macgp19

    I've found a few inesis golf balls and I always wondered what company that was

  • Samuel Derbyshire
    Samuel Derbyshire

    I bought an ineses bag and it’s class

  • Mark Langman
    Mark Langman

    Really like there stuff, I have the shoes and play the tour 900 ball great value for money.

  • muddymarvellous

    No second hand value interesting that your not a Ping man and didn't choose to put them up against one of your pay Taylor made.. !!!!

  • Gee “MB” Wizz
    Gee “MB” Wizz

    The mask?

  • SauciestElk

    Too bad the driver doesn't get a chance on the power rankings! 😆

  • Keith Hodson
    Keith Hodson

    Great video real eye opener great value if someone is starting out

  • Benny Liang
    Benny Liang

    I bought a set of 3 clubs for my 3 year old son in China from them :)

    • Benny Liang
      Benny Liang

      Nice shoes too

  • Samuel

    Daniel Radcliffe did a decent job

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell

    what grey shoes are those when indoors :O ???