These BUDGET golf clubs will SHOCK the big brands!
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  • Saxby Golf
    Saxby Golf

    Would you be able to get some older irons from a bigger brand for the same price that would out perform them?

  • paulyraynerdude

    So these, or the Inesis 500?! Just irons, I'm having trouble deciding what to get, torn between these or going for slightly older clubs from the established brands for similar prices (Wilson D7, Callaway Rogue, TaylorMade M6 etc)

  • WillieG255

    I love my caley irons

  • Coolhipjim91

    Would love to see how quick that black finish just fades away

    • Caley

      we use an extremely durable finish

  • 1st eighteen
    1st eighteen

    Big fan of the look of them, very clean and simple.

  • Migh7yb00sh

    2 under, look aight.

  • HillbillyJedi88

    Pete: "This attention to detail is going to get....." Me: "Our viewers laughing like crazy!"

  • Dan T
    Dan T

    That blacked out look is super. The real test is how it wears...

  • Neville Coleske
    Neville Coleske

    Looks a nice set of clubs but 1 thing bothers me. If you are giving a set of your clubs to one of the golf SVsoft “godfathers” to test and review, you surely make sure that everything is 100%

    • Caley

      yep - very regrettable by us. Ironically, we have never had a customer make this complaint!

  • Jonathan Harker
    Jonathan Harker

    I love the all blackout look of the clubs.

  • Mark Vickers
    Mark Vickers

    Back 9 is much better than front 9

  • Mark Vickers
    Mark Vickers

    Burnside is a great course. Especially from the 5th hole.

  • Good deeds beat bad
    Good deeds beat bad

    Pete, just want to say your enthusiasm & dedication is wonderful. I love your trying to compete and qualify so dont ever give up. Fortune can bring the fractions needed to achieve as many have found out in all sports.p

  • mike aylen
    mike aylen

    The video filmed inside the studio is so much better, We can see your face...!

  • mike aylen
    mike aylen

    Thanks Pete. Dark clubs and dark filming outside!

  • Jojo Freeman
    Jojo Freeman

    Definitely looks like my Yes putter

  • Pierre Rousseau
    Pierre Rousseau

    Hi, I'm a 6 handicap and I have dropped from a 9 to 6 in the last 4 months. Also played my best round of 71(-1) 2 weeks ago. My iron game has been lacking consistency in distance, I correctly still have the taylormade r7 irons. I would like to upgrade my irons but I can't afford a fitting or even 2021 released clubs, unless I save a few months. Do u think buying second hand clubs from a few years back would be a good decision to improve my iron play?

    • Pierre Rousseau
      Pierre Rousseau

      Correctly =currently

  • Peter Taylor
    Peter Taylor

    please review garmin r10

  • pd 616
    pd 616

    Caley = Caledonian. Clubs look lovely. I’m intrigued

  • David Motson
    David Motson

    Shouts 'Fore' then hides!

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor

    I would say the wedges were pretty even with the higher launch and and better decent angle of the caley, they didnt need the high spin rate that the taylormade needed because of the lower launch and decent.

  • Paul McCall
    Paul McCall

    Great watch seen these clubs but know nothing much about them think I will be giving them a try

  • Bruce Langran
    Bruce Langran

    Great course video but the studio jump cuts are a bit annoying. Not trying to be a downer. Your videos have kept me sane for the last year and a bit. Keep it going!!!! Rick & Pete rematch is something I'm looking forward to.

  • dominic rossop
    dominic rossop

    I’m trying to get to the point where I look smug goin 1 over…

  • Johnnie Cartel
    Johnnie Cartel

    I became a bigger fan of yours after watching the Rick/Guy podcast. First class mate and I applaud how well you handled that. Keep on keeping on and don’t change a thing. We love your vids as they are. Guy is wrong about that. Don’t let that sh!t get in your head…. You were/are already on the right track so just stay there.

  • David S
    David S

    A pro golfer, rather like a good musician, will always be able to get good results out of budget equipment that will beyond the average user, and this can be misleading. Be interesting to see them reviewed in parallel by a high handicap player to see the results they produce compared with their existing clubs of a similar budget.

  • oilymacleod

    that was me behind peter lmao, i was late down, my mate phoned to say some youtuber was about to tee off, being a subscriber i recognized who it was on the 3rd.....was actually giddy lol. glad he thought the burside was a challange, made me feel better about my weekly struggle 👍😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛳

  • scott butterly
    scott butterly

    great video,Tried to buy a set few months ago,no stock ,Ended up with used Callaway Xr. Shame really wanted these.

  • David Irvin
    David Irvin

    So hard to give a good review of golf clubs because of the nature of the sport. Even the best players in the world have blow up rounds, and it’s hard to chalk it up to the clubs.

  • Kristian

    Cool Video. Hopefully available in Germany as well

  • methodicaljuan

    Were the lofts on the irons typical of today’s clubs or are they similar to lofts of clubs a decade ago?

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    You were never getting to level with that putter unfortunately

  • Ryan Swann
    Ryan Swann

    Please send them all the "Caley"-way down to Wiltshire and I'll look after them for you :)

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A.

    Have to say I do like the look of them all in black and the pricing levels look pretty good. Great vlog and kudos to you for bringing us these Direct-To-Customer club reviews. Cheers

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    well done again, I however am not a fan of black clubs

  • Rod Conner
    Rod Conner

    Well, damn Pete --- they seemed to play pretty damn good for not being fitted, huh!?! And that driver! Positive all the way around ('cept for that grip on da putter). Be Safe

  • Jason Lee Gianginis
    Jason Lee Gianginis

    Peter “Trust the Feel” Finch

  • VIPER Boy
    VIPER Boy

    They do look pretty nice 🧐

  • Darryl Bakerカツオ
    Darryl Bakerカツオ

    I may start showcasing the brands on our golf app instead of the big brands. I game Sub 70 equipment and love it. I have often found that the smaller D2C brands bring more value and would attract more people to the game. Kudos to Caley for producing quality equipment and a great price and kudos to Peter for showcasing them in a video. Cheers.

  • Shaun carter
    Shaun carter

    So, what you’re saying is that those semi ‘affordable’ clubs are made better and play better than my 20 yr old Ping Eye 2 black dots and my Big Bertha 3 Wood and Taylor Made R7 driver that cost an arm and a leg? Lol. Top work Pete.

  • LiquidVirus

    Teasing the 5 iron test but not showing it, that was mean.

  • The Green Fee
    The Green Fee

    The look cool but they remind me a lot of the generic set on any golf video game ever

  • Brian Barnett
    Brian Barnett

    great review . Wish they were over the pond so we could give them a try.

  • riley walker
    riley walker

    Any chance you could give a bombtech set a try? Very popular direct to consumer in the states!

  • graeme murray
    graeme murray

    Why would you go caley driver for £200 when you could get the pxg for £5 more?

  • Keith Skadan
    Keith Skadan

    Loved the video! Could you do a video on when you should and how to do a hybrid chip?

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams

    Do Caley sell the heads only? That would best for me. I can put the heads in my own shafts and grips.

    • Caley

      Yes, we do. Please, email to arrange this. Thanks.

  • Jig Da HoBo
    Jig Da HoBo

    16:39 Pete's voice broke 🤣 well done for shouting anyway bro. Great content 👌🏻

  • mbris m
    mbris m

    They look really great!

  • Wayne Park
    Wayne Park

    That was interesting to watch, never heard of Caley before, but the black looks awesome. Also impressed with your performance with them. Do they come in different shafts? Looking forward to price video.

  • Colorado Quattro
    Colorado Quattro

    You know what I hate about Pete's channel is he always edits everything to make himself look good... Right Guy?

  • John Kelly
    John Kelly

    I treated myself to a full set of these clubs 3 months ago and absolutely love them, started as a 28 handicap and now down to 20 and posted my lowest ever score of 86 a couple of weeks ago. I love these clubs and would highly recommend them 👍🏻

  • M T
    M T

    Felt like the RS podcast was a bit of a hatchet job. Hope it didn't dent your confidence !

  • Rob Marven
    Rob Marven

    That fore shout 😂😂😂

  • Simon Christian
    Simon Christian

    Someone’s been eating a lot 😉

  • jo handershmut
    jo handershmut

    Been waiting a while to see these reviewed after seeing the adds on Facebook. Looking forward to this one

  • Silverloaf Custom Golf
    Silverloaf Custom Golf

    "anti-slice putter"

  • Luke S
    Luke S

    They look nice but the price would put me off, you can get a set of callaway rogues for the same price or mavriks for a touch more

  • Steve Kerigan
    Steve Kerigan

    Shame they don't do any custom fit options - standard length clubs are not viable for someone 6' 8" so will have to look elsewhere

  • Dave Karnowski
    Dave Karnowski

    Caley's are inspired by the Scottish landscape? Do they smell of Glenlivet in the mornings?

  • travis toney
    travis toney

    Hello from Texas Mr. Finch! My 7 and 3 year old watch every new video release of yours before practice! Thanks for your impact on our family routine and getting them into the game with me! Cheers!

  • Jim MacBain
    Jim MacBain

    Well done for keeping your composure during the RS podcast .. Rick's minion is a twat and a perfect example of the old saying : those who can .. do, those who can't .. talk ( trash )

  • John Chenoweth
    John Chenoweth

    I like the black finish

  • G D
    G D

    First time listening to Rick's podcast, had to stop due to that twat guy.. keep it going Pete. Love your stuff.

  • David Tomsett
    David Tomsett

    Pete, the clubs are really well priced. Mind you if you have a good technique then most clubs are adequate.

  • Jamie Mckennon
    Jamie Mckennon

    Cool vid but I thought you were going to do pricing at the end mate?

  • abrahamtomahawk

    If Caley clubs are inspired by December in Scotland, then it's a perfect representation. Scottish Gaelic for December is 'An Dubhlachd' or roughly translated, 'The Blackness'.

  • Pat Mustard
    Pat Mustard

    You're an absolute credit to yourself and your family Pete. This is the last time I'll reference the podcast and that buffoon who shan't be named, as I'm sure you don't want it commandeering your comment section. I've followed you for years but the respect I've gained for you after watching how you conducted yourself in the face of that fools begrudgent and belligerent verbigeration has propelled you to my favourite youtuber. Keep doing your thing Pete, Legend.

  • James Geary
    James Geary

    "Consider me shocked" they look great. Got to be better than my 20yr old irons I'm currently using....

  • Cody Jackson
    Cody Jackson

    Day 2 of asking for a collab with rick

  • Adam Forster
    Adam Forster

    Great too see budget style/type golf clubs that do the job some of us weekend hackers/new to golf can buy and appreciate that they will do the job there intended for. Keep up the great work and content and push on too road too the open 2022.🙃🍻👍

  • Oakeybloke

    I think that putter grip might just line up my wonky alignment 😅

  • jeff bates
    jeff bates

    Pete great video

  • Pint of History
    Pint of History

    Really like these vids cutting between course and studio. Great content Pete and the team.

  • luckyphil59

    They cunningly put the draw grip on the putter to stop you pushing the putts.

  • Tim Stickney
    Tim Stickney

    Great video Peter. Was looking at Caley already so your video came at the perfect time. Would like to see your review of the fairway wood please. Thank you. And beautiful course. Is this the Burnside at Carnoustie?

  • Vicarious

    Very impressed with how you handled yourself on the RS Podcast. Guy is a snake, and living in a fantasy echo chamber of social media. Honestly he, and Rick to an extent are just beta cowards throwing darts at people. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take Pete, keep up the good work.

    • Robert Bruce
      Robert Bruce

      Couldn't agree more. They really are wimps aren't they. Haha. Thank you Peter for being you. :)

  • DimSumDom

    Great video as always Finchy. Your videos have been a bit dark recently, not sure what's going on with your camera settings...still gave a thumbs up as soon as I saw the train :-p

  • Stuart Bain
    Stuart Bain

    Funny how Guy was saying that you tube golfers always show the best parts,, and then you go and three putt the second hole,, Does he watch your content

  • Widebodyscat520

    Those clubs look good..

  • Brian Murray
    Brian Murray

    Pete soon is going to soon have an all off brand bag😁

  • Kenny MacM
    Kenny MacM

    I know a young guy at my club who's playing Caley and he's come on leaps and bounds this season

  • veterinaren

    It reminds me of the Taylormade burner supersteel. Including the rifle shaft

  • Matt

    They are beautiful. Look to the eye can be a very positive start.

  • Sawyer Levenson
    Sawyer Levenson

    Those look way to similar to Stix, especially the logo

  • Ben Main
    Ben Main

    Those irons look identical to my Haywood Signature irons, another DTC out of Vancouver, Canada.

  • CurtDawg00

    Hey Pete, or anyone else who knows. Is the brace you wear on your right wrist for injury prevention? Or a swing aid type device?

  • Christopher Button
    Christopher Button

    You are and always will be a class act mate! Never change

  • Wayne Boehm
    Wayne Boehm

    this months give away?

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher


  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher

    Please test the callaway egde set pls

  • scott mcneill
    scott mcneill

    call them the " Black Knights clubs! Lol

  • Steven Jumper
    Steven Jumper

    Why is the lockey army trying to mess up Peter finch

  • MBgolf

    The irons look a lot like Haywood golf clubs Pete

  • Erick Bauer
    Erick Bauer

    That wedge on first sure did spin for such a short shot

    • Jack Dempsey
      Jack Dempsey

      Brand new wedges do that regardless of make

  • Erick Bauer
    Erick Bauer

    They look great

  • Clinton Kildepsteen
    Clinton Kildepsteen

    $579 for a set of irons is considered "budget clubs"?

  • David Chipman
    David Chipman

    Your kidding Finchey +1 around there with those sticks is great. what about the price for the set ?

  • MEV Alan
    MEV Alan

    Really love the positive vibes! Thanks Pete :)

  • Stephen Page
    Stephen Page

    Interesting point about the Putter Grip, I had to have my Scotty Cameron grip straightened and in the Pro Shop it seemed evident that many of the grips on nearly all the brands were, less than perfect.

    • Stephen Page
      Stephen Page

      @D R It was second hand but it wasn't an Internet Fake. The putters in our Pro-Shop also had the same misalignment and they were "On the Shelf"

    • D R
      D R

      Was it a Scotty from the internet?