Unlock 100% Wedge Control | How to play shots from 60 to 135 yards
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Unlock 100% Wedge Control | How to play shots from 60 to 135 yards

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  • Vikram Pitre
    Vikram Pitre

    Off 2 range now 👍

  • Jon Parr
    Jon Parr

    Great VLOG Pete, always enjoy learning as well as being entertained ! I'm off to the range at the weekend to start 'wedge' practice. And yes they have TopTracer installed which at least gives a decent idea of carry and roll !

  • Simon Power
    Simon Power

    This was the best video I have seen so far in relation to wedge play, amazing to see all the different shots available and the work required. Definitely the area where the most work is needed for me. Excellent video

  • Drew Lance
    Drew Lance

    I'm coming back to this video to say that after watching it I went and used my Mevo + unit and started building the same type of chart you have for 4 wedges, 3 swings, 3 ball positions to help me make decisions on the course. I have played 2 rounds since starting this process and must admit that this is the absolute BEST i have ever hit my wedges. In my last round I didn't hit a wedge outside of 15ft. Thanks for making this video!

  • That lizard Guy
    That lizard Guy

    I only go down to 52 in my bag I have 54 56 62 but I only use them in the yard cause I can flop a 52 as high as a 62 and have better distance control

  • jydn


  • Mike Langan
    Mike Langan

    Really really good. Thank you.

  • Maniac Unbound
    Maniac Unbound

    Lots of golf ranges have things like Top Tracer as well. it might not be quite as accurate for distance, but for a few quid for an hour, it can help without spending the £20 - £40 quid some pros charge.

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith

    Have you ever checked the accuracy of the launch monitor on distance? Video possibility.... just curious on accuracy

  • carolyn wilbur
    carolyn wilbur

    Id have to have another box on my chart labeled, "blade the hell out of"

  • Ashley Armstrong
    Ashley Armstrong

    This is such a good video - really struggle with anything less than a full swing with wedges!!

  • Daniel Folsom
    Daniel Folsom

    A while back you did a great "Mickelson's Wedge Technique" video that was super fun. Would love to see you do other videos showing other famous various wedge techniques-Jason Day or Tiger or whoever.

  • David Mcguire
    David Mcguire

    Quit ducking Rick...lovely video...

  • Noah Kuester
    Noah Kuester

    great video!

  • Neill Hobson
    Neill Hobson

    Awesome video, same here, driving OK, wedge play atrocious! Work needed!

  • Christopher's Road
    Christopher's Road

    What if you don't have a launch monitor and the pro doesn't either. Any recommendations on how to get accurate data?

  • Adam L Cullen
    Adam L Cullen

    There a few driving ranges with track man and so many more with top tracer for those that can’t get a pro with one

  • Kyle Klein
    Kyle Klein

    Great video. I'm gonna start on my chart now

  • Steve Cassidy
    Steve Cassidy

    Really enjoying your content and you're humor is spot on. Love it!

  • HillbillyJedi88

    Thanks for video Pete! Great information and something I need to work on.... A LOT! By the way, can I borrow your launch monitor? I just need it for a week or maybe a year or two. 😊👍

  • Shaun carter
    Shaun carter

    Top work, amigo. I’m looking forward to following you on your journey.

  • Shaun carter
    Shaun carter

    My weaknesses are driving, long irons, short irons, wedges, putting, drinking on the course, and losing balls.

  • Barry Emery
    Barry Emery

    Hi Pete, love the channel and the tips. I appreciate all the content, however, yes, there’s always one and it’s normally me, most of these tips (not just today’s) assume we are hitting off a good lie (similar to a mat), some of us play on Links courses which don’t have many “perfect lies”, normally off a tight lie with ball above or below feet, sometimes halfway up a bl**dy big dune. Any chance that once you resume outdoor filming again you could address some to the challenges that links players face please? Thanking you in advance.

  • Elliott Douglass
    Elliott Douglass

    The awkwardness of Pete is the reason why I love his channel!

  • Niel Fourie
    Niel Fourie


  • L1amapp

    Pete, can I lend your GC Quad please?

  • bens grandad
    bens grandad

    Hi pete love the videos but can you explain how the right arm works through the shot and the release -it it held off for wedges or let go -this can only be seen in slo mo -thanks

  • Reinout Schotman
    Reinout Schotman

    Temperature has just very little impact on wedge shots, is my experience. What does is lie and wind. While assessing lie is relatively easy, assessing wind and it’s impact I find hard!

  • lamp man
    lamp man

    Great vid, thanks Peter. Do have a general feel for the difference between hitting off synthetic and real grass for this testing? Does hitting the ball and taking a divot for example lessen the distance or has the ball already cleared the turf?

  • Mel Abshier
    Mel Abshier

    This isn't new unless you're new to golf. Tom Kite did this back in the 80's and he wasn't the only one. But good on you for bringing this up for people to improve their short game. And yes i'm old..😛 🏌️

  • Carlos Spicyweiner
    Carlos Spicyweiner

    Hey Pete, just wondering what ball launch monitor you’d recommend, you know that’s a little more affordable for the average golfer yet not unreliable? Pls and thank you

    • GambitChess

      Would second this. I'd love a "reasonably" priced launch monitor I could take to the driving range and combine real-world feel and trajectory with the appropriate carry information.

  • Boone Docker
    Boone Docker

    A great wedge player can play with anyone. There is no doubt about that. You get it in play off the tee, but you score with wedges, short game, and putter. Most of the game is played from 100 yards in.

  • Cormac McMahon
    Cormac McMahon

    I think that's one of if not my favourite videos you've ever done. Keep up the good work.

  • Craig Sharp
    Craig Sharp

    Really interesting video Pete, like the idea of a chart too. I use the clock face method which your friend Mr Fryer showed a few months ago in a video. It helps me minimise swing thoughts at address but I haven’t practiced anywhere near enough of late. Great video Pete thank you.

  • Henrik Behrendorff
    Henrik Behrendorff

    Peter..... Any one who has played a decent amount of golf knows that whether a ball spins back or not does not depend on the green condition but solely whether you are long or short of the pin; a shot past the pin will bounce hard forward and a short short will spin back - that is known! ;)

  • Danraz 14
    Danraz 14

    Wow great video I have a feeling this is going to totally change my game it has definitely changed the way I look at shots from 120 yds in. I’m now gonna get my own WAD and take it on the course with me! Thanks Pete

  • Ryan Little
    Ryan Little

    Awesome! Then you do what the Pro’s do. Do those same swings but at the range to get yardages based on conditions.

  • David Fulton
    David Fulton

    You been reading Dave pelz’s short game bible??

  • Juha Saarinen
    Juha Saarinen

    Peter, just saying... have you heard about James Ridyard? 1 smash, 30 launch angle, 50 spin loft. It will be so much easier to control your wedges!

  • scott butterly
    scott butterly

    Top video, To have the time for this would be Bliss. Going to try out the Rapsodo MLM.

  • Keeping_IT_Simple

    It's a useful thing to do but it doesn't really take into account the wind, lie, humidity, moisture , green speed. So your matrix becomes far more complicated when you add those extra dimensions. Simply know your three quarter swing distance for each wedge gives a basic idea of distance that will improve most golfers game. Mr Finch matrix is good but takes time for most golfers to learn and usually I find most golfers want quick fixes. Definitely agree with his view, a good wedge player on average at amateur level scores far better than a good hitter off the tee.

  • cdh79

    after driving 46 yards, i can proudly say that I outdrive Bryson DeChambeau..

  • B1ue Lobster
    B1ue Lobster

    My only weakness is I keep losing the score card and have never tracked a full round. I measure myself with other golfers by height.

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

    The kindhearted utensil theoretically treat because nancy semiannually fill past a goofy sail. short, lively dancer

    • carolyn wilbur
      carolyn wilbur

      I dont get it

  • Bailey Kennedy
    Bailey Kennedy

    Peter. Peter. Did you just say I don’t hit it like Rory... That’s cap. I hit it 290.

  • Ken May
    Ken May


  • James Sayers
    James Sayers

    I've done something similar to this at a top tracer range. Seems accurate enough to me. What are your thoughts Pete?

  • Henry C
    Henry C

    what i took from this was - despite having great MG2 wedges - i should buy SM8's... ok - i will do this Pete...

  • Jean-François Dionne
    Jean-François Dionne

    I froze the chart to compare with my distances... I have to admit I never played in 80’C 😅🥵

  • daren mcleod
    daren mcleod

    Such good content👌🏻

  • P-M Meiners
    P-M Meiners

    Step in the real world Mr Finch! Most golf teachers in the Netherlands don’t have a quad, foresight or Trackman. 🤣 So no way I can practise this the way you mentioned. But no worries ... as I’m a human and humans are born with feel. If you want to throw a ball to another person do you think about a half, three quarter or full swing you have to make with your arm? I guess not. So therefore I train with feel. I go to the pitching ground at my local club and train all this just by feel. And is it working? Yes 👍🏼 it is.

  • Sean Cook
    Sean Cook

    Part of the first half of my range session is to hit my 58-54-50-PW-9i-8i to the 30-40-50-60-70-80 & 90 yard markers to help create a feel for hitting different clubs a variety of distances. Looking forward to the ranges opening up in the U.K. next week with 3 rounds planned for the easter weekend!

  • Goat Waterman
    Goat Waterman

    1 of your best informative videos yet for any and all players! Qualify all ready for the damn open!

  • Tanya Simmonds
    Tanya Simmonds

    40 yards?

  • Aaron Addair
    Aaron Addair

    When you said go to someone with a simulator I thought you can just go to the driving range😂

  • Semi Collin
    Semi Collin

    I’m dying for a tournament video. Thanks for the tip!

  • Benson Russell
    Benson Russell

    Love the new studio sir!! The newer content has been really nice! One small piece of feedback.... I think the last 5 videos I've seen from your new studio, you start the video walking in off camera left... casually strolling in while talking... what if you...... came in upside down slowly suspended on a rope a la Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible? :) Or at least walking off camera Right to start? ;)p

  • Jack Moran
    Jack Moran

    Ridiculous man.

  • KJC

    Great explanation of a wedge scoring system!!!

  • Will Mcmurray
    Will Mcmurray

    Very interesting , I like that set up for wedges , I must try it out

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark

    Really enjoyed that, some great insights.

  • Keioni Smith
    Keioni Smith

    At 1:36 in the top right the wall looks like it says bacon... now I’m hungry, the video is still useful I’m just saying.

  • David Henry
    David Henry

    Did I see 80* Celsius?

  • John Staten
    John Staten

    Absolutely loving the golf studio. So awesome you playing Vice Balls!

  • Keith Finley
    Keith Finley

    Very nicely communicated 👍

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy

    I do this same thing. Except I will choke down to "fine tune." If a 3/4 54* goes 100 and I choke an inch I feel good about it going 95.

  • Adrian Quirolo
    Adrian Quirolo

    Mate that 9 o'clock swing 👌

  • Matt Elliott
    Matt Elliott

    Really enjoyed this! I noticed you were referring to your WADC several times during the challenge even after a month of training. Are you thinking about taking a notecard or something with you on the course to refer to while you play?

  • Jacob McCain
    Jacob McCain

    I have had a SkyTrak the past 2 years. I hit wedges multiple times per week. My handicap has gone from 12 to around 4 in that time.

  • John Mckeown
    John Mckeown

    Love watching you do this kind of thing !!! Fingers crossed for you to Qualify.

  • Drew Lance
    Drew Lance

    I have a Mevo + unit in my backyard and as much as smashing drivers is fun I think I enjoy doing wedge games and par 3 courses more!

  • Leslie Hines
    Leslie Hines

    what we'd all give for a Peter Finch man cave 😪

  • Scot Lint
    Scot Lint

    Great video. I tell the folks I work with the same know how far the ball carries to help lower your scores thanks Peter

  • JoeyD723

    Pete I hope you're okay... 80° C is no joke

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    What size are the target zones?

  • Drew Bombs
    Drew Bombs

    First thought when I saw the Title, if he knows the secret to 100% wedge control why doesn’t he use it.🤔 Just joking though, love the vids Pete!

  • Zach Martin
    Zach Martin

    Wonder how that would work with a consumer product like there mevo plus. Hint hint. Ha

  • Norman Lang
    Norman Lang

    But wedges are so booooring...and when you're in the 19th hole with your buddies, are they going to be talking about that amazing wedge shot, or the 300 yard drive you hit? 😁

  • Tea Spoons
    Tea Spoons

    Part of this is obviously from Pelz. He recommends 7:30, 9, 10:30 swings with what he calls dead hands which is zero tension and a smooth swing which the 10:30 swing is about 75% of full distance power swing. he also recommends having a full follow through to rule out a variable. When I first worked this out old school in 2008 with 10 meter hats with a ball every meter my numbers worked out at in meters for 4 wedges starting at 50= 57,73,87 with a full swing being 105. 54 was 47, 62, 78 with a full shot 90....60= 35, 48, 63 with full power shot 75. 64= 23, 38, 53 with a full power shot at 60. I have gone to a new configuration of 48,53,58,64 and need to redo. I'm now 42 and off plus1 and worked out more than ever I can compete wit young guns by being precise with wedges. As Pelz says, "It's not how good you putt, it's where you putt from that matters" Get inside the golden 8 rule to have a better scores. Good video Pete.

  • Steve G
    Steve G

    Great as usual, definitely food for thought, need to find a pro who can let me loose on their kit 😂

  • Adam Mimran
    Adam Mimran

    This is incredibly validating!! I’ve been working on this system all off-season on trackman at 5iron golf. I’m getting yardages dialed in for 3 partial wedges, full swing and a sort of knockdown swing. For the partial wedges I’ve focused on 3 areas of control: club speed (considering optimal speed to dial in strike point), dynamic loft, face angle (relating to target line). It’s amazing to see the improvement in the consistency of the carry distances. I see so many teachers talking about feeling these shots, that only works for the best players in the world who can practice theses shots 4 hours a day. This system is tops!

  • Donal l
    Donal l

    If you feel bad about your game after watching this, try the 7 steps to improve your ball striking ​@t​

  • Cory Gucwa
    Cory Gucwa

    Loved this content, thanks for all the insights here

  • George Horrocks Brennan
    George Horrocks Brennan

    Best video youve done this mate !

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams

    Do you think you could also do a bit of work on your favourite yardages? If you have a problem 20 yards you can always try and avoid them. Take a 3 or 7 wood off the tee so you’ve less risk of being at an awkward distance, I’m sure that’s what a caddy would tell you.

  • Daniel DeMuth
    Daniel DeMuth

    Love this...thanks for the direction...

  • Ryan Reeves
    Ryan Reeves

    6:56 I thought you were going to say that you know its not 3 o clock and that you meant 9 o clock for 6:40 😅

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller

    Love this video, great work!

  • Iain

    Excellent video and instruction. My Rapsodo arrived at the pro shop today so you’ve given me some work to be getting on with. Many thanks.

  • Stephen Rogers
    Stephen Rogers

    Brilliant idea and definitely something I’m going to do 👌🏻

  • Rob Jelley
    Rob Jelley

    Great video, I did exactly this a couple of years back and it made a huge difference to my wedge game and ultimately my handicap. I go went up to 8 iron with the 3 swings amazing what options that gives you out on the course.

  • Rory Maclennan
    Rory Maclennan

    Another great video, someone stop this man before he gets on the tour.

  • Mike Waldie
    Mike Waldie

    Staggeringly good video 👍

  • Chris Bates
    Chris Bates

    Top tip: Print out yardages in strips tape them to the shaft.

  • Ian Stoddart
    Ian Stoddart

    Would a TrackMan driving range work? Not sure how accurate they are - Cheers

  • Ross C
    Ross C

    Best Pro on SVsoft Pete 👏🏼 your videos are brilliant and provide great info. Always look forward to watching a new one of your videos. Cheers and keep up the amazing work mate.

  • Daniel Fitzhugh
    Daniel Fitzhugh

    60 to 135 yards? 135 is an 8 or 7 iron to me 😅

  • Rufuss Thoo
    Rufuss Thoo

    I have a WADC already but I think I have over complicated it. I might revert to just one ball position like you and use your draw/fade options to adjust. Seems simpler than my 3 swings with 3 different ball positions for each club that creates 36 possible wedge outcomes 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Jay C. Hales
    Jay C. Hales

    You have a greater distance of 30-35 yards on my swing.

  • Holger Ertingshausen
    Holger Ertingshausen

    Great Video, with great content. To me it seems your Videos improved vastly over time. Compared to most other creators your quality is the reference.