I Get Fitted for My 2021 Driver!
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I get fitted for my new 2021 driver, and use WHOOP to reach my fastest-ever numbers off the tee.

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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey all, an absolutely huge thank you for watching. These next two goals are going to be HARD! But delighted to get one off the list ❤️ Huge thank you to Whoop! for being a channel partner and supporting my silly ideas

    • Gaz Carter
      Gaz Carter

      Good luck in comps. Looking mahoosive lol. Grip it n rip it!!!

    • Timothy Chan
      Timothy Chan

      Do you have a whoop group that we can join?

    • Leslie Colonello
      Leslie Colonello

      You look out of control. Are you out of you mind? What happened to that beautiful, efficient swing?

    • Drew Koch
      Drew Koch

      Awesome work Pete!! Try putting your golf balls in the fridge. I know the warmth helps your muscles... but TXG did a compelling experiment and the data showed that it’s actually a golf golf ball (not a warmer one) that goes farther!

    • Tom's Tuppence
      Tom's Tuppence

      Good effort Pete, when you're doing rollouts you have to only go as far as you can go without going into an anterior pelvic tilt AKA keeping your lower back slightly rounded throughout the movement. As soon as your back gets an arch in it, the stress is not all going through the abdominals ✌

  • Bananaball Golfermbaya
    Bananaball Golfermbaya

    That didn’t look like a Turkish get up….that looked like a struggle😂😂😂 j\k.

  • Tom Settles
    Tom Settles

    Pete - are you actively swinging the arms fast thru impact, or pivoting the chest to tow them thru impact? Are your hands passive or is right hand pushing the grip thru impact? Thanks.

  • shawn michael
    shawn michael

    What were your numbers prior to speed training? Very impressive btw

  • Chris Donnelly
    Chris Donnelly

    Keep training your getting the results

  • tommo duff
    tommo duff

    Huh? I thought you was going ping

  • Dan Jeory
    Dan Jeory

    Training has paid off. You're looking powerful 👍

  • Adam Robson Golf
    Adam Robson Golf

    I’m at 164mpg only been playing 1 year. Going to see how far I can take it

  • breadfan262

    Having watched a bunch of Kyle Berkshire’s vids, seems like the long drive guys are comping with light flex shafts.

  • Brett McBrayer
    Brett McBrayer

    Great video. So now are you going to use the sim2 as your driver or go with the ping g425

  • Dave Fawkes
    Dave Fawkes

    Awesome that Pete... hard work paying off 👌🏻💪🏻💪🏻


    Pete is your studio an old prison?

  • Shane Brown
    Shane Brown

    You were always a big hitter anyway Pete. Now it's just not fair. haha

  • sooneron

    No lumberjacks Peter?

  • D Lud Hobbies
    D Lud Hobbies

    "Twist Things". ha

  • Adam Czarnecki
    Adam Czarnecki

    I am at Houldsworth Mill in the office below you. Any chance of padding the floor? I can constantly hear your balls hitting the floor!

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho

    How can anyone dislike his videos just don't watch them then lol

  • Anthony Bernardi
    Anthony Bernardi

    did Daniel ever get his haircut?

  • John R
    John R

    OK, I was pleased as punch when I broke my record with 142mph ball speed. Now I don't feel so good.

  • Dave Shannon
    Dave Shannon

    I genuinely love every vid you do Pete, you always make me chuckle in every video and I also enjoy the more technical aspects of the game, shafts, lofts etc. Always looking forward to seeing the next installment, thanks for entertaining me 👍🏻👍🏻

  • scott butterly
    scott butterly

    Great Video congrats on your hard work paying off. Hopefully not long till you win a pro event.

  • Ed Wade
    Ed Wade

    Pete, can you do a vid to show us how you mark your golf ball

  • Fred Stewart
    Fred Stewart

    Way to go Peter. Crazy speed.

  • Brian Stuart
    Brian Stuart

    Have fun caving in the face of the sim... they aren’t holding up...

  • Chris H
    Chris H

    Excellent stuff Pete, well done!

  • Hannah Ham
    Hannah Ham

    Didn't you hit a ball 358 like 5 or 6 years ago? With a worse ball and worse driver etc etc etc? I know it's probably hard to think about new things to vlog but please don't insult us 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Graeme Macfarlane
    Graeme Macfarlane

    Dan fitted me at Tour Truck golf and was brilliant. He recommended a shaft change from my original fitting and adjusted the lie and loft and I’ve never looked back

  • chr1sto7

    Binged a couple of old Rick and Pete videos the other day. Really looking forward to seeing the two of you back in the course together!

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M

    Reminds me of your Quest for 350 series....Try a Quest for 400 yard drive series

  • xstevex59

    Time for a TXG fitting

  • Emery “Sport” Cole
    Emery “Sport” Cole

    There’s good research based on Tour De France athletes & others that a diet high in red meat & fat promotes a rapid muscle repair mechanism which I’ve been doing for 1.5 yrs now. Fat adaptive and no soreness after working out, exercising or walking 18...with previous arthritis & torn knee meniscus....not even mentioning trimaelar ankle repair & ACL tear with PTL graft. Just look into it!

  • Todd Feldman
    Todd Feldman

    Class 😂

  • Z

    Great videos and good things to want to achieve, but winning a pro event is a better thing to achieve than 190 mph ball speed.

  • theLMG

    Quite simply Pete.... extremely impressive what you are achieving. There must be more dedication than come across, you’re so laid back and humble about it. Keep going 👍

  • Michael Holyk
    Michael Holyk

    I still remember the 350 yard serie you had just a few years ago... 🙂 It's been a "small" increase in driver distance since then 🙂

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith

    Yeh mate, but let's see what you do out on the course. Hitting into a screen,Norman the rangenis nothing like on the actual course. How about a match with Rick sometime soon. He seems to be hitting it in the 300yd range lately.

  • Robin C
    Robin C

    If i think back a few years i started watching you when you were trying to get to a 350 yard drive.....things have changed....just a bit🤔👍

  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart

    Kudos for not commenting on training and explaining why. More non qualified people need to be doing the same and directing to professionals

  • ed f
    ed f

    Beast mode

  • Aksel Nielsen
    Aksel Nielsen

    Can you do a video on how to hit up on the ball with driver ?

  • Steve G
    Steve G

    Well done Peter I cannot wait for you to achieve goal 3 👍

  • Roli Rivelino
    Roli Rivelino

    This is a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be when you started. Also can tell the fitness is beginning to show, you're looking a lot less chubby around the face and your arms seem to be thickening. Keep up the hard work dude!

  • William Toulouse
    William Toulouse

    Rick, Pete, Garret and Micah should make a series of videos about preparing for their match. They could practice like tour players and show us how it's done.

  • Robert Stenhouse
    Robert Stenhouse

    Bryson has obviously convinced everyone that distance is king, but would our time not be better spent working on approach shots from 150 yards and in? I think if you look at the 3 recent major winners, including bryson, their approach play and chipping and putting was probably the deciding factor from memory?

  • The Budget Golfer UK
    The Budget Golfer UK

    369 is not a joke. Amazing progression Pete. Only issue is going to be no one will want a match against you! 💪🏼

  • William Loewecke
    William Loewecke

    OMG There is never enough I guess enough INSANITY. When you get that 220 mph ball speed with that 4.5 degree driver. The next thing is a double hernia. What the hell has happened to golf?

  • Connor Shirt
    Connor Shirt

    Bring back the golfbidder challenge we need vlogs miss the boys playing match play!!!

  • Sp Ap
    Sp Ap

    You seem to be obsessed with distance for some reason. Maybe it’s an ego thing but what’s the point of risking injury by swinging like a maniac trying to hit a high ball speed? You wanna be a good golfer work on putting and short game and not trying to hit it 400 yards.

  • Pulse2AM

    Regarding work outs. I worked with an ex-Navy Seal for a few years he was in fantastic shape, he did pull ups, push ups, calisthenics and rode a bike for miles and miles sometimes he would run too. I have a hard time keeping weight and muscle on so I lift weights but I also do push ups and run. The point being you don't need a gym or equipment to be in good shape.

  • Carl Wockner
    Carl Wockner

    Love the channel! Big fan mate! Quick question - have you dinted many club heads? My handicap is 6, and my game driver speed is around 120-125 average. I’ve dented 2 x TM M2’s in the last year and have just got a sim max (version 1) and have put a small dent in the face. It’s always in the same spot, on the toe side and slightly above center. TM are great and are replacing (fingers crossed) but I’m wondering if many others have that issue? You have mostly the same speed figures as me for in game just wondering if you’ve had the same issues. Thanks!

  • Matt Aamold
    Matt Aamold

    4:47 - A master at work.

  • Cody Dennis
    Cody Dennis

    Is this chase for distance and speed worth it if they're all 40-90 yards off line? What is distance without accuracy?

    • Prismatic

      Exactly there’s a reason long drive pros aren’t on the tour

  • Si Jones
    Si Jones

    “When the Single Arm Swings go wrong” - next weeks video? 😂

  • Eric Charron
    Eric Charron

    Let is know you can do TGU with 36kg

  • Bassorb

    Please do this with a persimmon driver so we can see ball speeds!!!!!! Please please pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeeeee!

  • Alan Duncan
    Alan Duncan

    Grip - not your hands - feet. When hitting outside you cannot afford to slip when swinging as hard as you can. Consider the spikes/shoes and ground conditions - you could gain a lot if they are spot on.

  • NW C
    NW C

    Serious question Pete: what happens if you injure yourself in this speed quest? Can you afford Bryson’s physio also? Don’t jeopardise your income for a fad. Clearly the R&A & USGA are going to role something back eventually, which makes this a bit moot in the long run.

  • David Chen
    David Chen

    Your driver someone crazy, don't know how Rick gonna catching up, good luck Rick

  • Glenn Murley
    Glenn Murley

    Well done Pete! Keep it going mate 💪 🏌️‍♂️

  • Grant

    Get Kyle Berkshire on the channel and get that speed!

  • Silence DoGood (EyesOpen)
    Silence DoGood (EyesOpen)


  • Kevin Pinder
    Kevin Pinder

    Brilliant, you deserve it👍

  • Sammy Jankiss
    Sammy Jankiss

    Everybody is trying to go full Bryson now a days.

    • Sammy Jankiss
      Sammy Jankiss

      @Justin Crocker exactly 😂

    • Justin Crocker
      Justin Crocker

      It’s worked out great for Rory lol

  • Hunter Blake
    Hunter Blake

    Pete, please don't ever stop making videos. I absolutely love your channel and your content. I wish you had more subscribers because the quality of content you put out is unlike any other. You make me want to be a better golfer and to not settle for mediocrity. Wish I was able to get new clubs to to improve my game more, but gotta make due with what I have. Again, please don't stop making videos, I honestly look forward to every new video you post and seeing your progress. I got faith in you to achieve the goals you set out to make.

  • Xavier Perez
    Xavier Perez

    Keep pushing Peter!! Awesome progress.

  • greazy mick
    greazy mick

    Pete Pete Pete, i always thought you were slightly more intelligent than that.."golf is now all about distance". Golf is and always will be about scoring unless you play for fun.. if you want to pound it out there as far as you can, go to the range.. It will never do you any good trying to smash the cover off everything, I play off 15 and even i know that...

  • PrimeKOS

    I may of missed this in previous videos but what is the actual long term goal other then speed? I mean Pete has hit the numbers in terms of speed goals so far but looking at the offline figures he would of hit 3 fairways out of 14 at best. Very telling story though reference accuracy versus speed. Just shows how impressive Bryson is to swing at that speed and some and still be relatively accurate.

  • Cooper Cecile
    Cooper Cecile

    Great video. I am really loving my WHOOP as well, very insightful. Do you have a team on WHOOP for the public to join?

  • Brandon Egan
    Brandon Egan

    Been using Whoop since 2019. If anyone watching these is on the fence about getting one DO IT. They truly change how you train by allowing to to dive deep into literally every aspect about your workouts and recovery.

  • Roger Mick Collison (Mick)
    Roger Mick Collison (Mick)

    Great job Pete, keep up the good work.

  • RichyCR1

    Brilliant watch and really interesting journey. Keep them coming 👍

  • Not A Golfer
    Not A Golfer

    Interesting comment you made about maintaining 140 mph club head speed and your body falling apart. A lot of people think Bryson put on the muscle mass to swing harder but in an interview he said he bulked up so that his body could take the stress of swinging so hard and hopefully not breakdown and get injured.

  • Craig Sinclair
    Craig Sinclair

    You be a good club golfer. But a pro...no.

  • RayRileyTV

    Pete, did you test the SIM 2 MAX on your Fittingday? any diffrence between the normal SIM2? would be nice to know ...maybe make a Vid out of ? :)

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    Great work Pete superfast! BUT!! cool golf balls travel FARTHER than warm balls! Yes very counter intuitive, but just watch the TGX vid the guys out on it m.svsoft.info/award/eneonaWW1JilqXU/video.html So if you try again with cool golf balls after being on the fridge, you’ll hit even farther !

  • Paul Askey
    Paul Askey

    I am sure a lot of people will enjoy this video and I genuinely wish you well in your endeavours, but for me as a 70 year old with an 85 mph driver swing speed I gave up on this after about 90 seconds. I am not for one moment suggesting you shouldn’t do videos like this as a lot of people will thoroughly enjoy it, I just wish you “Utube/Internet influencers” (I believe that is the correct term) would do a little more for 70% + of weekend warrior golfers.

  • le proboscis
    le proboscis

    Great, now you can hit 3 wood every drive! Youre the next Ariya Jutanugarn!

  • LudwigsLughole

    Whilst I love watching your videos, what you're doing is utterly irrelevant to most of us. There's limited advantage to chasing big numbers for most of us. The pro's are playing courses as much as 35%, or 2000 yds longer than most courses we will play. I think amateurs should be focusing on line, hitting the fairway as much as possible and short game. Put it into perspective, a 550yd par 5, which is long for most courses, can be birdied or parred by simply hitting three 6 irons 180yds each. People get obsessed with hitting their driver 320+ yds and the probability of them hitting the perfect drive every time they need it is slim. So they end up with a 5 or 6 on a hole they could easily have played much safer with a better result. Big drives are for the pro's.

  • Matt Burkart
    Matt Burkart

    IDK man. I hit 315 down the middle of the fairway and id be more happy with that than 370 but the ball can be anywhere. The Bryson-effect works for him because he can actually keep the ball relatively in play.

  • John Gibbons
    John Gibbons

    First 2 goals very achievable, the 3rd will never ever happen just trying to crush it....you need a much better short game, that's what you should be working on IMO. Good luck tho

  • Stewart H
    Stewart H

    Peter “ the beef “ finch lol 😝

  • Thomas Willberg
    Thomas Willberg

    You convinced me to actually start a subscription through your link. Well done Pete😄🙌🏻

  • Imam Subhan
    Imam Subhan

    Hi Pete. Cool fun vid as always 👍 U may wanna check out Be Better Golf. Drew Cooper swings effortlessly and hits it 207mph. Absolute monster.

  • Anthony Spencer
    Anthony Spencer

    Deep down, you know it should've been the RAD Speed. Trust in the COBRA!!!!!

  • lazer Pug
    lazer Pug

    Just look at Rory now going back to playing within himself. Stop chasing speed!

  • Jay Byrne
    Jay Byrne

    Truefit? Nice , I've been in that studio a few times. My mate owns that range, can't imagine you'd need that driver swing around that course much 🙈

  • Middle David
    Middle David

    Congratulations on 192.7!!! Looking forward to watching your progression on in course and get that win 🏆

  • Andrew

    i think this is the first video i have seen where the obsession with speed is explained as creating a manageable faster gaming swing, i do wonder why others are obsessed with more distance and greater dispersion however which on many courses is not an option 👍💪🏻

  • Iain Frew
    Iain Frew

    C'mon Pete, surely your first goal is more subscribers than Rick Shiels! Lol

  • Danny Belch
    Danny Belch

    Awesome 💥

  • Darren Australia
    Darren Australia

    You can’t out exercise a bad diet ! 80% of what you look like is what you put in your mouth !

  • Darren Australia
    Darren Australia

    Careful your back - no good if you f.ck your back and can’t continue your Chanel in the future !

  • Ross Cowan
    Ross Cowan

    Do you do much on flexibility? Great video

  • hung-wen Sun
    hung-wen Sun

    Get it PETE! Working out is hard but keep it up it does pay off, looking strong sir!

  • Mr. Yoshi
    Mr. Yoshi

    fun fact, cold golf balls go faster. not in cold weather though. put some balls in a bag of ice and then hit them on a warm day.

  • Brian Rizza
    Brian Rizza

    Thank you for the Turkish get ups I needed a good laugh.😂😂😂 I know now what exercises in won't be doing I would look like a turtle that got flipped over😁

  • Lenny Lehnertz
    Lenny Lehnertz

    Lot of thrusting.....

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill

    Looking forward to the video in 2 months time where the bag is completely different again

  • Nick Garlick
    Nick Garlick

    Anyone ever tell you you look like Paul Casey?

  • Rob Biles
    Rob Biles

    You the man Pete. Don't see any comments from Rick. He must be off to the gym.