I take on the HARDEST COURSE in the WORLD! (Carnoustie Course Vlog)
I take on the hardest course in the world, Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland, with the help of Ruben Lindsay. A big thank you to Carnoustie for having us down, Scottish Golf for helping set this up, and Ruben for his company!

Ruben's Instagram: instagram.com/ruben.lindsay/

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  • TheTTstudio

    5:53 best bunker shot I've seen in my life 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Green & Gold 🔰
      Green & Gold 🔰

      @Matt Spors stick to your day job🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Jeff Suess
      Jeff Suess

      I got caught doing something like that by my brother and dad when I was15 back in 1985. They STILL tease me about it!! :-D

    • Matt Spors
      Matt Spors

      It was a sa-hand wedge shot

  • Kelly Kennedy
    Kelly Kennedy

    I shot 91 there on Wednesday 3 days after the open in 1999 playing off of 8 handicap.

  • Tim Otway
    Tim Otway

    The hardest golf course I ever played I shot 130. Lost dozens of balls and broke a few clubs along the way. You guys should check it out, I think it was called the "Beginner's 9 hole Pitch n Putt course".

  • Wilson Blosser
    Wilson Blosser

    Audio is terrible on this video

  • Ramble Ron
    Ramble Ron

    If you hit it and then catch it then it should be legal to throw it...

  • Murray Fender
    Murray Fender

    What a man for calling Finch out for stepping on the line. 😂

  • Sven Hallauer
    Sven Hallauer

    I've only played Carnoustie once from the white tees - it was a very windy and rainy day and I shot a 108. I pared the 9th and 11th and bogeyed the 5th, 7th, 12th, and 16th. Not my best by far, but it was still fun playing this famous links on a really challenging day :-)

  • Hexinvir

    I'd be happy to just be in double digits at carnoustie tbh.

  • SJW Pyle
    SJW Pyle

    You need to get to Muirfield Pete.

  • Antony Douglas
    Antony Douglas

    That t-shirt is horrendous. Soz.

  • damian lanigan
    damian lanigan

    I love Peter's channel. It's what golf should be about: camaraderie, self-improvement, friendship, fun and gratitude. Hope it goes on forever.

  • thelmctoday thelmctoday
    thelmctoday thelmctoday

    The bunkers sure look like a real pain but I have to say the the Ocean Course at Kiawah might be more difficult

  • John McManus
    John McManus

    So jealous you played this without a 35mph! Played 2 weeks ago, loved it but SO hard.

  • Billy Ramsey
    Billy Ramsey

    Can’t believe I unsubscribed from Rick Shiels channel. His podcast cohost is bringing him down.

  • Joey Voelker
    Joey Voelker

    You'll probably shoot +4 for 9 holes. I'd probably shoot 91 for 18.

  • tkhubb

    Played “Carnasty” a few years back. Birdied the first hole. Didn’t break 100.

  • EmperorGilps

    Peter Finch is so full of himself

  • Steven Shaw
    Steven Shaw

    I think I have tried to “Like” this video, about four times during the duration and I realize that I already have every time, Peter Finch In 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 love it!

  • Jonothan Potter
    Jonothan Potter

    Going to try that bunker shot next time!

  • Michael Tremarco
    Michael Tremarco

    The kid was brilliant. Love to see more of him

  • Mike Warner
    Mike Warner

    Why have a arm lock putter grip if you don't use it to your advantage!???🤯🤯🤯

  • Unclenewy

    Me and a mate went for a swim where the Barry Burn meets the sea when we were up there working on Monifieth Tesco........crystal clear but a little fresh, even in the height of summer!!

  • Finlay Elrick
    Finlay Elrick

    Lucky enough to be a member at Carnoustie couldn’t ask for a better place as a Junior member

  • lanky386

    Volumes lacking Pete.

  • Danny Brown
    Danny Brown

    How much is the junior membership I need to know😂😬

  • Ryan Ashworth
    Ryan Ashworth

    Can’t believe he’s 17 man

  • Leslie Hines
    Leslie Hines

    How different it looks without all the grandstands around. I was half expecting the full "van der Velde" on the 18, but I guess the par was much more satisfying for you 😀

  • Mvubu

    Carnoustie is NOWHERE close to the hardest course in the world A reputation earned in horrendous weather during OPEN conditions. Everything is in front of you and greens are true and easy to read.

  • CaribSurfKing1

    Your a good player Peter. Your short game needs alot of work however!

  • Bone Fixer
    Bone Fixer

    Hey what brand of pants is Lindsay wearing?

  • Federico Enriquez
    Federico Enriquez

    @peterfinchgolf I really enjoy your content, very entertaining. I also enjoy walking the course when I play, was wondering what brand you cart is?

  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson

    I grew up in Carnoustie and the 3 course membership was I believe £10 a season from memory for anyone who went to school in Carnoustie 👍 god knows what it is now but I can't imagine it's more than £50

  • Tom flinn
    Tom flinn

    Lucky enough to have played here a couple of times shot 73 and then a 69

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones

    Shot 77 at Car-nasty, started day with a birdie on #1, crashed coming home with a double on 16 & 17.

  • Amazing Slav
    Amazing Slav

    GET LINDSAY IN MORE VIDEOS HES A COMEDIAN!!!!!!! Never laughed this much at a golf video

  • Trackster 144
    Trackster 144

    Pete you got to get some microphones as soon as you walk around no One can hear you. That's why I put a thumbs down. Sorry.

  • Adam Young
    Adam Young

    I don’t think Carnoustie is the toughest course in Scotland.

  • Nate Nate
    Nate Nate

    Pete please inform me what you’re wearing on your hand? I injured my trailing wrist and struggle to make it through 18 without hitting one-handed the last few holes 😢

  • wally smith
    wally smith

    This is not the hardest course in the World

  • Garrett Grant
    Garrett Grant

    In all honesty, I bet I could shoot a 71… On the back 9

  • Gus

    Were the fairways not in play from the whites

  • Phil T
    Phil T

    Was my favorite course on our trip to Scotland, played a few weeks after the Open with all the grandstands still up.

  • Luke Mcinulty
    Luke Mcinulty

    i would be hoping for a high 70,s round their is that ok for my age i am 15

  • Captain Jack
    Captain Jack

    Ok ok I’m not a seasoned golfer but why do golfers get mad about someone stepping in their putting line. It’s not like that green isn’t stepped on hundreds of times a day, Stepping on their line is going to change absolutely nothing expect psych them out if they think it does

  • mrheyz

    Horrible audio. All I hear is mumbling. Sorry Pete. I tried to watch it.

  • Gerard Fletcher
    Gerard Fletcher

    Superb 👍 keep up the great content 👏

  • ashley brown
    ashley brown

    Love the course, real challenge, great video

  • Cravin

    Not tougher than a dry steak

  • Alasdair MacLeod
    Alasdair MacLeod

    Amazing timing of the video, just secured a tee time at Carnoustie in two weekends time. I'll be happy with +4 for each hole though nevermind over 18!

  • Harry H
    Harry H

    Loving the vids Pete, great as always! although I’ve noticed lately they seem a little darker than usual making harder to see yourself and shots, dunno if it’s just me but other golf videos seem to be okay?

  • Ben Jewkes
    Ben Jewkes

    250 over par I reckon

  • Mr. Yoshi
    Mr. Yoshi

    The views look amazing. Dark clouds yet there's still sunshine and the bright green of the course.

  • Jeremy Lonsdale
    Jeremy Lonsdale

    I like the confidence in the putting stroke Finchy looking good.👍

  • Barrie Tumbridge
    Barrie Tumbridge

    Enjoyed the blog but the sound was a bit naff.

  • John Kirk
    John Kirk

    Played here with my wife on our honeymoon! We pretty much had the course to ourselves!!! I shot 85 she had a tougher day and shot higher than that.

  • Ethan Costello
    Ethan Costello

    Ight none of ya'll will probably get this but that junior members voice sounds a lot like Kevin McKidd who voiced 'Soap' from the Call of Duty campaigns. And before you tell me it's just because their both Scottish go listen to both voices lol

  • Walker Kelly
    Walker Kelly

    I’d probably shoot around 80.

  • Koen Rutten
    Koen Rutten

    I played Carnoustie back in 2013. Still remember going from bunker to bunker on the 8th for a triple. I hit 3-wood into 16 and made par. Two 3 irons on 17 for another par. Par on 18 for a 75. Played with my dad and brother. Absolutely magical experience!

  • Dave Chapman
    Dave Chapman

    Hey Pete, what are you wearing on your wrist? Is it for support?

  • chris LARSEN
    chris LARSEN

    If I could hit below my weight of 17 stones, I would be very happy.

  • christopher sipple
    christopher sipple

    Probably shooting 100 at least and most likely found dead in a pot bunker from exhaustion

  • Bradley Phelps
    Bradley Phelps

    I thought that was some good golf. Don't think many would break 100 around there.

  • Tommy Sweeney
    Tommy Sweeney

    Sorry dude. Bethpage black holds that title. Just ask rory and some others that play on the European tour.

  • Ticker Time
    Ticker Time

    I love your stuff Peter, have been watching for years. Don't wanna be THAT guy, buuut... ...you're at one of THE finest Golf courses in the world - where is the energy? Where is the enthusiasm? And don't get me started on the elevator music sprinkled in through the video. I should be going away feeling warm and inspired after watching this. Instead it was just 'meh'. Massive missed opportunity..

    • Ticker Time
      Ticker Time

      @Peter Finch Golf Sorry Peter if that was a little mean and/or unconstructive ☹️. I'm genuinely a big fan and do watch and like your videos.

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf

      Well…you must travel in some pretty awesome elevators 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • DevelOP3

    Petition for Ruben to become a permanent second act on the channel course vlogs.

  • r007k

    This is how golf should be played! With laughter and fun. Too much pressure sometimes!

  • Fishing Edition South Africa
    Fishing Edition South Africa

    No way he is a +5 handicap, maybe a 5

  • Nick Garlick
    Nick Garlick

    Play with Rick!

  • RoadToScratchGolf

    Does anyone know what the official ruling is on that bunker shot? If so, please explain or direct me to the rule. Thanks.

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf

      😂 not a clue, probably a two stroke penalty but it’s SVsoft so a round of applause instead

  • SteelTiiTan

    Hey Pete how do you like the Pro SL's from Footjoy(I think that's what those are)?? I've been looking at buying new golf shoes but everyone likes club reviews more it seems haha

  • Micheál Nolan
    Micheál Nolan

    His dry sense of humour is hilarious 😂😂

  • Golfer4deer

    I would hope to break 80 but I think I would shoot around mid 80s.

  • George P
    George P

    This course off the whites id genuinely be happy anywhere under 110🤣🤦‍♂️ and thats me being honest offer me 108 around this course id take it and love the day

  • Douglas Cowie
    Douglas Cowie

    Another great post when did you play we were there end of April conditions look the same. Some course 😎

  • Jamie Mckennon
    Jamie Mckennon

    Is 'snap your driver in half, kick your bag over and pace heatedly back to the club house' classified as a score?...

  • Jon Kennard
    Jon Kennard

    @Peterfinch I might argue you technically won the strike play after the dubious bunker shot! Just saying 😉👍

  • Jasper Klimbie
    Jasper Klimbie

    I'm sure I could shoot 72. On the second 9...

  • Steve Inder
    Steve Inder

    The music came on about 12.20 I thought I’d accidentally put on a Rick shiels podcast 😳😳😳 pretty sure it’s the same intro

  • Ryan

    I love watching these vlogs with the banter, but the audio on this video and the last one made it really hard to hear what was being said. I only bring this up as constructive feedback, keep up the amazing work!!!!

  • Josh Nadin
    Josh Nadin

    Hate too say it but there’s not a chance this lad can play too +5 😂😂

  • Dan Peacock
    Dan Peacock

    What would I shoot at Carnoustie? Given my game of late, probably 130.

  • Benno115

    odd question but what brand are his pants?

  • Morgan L
    Morgan L

    The military ocelot nally end because kilogram connoly scatter abaft a awesome bomber. alike, grateful gratis song

  • C E
    C E

    Wich Kind of Elevator music is this please 🤣👍🏻😉

  • Gaz Owens
    Gaz Owens

    That course looks solid. The young lad did not play like a plus 5 handicap today did he!

  • steve bartlett
    steve bartlett

    The first tournament I ever actually sat down and watched every day was Molinari’s Open at Carnoustie. Which was the week I started golfing. The championship course there is my dream course. My goal is to lower my handicap enough and one day make a trip over there and play it.

  • Bigsexy Cheese Fart
    Bigsexy Cheese Fart

    I play off 9. So I'd be happy with 137 off the whites

  • Home Golf Australia
    Home Golf Australia

    I just played it today and shot 78 off the stick. 18 handicap. Surely it isn't that hard? Did I mention that was in my golf Simulator?

  • Mark Lawson
    Mark Lawson

    It would he around 20- 30 pound I'd imagine to be a member as they would want to get kids involved

    • Finlay Elrick
      Finlay Elrick

      As a junior member it’s around 15 quid per month mind blowing 🤯

  • D MacDonald
    D MacDonald

    Peter what trolley you using?

  • Alex Blanchard
    Alex Blanchard

    Great video! Lindsay looks a hell of a player, especially with those great bunker shots....!!

  • Gregor Davidson
    Gregor Davidson

    Top video Pete. Stay 14 miles from the course. It’s a great place to walk the dog and play golf of course

  • Cameron Hill
    Cameron Hill

    It’s either 600 or 6000 nothing in between 😂

  • James Shewmaker
    James Shewmaker

    Auburn = Super Hot Southern.... a few hole in 1's you may never leave.

  • Kreative Sparks Photography
    Kreative Sparks Photography

    So how much was the cost for the membership? You never did say. Keep em coming, Pete. Long time viewer

  • Sachin Vaish
    Sachin Vaish

    Hi Pete, which putter and putter grip are you using here? Awesome bunker play btw! 👏

  • Mason Cotton
    Mason Cotton

    Well out Lindsay 😂😂😂

  • Kenton Liu
    Kenton Liu

    Probably around 80? I'd be happy to break 80 at any new course.

  • Kevin Scott
    Kevin Scott

    Well it definitely wasn’t fairway golf 🎯

  • Keith Rafferty
    Keith Rafferty

    Carnoustie off the white? I'd still be out there...